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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets wood during his medical exam…

I am a 45 year old male. I am part Asian and White. I was engaged to a beautiful white girl with an amazing body. She left me just before we were to get married. When she did contact me she told me she just had the fuck of her life from three young men all with massive cocks. She told me my little dick wasn’t enough to please her or any woman and that she had been cheating on me the entire time we were together. Well…I was devastated! I never realized my cock was small…no…it’s tiny according to most women. My dick is 4″ by 5.5″ when hard. When soft…it is under an inch. My ex said a little cock like mine belongs in panties and she bought me a pair of pink lacy thongs. When I put it on for her she laughed and jerked me off telling me how small my dick was and slapping it hard. Finally, she made me jerk off for her and when I came she laughed. That was the last time I have seen her. Since then, I have been stealing panties from my young female friends and usually i’d wear them whenever they come over. During the entire time my dick is dripping precum all over the panty I’m wearing. Sometimes, I wear loose fitting shorts that allows them to see up my shorts and to the panty. I have seen many of my female friends smirk or even giggle when they realize I’m wearing panties. So far, none have said anything to me but i have heard them mention it to each other.

Today I had an annual physical with my new doctor. Her physician assistant would be my caregiver. I have not met either of them. What I did know was that both women were blonde and were about 30-40 yrs old. I had recently put on about 70 lbs. Because of the excess fat, my dick was smaller then ever. When I got hard it measured about 3.5 inches in length. I have been having difficulty maintaining a hard on and when i am able to get hard and I jerk off…there is hardly any cum at all. As I got ready to go to my appointment I decided that I was gonna wear a panty. I decided on a mesh thong that was pink. my flaccid dick was smaller than a half inch in the tight thong. I was excited and scared because I wasn’t sure if I’d be required to take my clothes off.

At the appointment I finally met my PA. Her name was Britney. She had short, blond hair and was flat chested. She was about thirty years old and acted very professional. She read my file and we talked about my ED concerns. She said she was gonna bring in my doctor so that I could meet her. When Britney returned, in walked another blonfde women with beautiful gray-blue eyes. She had long blonde hair and under her white coat I could tell she had large tits. She was very pretty and she had a really nice ass. Immediately I felt my tiny cock tingle. She introduced herself as Michelle. She talked to me about my concerns and then said that Britney was prepared to check my testicles and my prostate. She asked me if I was ready for it. My mind was racing as I realized that both women were not leaving the room and I still had the panty on.I figured that if they were gonna ask me to take my clothes off, they would leave and leave a medical gown for me to put on. I figured that at that point I’d take the panty off along with the rest of my clothes.However, this wasn’t the case. Looking at Dr. Michelle, all i could think of was “OMG! these two beautiful women are gonna see that I’m wearing panties”.

I found myself nodding my head and saying that I was ready. All of a sudden Britney was in a chair in front of me and she told me to take of my pants. Michelle sat in a chair right behind Britney. I could feel precum starting to come from the tip of my soft dick. I hesitated and Britney, in a firmer voice ordered me to take my shorts off. I was wearing an oversize t-shirt, so when I slid my walking shorts down, the shirt covered my genitals. Britney and Michelle seemed irritated and so Britney immediately lifted the front of my shirt, exposing my tiny dick in a pair of pink mesh thongs. I was so embarrassed. And somehow, I was incredibly turned on. I looked at both women and they were both looking at my panty. Michelle was suppressing a smile. Britney broke the silence by saying, “Does wearing this type of support help you”? I could only stammer out a weak, “yes”. Then I felt her pull down the front of my panty. She and Michelle just stared at my tiny, soft dick. I knew without even looking that it was about a half inch in length and the head was hidden in the skin. My balls were shriveled in tight to my body. I looked ahead as Britney began to press around my testicles. I could feel her other hand try to grasp my almost non-existent dick and pull it to the side. Instead, she just pushed it with her finger and began pressing at te base of my dick. It hurt a little and I was so embarrassed.

