Our Readers SPH Experiences: Accidental SPH

By smallhawk.

I’ve had several SPH experiences, but this is the most recent. This happened over Halloween, a rather innocent but still exciting (at least for me) experience. I initially posted but needed to make a couple changes to protect the innocent. Also, I apologize for the length (no pun intended) but I feel some build up backstory makes it better.

I’ve been close friends with Steve for a long time, since I was a teenager, maybe who I would consider my closest/best friend. Over the last, oh close to a decade he’s been with Christina, and they’ve been married for most of that now. When I first met Christina I immediately liked her and got along with her well. She has once of the all time great set of tits, and has NEVER been afraid of putting them on display. She reminds me a lot of porn star Whitney Stevens actually, and has this great, mischievous smile she gives – a little reminder She knows all too well what she does to guys.

Over the years we too have become close, and over the years there’s always been some light (and sometimes slightly more than light) flirting that goes on between us. Sex and sexual related jokes have of course come up in conversation throughout this time, especially on more freewheeling nights where the booze is flowing. She has a rather domineering personality, and while it seems that she wears the pants in their relationships (and in many ways she does), it’s also known she likes to give in and be dominated in the bedroom. There was the time I made a joke about my own weird kinks along the lines of, “Well, it’s not like I’m into being choked out or anything…”

To which she sort of cough laughed before revealing she loves that that there’s nothing like cumming while being choked hard. There was another time out on a bar patio where sex was the topic of conversation, and it came to blowjob’s. Steve made some sort of comment about her that led her to going down on her long neck beer bottle – I’m not gonna lie and say she took the entire thing, but she took far more than I was expecting. My jaw literally slowly dropped and my eyes got wide as she looked up and locked eyes, with that mischievous smile, then innocently said, “I think Hawpe’s (my last name) ready for a refill!”

I’m tall, good looking, and most would find me to be a little more alpha in everyday life. This is all hiding the fact that I’m actually small (and it’s made worse that on my tall, large frame, it appears even smaller) and definitely submissive in the bedroom. As for my friend, he’s not the most domineering type, always seemed kinda beta, but apparently in that bedroom he’s a different beast. There was the choking comment and some other little things that were said. While he and I have never seen each other naked, the topic of anal came up one night at a bar. It’s well known he’s wanted to do her that way for some time, but that she someone always wiggles out of doing it. This night it came up and she finally admitted the reason – that she had tried it once before with an ex and it hurt like hell and that “Steve is way bigger than he was.”

I made the joke of, “Damn, that guy must’ve been small then!”

She laughed, and Steve gave a look off the distance like shows what you know, and she then confirmed that, winking over his way, and then by saying, “You’d be surprised how big that ex was actually.”

There was also the time those Orlando Bloom photos surfaced, and Steve made several jokes at his expense, about the lack of flaccid size Orlando had. Well, Orlando’s flaccid size was far bigger than my own, so I just played along.

Fast forward to Halloween, and I was invited over. My long-time girlfriend (who’s made out with Christina and they’ve felt each other’s tits up a couple times – once again, throughout the years at various bars when the booze was out, they actually don’t really get along, just different personalities, and they’re friendly by proxy due to Steve and I’s friendship, but when booze flows shit happens) had to work so I was invited over. This wasn’t out of the ordinary, as I have often ended up over at their place for Halloween, sometimes with her and sometimes without. So I made my way over, and we had a nice time, nothing out of the ordinary.

Near the end of the night, outside enjoying the air and the neighboring kids trick or treating, I was preparing to head off. She wanted a picture of me to post with her other Halloween pics for the night. I wasn’t dressed up as anything mind you (she was a sexy comic book character), but I was dressed in general to celebrate the holiday. She took a picture with her phone, looked at it, and kinda of smirked to herself, almost laughing. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but she said “hold on, I need to get one with flash,” and so she took that too. Looking at it, once again, that smirk, even more devilish now, and laughter did come “perfect, that’s the one” she said. She took off for a few minutes to neighboring house, while my friend talked me into to coming in for a alcoholic drink.

>We were sitting and laughing when she came back in and joined. We started double teaming her (not like that, I’m afraid) with jokes as we often do. Making fun of her for a douche ex-boyfriend or other things. There’s this guy she’s still friends with that she had a minor fling with years ago, he’s a huge douche so we really like to rag on him and especially her for ever doing anything with him. Penis size inevitably came up and I made a self deprecating remark about my own size compared to his, it made sense in the moment.

Christina kinda arched her eyebrow and had a smirk when she said, “Well, both you guys (myself and Steve) are tall, big guys, so if that’s anything to go by you should be pretty big, right?”

Steve kinda smirked over my way, and cocked his head. “Eh, never heard any complaints from this peanut gallery over here,” referring to her.

I was kinda struck by how she looked over my way, but wasn’t sure how to take it. I may have stumbled as I made a joke. “Well, uh, Mary hasn’t left me yet so I suppose there’s always that!”

Her eyebrow stay raised as she started playing with her phone. “Oh hey, here’s that photo from earlier tonight, in case you wanted it.”

I was still trying to decipher her tone when my phone buzzed and I looked at the photo. Then I saw it, the pants I was wearing were rather new, I had only worn them a time or two prior to the night, so I had never really seen myself in them honestly, and didn’t realize how they hugged me in any way. But there it was, super apparent – my bulge, or lack thereof, and pretty defined outline of my penis clearly on display. This was followed by a couple emoji’s – a laughing with tears coming down face, a devil horn face and then a disappointed face. I looked up and she was clearly eyeing me with that look on her face. She was still typing too, when that message came through.

“Sshhh, your secret’s safe with me,” with a winky face emoji.

I was caught and I didn’t know how to respond but, as she ever so slightly bit down on the edge of her tongue with a devilish knowing smile, I knew I was hers to be tortured over this.

She gave no more texts while I was there, though she threw me a couple more knowing glances before I ultimately headed out for the night, she texted me again on my way home. “I feel so sorry for Mary!” before adding another text, (with a wink emoji) “I mean it sucks she had a shift come up and couldn’t make it tonight.”

It drives me crazy that she knows, and who knows if she’s going to tell Steve, who’s always looked to me as more alpha between us in everyday life. She also has this super sexual friend Amanda, who I’ve enjoyed some light flirting with as well, with her great (and twisted) sense of humor and outgoing sexual personality, and I wonder if she’ll tell her. They’re the types that definitely tell each other everything. I remember once when Amanda was dating this super douche guy Gary, and overhearing a side conversation of theirs at a bar where Amanda admitted to Christina it was all about the sex, and then showed her a pic of Gary’s “huge cock” that was on her phone. I’m not sure how I’ll take it from here with talking to her, as I said we’ve always been flirty, but this will definitely change the dynamic. I used to always seem to possess the upper hand with her, including her husband (my friend), and this already has changed some things.

To make matters worse (better? yes better) when my GF was in the car with my later I showed her the photo and she immediately let out a huge laugh, as she noticed it right away. One of the next time’s we had sex she enjoyed teasing me with things like, “Britney knows you have a small dick, how does that make you feel?” and, “she could see the outline of your little dick right through your pants with that pathetic bulge.”

Just another tale in the life of a faux alpha caught.

The End.

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