Coming Back Home to Mom

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By MisterReason


Nora Kent had been standing at the front door looking out through the curtain even since she had gotten the call about a half hour ago, and when she finally saw her son’s car pull into the driveway she got as giddy as a school girl despite being 57, but she tried to get herself together while her pride and joy got a suitcase out of the trunk.

“Mustn’t act like you’re happy Nora,” she scolded herself, but that wasn’t easy to do because when Jason called to tell her that his marriage of three years was over, she felt like screaming with glee.

Nora knew it wouldn’t last from the start because that silly girl was an airhead and not nearly good enough for her only child, but she had tried to act like she was sorry to hear his marriage had failed and told Jason that he knew he was always welcome at her house and could stay as long as he wanted.

Nora flicked on the porch light as Jason approached the house, and even though he was 25 now he still had that youthful appearance as his long dirty blonde hair bounced with him going up the stairs.

“Hi Mom,” Jason said with a sheepish look as Nora opened the door.

“Welcome home honey,” Nora said as she let him in and closed the door behind them.

“You look as beautiful as ever,” Jason told his mother after they hugged.

“And you still can tell lies and not get spanked,” Nora replied as Jason kissed her on the cheek and set down his suitcase. “And you can also do better than that.”

Nora wrapped her arms around her boy’s neck and kissed him, not on the cheek but square on the lips, and when Jason returned the affection and ground into her she parted her lips and let his tongue in.

“Hungry?” Nora asked, and after Jason shook his head she asked, “How about a nice warm bath then?”

“That sounds good – Mommy,” Jason added softly, and when he saw her smile he said, “I miss my baths.”


“Believe it or not, I still have some Mr. Bubble around,” Nora said as she brazenly peeked through the doorway at her son who was in the process of taking his socks off while sitting on the end of the bed. “How about it?”

“That would be great Mom,” Jason replied as he stood up and lowered his briefs without shame, something he had never been able to really do in front of anyone else.

“You haven’t changed a bit sweetie,” Nora sighed as he eyes went down the waif-ish form of her son whose 5’6″ frame was still too lean for her liking, although no less appealing, and nodding down below his waist added, “I missed him.”

Jason grinned at that, reaching down and giving the pale skinny tube a pull before picking up all his dirty clothes and following his mother into the bathroom.

“Be careful,” Nora nodded as she watched her boy gingerly step into the tub, the dimples in his butt cheeks still there as he ducked into the bubbles.

“Ah! Perfect temperature,” Jason said as he chatted with his mother who sat on the hamper next to the tub. “And thanks for not reminding me you told me so.”

“I only said that once in my life and even that was wrong of me,” Nora admitted as her son rubbed his legs under the water. “You can do much better than her and will.”

“We’ll see.”

“Can you use some help honey?” Nora asked hopefully.

“Though you would never offer,” Jason said as his mother knelt beside the bathtub. “Better take that blouse off so it doesn’t get wet.”

“Is that what you care about?” Nora chuckled as she pulled the plain top off. “My blouse?”

“Of course, and it might be a good idea to take off the bra too Mom.”

“I’m not like fine wine honey. Your Mommy is not aging gracefully I’m afraid,” Nora explained as she reached back and unhooked the harness, and after pulling it off her shoulders apologized by saying, “See? No bigger unfortunately, just lower.”

“They’re beautiful Mom and you know it,” Jason said as he gazed lovingly at the pear shaped tits that these days consisted mostly of quite plump areolas and big nipples that looked as if they were meant for larger breasts, and those nipples seemed to swell even more from his praise.

“Close your eyes baby because I don’t want to get soap in them,” his mother said as she reached for the shampoo. “I don’t think this is the ‘no more tears’ stuff we used to use.”

“I’ll take my chances,” Jason said as his mother lathered his golden locks up. “It’s worth it just to see you again like this.”

“It hasn’t been the same without you around,” Nora admitted as she kneaded Jason’s scalp, but when he saw her son smiling that mischievous of his she followed his gaze, and she shook her head when she saw what he was looking at.

“Well it isn’t like there’s anybody around to notice,” Nora said of the sparse sprays of dark brown hair in the hollows of her armpits. “If I had more time before you got here I would have been prepared for inspection. There’s a razor in the soap dish if you want to do the honors.”

