Our Readers SPH Experiences 38

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discovers his student has a bigger…

I recently joined a gym in my neighborhood and started working out there after work. A few weeks ago, I was at the weight lifting area when somebody came up and said my name: it was a younger guy I know named Tim. When I met him, he had just turned 18 and his parents contacted me because he needed a maths tutor to help him pass a class. He was a nice kid, but a little disobedient. Once he graduated a few months later, we stopped having lessons. I hadn’t seen him for a few weeks until I ran into him at the gym, of course. We talked for a while and we took turns spotting for each other. I’m pretty built (I’m 28 and have been weight lifting since I was 20) and he’s pretty scrawny, but I let him spot me so that we could talk.

It turned out that he had to leave around the same time as I did so we both started heading to the locker room. This is where I started to get a little nervous, since our gym is older and has communal showers and I’m pretty…small. I couldn’t get out of showering though, since I was in a hurry. I figured I could try to delay and maybe he’d just hurry up, shower, and leave. But he kept talking to me and I couldn’t find an out. We got to our lockers and started undressing. His locker was close to mine, so he kept talking to me. I tried covering up by turning backwards, but then just as I was down to my boxer-briefs, he comes around to face me for some reason and we both pause as soon as he does. He’s also wearing boxer briefs, and he has a MASSIVE bulge. It’s ridiculous.

I’m about 1″ soft normally, but with exercise, I’m usually down to 1/2″, so I’ve just got a little poking straight out. He looks like maybe he’s 5 or 6 inches SOFT. At this point, I can tell that he’s trying not to laugh, so we both awkwardly try to change the conversation. He tries to pull down his underwear nonchalantly, and his cock looks even bigger when it bounces out. He throws his clothes in the locker and asks if I’m coming to the shower or not. I say yes reluctantly and I pull off my boxer briefs. He looks down for a second then tries to look away. We get to the shower and of course he stands next to me the whole time, talking and even washing his cock.

It’s just so fucking HUGE. It must’ve been bigger soft than I am hard. Finally, we get done and I dry off and get dressed as fast as possible. As I’m heading out, he’s pulling up his boxer briefs, and tells me he’ll see me the next time. Just great.


This reader gets manhandled by a saleslady…

Following on from when I bought my suit and the saleswoman had commented on my lack of bulge in the trousers, I went back a week later to buy a spare pair of the suit trousers. The lady recognised me immediately and smiled broadly. Before I got to the till she arrived at the rack of trousers and said I should try them on as there is no guarantee the fit is the same as my existing pair. As she opened the door that leads to the changing cubicles she presented me with a small box.

“Try these on,” she said, “they should give you a boost on the zipper region – I’ve been worried about you since I served you as we ladies do notice these things you know!”

The box contained a pair of bulge enhancing underwear with a contoured pouch to give your package a lift. As last time, she was waiting for me when I went to the mirror.

“Oh, you’ve not tried the underwear then?”

Blushing, I said I had them on. She asked me to remove the trousers which I did and then she started tugging on all of the loose material where I had not filled the pouch.

“The waist size is fine,” she said whole running her finger inside the elasticised waist, “but the pouch is too big, I will see if we have a smaller pouch.”

She then came back a couple of minutes later and explained the pouch size is standard and apologised that her idea had failed. She told me to go back in the cubicle to remove them. When I was in there she asked, “I hope you don’t mind me asking, Sir, but I am curious as to why the pants were so loose on you. Can I see your package?”

I stammered I was not sure but she came behind the curtain anyway and immediately cupped me.

“Oh,” she said, “now I understand. Your penis is rather short and thin and your testicles are retracted. You’ve got to have seething to put in the pouch but you haven’t got enough! That’s a shame because you have a lovely bottom”.

