Every Dick Has Its Day


“I need a large cock.”

It was eleven o’clock at night. Albert, a college freshman, was at a sex shop. The head of his frat had ordered all the freshman brothers to buy a large dildo as a gag gift for the “Secret Santa’ Christmas gift exchange they were hosting for their sister sorority.

“Don’t we all, Hon,” answered the fat, bored, chain-smoking grandmother behind the counter. She pulled out two huge dildos and placed them in front of Albert. They were long, thick and flesh colored.

He looked them over and said, “I’ll take the larger one.”

“Ten inches, a good choice,” said the toothless sales clerk.

She took his money and returned with his change. She put the fake phallus in a plain paper bag, and Albert was on his way.

He checked his watch. He was good on time. He clutched his package as he walked down the street. He said to himself, “Why am I even bothering with this party? It’ll be like all the rest of the parties. People will be drinking, dancing, having a good time and pairing up to have sex, everyone except for me.”

To put it plainly, Albert was a nerd. He was skinny and had never had any luck with girls. His family referred to him as the runt of the litter. His two older brothers were tall, broad-shouldered and good looking. They were great athletes and popular.

His good grades got him into the university. The fact that he was a quadruple legacy (his grandfather, father and two brothers had been members of his fraternity) was the only reason he’d been allowed to join the fraternity.

As he was crossing the street to get to the underground subway, a jerk on a bicycle ran a red light. The cyclist sideswiped him, knocked him down and knocked his package out of his hands. Other pedestrians came to his aid.

“Sorry, dude. Are you okay?” the cyclist said after he came to a stop.

Albert was shaken, but not injured. He got up, brushed himself off and said, “Yes. I think so. Nothing seems to be broken.”

“Good.” The cyclist picked up an object. Albert had just bought the dildo. He tossed to him and said with a smirk, “I guess this is yours. Have fun with it tonight!”

He didn’t know it, but his taunt was prophetic. Albert was on the verge of having the best night of his life.

Albert caught the dildo awkwardly. A matronly woman laughed seeing him cradling the ten-inch dick. Albert was embarrassed. He looked around for the brown bag to put it in and sighed as he saw pieces of the shredded bag tumbling down the street carried away by the wind.

He quickly put it into the pocket of his winter coat. It didn’t fit. It was too long. Frantic to hide it, Albert shoved it into the front pocket of his jeans. It didn’t fit there either, so he put it down the front of his pants. Then, he pulled his sweater and coat over it.

He said to the small crowd, “Ah. I’m all right. I have a train to catch.” He walked away and went into the subway.

He caught his train. It was crowded. He had to stand. At the next station, four very attractive, giggling, intoxicated, college girls got on. They stood next to him, chatting and laughing. They paid the skinny, unimpressive freshman no mind.

The subway train lurched to a start and one of the college women, the prettiest and drunkest, lost her balance. She spun about and fell face-first into Albert. Her hands shot out to catch herself.

She grabbed hold of Albert. One hand landed on his stomach. The other grabbed his crotch and found the dildo. She didn’t know the long, thick phallus in her hand was silicone.

“Sorry,” she muttered after she crashed into Albert. Then, she felt the giant dick. Her normal reaction would’ve been to apologize and quickly remove her hand, but the alcohol in her system overruled that response. Her lowered inhibition level caused her to squeeze the unit and squeal, “Oh my God!”

She regained her balance and stood in front of Albert. She gave him a look of astonishment and boldly rubbed her hand against the dildo confirming its size.

Al was scared. Women this beautiful never noticed him, talked to him or groped him. He stood stock-still and was terrified.

The woman assumed the giant cock in his pants was his. She removed her hand, smiled and said, “Hi. My name is Joanie. My friends and I are headed to a party. Want to cum?”

The buxom blonde-haired person batted her pretty, blue eyes at Albert and spoke in such a sexy manner that she made it sound less like an invitation to join them and more like an overture to have sex.

Her friends gawked at her. They couldn’t believe Joanie was asking this unremarkable, boyish teenager to their place. The leader of the pack, Cassandra, stepped forward to rescue her best friend.

She gave Albert a dismissive look and said, “Pay no attention to her. She’s been drinking.”

She grabbed her friend by the arm and meant to bring her back to the group. However, Joanie resisted. She said desperately to Alfred, “I meant it. Please join us!” She gave him a pleading look.

Cassie continued to tug on her friend’s arm. Joanie turned to the cool brunette and whispered, “He’s packing. The guy has a ten-inch dick. I felt it” She dissolved into a fit of giggles.

Cassandra gave Albert a second look. He wasn’t much, below average in height and weight and certainly not handsome. However, she knew there was no rhyme or reason as to which guy was blessed with a big dick. Joanie was a party girl. She’d had more than a few men if she was impressed by a scrawny dude that was good enough for her.

While Cassandra looked at Albert, Albert stared in awe at her. The confident brunette was striking with her dark, black hair and blemish-free, pale face. The red lipstick she wore really popped. Her best feature was her large, dark blue eyes. They captivated people, and Albert was not immune.