“Don’t be silly Mom. You know I like you furry too,” Jason commented. “You aren’t as furry as you used to be though. I think I might finally have more hair under my arms than you do now.”

“Probably starts falling out when you get old like I am,” Nora suggested.

“How about – you know – down there?” Jason asked with a nod downward.

“I don’t know but I would suspect that you would be able to tell one way or the other,” Nora chided. “It certainly doesn’t look like it’s going away to me.”

“Good,” Jason said as his mother rinsed the soap out of his hair before she grabbed a bar of soap and washed his back. “Oh that feels so good.”

“You need a haircut,” his mother told him as she washed down to the crack in his butt before telling him to raise his arms.

“I could get used to this,” the boy sighed as his mother scrubbed his sparsely furred armpits before going to his chest and below. “Especially this.”

“Somebody has a boner,” Nora giggled as she avoided the upstanding prong to work on the rather meaty nut sac below it, and when Jason lifted his butt up off the bottom she accommodated him.

“Gotta get you good and clean honey,” Nora said as she scrubbed the crack and then used a finger to provide a more intimate cleansing.

“Oh! Oh Mom! Mommy!” Jason yelped as Nora’s finger probed and spun into his anus, and as she kept doing it her boy was raising out of the tub so the conical glans of his manhood peeked up out of the diminishing bubbles. “Mom! You know what’s going to happen!”

“The night’s young my love,” Nora gasped as she got a bit maniacal with her finger. “And there’s nobody on earth as virile as my little man.”

“AW!!!” Jason cried out as his penis began spitting seed in every direction and kept shooting until his arching prong went limp, and only then did Nora remove her finger.

“That looked so erotic,” his mother said as she tried to resume bathing her boy after that, and when she finally finished Nora had Jason stand up so she could spray the suds off him as the tub drained. “No man cums as majestically as you honey.”

“Full service?” Jason chirped as his mother helped him out of the tub and began drying him off, starting with his scalp and working downward.

“Nothing’s too good for my man. Upsy-daisy,” his mother chirped, and after Jason lifted his arms she buffed the soft cotton under his arms while saying, “Mmm… you smell nice now.”

“Taste nice too,” Nora giggled before leaning over and letting her tongue paste the almost invisible patch of hairs in the center of his armpit to his skin, causing her boy to laugh and squirm before she went back down and knelt to finish drying him off.

Nora dried Jason’s legs before moving to the tuft of hair above his penis, fluffing the modest nest while making his penis wiggle. While when erect Jason’s manhood blossomed to a more impressive length, when flaccid it looked much like it had when he was very young, but it had been Nora’s experience that it wasn’t limp that often.

“Such a beautiful penis,” Nora sighed before flicking her tongue at the pink tip.

“Ellen said it was too small,” Jason answered bluntly as he spoke of his soon to be ex-wife.

“Sssh!” Nora said as she used the tip of her tongue to drub the conical glans of his organ like it was a punching bag.

“Well, she did,” Jason admitted. “She told me that the boy she had been seeing behind my back – a janitor at the apartment complex – his penis was so large that she could hardly feel me anymore when we would…”

“Jason!” Nora said. “Let us never speak of that slut again because you’re man enough for any woman. Certainly enough for this woman.”

“That’s all I care about Mom,” Jason sobbed as his mother took his entire penis in her mouth, her nose buried in his pubic hair and her chin against his balls. “Wish I never left. Omigod!”

The young man’s cock re-energized quickly as the divorced woman sucked almost savagely on the modest stem, the prong quickly erect again despite just having been spent, and Jason had to pull his almost frantic mother off of his dick before he came.

“Sorry honey,” Nora gasped as her aching knees creaked while she rose to her feet. “Your Mommy needs it so bad.”

“Let’s go,” Jason replied, and the two almost raced down the narrow hallway to her bedroom.



“Love your tits Mom,” Jason wheezed as he slobbed over the doughy orbs, squeezing and sucking on the plaint teats while Nora tried to get her shorts down, and as they went to her ankles her son nudged her down onto the bed.

Jason followed his mother down to the bedding where his maniacal oral assault on her aging yet still sensitive breasts continued, nibbling and sucking on the fat pegs as they swelled ever more.