She then patted my bum and left. When I dressed and took the trousers to the till she was waiting with her friend again and they were both grinning broadly at me. She then put the underwear in my bag and said I could have them on the house and suggested maybe my wife could ‘take the pouch in’ and give my jewels a lift! They both were laughing as I left the shop


Another reader learns there’s nothing like some familial blackmail…

It was a hot summer day in Brooklyn. I just got home from work. Our only air conditioning were wall units. My parents had one on their bedroom. No one was home so I cranked on the unit, stripped off my clothes, sat on the edge of the bed, and let the air blow on me. I laid back and started to fondle myself. Before long I was stroking with my index finger and thumb. My eyes were closed.

As I was fantasizing that I had a massive cock, I heard a giggle. I opened my eyes and listened. Nothing! Must be my imagination. Resumed my practice. As I approached the edge I heard giggling again. This time I stood up, walked to the louver doors and opened them. There stood my sister and her best friend. There I stood completely naked , hard as rock, arms spread out on the doors. They looked down and burst out in laughter. Instead of me losing my hard-on, I got more excited.

My sister, three years older than me, pushed her way in. They sat on the bed, called me over to stand in front of her. She grabbed my cock, looking in my eyes asked, what is this puny thing?

Tina, her friend, said, looks like my baby brother’s dick. He’s only three years old. They laughed. Joanne kept holding onto mine and it was throbbing. Their laughing was bringing me close to the edge. Grabbing a glass off the night stand she said, here finish yourself off into here. I took the cup, stroked with my two fingers and in seconds I shot into the glass.

Now drink it , she ordered. I did, right in front of them. They loved it and started to make fun on how small I shrank. Only the head was showing. The more humiliation they gave caused me to get another erection. They laughed that my pubes were longer than my dick, so Joanne decided to shave the pubes off. She did and I leaked precum the whole time. Tina took some pictures to show friends of ours .I begged them not to. I’d do anything. So Joanne decided I’d be there slave if I knew how to eat pussy. She pulled down her panties from under her skirt. Told me to crawl under and lick away. Joanne came several times and made me stop. Tina was ready for the same. She was more hairy than Joanne. She came twice and stopped me.

They then had me pose in all positions for more picture taking. Joanne even took out a dildo from her room and had me suck it and fuck myself with it, for more pictures.

They kept the pictures and promised if I fucked up and not obey they’d show those pics to my friends, co-workers, and my dad. She still has them. She showed me them on my wedding rehearsal night.


A readers wife seams stress inducing for this man…

My wife is an excellent seamstress and often alters clothes for friends. One night her friend was round to pick up some garment or other and she joined us for a quick drink. She then starts to laugh, pulls out a thong and says,”John said very funny, making him a tiny thong for a joke! He’s way too big for that as you could probably guess.”

“What joke?” Asks my wife, “they should fit him as they are slightly larger than the ones I make for Dave.”

Her friend accused her of being silly and said she must have known it would be too small for any man worth his salt. My wife took the thong off her and told me to go outside and put the thong on and return. When I did her friend was wide eyed and said, “No! They actually fit!”

My wife them pulled me closer to them and pointed out that there was spare space and the thong was slightly baggy. Her friend explained her husband and squeeze his balls in but there was no room for his cock.

“Well one of us is a lucky girl,” said my wife and they both burst into laughter.

I had to sit in the thong throughout the visit and listen to derogatory comments about my small dick and balls all night. To make matters worse she has obviously told her husband as he keeps dropping hints to other friends about my lack of size


This reader ran into his ex on the beach….

My most humiliating moment when I went to c/o beach one day last summer. I’m a bit chubby and I shave all of my body hair since I got so little body hair. I don’t mind people staring and mostly they don’t say anything. I had a lot of fear of dick but decided earlier that year I wouldn’t be scare no more after a break-up. I started feel more secure about my self and I really enjoyed being naked. That day it were over 100 people at the beach only me and few other were nude. Nobody seemed to mind so got up and decided to take a walk. I was a great feeling but after a while I recognized a girl a bit further away, my ex-girlfriend.

My ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Both were wearing swimsuits and me naked as the day I was born. We made eye contact and she smiled. Finally we were close enough to talk and she came up to me and gave me hug. The guy looked at me funny and she introduced me as the ex-boyfriend and him as the new one. When we shocked hands he bluntly asked me, “Dude, why are you naked?”

I was taken away and didn’t know what to say. Before I could say something my ex-girlfriend said, “Because swimwear is for adults!”

He laughed and agreed with that. I decided that was enough and said nice to meet you guys and my ex says, “oh no! My friends are here, don’t you wanna say hi?”

I answered I don’t think I’m not properly dressed right now.

“Don’t be silly and come on,” she said.

Her boyfriend said, “Yeah, come ‘little’ dude.”

I don’t what I was thinking but I felt that at least had to own my smallness and nudity so I said, “OK, let’s go.”

We turned around and walked for a little while until I saw her friends whom I had hung out with some many times but this was the first time naked. Three guys and two girls + the ex and boyfriend. They looked at me funny and one of the girls asked why I was naked and the new boyfriend filled in quickly, “Because swimwear is for adults!”

They all laughed and my already little dick was practically gone by now. I thought to myself, you need to own this moment! So I said, “I don’t think anyone feels threatened by nudity and I don’t need to spend money on swimwear.”

Real good return.

My ex said she loved her new boyfriends cock and body hair but she would have liked showing me around naked. Then her boyfriend says, “Why don’t you take him for a walk and come back, go get his stuff or something. It’s not like he can have sex with your or something.”

It seemed like he kinda liked it to but on the other side who in the world wouldn’t like to humiliate and old ex-boyfriend to the new girlfriend? We want back to get my stuff just me and my ex. I had have enough of all this and said I’m going home now. She understood, it was to much of everything. But she asked if I could back with her to drop her off and take a picture. I said no but she insisted. So finally I agreed and went back with her. The picture is of me and her new boyfriend side by side (me still naked and him clothed) with the text: Now I can say I date a man.


This reader says high school humiliations turned him into a SPH slut…

I had never really thought about my dick size that much until one evening in high school. I had somehow landed this super hot Pakistani girlfriend and to this day it was the best sex of my life. Apparently it wasn’t nearly as good for her. One night a bunch of her friends and a bunch of my friends were all out at a park sneaking beers and hanging out. The night was winding down and we had all crowded into a picnic table. Somehow sex came up and someone turned to us and commented, “You’re probably the only ones here getting any.”

To which I proudly replied, “Hell, yeah!”

But she just hung her head and went, “Kind of.”

Everybody kind of gasped and leaned in, “What do you mean?”

Now I was confused at this point and just turned to look at her. She looked up and said, “Well, he does his best. I mean, there’s only so much you can do when you’re…”

She stopped and hung her head again grinning. The whole table was beside themselves, “What do you mean? Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!”

My face was totally red; I couldn’t believe she was throwing me under the bus like this! She had moaned and carried on and always told me how great I was? What the hell was this?

“I mean, he just can’t reach far enough, I guess.” She turned to her girlfriends smirking and whispered loudly, “I’ve never even gotten off. Not once” She finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and turned to me laughing, “Sorry, Babe, it’s true though. You’ve never been able to get me off.”

I was totally incredulous, “What the hell? Why are you being such a bitch right now? I’ve felt your pussy contract around my dick when you cum? You can’t fake that!”

I really shouldn’t have said that because all of her friends in unison blurted, “Yes you can!” and died laughing even harder.

I was so embarrassed and angry I felt sick. My mouth just hung open as I looked at her. She was laughing so hard and looking me right in the eye. I was so blind-sided I had no defense and just sat there like an idiot. Her girlfriends’ eyes began to wander downward, “How big is he?” one finally got the courage to ask between her laughter and antics.

My girlfriend flicked a wicked smile at me. All I had time to do was say, “Baby, don’t,” and she was already holding up her fingers proudly.