She focused her baby blues on him, extended her hand, bestowed a radiant smile on him, and said, “Please join us. My name is Cassandra. And you are?”


His voice squeaked as the bashful nineteen-year-old answered. He was dazzled and took the offered hand. It was small and delicate. Her grip was surprisingly firm.

She looked over her shoulder at her companions and said, “Let me introduce you to the rest of the group. That’s Mei Ling in the red coat. Her name means ‘beautiful and delicate’ in Chinese. Very appropriate, don’t you think?”

“Ah. Ah. Yeah,” Albert uttered star struck.

The other two women stepped toward them wondering what was going on. The Chinese women greeted him with a nod. Albert thought her slanted, narrow eyes made her very exotic looking. She had long, straight, shiny black hair. Her lips and fingernails were also black.

“That’s Savannah in the white coat,” Cassandra said, finishing the introductions. “She’s our beautiful, country cousin from Georgia. Don’t let her syrupy sweet southern accent fool you. She’s as smart as she is pretty.”

Savannah was a beautiful, twenty-one-year-old woman with light brown hair. Her hair was an unfussy spread of curls that hung down past her shoulders. She had a sexy bedhead type of appeal. Her makeup was more demure than the others were. She had soft brown eyes.

“Hey,” Savannah said with a smile and a wave of her hand.

Joanie clung to Albert as the train sped down the rails. The next stop was theirs. Albert had never agreed to join them. However, he was smitten by their beauty, and he allowed himself to be swept along to their apartment. He couldn’t believe his luck.

Everyone took off their coats. Joanie turned the music up loud. She ran to the bar and poured liquor into five shot glasses. “Tequila shots for everyone!” she shouted.

She took one for herself and one for Albert. She handed it to him and ordered, “Drink!”

They slammed them home. She was in full party mode. Albert needed the alcohol to ease his anxiety. Being fawned over by an attractive woman was a new, wonderful, but scary experience for him.

The other girls went to the bar, picked up a glass and downed them with the easy proficiency that comes from years of hard drinking.

Joanie started dancing and shouted, “Mei Ling, another round!

She grabbed Albert and said, “Let’s dance!”

“I don’t know how,” the shy, young man answered.

She pressed her body up against his and shimmied. She rubbed her breasts against his pigeon chest, and she pressed her hips against the large lump in his pants.

She put her lips to his ear and whispered, “Dancing is a way to express yourself through movement. Do what you feel.”

She began to dirty dance. She pinned her groin to his, shimmered her shoulders and ground her clit against the thick, silicone dick.

“Ahhh,” she exclaimed feeling sparks fly down below.

“Do you feel what I feel?” she asked coyly.

He didn’t. Her pleasure center was being directly stimulated. His wasn’t. He did like her body rubbing up against him. Her breasts were soft and wonderful.

He got an erection. It was the usual, a firm three and a half inches and just thicker than a roll of dimes. She didn’t notice. She was humping the thick, ten-inch fake cock.

Her roommates watch her moan and hump him. Mei Ling poured more shots. Savannah asked, “What’s going on? Why did Joanie drag that shrimp of a man home with us?”

“That shrimp is hung like a horse,” Cassandra said with a wry smile.

“Him?” Mei Ling said unimpressed.

“When Joanie fell, she accidentally put her hand on his groin. She says his dick’s a behemoth. You know how crazy she is for monster cock,” Cassie explained.

“Aren’t we all, darling,” Savannah said re-appraising her opinion of the guy. “He’s not bad looking. I like his hair.”

Since Albert was short, he did what he could to compensate. He wore thick-soled elevator shoes, and his hair styled to make him appear taller. His hair was cut very short on the sides and in the back. He had a thick thatch of curly, brown hair on top fluffed up.

“Look at her grind away on him,” Mei Ling said breathily. “You think we all could have a turn?”

Cassandra undid two buttons on her blouse exposing her substantial cleavage.

“Hey, bitch. No fair,” the flat chested Chinese woman complained.

Cassie cupped her breasts and elevated them. “You play your cards, exotic Asian woman, and I’ll play mine.”

Cassandra down her shot and picked up shots for Albert and Joanie. She sauntered their way. She called out, “Refreshments!

While Joanie drank her tequila, Cassie cut in and danced with Al. She ground her sex on him. She found the ten inches of hardness and cooed, “Ohhhh.”

She looked over at the bar. She mouthed to Mei Ling and Savannah, “So Big!”

She smiled and gave them a thumbs-up sign.

Joanie was upset seeing the hot brunette grinding on her guy. She grabbed Cassandra and pulled her off Albert. Joanie was drunk and slurred, “He’s mine. I found him.”

She let go of her roommate, grabbed Albert, and said, “My bedroom. Sex! Now!”

Albert was stunned. Flabbergasted. Never in his life had pretty girls given him the time of day. No females had ever fought over him. Was he really going to have sex with this beautiful blond? The thought blew his mind.

Albert had had sex with women. Usually, it involved a lot of begging on his part, and the girl had to be drunk. The last time he’d dipped his wick, it was with a fat, naked, passed out chick he found in his room.

