My Stepdad (Gay SPH)

By llsmall.

My stepdad and my mom have been together since I was 6. Our relationship is so good that I call him “daddy” or “dad” and he calls me “son” or other son-like names. There is one small thing that bugs me about our relationship though. The way he treats me is VERY different when I’m naked vs. when I am dressed. His dick is way bigger than mine, and I think he infantilizes me because of it. It’s very weird because I am 28, almost as tall as him, and I have full facial hair so I don’t look like a kid but he treats me like one if I’m naked!

I swear that sometimes I think he embarrasses me on purpose. When I’m clothed he just talks to me like a man with his normally deep voice, isn’t very physically affectionate, and calls me by my first name. When I’m naked he uses a high-pitched baby-type voice, always calls me his “little boy,” and touches me a lot but in a very condescending way almost like he is dealing with a toddler, which I am not.

Last week we were in the locker room at the Y after working out, and I just wanted to take my clean clothes from the locker without showering or changing out of my gym clothes so he wouldn’t see me naked. He’s seen me naked before, and I’m used to the embarrassment, but I had shaved the night before and because I am small when I shave it makes me look like a little boy. But, when I don’t shave, my pubes hide my dick, so I tend to shave regularly, and I didn’t want him to see me right after shaving.

I said, “Daddy, can we please just leave without showering,” thinking that if I were a good boy with manners he’d listen to me.

But he stopped and very loudly said, “Young man, you have to take a shower so take off all your clothes and wash your little dinky dink. Now take off your clothes right now.”

I was so scared and taken aback that I just froze and said nothing. In case it’s not obvious from what I’ve writing, it is SUPER embarrassing to shower with him. His cock hangs low, and it’s very thick, and his balls are huge. If he moves ever so slightly, the thing just swings back and forth. He has enough pubic hair that it’s manly but not enough to be gross and I would feel very ashamed if he saw me because on this day I have no hair and my balls are small, and they get tight, so they don’t hang which is more obvious if I’m shaved. I’m sure my dick is only a bit below average (~3-4 inches) when it’s hard, but when it’s soft it gets very small, and I’m uncut, so you only see a little bit of skin crumpled up.

If I could show him mine hard, he would see it’s not super small, but when he sees it, it’s buried and doesn’t hang. Therefore, I froze there about to burst into tears because he yelled at me in front of other men and younger guys and I don’t think that’s fair! He got mad that I didn’t start undressing and rushed towards me and he started to undress me like I am a baby. This happened in front of many people because the locker room is huge.

I try to fight it by pushing his hands away, trying to stay dressed, and I say, “No daddy I can do it myself, ” but he just hits me and shushes me and keeps going.

He’s a manly and strong “man’s man” so he easily overpowers me and takes off all my clothes in a heartbeat. At this point I want to die, a couple of men/boys are acting like they are not watching, but most are smirking and openly pointing to me and talking to each other about it.

After he undressed me, he says, “And now wait for daddy,” and he undresses but very slowly and calmly so I just have to wait there with my little cock hanging out while everyone just watched. I don’t understand why he didn’t just undress first and then helped me undress and that way people wouldn’t have seen me for such a long time.

After he is done undressing, he grabs me by the hand and drags me to the showers which are open. The whole time he is commenting on the situation by saying things like, “All the other little boys like you are showering without complaining,” and, “Come on, we have to wash your little pee-pee.”

But there was no one my age everyone else was young, so I don’t know what he meant because I am NOT a little boy and when he talks to me like that I feel like other guys can tell how embarrassed I am. This is not the first time he humiliates me in the locker room.

He usually says things that make it more embarrassing like, “Show daddy how you washed your little wee-wee,” or, “Show daddy how you wash your bum,” and the other kids’ dads don’t do that!

Also while he’s embarrassing me, I think he’s showing off his cock by swinging it side by side. I am not so sure that he does that to embarrass me though, maybe that’s how it works when your cock hangs. I wouldn’t know because mine is an innie. At this point, he hasn’t ordered me to show him how I am washing which I am glad for because I was already on the verge of tears from before.

As we are showering, I try to look away because I start getting very intimidated by his cock but the difference in penis size between us is obvious when we’re showering right next to each other. We always shower next to each other because he wants to make sure I wash properly. The most embarrassing thing is if there are no two showerheads that are free and next to each other he asks people to move to a different one so he can be next to ‘his little boy’ too, “Make sure he washes his little pee-pee.”

He’ll sort of pushes me in front of people so they’ll see. It’s bad enough when it’s an adult he’s talking to but if it’s someone my age or younger I want to cry. Alternatively, he’ll make a statement like, “Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t get stinky, so make sure to wash your penis, little buddy.”

