Counselling Changed Our Marriage


My name is Edward and I’m 42 years of age. I am still with my wife but things have changed between us.

Married life can have its ups and downs but I am feeling quite contented with the way things are going when to my surprise the lovely Emily, my wife of the last twenty years sits me down one evening and announces that we are going to see a counsellor. Of course I’m not going to object. If Emily makes her mind up about something there’s no stopping her.

“It’s my mum’s idea sweetie.” Emily explains. “She says all enlightened couples do it after twenty years. People get into a rut don’t they? I’m sure it will help us. I’ve arranged the appointment for next Saturday afternoon. That’s okay isn’t it?”

“Yes darling, I expect so.” It means I miss the home match. We are playing Blackburn Rovers in the cup. I don’t want to rock the boat but I’d have liked to have been there.

“You were only going to that silly football match weren’t you; twenty-two young men kicking a ball about a field? You can miss it for once can’t you? Mommy’s friend has recently qualified and she’s willing to see us for half price if we promise to tell all our friends about her afterwards. Mommy says she’s very hands on. She’s spoken to a few of her women friends who’ve been to her. They all say it’s transformed their marriages.”

Emily had an operation ten years ago and since then she’s never allowed me near her sexually. In the first few years I tried to talk to her about it. She became increasingly annoyed each time I brought the subject up. The last time she lost her temper with me and didn’t speak to me for three days. I got the feeling she’d completely gone off sex. Could this Barbara woman get me back my conjugal rights? That’s an archaic expression, no longer politically correct. Emily can fuck anyone she likes and refuse to fuck anyone she likes. It’s her decision, I know that. Let’s wait and see. Don’t know if I could do it now after all this time. Maybe it’s like riding a bike.

For a long time now, I can’t remember how long, I’ve been responsible for washing Emily’s panties before breakfast each day. Completing this personal task excites me and helps me when I’m masturbating in bed at night. I hand wash her lingerie delicately using luke warm water and soft soap and then hang them up to air-dry. I even have to do her mother Betty’s whenever she stays with us. Well a year or two ago her panty use increased, (Emily’s not Betty’s). She was putting two or three pairs of panties in the wash every day. Fair enough she sometimes changes into a fresh pair to wear in bed at night but this seems excessive.

Of course I dare not ask her why. I realise I cannot ask her about her sex life. I know her best friend Lynne and her are very close and speculated that their friendship might contain a sexual element. Getting home early for a change I found them both wearing dressing gowns. Nothing was said, – Irene never needs to explain anything to me. Lesbian sex isn’t being unfaithful. I was glad for her.

All too soon the day for the counselling arrives. Emily appears quite excited.

“I’ve sent Barbara a dossier about our marriage sweetie. She rang me yesterday to thank me and we had quite a long chat. She’s lovely, I’m sure you’ll get to like her too. She wants to see both of us together first but she mentioned she will also need to see you on your own. Is that okay dear? You are willing to cooperate with this procedure aren’t you?”

“Procedure?” I’m beginning to feel nervous.

“Yes dear. She’ll probably want you to try various things. You do want us to live together for another twenty years don’t you?”

“Yes of course darling. You know I’m not the rebellious type.”

“Does that mean you’ll do what she suggests?”

“Yes darling.”

“Good.” Emily has a broad smile on her face and I feel a strong sense of foreboding.

The First Interview

“Who wears the trousers in this relationship?” Barbara, our counsellor, asks looking directly at me. We’ve gone through all the introductions and preliminaries and Barbara has put us at our ease; so I’m alarmed by this first question. I pause to collect myself.

Emily: “Tell the truth Edward, good boy.”

Edward: “Well, that’s got to be Emily I suppose. We usually discuss things but I’m happy to go with Emily for the final decision.”

Barbara: “I notice Emily used the expression ‘good boy’. Are you okay with that Edward? Have you ever said “good girl” when ending a comment to your wife.”

Edward: “Not that I remember. Emily’s an independent woman not a girl.”

Amanda: “Good answer.” She turns to Emily. “Is Edward an independent man?” She’s softens her voice, smiles and looks very respectfully towards Emily.

Emily: Returning the smile. “I think you’ve got to the nub of things very quickly.”