“Oh honey!” Nora cackled as her son yanked her arm back over her head so he could kiss her unshorn armpits before he squirmed down and yanked down her baggy panties, exposing a brown bush that despite not being as dense as it once was, still formed a wide and untrimmed triangle that filled her delta.

“Honey!” Nora cried out as her son dove down to begin eating her pussy. “Please. I need it now. Give Mommy your stiff cock.”

Jason scrambled up to his knees, his stiff dick bobbing wildly as he squirmed up between his mother’s spread thighs and pushed his organ into the wet and furry fold.

“YES!!!” Nora cried out when she felt her boy’s dick slide into her, and she wrapped her skinny legs around his butt and held on as Jason began furiously thrusting in and out of her. “FUCK YOUR MOMMY!”

“So good,” Jason squealed as his short thrusts made the bed bounce, his stiff dick pulling completely out of Nora’s pussy when he rose and then plunging back in to the hilt when he crashed down, Nora’s fingernails clawing his back as they copulated like animals.

“Gonna make me cum honey. Like you always do. Gonna…” Nora wailed as her orgasm neared, and when it finally arrived she screamed like no other man had ever made her scream.

His mother’s almost demented howls only served to inflame Jason even more as he pounded her into the bedding, and even after Nora came again – a milder but still satisfying orgasm – and her body went limp on the bed her son kept humping her hard.

Jason’s grunting and the sloshing sounds his dick made as it went in and out of Nora’s sex continued while she smiled weakly up at him.

“Getting a little sore honey,” Nora confessed after a few more minutes. “Not used to my man’s stiff dick I guess, but give me a few days. Want to cum in my mouth baby? Or would you rather cum in Mommy’s pussy?”

“Pussy,” Jason grunted as the red-faced lad slowed down.

“That’s my man,” Nora exclaimed as he felt his dick twitch inside of her, and as his warm seed filled her womb she sighed as she dreamed while adding, “Breed me my love.”


Nora drained the bacon on some towels before practically skipping down the hall where her boy was still resting as the morning sun peeking through the curtains, although Jason was finally showing signs of life.

“Morning sleepyhead,” Nora chirped as she pulled open the drapes. “Made you bacon.”

“I know. I smell it,” Jason smiled.

“Wasn’t sure whether you would want french toast or eggs,” Nora explained. “Only take me a minute whatever you decide.”

“Bacon can wait,” Jason declared as he tossed the sheet off and exposed his pale prong which was pointing to the ceiling. “How would you feel about a little link sausage first?”

“I know a place you can put that sausage,” Nora answered as she parted her robe and ran her fingers through her furry delta. “Although the way my cunt feels this morning, what ripped my cunt apart last night was anything but little.”

“Cunt,” Jason giggled as he watched his mother lose the robe and climb onto him. “I love it when you talk really dirty.”

“You mean when I say things like I love the way your stiff cock rips apart my hairy cunt?” Nora said with a giggle of her own as she straddled him and made his manhood disappear.

“Yeah!” Jason laughed as his hands went up to cup his mother’s little hangers. “That’s what I like!”

The End.




  • glen(da) Walker

    my Mommy loved to catch me horny, then take “advantage” of me…lol!! She loved to tease me about how tiny my teenie weenie was, and is!! She loved to spank me esp when company was there. She would make me strip completely naked, usually in front of the visitors (always female), even though She was sure i was wearing pink or black lace panties. She would often make me stop (to make sure they saw my panties) and comment that i was a sissy and loved to wear Her panties and often Her heels and jewelry and even lipstick…She usually tells them that She has caught me naked with my male cousin so many times She usually just walks past us as i am sucking him, or as He is banging me!!

  • Paul

    That story was very well done. I was raised by my Mom and two older sisters. The story brought back many wonderful memories with my Mom. She bathed me until I went off to college my junior year.

  • Marcus

    A+ Good graphic incest right from the start. Pace kept moving very well. I have very good memories of incest tho not mommy type. To me, all good incest out comes don’t harm anyone. Bad ones where one party is not a willing participant are very bad!! I do not condone that for a moment. M

  • Marcus

    Hey I love your coments, we need some more feed back on the coments….they sound like a story tease….Marcus


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