I don’t know if he does it for fun or because he’s very serious about hygiene. This time he didn’t do it, so I was super happy! In fact, I was so happy I totally let my guard down and was just enjoying being in the showers with my daddy. Out of instinct, I turn to him and pull back my foreskin so he could see I washed, and then I turned around and show him how I washed my bum. He pinched my butt, which he only does when he’s happy but didn’t say anything to embarrass me. I start to think that maybe I’ve been a good boy, so he trusts that I am grown to wash, which is good because I feel like I’ve been able to wash alone since I turned 25, maybe even 24.

As we walked back to our locker and I dried myself off, I thought about how good it is that my daddy now treats me like a man. He had chastised me before and undressed me, but he hadn’t talked to other guys about me, so I wasn’t THAT embarrassed. In any case, I deserve being yelled at and undressed. My daddy doesn’t spank me as much as he used to and that’s because I am behaving better, so I just have to remember that if I follow his instructions, he will take care of me and be good and nice. At this point, I thought I was in the clear and I was just smiling and happy to be with my big daddy. That is until he told me there was someone he wanted me to meet in the locker room, his older friend Frank from work.

I said, “OK, let me just put on my underwear, dad.”

As I set my towel down, he said, “Nonsense, come, little buddy,” and grabbed me by the hand.

He was walking fast and caught me off guard, so here I am being pulled by one arm with my one free arm covering my shaved little dick. Well, when we get to his friend from work whom he wanted me to meet he didn’t let go of my hand but told me to shake hands and introduce myself like a man. So I had to shake the guy’s hand, but then the guy doesn’t let go of my hand, so I’m just standing there with my naked hung stepdad holding my right hand, a clothed stranger holding my left hand. My little-shaved dick in full sight. I wanted to cry again, I was squirming, and not saying anything. I tried to sort of crossing my legs to hide my little cock but that only made it worse because I could see in one of the mirrors that it seemed like I was a girl.

The guy asked, “What’s going on, Junior?”

He had a commanding tone and started rubbing my belly (kind of low if you ask me) and my head. I froze and didn’t say anything because I just wanted to cry. Then my stepdad just tussled my hair and gave me a side hug, saying something like, “Oh, the little guys just nervous.”

I don’t exactly remember what the other guy said, but he definitively repeated little guy with a tone and looked at my little dick and then looked and my stepdad’s and smiled. Then he said, “I remember being a little boy in middle school and seeing all the men in the locker room with my old man and how big they were and being embarrassed.”

My jaw dropped. By that point, he had let go of my hand, of course, was down to his tighty-whities, but I felt so humiliated that I wasn’t even covering myself up.

Then my stepdad said, “Frank, our little boy has already graduated college, but he hasn’t changed one bit since middle school. Not one tiny little bit. [he looked at my cock] You probably remember from a party at your daughter’s house where he and your grandkids skinny-dipped. We have the pictures, I’ll text them to you in case you don’t have them.”

I know those pictures. They show me naked around a bunch of kids, but I have the smallest penis. In one of the pictures, there’s an adult in Speedos, and the difference is incredible.

I would have been upset that I was so obviously being made fun of, but my attention was drawn to Frank. If he had a small penis too then maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad or if he had a normal penis and little balls maybe it would seem OK. Therefore, I wanted him to be small, but his bulge was obviously big. In fact, his balls were coming out of the side of his briefs.

He could tell that I was looking at him and hesitated to take off his underwear looking at me as if he could read my mind. Well, by that point I’d seen the outline of his cock and got hard. I didn’t cover up because I thought it’d be good to get hard in front of my stepdad so he could see I am not small. In fact, I thrust my hips forward to make my dick look bigger. Nothing could make my little balls look bigger, but at least my cock could appear more grown.

It didn’t occur to me that getting hard in front of him made the size difference between us even more salient because he was bigger flaccid than I am hard! So here I am with my little-shaved cock rock hard, about to burst into tears, and they both just chuckled!

I thought they wouldn’t address it directly, but then Frank says, “Oh, he really is small,” and proceeds to drop his underwear revealing a huge cock.

It was bigger than my stepfather’s was though not my much and it was thicker. His balls were also huge. I wonder whether they just get like that with age. So Frank hugs me and starts talking in my ear as if telling me a secret while pinching the head of my little cock: “What you need to do is be very good with your tongue because that little thing is never…”

My stepdad interrupts him, grabs me by the hand, and says, “No, no, Frank, my little boy is NOT allowed to hear this kind of talk he is not grown enough and not allowed to be with girls.”

I was stunned because this is something we had NEVER talked about. They are strict about me going out, but I didn’t realize it was to keep me from being with girls or related to my being small. Whenever he’s spanked me after being out, it’s always if I’m late not if I talk to girls, so I tried to defend myself by saying, “I have been with girls.”