She had cum dripping from her pussy and cum on her saggy tits. Some of the upperclassmen had spit roasted her. Not wanting to soil their sheets, they took her to his room.

He tried to wake her and send her home. “Ah. You’re in my bed. Wake up. Time to go home.”

“Mmmm. I don’t want to,” she groaned.

“The party’s over. I need to sleep.

“Me too,” she slurred.

Albert was stymied. The woman was bigger than him, drunk and sleepy. He was at his wit’s end. He tried one more time.

“Please go home. This is my bed.”

“I’m too tired. Too sleepy. If I let you fuck me can I stay?”

An offer Albert wasn’t going to pass up. He said, “Sure.”

Albert stripped. She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. Her sex was bare. Her breasts puddle and slid off her chest. He stared at her. She was pretty in a slutty way.

He stood over her hesitating. He wasn’t sure what the etiquette was for fucking a stranger who was willing to trade sex for bed.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked. Her eyes were closed, heavy with a need for sleep.

“I don’t know what to do,” said the clueless nineteen-year-old.

She giggled.

“I guess kissing it out,” he said. He put his hands on her breasts. They were sweaty, floppy and sticky. He thought he should get her body ready. He bent over and sucked on a hard, pink nipple. His right hand fingered her soiled pussy.

“Ugh,” he cried and pulled his head away quickly. Her tit tasted terrible. It was crusty, salty and had a strong, musky odor.

She giggled again and said, “What? Don’t you like the taste of cum? Franklin blew his load on my boobies!”

Albert saw an open beer bottle. He grabbed it, drank, gargled and got the disgusting taste out of his mouth.

“Just stick it in me,” she said.

She opened her eyes, glanced at his face and then his penis. She added, “Christ! Are you worried about lubing me up to handle that little pecker? You’ve got an exaggerated opinion of your cock!”

She shamed him. His dick began to droop. She saw the sad expression on his face. She felt bad. She said, “Sorry, for being such a cunt. Who am I to cast aspersions? I’m a fat cow.”

She moved her thighs in and out drawing his attention to her shaved pussy. She said, “I’m fat, but I have a sweet pussy. I do Kegels every day. Hop on. I’ll give you a nice, tight fuck. I promise.”

She looked at him kindly and added, “FYI, my name’s Lulu.”


He felt better. His dick, short and small as it was, went back to full staff. She reached out to him and said, “Kiss me.”

He crawled on top of her soft, yielding body and kissed her. As he kissed her, she guided his dick inside her. Her pussy was warm, wet, wonderful and as snug as she’d promised.

They kissed the whole time they fucked, not that he lasted very long.

“Ahhh. Ohhhh. OH!” he cried. He thrust in deep and hard and sprayed his load.

“There. There,” she said holding him tight as he experienced his bliss.

She was asleep before he recovered. He quietly and gently got off her. He slipped in between her and the wall. She rolled on her side away from him. He spooned her and went to sleep hugging her warm and corpulent body.


Joanie dragged the gobsmacked nineteen-year-old into her bedroom. She shut the door and began removing her clothes. She was topless and just wearing a pair of skimpy red panties when she said, “Get naked!”

Albert was still fully dressed. His eyes were bulging. His jaw was on the floor. He was mesmerized by her beauty. He’s seen bodies like hers in skin magazines and online, but to be here, a few feet away from her were truly something special.

Joanie repeated herself, “Get undressed.”

“I can’t move. You’re the most beautify woman I’ve ever seen.”

He said it so sincerely he made her smile. “Thanks,” she said. “Now, get undressed. I want to see the monster cock you’ve got in your pants.”

“What?” he exclaimed confused.

“Your big dick. I’ve felt it through your pants,” she explained.

“Ah oh,” Albert mumbled.

He thought, Oh God! She’s talking about the dildo, not me. That’s why she took a liking to me. What do I do?”.

“Playing hard to get?” she said playfully. “Okay. I’ll strip completely.”

She turned around, so her ass faced him. She bent over, grabbed her ankles and showed him her perfect, heart-shaped bottom. Then, she reached up and rolled her panties down, very slowly. The top of her butt crack can turn into view. Then, her crinkled asshole and finally, her pussy.

She waxed, so her sex was completely bare. She had thick, puffy outer labia. Her gash glistened due to her state of arousal.


She giggled and said, “Glad you like it. Now, it’s my turn to be impressed.”

Albert said to himself, “I’m going to bang this chick! Finally, I get the pretty girl!”

He realized the only reason he was being invited to fuck her was that she mistakenly thought he was packing. If he got undressed, the ruse would be exposed, and he’d be kicked out, if not beaten first and then throw out of her apartment.

“My only shot is to take control, keep my pants, and never let her see my cock,” he said in his head. Being confident and dominant was not his natural state, but for the chance to fuck this beauty, he’d try it.

In his most commanding voice, he said, “Pull the bedcovers down and get into bed.”

He sat on a chair and removed his shoes and socks. She did as he’d instructed and climbed into the bed. He took off his sweater. She watched him in silence, waiting for the big reveal.