At first she displayed a three-inch cock size but she quickly scrunched up her face and said, “Actually, more like…” and changed it to a 1 inch finger display.

Her friends were crying and falling all over themselves and my friends were trying not to laugh with little success. One guy friend put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Sorry you had to find out this way. She told me she was going to do this one day, but I didn’t think she actually would.”

flung his hand away and mumbled, “You dick.”

Again, I shouldn’t have said that because someone was quick to supply, “Yeah, man, he actually has a dick. Aren’t you jealous?”

One of the girls came up for air after a laughing fit and wiping the tears from her eyes asked, “What about when he’s not hard?”

My girlfriend didn’t waste any time, “Oh, it just retreats back inside! It looks like a little man-pussy!”

Again, laughter. Girls were falling off the picnic bench by this point. One girl was grabbing my arm which had instinctively gone under the picnic table to cover my genitals and yelling, “I wanna see it!” between burst of laughter.

It was a fucking disaster and I was so unprepared that I just sat there and took it all like a little bitch. After a few minutes of bad tiny dick jokes a couple of the girls managed to hold me down and undo my pants. They didn’t get them all the way off but the larger, stronger girl shoved her hand down my underwear and easily grasped my cock and balls. I inadvertently let out a little high pitched whelp and she yelled to everyone watching, “Yep, can confirm people! I’ve got EVERYTHING right here in one hand!”

That was it for me, as soon as she released her hand I launched myself backward out of the picnic table and landed on my back thankfully only exposing my boxers. I flipped over and tried to get up and quickly walk away but my pants were too far down and they tripped me. I landed with my pants around my knees in my boxers on the hard cement. The pain was so great it stopped me dead. For a couple seconds I just sat there with my ass up, holding my knees. I had just struggled to my feet when one of the guys pantsed me from behind. It wasn’t hard because all there was left on my ass was my loose fitting boxers. I quickly cupped my dick and balls and tried to grab my pants and boxers with the other hand. I had drunk a little and so of course I fell. Much to the delight of the table I rolled around with one hand cupped over my jewels as I struggled to get my boxers and pants up with the other.

My girlfriend got up and walked over to me. I don’t know why but in the back of my mind I thought she was going to help me. Instead she swiftly grabbed the arm I was using to cradle my dick and balls and proceeded to yank it with all her might. Normally, she wouldn’t have been successful but I was again so caught off guard that my hand flew away giving the whole table an eyeful of everything I had. “See?” she screamed with laughter.

One of her friends nodded to her in solidarity and then shook her head in disbelief. Several other friends made faces and stared downward at it. One girl just had her mouth wide open and eyes wide. Even the guys were sort of looking out of the corner of their eyes. It seemed like time stopped. How the hell had this gone from a fun night to ending up with my tiny dick exposed by my 105 lb girlfriend with my pants and boxers around my ankles? Time popped back into motion and now that I had the use of both of my hands I wobbled to my feet, pulled my pants up and zipped them, and ran up a hill to get to my car. When I got to my car I turned around to find my girlfriend had chased me up there. I instinctively grabbed my waistband in case she tried to pull down my pants. She held out one hand towards me and tried to cover her laughing mouth with her other.

“Babe, please don’t hate me!” she stammered. Tears of laughter were streaming down her face.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yelled.

“Please, God, please, they’ll get over it, it’s not that big of deal.” She realized her pun and began laughing again.

“What the fuck” was all I could manage to say and I turned to get in my car. Quick as lightening she jumped in the passenger seat. “What are you doing?” I yelled.

“You’re my ride home, Babe,” she sniffed through tears. On the way back to her house she had me pull down an ally and gave me a blowjob to “make up for it.” Truth is, I’ve had a SPH fetish ever since. by the way: this 100% happened. I did not embellish any details. In fact I left some things out. I swear this is totally true and happened to me. This is what got me here.


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