He then interrupts me, puts his hand in my mouth, and says, “That’s a bad little boy, you don’t lie to Frank young man, OK? Now tell him the truth.”

He was wagging his finger in my face, and I was shocked and couldn’t say anything because the truth is I have been with girls a couple of times, but he grabbed my arm tightly and had a really fierce look on his face. The truth is, it wasn’t so much his face as his long and thick cock compared to my little worm that intimidated me.

I said, “I can’t be with girls…”

I was about to add that I am NOT a virgin but he just said, “Frank, now we have to go,” and said to me, “Come on, daddy is going to take you to go potty before we leave.”

I just cried on the way to the bathroom. Having to go potty in front of him is just the worst, and while I’m not sure about the other stuff with the locker rooms and girls I should have privacy at this age! He stood over me while I was in the urinal berating me the whole time until I let out a couple of drops of pee. I thought I was home free, but then he made me sit on the toilet WITH THE DOOR OPEN.

While I begged him to close it, he said we were all guys, and I was a little boy, so there was nothing wrong with what was happening. I was just crying and pleading but figured it was easier to go and have him help me clean up. The whole time I cried though.

Afterward, on the drive home, I tried explaining to him that because my balls don’t hang low like his and my dick isn’t big I am embarrassed to be naked. He laughed it off and said that a lot of people had little dicks like me and that bigger dicks aren’t necessarily better, they are just different. He also said that keeping it shaved helped so even though it looked more infantile at least it was visible. This really surprised me because I didn’t think he’d comment on it so directly.

Again, I was on the verge of tears, but he just thought it was funny which just made me mad! When I asked him if he’d like to have a small one like me and would he think it’s OK he said, “Come on, little buddy, you know I have a long dick. It’s funny because I’ve been bigger than you since age 13.” He went on to say, “I’m not saying that makes me more of a man, but my manhood is bigger.”

He talked about how he has always been successful with women and how a man’s confidence and success is directly related to his cock. He used as an example my dad (who has a bigger dick than me but overall it is small). I finally got upset and gathered the courage to defend myself.

I said, “Daddy, I’m NOT that small, please stop saying that, it embarrasses me!”

The look from him was incredulous like I was from another planet. With a mocking tone, he said, “Oh, OK, let’s see it then, little buddy.” I stuttered and stammered and thought he wasn’t serious, but he said, “Let’s see that big cock, buddy.”

I said, “Well, not now…”

As we were in the car and of course, I had nothing to show him. He laughed and said oh boy and acted as if he had dropped the topic. He brought it up again, and I said, “No, dad, the people in the other cars will see, stop, and besides right now it’s small.”

When we hit a red light, he said, “Come on, if you have a big dick it should be big anytime,” and then he actually pulled my pants and underwear down.

This is happening in plain daylight, so the girls in the SUV next to our car saw everything. I tried pulling my pants up, but he’s too strong. He pinched my cock with his fingers making noises as if playing a silly game. He finally let go when the light change and just laughed out loud and kept tussling my hair. This is when the story is messed up.

All the built up anger and humiliation reached a maximum, and I started peeing and crying. He became very upset, with one hand steering the wheel, and with another tried putting my little penis back in my pants, but it was impossible because I was peeing all over the seat. We finally reached a gas station, and he yanked me out of the car. I almost fell because my pants and underwear were almost down to my knees. He pulled them down to my ankles then grabbed my hand and pulled me into the store.

It was the most humiliating thing to have to waddle to the gas station and wait for the bathroom to be unoccupied. I was going to pull my pants up, but then he started yelling, so I just leave them down and bawled like a baby.

After 10-15 minutes, we were able to use the bathroom, and he helped me clean up. I had to hold my wet pants and underwear while he bought stuff, paid for gas, and filled the tank. On the way home, I just cried as cars next to use could see me. He then said something like he couldn’t wait to tell my mom about our encounter with Frank and how I made a mess in the car and how he thought I should have been taken to the urologist years ago but I begged him not to in tears.

He said OK, and ended up conceding that being small is embarrassing. If I were a good boy, he would not tell her, and this would be our little secret.

It’s been little over a week now but whenever I do something remotely bad he raises his eyebrows which puts a lot of fear in me. He’s also started walking in on me in the shower and when I protest he just says he has seen my little fella since I was five and it hasn’t changed so I should be ashamed. I really love my stepdad and am grateful he’s treated me like a son, but it’s so embarrassing to compare his cock to mine. I already get teased A LOT by my friends, so I don’t need this from him too. At the same time, this is teaching me lessons to behave like a man.

The End.


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