Michelle was staring at it and trying to look professional but I could tell she wanted to laugh. As Britney touched me penis and balls I could feel my dick twitch and precum came from the tip. Michelle just stared. Britney then pulled the front of the panty back over my little dick and stood up. She ordered me to go to the exam table and place my elbows on it. I said okay and walked to the table. At first I just stood there as Britney put on a new pair of gloves and took out a tube of lube. She said she was gonna examine my prostate. I remembered she had said to place my elbows on the table. As I did this I found that I was bent over in a position that forced my ass out. I felt so humiliated. Here I was bent over wearing a pink mesh panty in front of two beautiful white women. Suddenly Britney was behind me pulling the thong down from my ass.

My tiny dick was beginning to grow. She said very softly, “I’m gonna check your prostate. I’m gonna stick my finger in your ass”. I just nodded and then I felt her open my ass cheeks and her lubed finger began probing my ass rubbing lube on my hole. OMG! It was starting to excite me. I felt the tip of her finger shove into my ass and I let out a soft moan involuntarily. I was aware of Michelle standing to me left. I heard her stifle a giggle as she watched my tiny dick twitch. I could feel precum streaming lightly down the front of my dick and I fought the urge to reach down and start jerking off. Britney slowly began to work her finger in my ass. Suddenly she shoved it in deep and it felt so good! I moaned and I felt myself push back on her finger. She left it there and I put my head down and closed my eyes.

Suddenly I felt her push her finger in and out a few times and she began to rotate it in my ass. I thought i was gonna cum. She took her finger out and I still stood there with my panty down and my dick all wet. Michelle looked at me and brought a box of Kleenex to me and told me to put myself together. i began wiping the lube from my ass and she looked at my tiny dick and said to get dressed. Both women walked out. I was so humiliated. When I was finally dressed i walked out to the reception area and all the office women were looking at me. Two girls were smiling so hard they turned and darted off somewhere. I knew they all knew I had on panties and my dicklette was the size of a clit. i could see a wet spot on the front of my shorts. I was give a follow up appointment and as I walked out i could hear them giggling. I came home and jerked off till i came.


Another reader didn’t get wood…

When I was a teen, this girl I liked asked me to go with her into the woods. When we got back in a good ways she started kissing me. I started getting hard and she felt it poking her leg. She pulled back and said, “I’ll strip if you do.”

So, stupidly, I took off my shirt then my shorts and boxers with my back to her and I laid my clothes by a tree. I turned around and she asked me to come closer. So I stepped close to her and she said, “Show me.”

So I moved my hand away. Her eyes got big and she put her hand over her mouth and was trying not to laugh. I started to cover but she stopped my hand, and said, “No, don’t cover, it is the smallest I’ve ever seen but all boys are small when they’re not hard.”

I said, “But I am hard.”

She couldn’t hold back. She died laughing just as 5 of her friends jumped out from behind a tree. They all started pointing and laughing. I covered and ran too my clothes but they had hid them. So I ran home naked and was almost clear but my sister was in the kitchen and I ran into her and fell on my butt. She looked right at my dick that had already shriveled back up to 3/4 of an inch. She died laughing and said she couldn’t wait to tell all her friends. I ran to my room and dressed. The next week at school I had the nickname BC for baby carrot. And people laughed about it all year. But I never got humiliated again until high school on 10th grade but I’ll talk about that later


While this reader didn’t touch the sides…

When I was a younger man I had a brief affair with a much older divorced lady, I was 25 the lady in question was 40, we met on a night out and things kinda progressed from there, few weeks in to our relationship we were fooling around in the bedroom when she announced she was going to have a bath & she wanted me to join her. I was petrified as she had not at this point seen me naked, she ran the bath, stripped off and got in leaving me standing fully clothed! I decided best course of action was to strip off quick and get in, as I jumped in to the bath and the water settled I saw a slight smile form on her lips, she then remarked we better not add any cold or it will shrivel up even more! What she didn’t know of course is I secretly adore sph & this simple statement made my 2 inch expand to its full 4 and half inch hardness. Although much older than me she had a body most 25 yr olds would be envious off and I nearly shot my load staring at her perfectly flat stomach and pert breasts, her long blond hair caressing just above her nipples. When we got out the bath things got heavy and we ended up with her bent over the sink while I slammed her pussy, unfortunately I couldn’t feel much and after a few mins it was painfully obvious she wasn’t either! We ended up back in the bedroom and me bringing her off with my mouth while I rubbed my semi, we carried on seeing each other for a few weeks after but it became obvious she was seeing plenty of other guys, this both excited me and made me sad, on my last visit I was able to obtain a little black g string she had worn on a night out previously, I wore that black panty everyday for a week after and jerked my little cock like a man posessed!