Barbara: Turning back to me, her voice changes. “I want you to think carefully before you answer this one Edward dear. Are you happily married?”

Edward: “Yes, of course.”

Barbara: “Why of course?”

Edward: “We never argue. Irene is easy to live with. She’s not overly demanding. We have a good routine.”

Barbara: “You do a lot of household duties don’t you?”

Edward: “Yes, that’s my choice. I find it relaxing.”

Barbara: “I understand you wash her panties by hand. Is that right?”

Edward: “Yes, I like to do it?” I can’t stop myself from blushing.

Barbara: “We’ll come back to that when I see you next week. Is there anything you’d like to change about this marriage?”

Edward: “Irene knows the answer. We are like brother and sister now. It’s a case of no sex please we’re British.”

Barbara: “Irene tells me you’ve never discussed sex with her for years.”

Edward: “I gave up asking.” I feel completely pathetic saying this aware that Barbara must think me weak.

Barbara: Turning to Irene “I expect that you do need fucking?”

Irene: “Yes I do. The main problem is that Edward doesn’t know how to fuck.”

I look across at Irene in amazement turning red as a beetroot. How could she say such a thing?

Barbara: Turning back to me. “Thank you Edward. I’ll leave it there for now.”

Barbara then asks Irene a few more questions. I feel she’s just having a friendly chat, no searching questions like I had. Then at the end…

Barbara: “So unlike Edward you are not happily married?”

Irene: “No, I’m not. I can’t go on like this. I’d like you to come up with a suggestion please Barbara.”

Barbara: “It’s simple Irene. You’ll just have to find other men to fuck. You are attractive and sexy, you’ll have no trouble finding other male partners, or female ones for that matter. That is my recipe for a good marriage. It’s obvious Edward’s useless as a lover. We’ll all meet again in a month’s time to see if you have anything to report. I want to see Edward before then.

Barbara: “Good. Thank you both for attending. I appreciate it must be difficult for you to be involved in this process. Your answers have been very helpful.”

Barbara’s assistant fixes up another appointment with me on Wednesday evening.

The Interview with me on my own.

Barbara: “I know this may sound unorthodox but before we start I’d like you to remove your trousers and underpants.”

Edward: “I can’t do that ma’am.”

Barbara: “You can call me Barbara dear. It’s important that I find out what excites you. Your trousers will hide your excitement.”

I shake my head. I can’t believe this is happening.

Barbara: “Emily said you would be okay with this. At least remove your trousers. Do it now.”

Edward: I relent and remove my trousers. “I can’t go any further Barbara.”

Barbara: “Have you always worn boxers Edward?”

Edward: “Yes, it’s what Emily buys for me.”

Going over to a chest of drawers Barbara brings out a pile of thin pants. They are all in pretty pastel shades.

Barbara: “These are a lot thinner than your boxers dear. Go behind the screen and change into a pair of these for me. You’re okay wearing these aren’t you sweetie?”

I nod, my face burning. I choose a pale blue pair with a pretty bow at the front. I’ve read stories about men in panties. It made good masturbating material. But I’ve never tried to wear a pair. I emerge from the screen sporting an erection.

Barbara writes in her notebook.

Barbara: We established last week that you like to wash Emily’s knickers by hand. Can you tell me why you do that?

Edward: “Emily likes them washed that way. I do the rest of the washing too.”

Barbara: “Do you get an erection whilst washing them?”

Edward: “Yes. It helps my masturbation in bed later on.”

Barbara: “You sleep every night with Emily don’t you?”

Edward: “Yes.”

Barbara: “Do you ever masturbate at other times?”

Edward: “I used to but doing it in the same bed as Emily seems right somehow. I make sure she’s sleeping.”

Barbara: “Newsflash- Emily is on to you. She’s a light sleeper. Every time you orgasm she wakes up. Don’t panic, she’s completely indifferent to your masturbating habits. I’m delighted that you masturbate regularly. Have you ever licked her cunny?

Hearing that Emily knows about my masturbating doesn’t worry me. I even quite like the idea. But why has she never tackled me about it?

Edward: “Yeah, years ago I licked her often. Emily demanded it and when she pushed my head down towards her cunt it was a turn on. You know, I liked her taking charge.”