He said earnestly, “A lot of guys with big cocks are terrible lovers. They think all they have to do is pull it out, shove it in, and their partner will swoon.”

He came to the bed and sat beside her. He glanced up and down her naked body. She was gorgeous. Flawless. Her tits were ample and perky. She had delicious looking, over-sized, pink areolas. Her nipples were hard and thick.

She had a toned, narrow waist, a flat abdomen, and was hairless around her sex. She’d left a small triangle of blond pubic hair above her clit to prove she was a true blond. Her legs were long and lean. Even her feet were beautiful. The red polish on the tips of her toes matched the color on her fingernails, which matched her shade of lipstick.

Albert stroked her belly. He ran his hand up and cupped a full, perky breast. His thumb stroked her nipple.

She moaned, “Ohhh.” Her anticipation of bedding a monster cock had her on the edge, so even the slightest touch set off sparks in her body.

He said, “We both know brandishing a big dick is not enough. I’m not going to just slam it into you and punch your cervix. I will make love to you.”

“Ohh,” she cooed, and her body shuddered. His hand was still on her boob, but his words caused her to tremble.

She reached for him and pulled him in for a kiss. They kissed long and passionately. Albert was thrilled. It was the best kiss of his life. He was elated that she was accepting his ‘Let’s take it slow’ suggestion.

They kissed more and then, he lowered his head to her breasts. He was in awe. If he got to second base, they never looked like these full, firm, ripe boobs. His partners were usually flat-chested females or fat girls with floppy, sagging tits.

He treated her tits reverently. His kisses and caresses were soft and gentle.

“Oh. Ohh,” she moaned and reached for his cock. She touched the dildo through his pants and then tried to slip her hand into his jeans.

Her actions caught Albert by surprise. He couldn’t allow her to discover his secret. He jumped up and slid down the bed. His actions startled her.

He said, “I can’t wait to taste you.” He quickly put his head between her legs and licked her pussy. His tongue dug around in her folds and gash.

She yipped in surprised and then purred with approval. “Mmmm.”

Albert’s heart was pounding. He was nervous. He’d dodged a bullet.

“Awl, God,” he groaned loving her scent and the way she tasted. He rooted around gathering her nectar.

“Oh! Ohh,” she cried loving his efforts. He stayed there for many minutes. They both enjoyed it.

By now, Albert had calmed down. He reviewed his plan. He needed to keep her happy and distracted for his plan to work. He needed her to come.

He double-teamed her pussy. His tongue worked her clit, and he drove two fingers inside her. Her hips rolled in response. He continued to pump his digits into her, and now, he sucked on her clit.

“Oh! God! Yes. Yes. YES!” she cried out loudly and came hard.

Her body twisted and spasms. He rolled her over on her stomach and lay on top of her as she enjoyed her orgasm. The silicone cock was pressed against her ass.

Minutes later, she moaned, “Mmmm. Thank was wonderful. Now I want your cock!”

She tried to roll over. He stopped her. He used his commanding voice and said, “It’s time. I want you up on your knees. Head on the pillow.”

He was amazed when she complied. He knelt behind her and caressed her butt lovingly. Then he undid his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down. He grabbed the dildo and rubbed it across against her butt and her sex.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned loving the feel of the thick unit and dreaming of it inside her.

He set it beside his leg to keep it warm and speared her with his puny cock.

“What’s that?” she asked disappointed by the size of the intruder.

He quickly explained, “My finger. I need to open you up. Prepare you.”

She accepted his story. Albert fucked her. He loved it. She was a primo lady and had a primo pussy.

“Ahh. Ahh,” Albert groaned and came quickly. Then, he pretended to have a coughed fit to cover his orgasmic moan.

“I put some lube in you to make penetration easier,” he lied to explain away his cum.

He pulled his shrinking member out of her, picked up the giant dildo and placed it against her opening.

“Ready, Joanie?”

She wiggled her bottom excited at the thought of fucking the huge cock.

“Yes! Do me!”

He pressed it forward. The big knob of the fake phallus spread her fat lady lips. It was hung up. He had to push harder to force it into her vaginal tunnel.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she cried aloud and long.

Albert stopped abruptly. He was concerned that he’d hurt her. Panicked, he asked, “Are you okay?”

She took a deep breath and released it slowly. She did it again. Albert waited and worried.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed. “That’s a God Damn big dick!”

“Should I pull it out?”


She did her deep breathing relaxation technique again and then said, “Sorry to shout at you. You have a big dick, and it’s stretching my tight, little pussy, but in a good, good way. Feed it in slowly.”

Albert gave her another inch.

“Ohhh. That’s good. Ignore any screeches I make. I love how a big cock fills me up. I love being stretched.”

Albert slipped in two more inches. He did it slowly.

She moaned, “Oh fuck!”

Her body shivered. She was sweating bullets. She dropped her head, took, and released another deep breath. When she exhaled, he shoved more into her.

“Ah” she squeaked and then she groaned, “Ohhh. Ohhh. Mmmm. Don’t worry you’re not hurting me. Sometimes, it’s uncomfortable, but the pleasure I feel makes it worthwhile. Give me more!”