This reader has a problem with shrinkage…

I’m a Bronze Member, but all my friends are huge. When I’m not hard I get a lot of shrinkage and my balls get really tight and close to my body so they don’t hang at all and I just have a little shriveled piece of skin for a dick. For most people this wouldn’t be a problem but my friends and I are very liberal with nudity. We skinny-dip all the time and I love it but the problem is that they’re always making fun of me when we’re naked so I’m trying to enjoy myself but I keep having them grab my little balls or showing me how big their cocks are or pushing me around and calling me names. OK so I could stop skinny dipping with them but the problem is that that doesn’t keep them from making fun of me! For example if we’re hanging around someone’s house wearing shorts or something inevitably one of the guys will take off my pants and and undies and embarrass me. Sometimes they’re good and give me my clothes back right away but there are other times when they make me work for it. A couple of days ago I didn’t get my clothes back for two hours! So the whole time I jusr sat down with my legs crossed so they wouldn’t see my little dick but that just made them laugh more and do really inappropriate things like put their hands between my legs and give me kisses in the mouth and cheek.

The day before yesterday it happened again and it looked like my friend Dan wasn’t planning on giving me MY pants and tighty whities at all so after 20 minutes of begging and not getting my clothes back I became really upset and started crying and yelling. One of the other guys who’s really big actually made me sit on his lap and started rocking me like a little baby and that only made me more upset that he was treating me like a little child but he kept rocking me and rubbing my thighs and my back which actually helped me to calm down. I thought after I calmed down that they would let up but he just told me I needed to go to sleep because it was obvious that I was being a cranky boy (he said it like that too like I’m a child). I did as he ordered which helped because I fell asleep pretty quickly and actually I think they were right I hadnt slept well and I was kind of cranky but that’s no excuse for them treat me like a kid when I’m not and I should be able to be dressed if I want to.

The next day I was really submissive and they didn’t bother me at all. I notice that when I have more submissive around them they treat me better but I don’t want to be submissive because I’m not a little boy. I don’t understand why they treat me like that and it’s not fair. When I cry from the teasing they take it as evidence of my being small but those two things have nothing to do with each other.


Another reader’s wife suggests an appropriate reddit

I’ll endeavor to keep this short. My wife doesn’t reddit much, but she does have a secret alt account she uses from time to time, it’s verified on at least one gw sub. I encourage her to post, but she doesn’t do it very often. Nowadays she mostly chats (sporadically) with a few guys via PM and shares pics that way.

So some months back, when I was hinting she should put up a new post, she said, “Sure! If you do, too.”

I didn’t know what to say… that’s not the way this had been working. She explained she’d be more than happy to put up a new post, new pics, everything, but I had to take one for the team… put myself out there as well, see how it feels.

Not sure what to say, I agreed. We browsed various subreddits, spending half that evening looking at various guys’ junk and deciding which sub I would post to. Then she saw r/tinydick.

“You should post there,” she said.

My heart sunk and… I got hard as a rock. She never said anything mean or humiliating about it, but she insisted that was where I should post and I couldn’t sway her. I didn’t argue much because I’d lose and at the moment I didn’t feel like goading her into expounding upon why that particular sub.

So, I did. In total, I got a few dozen views (on imgur) and a fair number of upvotes for that particular sub. Her boobs got around 4,000 views in the first hour lol (they’re nice).
Not hardcore sph or anything, and she didn’t go any further with it. I think she genuinely enjoys indulging my fetish for showing her off, but wanted to take me down a peg.


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