Barbara: “So if you had to choose between going down on her or fucking her which would it be?”

Edward: “I dunno. I like both. This may sound totally stupid but probably going down on her.”

Barbara: “Is it something you’ve done with other girlfriends?”

Edward: “Yeah. Back when I was a virgin. The women I was with said they were scared of getting pregnant. There wasn’t much else they’d let me do. I sometimes suspected they allowed their other boyfriends to fuck them.” My cock is still erect and jerks a little. Barbara writes something down.

Barbara: “Ever had a blow job?”

Edward: “No, never.” I pause, and then say, “Barbara, can I ask you something? I’ve done a bad thing. I’ve looked on my mum’s computer and found she’s continually looking at porn all about mother’s allowing their sons to, er, lick them. You know, cunnilingus. What shall I do?”

Barbara: “You’re an only child aren’t you?”

Edward: “Yeah. She was overprotective of me when I was younger. Before every date I had with a girl she’d wank me off until I spurted. She said it was important for me to be nice and relaxed when out with a girl. Looking back I don’t think she wanted me to have a steady girlfriend, she wanted me for herself.”

Barbara: “Your mum clearly wants her cunt licking and it’s got to be you that does it. Why don’t you go round to her house and talk to her about it. You want to don’t you? I’m sure Emily won’t mind but you will need to ask her permission.”

On hearing this, my cock jerks again and spurts into the panties. Barbara makes another note.

Barbara: “You’ve had an erection throughout our discussion. You might be excited sitting with me, if so I’m flattered. But I think it’s something else isn’t it sweetie?”

Edward: “Yes. I’m excited by all our talk about fucking and licking but it’s mainly these panties I’m wearing.

Barbara: “So you like wearing panties?”

Edward: “Yes.”

Barbara: “We’ve got to finish in a minute but I want you to continue wearing these cum soaked panties for the rest of the day. Will you do that for me?”

Edward: “Yes Barbara.” For some reason I feel pleased about this.

Barbara: “You are very eager to cooperate. I think you are a natural submissive. Do you understand what that means?

Edward: “I think so.”

Barbara: “If you thought this process would get your little prick back inside Emily you may be disappointed. You heard what she said last week? She’s already making other plans I expect”

Edward: I hang my head. “Yes Barbara. She seems a lot happier.”

Barbara: “To be blunt sweetie you’d be far better off becoming a panty wearing sissy.” On the word sissy my cock jerks. Barbara makes a note. “Here, take this pile of panties with you when you go. You will wear a pair every day from now on without fail. Emily will be very annoyed with you if you don’t. Is that clear?

Edward: “Yes Barbara.” She hands me a plastic bag to put them in.

The Second Joint Interview

Barbara receives the married couple in her professional counselling office, “Come in, come in! It’s so nice to see you again! Please, come in and have a seat!”

Emily takes off her coat and sits on the comfortable sofa, feeling immediately at ease once again. After the previous marriage counselling session a month ago today, at the urging of her mother, she knew instantly it had been the right decision. Barbara, their counsellor, had listened carefully to Emily and made a few suggestions. Emily had been quick to put them into effect, and has come for their second joint session this afternoon eager for it to begin.

Barbara watches and smiles as Emily settles in, “Emily, may I offer you some hot tea? Biscuits, too, perhaps? We have a lot of time this afternoon to chat. Edward, strip.”

I’m completely taken aback. Barbara is curt, terse, dominating, fawning all over my wife, seemingly treating me like another piece of furniture. “I’m sorry, Barbara?”

“Edward, I already told you once to strip. I don’t like having to repeat myself. Strip as in take off your clothes and fold them neatly on the table.” She smirks. “Oh, you can keep the panties on.”

I undress, my hands and knees shaking. This is not the way I believe marriage counselling is intended to work, but my mother-in-law has highly recommended Barbara. Here they are. Me undressed, terrified of what is about to happen. My penis leaps up hard and throbbing, almost appearing out of the top of my panties, the outline clearly visible to both my wife and the therapist. They seem to ignore me – and my penis, too.