Albert pushed in another two and felt resistance like he was hitting a wall.

“Enough!” she cried out. “Motherfucker! Yours is the biggest penis I’ve ever had. You’ve reached my cervix! Damn! You spread me good. Fuck me with one inch less cock.”

Albert pulled it out slowly and inserted it carefully. He did it unhurriedly and cautiously. After the tenth or twelve times, she was panting loudly. She was sweating, shaking, cooing, and babbling non-stop.

“Oh. Oh. God! So Good. Mmmm. Ohh. Ohh. Ohh. Mmmm. Ahhh. Oh! Fuck me!”

Her heart raced. Her breathing became more rapid and audible. He continued to fuck her with the dildo. In. Out. In. Out. Then, she screamed and crested, “OHMYGOD!”

She went quiet. Her mouth was open in a silent scream. Her eyes were shut. All her focus was inward. Joy surged through every part of her body.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Albert cried out pretending to climax. He jiggled the dildo and then, pulled it out.

Joanie collapsed on her side exhausted by her tremendous orgasm. Albert slipped away. He dressed. Then, he gave her a kiss, covered her with a sheet, and exited the room. Once again, the dildo bulges the front of his pants.

When he stepped into the living room, he was greeted with applause from Cassie, Mei Ling, and Savannah. At first, he was surprised and embarrassed, and then he smiled.

Cassandra said, “Wow! You fucked her good. We’ve heard Joanie orgasm before, but never has she been so loud and enthusiastic.”

She walked up to him. She grabbed his arm, raised it over his head and declared, “You’re the fucking champion!”

He smiled bashfully. She glanced down and saw a lump in his pants. She put her hand on the dildo and said, “I don’t believe it! You’re hard!”

She was astonished and then quickly said, “Hey! Let’s not waste it. Come with me.” She pulled him into her room and onto her bed. She rolled on top of him, kissed him while dry humping him.

Albert enjoyed the brunettes soft lips and active tongue, but he worried if he didn’t take control of the situation she’d discover he was a fraud. It was completely against his nature, but a guy has to do what he has to do. He rolled them both over, so he was on top.

He straddled her hips, pinned her hands over her head and ground that massive cock against her pleasure button. He used his commanding voice and said, “This is how it’s going to be. I’m going to fuck you silly. ”

She struggled and freed an arm. She said, “I don’t like being told what to do.”

He couldn’t afford to back down. He doubled down, gave her a steely look and said, “Tonight you will.”

He stared at her cool, blue eyes and rubbed the dildo against her clit. She held her look of defiance for a beat and then accepted that he’d be in charge. He had the big dick, and it appeared he knew how to use it.

“Okay. Mr. Big.”

“Good,” he said, and he climbed off her. “Strip for me.”

She smiled. She could hear the music blaring from the next room. Her body began to sway in an alluring manner. She delighted him with a sexy dance and a dramatic reveal.

She was smoking hot. She had an hourglass figure. Her legs were smooth and shapely, her hips narrow, her stomach flat and firm. She had a thin landing strip of hair above her waxed sex.

She’s young and lovely but her boobs that demanded his attention. Her creamy white breasts were big. The heavy bottom boobs were sloped like a ski jumping ramp. Her nipples were pink, puffy and pointed skyward.

He smiled broadly and said reverently, “Oh my God! Your breasts. They’re beautiful.”

She smiled. She’d heard it before. Most men were impressed and fascinated by her suckable treats. She tweaked her puffy nipples elongating her nips.

He came to her, put his hands, and mouth on her breasts. He sucked noisily on her nips. She groaned in appreciation.

“Oh. Yes!” she sighed.

She also snuck a hand down to his crotch and grasped the big dick, the true object of her affection.

“How big is it?” she asked gasping. “Eight? Nine inches?”

“Ten,” he murmured as he adoringly devoured her conical shaped boobs. Then, a light when on in his head. He thought, “Shit! She’s grabbing the dildo. I’ve got to stop her before she discovers it’s not real.”

He pushed her away and ordered, “Pull down the sheets and get in the middle of the bed!”

“Yes, Sir.” She eagerly jumped to it. Then, she lounged sexily on the bed while he tossed off his sweater, shoes, and socks.

“Aww,” she groaned. “Take it all off. I want to see it!”

“No. Two things happen when I show women my cock. One, they get frightened, thinking they can’t handle something my size and refused to have sex. Two, it’s like in the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Once you’ve seen behind the curtain, the magic is gone.”

He came to the bed still wearing his pants.

“Trust me, I’ll be gentle, and it’ll be magical. It will be everything you’ve dreamed off. I need to get you very aroused and very wet. Spread your legs.”

She bought it. Hook, line, and sinker. She opened her legs and showed him her waxed pussy. He crawled across the bed and feasted on her sex. The fetching woman was as tasty as she was beautiful. He made her come twice with his tongue and fingers.

As she thrashed about in orgasmic bliss, her rolled her over on her stomach. He was proud to have gotten her off. He lay beside her and rubbed her back and perfect ass.

When she came around, he got her up on her hands and knees. “Ready for the grand finale?” he said as he knelt behind her fine derriere. He dropped his drawers and took out the monster cock. He brushed it against her ass, thighs, and pussy.

“Ohh” she moaned in anticipation.

“One more thing,” he said. He shoved his hard, little dick into her. “I’m going to finger you to open you up. I have some lube for you too.”

The drunk girl thought that was a good idea. She stayed still as he thrust into her. He was overly excited to be with such a hot chick. He blew his load quickly again.

He took a deep breath as he pumped his spunk into her. He struggled to control his voice, but managed to say matter-of-factly, “There, some lube for you.”

He checked to make sure her head was down, and she wasn’t peeking. Assured that she couldn’t see what was happening behind her, he grabbed the dildo and pressed it against her opening. Whether she’s more aroused that Joanie or just not as tight, he was able to slip the big head inside her.

“Ohh. Oh! Yes.” she cried as her vagina was penetrated.

She didn’t appear to be in distress or struggling, so he kept pushing. He slowly slid six, seven, eight, all ten inches into her. She didn’t move. She huffed, puffed, and moaned. She loved the super-sized cock.

Slowly Albert withdrew it. He established a slow and steady pace, and he fucked her. She participated. She screamed, moaned and pushing her ass back.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!”

He picked up the pace. So did she. Her moaning was now constant.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! OH!”

She froze. She uttered one long, loud moan as she climaxed, “Ooohhhhh!”

She twisted her body as she spasms. She pulled away from Albert and fell on her side. He lost his grip on the dildo. He was left kneeling in place while she and fake phallus went to the other side of the bed.

“Shit!” he said, and he raced after her. He got behind her and pulled the silicone dick out. It wasn’t easy. Her convulsing pussy was squeezing it hard. He fell off the bed when he finally was able to yank it out. He landed on the floor with a thud.

Scared shitless, he waited. He was sure he’d been exposed. Then, he heard snoring. Cassie had passed out. The massive orgasm combined with all her drinking had caused her to fall asleep.

“You lucky, bastard,” he shouted in his mind. He got up, got dressed and left the room.

As soon as he shut the door, Mei Ling said, “My turn.” She rushed to him and escorted him to her room. “Sit in the upholstered chair. Can I get you something to drink? Tequila?”

“No. No more alcohol for me if you expect me to perform,” he said with a laugh. He plopped himself down on the soft chair.

“Rest. Recover. I’ll give you some time.”

She disappeared for ten minutes. When she came back, she was wearing a red silk robe and carrying a tray with two teacups. She held out the tray and said, “Drink. This is ginseng tea. It had medicinal properties. It will invigorate you.”

She placed the tray on the nightstand and turned down the bed. Then, she sat on the edge of the bed and drank her tea. Another ten minutes passed as they sipped their tea.

During that time, Albert looked her over. He found her exotic and appealing. She was small and slender. Delicate was the description that popped into his mind as he gazed at the pretty woman with the straight, shiny, black hair.

He noticed her looking his way, and she wasn’t looking at his face. He followed her gaze and discovered she was staring at the bulge in his groin. The large dildo was jammed in his pants. It created a massive bulge.

Albert finished his tea. He got up and put the empty cup on the tray. When he walked by Mei Ling, she reached out and rubbed the large bump in his pants. She said, “It looks like the ginseng is working.”

“Ah. Yes,” he stammered. He wasn’t used to pretty woman groping him. He got serious and said, “Mei Ling, you’re a beautiful woman. I’d love to have sex with you, but you’re so slender and petite. Are you sure it’s a good idea?”

She responded quickly. “Am I sure I can handle your package?”

She laughed and said, “Definitely not your length, but I’ll love your girth. Vaginas expand. The average Chinese baby is over seven pounds. You’re big, but not as big as a baby!”

She opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. She set it on the stand and said, “Use this.” She giggled and added, “Use lots of it!”

She stood and removed the robe. She had nothing on underneath it. She smiled and showed him her nude body. Her petite body was smooth and lithe. Her breasts were tiny, just a small rise on her chest. Her nipples were regular size and dark in color.

Her form was shapeless. Straight. Flat. Without curves. Her sex was hidden by a mass of straight, black pubic hair. Yet Albert was excited. She was a beautiful, naked woman. Her exotic eyes and the golden hue of her skin intrigued him.

She turned and showed him her tight ass. Then, she bent over and pulled down the bedcover and sheet. She held this position and gave him time to admire her slim, firm ass and hairy pussy.

Albert was intoxicated by the petite woman. He came to her, stroked her ass and whispered, “This is going to be fun.”

She giggled and climbed into bed. As with the other women. He undressed partially and insisted on lots of foreplay. She didn’t object.

He was surprised to discover that she enjoyed having her nipples sucked and her modest breasts touched. Her tiny tits were very sensitive and responsive to his teeth, tongue, and lips.

He ate her pussy, and they both loved it. He admonished himself for being surprised that she tasted the same as her roommates. “What did you think, dummy? That she’d taste like chow mein?”