Barbara pours two cups of hot tea, one for Emily and one for herself, and sits across from Emily. “Ah, that sure warms the heart! So, Emily, tell me. In just one word, how have you felt since we started a month ago? One word, please?”

Emily sips, looks up, and beams, “Liberated!”

Both women laugh. Emily continues, “Yes, totally liberated! You know, I’ve been following your advice from last month. I started by fucking – .”

Barbara interrupts her quickly, “Please, Emily, remember. No names. It is much healthier for your husband if he does NOT know who you are fucking.”

Emily acknowledges the reprimand, and continues, “As I was saying, we started fucking. At first, we weren’t quite sure where to go, but in time found lots of different places where we can go, from a quick fuck at lunch time, to a longer, more leisurely fuck after work, before heading home. Everywhere we can fuck, we do!”

My mind is swirling in confusion. Of course over the years I have fantasized and masturbated about my lovely wife fucking other men, but never in my right mind had I ever imagined she’d have it in her to flirt, much less fuck; even less, to talk about it so freely with a stranger.

Barbara is listening and smiling, taking notes as Emily speaks her mind. “The first few times it was very, very intense. You know, I was practically a virgin wife!”

The two women laugh, Emily continuing, “After ten plus years of not getting fucked, I was very tight. It made me so self-conscious. It was like I didn’t quite know what to do. But he was so patient with me. Told me he had fucked other virgins before, but that I would always be his favourite. He fucked me slowly, really slowly. Letting me feel what it’s like to have a real man who knows how to fuck. Oh My God!”

Barbara interrupts her, “Emily, sorry to interrupt right at this moment, but this is a very important question. Did you have an orgasm? Did you? I need to know. Part of your marriage therapy.”

Emily practically bolts out of her seat, “Yes! Yes! Oh My God, yes! A thousand times, yes!”

Barbara makes a note and nods to Emily to continue. “Barbara, you know that all these years of marriage, and all these years before and after marriage, I never knew what a real orgasm was until he started! In a million years, Oh My God!”

I am devastated. Yes, I had fucked my wife in the early years of our marriage. Emily wasn’t the type to show much excitement. Perhaps to her it was more like a chore, like a wife-obligation, one that had to be done, and over with as soon as possible. Heck, it turns out I’ve never properly fucked my wife. It was more like we had copulated. And here Emily is, talking to a total stranger, how another man is fucking her and how she is discovering orgasms for the first time in her life. My penis is throbbing out of control!

Barbara inquires, “Besides fucking you, has he done anything else? Something different? Unusual? Special?”

Emily smiles, “Well not him: all he wants is to fuck. But this other gentleman twirls my nipples and drives me crazy; makes me have nipple orgasms even before he starts!”

I feel my heart going into my boots. My prudish, plain vanilla wife, sexually indifferent and cold to me suddenly has awoken, thawed out, and in one month already has sex with not one but actually two men!

Barbara smiles, takes note, and asks her to continue. “Oral?”

Emily beams with pride. “Well, this other guy kisses me. You know. Down there. You know what I mean. Down there. Kisses me.”

Barbara reprimands her sternly, ” Emily, an important part of your marriage therapy is to call your body parts by their proper names, and their actions by their proper terms. Now, start again, and tell me exactly what this third man does to you. In the words he uses when talking to you. Say it, Emily, say it. It’s important for your marriage that you learn to open up and say it. You can do it. I know you can.”

Emily blushes, looks Barbara in the eye, and says it, “He eats my cunt. Cunnilingus. Of course Edward used to lick me, when I forced him to, but this is so much better.”

I shoot a load of ejaculate. Neither woman notices. Or at least, doesn’t care.

Barbara smiles, “Good girl, Emily, good girl. See how much better you feel? It’s so healthy for your husband too to know how liberated you feel. You must always say things the way they are. Continue with oral sex, please.”

Emily fixes her blouse a bit and continues, “Well, there’s this guy that wants me to kiss him. Sorry, I meant to say, he wants me to suck his cock. You know, give him a blow job.”

Emily is totally relaxed, as if nothing is happening in her life. “So, this man is married. Showed me pictures of his wife and family. I told him his wife was very pretty. He agreed, adding however that I was his favourite cunt-whore. That’s exactly what he called me! His favourite cunt-whore! I was so proud of myself at being acknowledged for what I really, really, really want to be! Oh My God! I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Mother! Oh My God!”