He had a second helping.

“Oh. Oh. OHHHH!” she cried out as she climaxed.

When she came, Albert was sucking her clit. He also had two fingers of his right hand caressing her G-spot, and the knuckle of his index finger of his other hand was pressed against her tiny butthole.

He decided to act quicker this time and lessen the chance that he’d be discovered as a fraud. While she was still in the throes of her orgasm, he rolled her over onto her stomach, and he slid a pillow under her hips.

He made a big deal of grabbing the bottle of lube off her nightstand. “I’ll get you ready for the big event. I’ll use lots of lube.”

He poured the slick liquid on her pussy and rubbed it around and inside her furry vagina.

“Mmmm,” she cooed still out of it.

He undid his belt and pulled down his jeans and underwear. His little prick jutted out. It was eager to be inside this exotic woman.

“I’m going to finger you,” he said as he thrust his little unit inside her.

“Oh God!” he thought. “Pussy. Warm. Wet. Wonderful pussy.” He thrust into her slowly at first, and then he jackhammered her ass. He was sweating and struggling to breathe normally. He lost it. He drove deep inside her and came.

He was still, quiet, and took a moment to enjoy his orgasm. Then, he said, “There. That ought to do it. I think you’re ready. ”

By now, she’d recovered from her climax. His most recent action was a blur to her. His penis was so small she didn’t realize he’d fucked her. She was so wet from her own fluid and the lube he’d rubbed on her she didn’t notice his ejaculate.

She did perk up when he mentioned it was time.

“I’m ready!” she shouted gleefully.

He dragged the dildo across her ass cheeks letting her feel the size and weight of the thing.

“I want to see it,” she said excitedly. She began to turn her head.

“No!” he shouted. He pushed her slight shoulders down on the bed. Her head naturally followed. He placed the fake cock at the entranced of her pussy. He said, “Trust me. It’s best if you don’t see it. You’ll get scared, tense up and I’ll never get it inside your pussy.”

He didn’t give her time to argue. He shoved the bulbous head inside her.

“God! That’s big,” she shrieked.

Albert got scared and stopped. “Sorry. Did I hurt you?”

She yelled at him, “Don’t stop! It doesn’t hurt. It felt amazing. Give me more!”

He slid in one, then two more and then another three inches. He monitored her reaction, and she seemed okay with it, but he asked just to be sure.

“Mei Ling, are you all right?”

“Ahhhh,” she groaned. “Yes. I’m fine. This is awesome. Your dick is amazing. I think that’s enough. I only need five-to-six inches of it.”

Albert was glad he asked. He was amazed the slender lady could handle six inches of cock this thick. She was still as he fucked her with the massive toy. She enjoyed it so much; she lost all curiosity about seeing the big dick. He set an easy rhythm.

“Holy Fuck! You’re stretching me. Touching me everywhere. I’m ready for you to pound me, dude. Fuck the shit out of my pussy!”

Albert picked up the pace. The little woman rose up to her knees and fully participated. He slammed it home. She drove her ass back into it loving the rough sex. It didn’t take much of this before she sang out.

“Oh. Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhh!”

She came and slung herself down on the bed. Albert lost his hold on the fake dick. He pounced on her back, retrieved the instrument, and pulled it out of her pulsating pussy. He sat up thinking, “Wow! I almost blew it again.”

He looked down at her and smiled at her gaping vagina. He got up, got dressed, shoved the dildo in his pants and left the room. He opened the door quietly hoping he could go home. That, however, was not going to happen.

“Hello,” Savannah said sexily.

She was nude and lying on the living room couch. A mass of light brown curls surrounded her head like a halo. He couldn’t see her soft brown eyes. They were slits due to the late hour and all the drinking she’d done. She was tired, very sleepy, but she was determined to wait for him.

She was a beauty. She had wonderful hair and a pretty face. Her body was fabulous. Young, toned. Her breasts and groin were crossed by strips of white. She had pronounced tan lines.

Her legs were splayed. She exposed her hairless pussy to him. She had a vibrating dildo in her hand. He could hear it purring. Half of it was buried in her cunt.

Albert had had a wonderful night. The best of his life. He’d fucked three hot, amazing women and didn’t want to press his luck. He worried he couldn’t pull off his trick one more time. If he left now, he’d be a hero.

He said, “Hi. Look. It’s late. I have to go. Maybe another time.” He headed for the door.

She spoke loudly and slurred her words. “No. I’ve listened to my three friends scream as if they’d had the best orgasm of their life. I want your dick too. Now!”

She tossed the vibrator aside. It skidded across the floor humming merrily. She stood to go after him. She was drunk, stumbled, and began to fall.

Reflexively, Al went to her aid. He caught her and led her back to the couch. As he settled her on the sofa, her hand went to his groin. She said, “Damn, boy. You’re packing like a motherfucker.”

“Some much for her southern charm and manners,” Albert said to himself.

He still hoped to extricate him from the situation. He stood and said, “You should go to sleep, and I should go home.”

The waterworks started. She sobbed, and tears ran down her cheeks. “Am I too ugly?”

“Ugly? God. No. You’re gorgeous. Your hair, your face. Your body. Everything is exceptional. Perfect.”

“Then, what’s the problem?” she asked. Her sobs turned to sniffles.

He stood quietly and stared at the beautiful, begging girl.

She implored him sincerely, “Please!”

She saw him wavering. She added, “I’ll suck your dick.” She reached up to unzip his pants.

“No,” he said too quickly. He thought, “If she gets in my pants the jig is up.”

“What can I do to change your mind?” she pleaded.

“I have a Christmas frat party on Friday night. Be my date.”

“Sure,” she said agreeably.

“And I pick the position.”


“Stand up.”

She did. He helped her. He led her around to the back of the sofa. He said, “I want to do it with you standing and leaning over the back of the couch.”

“Okay.” She bent over and supported her torso by placing her hands on the seat cushions.

She said, “I’m wet and ready. You can fuck me. I’ve been aroused all night hearing the other girls scream and orgasm. And I’ve been playing with my pussy using my fingers and the vibrator.”

He pressed up against her so she could feel the size of the fake dick in his pants.

She shimmed her sex against it and moaned, “Mmmmm. Momma likes.” He pulled back and dropped his drawers. He knelt behind her and buried his face in her ass. He motorboats her butt cheeks, rimmed her anus and then settled down and licked her pussy.

“Ahhh,” he groaned.

“Oh,” she cooed.

“Eating pussy never gets old,” he told himself.

He ate her delicious pussy. She rolled her hips and pressed her sex against his lips and face. They both loved it.

“Savannah, you’re a beautiful girl, and you have a delicious pussy. I’m going to fuck you.”

He grabbed the dildo. He stuck it between her legs. He rubbed it against her thighs and then her sex.

“Oh, my God! That thing’s huge,” she cried out anticipating how good it would feel inside her.

He set it on the floor. Then, put a hand on her back to make sure she stayed down. He slipped a finger of his other hand inside her. He said, “That big dick will be in you in a minute. Let me make sure you’re ready. I’ll finger you a bit and give you some lube.”

He pulled out his finger and sunk his puny cock into her. She was as warm, welcoming and wonderful as the other college women had been. He lasted longer this time. He calmly and leisurely stroked his manhood in and out of her sopping pussy.

He looked down at her fabulous ass and watched his dick slip in and out her vagina.

She barely felt his noodle and became impatient. “Enough foreplay,” she complained. “Do me!”

Albert became scared not knowing what she’d do if he delayed giving her the huge phallus much longer. He quickened his pace and said, “One second. I need to put some lube in you.”

His nervousness, her hot body and wonderful sensation of being in her, got him off. He jammed his cock into her and fired off for the fourth time. Not much came out. The well was running dry.

“What was that all about?” she asked as he slammed his body up against her ass.


He quickly withdrew, leaned down and grabbed the flesh colored dildo. He rubbed it against her dripping snatch to lubricate it.

“Oh! That’s better. Yeah. I want that,” she cooed.

He placed the tip against her opening and pushed. It went in hesitantly. Not because Albert was extra careful, but because this woman even with all her prep was tight.

“Ow. Ow. Ow!” she cried.

“Shall I stop?” he asked concerned.

“No,” she took a deep breath and released it slowly. She gritted her teeth and forced her ass back, claiming another inch of silicone. “It’s okay. Momma’s tight and you’re huge, but I can do it. Stretch me, boy. Stretch me good.”

Albert took her at her word. He slid more and more inside her vagina. She moaned and groaned, but managed to take three-quarters of it.”

She was sweating and panting. Her body shivers. She said, “Enough. You’re up against my cervix. Fuck me,” she instructed him. “But don’t go in any deeper. God! Your girth is fantastic.”

Albert leaned over her and fucked her with the dildo. She moaned and groaned and soon was screaming and coming as loud and as hard as her friends. She laid exhaust over the back of the sofa.

Albert was worn out too; He sat on the floor and stared at her fabulous ass, her lovely legs, and her pretty pussy. His cum oozed out her vagina. He said proudly to himself, “I hit that, and I made her orgasm. I made four beautiful women scream in pleasure tonight. Damn!”

She began to stir as she came out of her orgasmic coma. He loudly said, “Shit!”

He scrambled to his feet and pulled on his pants. He didn’t have time to put on his underwear. He kicked them under the sofa. He grabbed his shirt and wrapped it around the dildo. He hid it just in time.

She turned to him. She stood on her tiptoes and stretched. “Mmmm. That was great. Wonderful. Everything I imagined it to be.”

She hugged him and said, “I look forward to our date this Friday. That’ll give my poor, used and abused, pussy time to recover.”

She kissed him hard on the lips. When she broke the kiss, she looked him in the eye and said, “I’ll be ready for round two.”

“Me too,” Albert said, and he smiled. To himself, he added, “I’ve got to go back to the sex shop and get me a dildo for the Secret Santa exchange. I’m keeping this one.”

Read part 2…


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