I now had the count at four men having sex with my very own wife. In just one month. She’s probably done more fucking in a month than with me in a year when we were doing it- four men – and counting.

Emily is oblivious to me as she continues, “The thing is that his cock is way too huge for me. Remember that I had never ever sucked cock until this month. Not quite sure how to do it. So his cock is way too huge for me. He makes me kneel, and pushes his cock into my mouth. He grabs my head and pushes it in, so deep that I gag. I cannot breathe, he slips out, makes me breathe, and again all the way down. He says he will not leave me until I learn to deep-throat him all the way. What shall I do?”

Barbara smiles knowingly, “Emily, you’ve never sucked a cock before. It takes time and practice. I suggest you practice with the other gentlemen every time you get together, before fucking. You know, just to learn to stretch your jaw and tilt your head back. Practice, dear, practice! On another line, anal?”

Emily laughs, “Dear heavens, no! You know, I am still an anal virgin. I want to save myself for just the right man to deflower me, the right man to claim my anal virginity!”

Barbara smiles and agrees, totally agrees. I shoot another load of ejaculate, which neither woman seems to care enough to even comment.

Barbara is focused on Emily, “There is something else you should do. Your Kegel exercises. Three to four times a day, Every day. You need to strengthen your pelvic floor and your pubic muscles to the max. Now that you’re fucking a lot, you need to be really tight. Big cocks stretch your pussy. Tighten it. Lots of Kegels, please! Also, you’ll notice that makes a huge difference with small cocks, too. Let’s say on the order of 5 inches. Tight vaginal muscles nestle and cuddle small, 5 inch cocks really nicely against your G-spot, Emily. You’ll control exactly when you want the male to ejaculate inside you. Or not!”

Emily is so pleased with all the advice she is getting! Mother has been right all along: what Emily needed was marriage counselling. Barbara is just the right person. In one session she has liberated Emily’s dormant libido, allowing her sexuality to fly free. And this is just the start! Emily is feeling her wet panties sloshing around. Kegels! Emily would soon be able to show Mother how tight her pussy is getting. Mother has always liked to finger Emily, and now there is more to merely fingering…

She heard Barbara ask, “Emily, do you still masturbate?”

Emily smiles, “No, I don’t need to masturbate anymore! This marriage therapy has liberated me! When I want sex, I simply get fucked!”

“Well, Emily and Edward, how quickly the hour has passed! You two certainly seem to be making lots of progress. Leaps and bounds. Moving at the speed of light. Making up for a lost ten years! My assistant will schedule you for your next appointment one month from today. Emily, please continue fucking. Explore different positions. Find new ways to experience coital and post-coital orgasms. Please do practice giving deep blow jobs. Learn to swallow. A very important part of your marriage therapy is to swallow other men’s ejaculates.”

Emily smiles, beaming with pride like a student who has gotten her first A on a midterm. She stands to shake Barbara’s hand and thank her for this, their second marriage therapy session. During the first session Emily expressed concern that she felt she is married to a man that simply does not know how to fuck. Barbara has told her to find other men to fuck. This second session is a review of what lessons she has learned, and encouragement to continue more actively fucking men.

“Emily, my session three weeks ago with Edward was helpful. Now he’s in panties as we planned he should cooperate. So next time we will focus on him making further changes. Edward, you may get dressed now. And remember: do not molest your wife nor ask her about her sex life. It’s personal. Got it? Very personal. A woman never discusses her intimate relations with her husband. Never!”

I have already ejaculated quite a few times without touching myself reminding me of my visit to see Barbara on her own. Barbara’s assistant comes in to set up the next appointment. I notice her watching closely how I get dressed, I’m trying so hard to tuck my throbbing penis into my trousers. The assistant smiles and says quite enigmatically, “It gets worse next time.”

Emily and I leave in separate cars. I have to go home to have dinner with my mother-in-law and then do some household chores. Emily is off to see a gentleman she met in the elevator that morning. He had his hand on her derriere as they rode up, and when he got to his desired floor, he slipped her his business card.

The End.


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