Second Place

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By runtz4


Her hand slowly crept up my inner thigh as I my excitement built wanting very desperately for her to wrap her hand around my quickly hardening dick. We had only been dating a few weeks, but I had been crushing on since we met as sophomores at university. We became friends after having a few classes together, and I was afraid I had been exiled to the ‘friend zone’ when I finally got the nerve to ask her out on a real date. Angie was my idea of the perfect girl, dark wavy hair, beautiful brown eyes, and slim waist with a nice full ass that bounced just a bit when she jogged, and might seem too big on her petite 5 foot frame if not paired with her equally large 32 DD breasts. Think Selma Hayek with Natalie Portman’s face. And after a year of pining for her, and waiting for the right time she was finally with me.

I am a pretty good-looking guy now, I know that might seem conceded but it’s the truth, while I am just 5’7 I have muscular body having wrestled in high school. But suffered with severe acne until this past year when I finally managed to get it under control. Because of that, and the insecurities that come with it I never really dated anyone, and never had any kind of sexual relationship. That and having seen a lot of team-mates in their singlets, I knew my penis was a bit smaller than average. Tonight was nothing special really; we were just hanging out in her dorm room, which she shares with Melissa, her best friend since middle school. We had gone out for dinner and now were just snuggling down on her bed to watch a movie.

“You know… Mel is at her parents tonight for her dad’s birthday.” Angie whispered with a playful tone in her voice.

Her hand crept further up my leg, landing in the crease of my groin. She turned towards me as we kissed and passionately teased each other’s mouths. Angie sat up and straddled my lap, grinding into me a bit as we continued to make out. I slid my hands up her tight stomach resting just under her breasts at the hem of her bra. She sat up and pushed back a bit, breaking our kiss, looking down at her breasts she broke the silence.

“You don’t think they’re… too big?” She grinned.

I took a deep breath and moved my hands to the sides of her breasts. God they felt good, they had a heft to them I wasn’t expecting, and still soft and firm at the same time. Even over her shirt and bra this was the most intimate I’d ever been with a girl.

“You’re gorgeous.” I reassured.

I wanted more, I wanted to tear her blouse open and fuck her tits right there, but I didn’t want to be too forward. I fondled her massive globes, kneading them in my hands and slowly moved to her top button popping it open and watching for any sign of resistance, then the next button down, by the time the third was unbuttoned her cleavage was spilling out in front of me, her pale soft flesh just inches from my face. I pulled her to me; breathing her in she smelled of baby powder and lilacs. I kissed the tops of her breasts overflowing from her silky blue bra, and continued to unbutton her shirt. Once completely undone I pushed her upright to take a look at her. She sat up tall on her knees and arched back a bit elongating her torso and pushing her breasts to me.

“I went to Victoria’s Secret, do you like it?”

She opened up her shirt revealing a shimmery, dark blue bra, with a metal ring holding the cups together, that enhanced and revealed her deep cleavage. They were everything I had fantasized them to be. Large milky white globes of the smoothest and most delicate flesh I’d ever seen.

“Damn” I panted, “You’re so beautiful.”

She blushed, and hid her face behind her hair, then reached down and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. “Is this okay?” She asked, but I am not certain my response was needed. “I know this might be asking a lot, but…” She paused choosing her words. “I really want to wait a little while before we go all the way.” My heart sank a little. “It’s just, my last few boyfriends seemed really great at first, but once we started having sex it’s like they just weren’t that interested in the relationship anymore. And I admit I have a hard time separating my mind and emotions when it comes to sex. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do other things.” She finished with a raised eyebrow and naughty smile.

“Sure… I understand.” I responded.

CLINK Just then we heard a key hit the door to their dorm. Angie quickly sat down beside me and pulled a blanket over us.

“Hey!” Melissa sang out, “Do you mind if Mark and I join you?”

“Mel?! I thought you were at your parents tonight?” Angie called out buttoning her shirt back up.

The dorm was arranged so you entered into a study area with desks that acted as headboards to the beds and small dresser on each side. Then in front of the beds the girls pushed a couple more dressers together and put their TV on top of it. So as Melissa entered the room the hutch from the desks obscured her line of sight.

“No that’s next week. Oh, hey Dave, I didn’t know you were here.” Melissa chimed, as she came around and sat down on her bed with her boyfriend, Mark, in tow.

Melissa was a pretty girl too, and in fact she and Angie had often been confused for sisters, their hair was the same color but while Angie’s was wavy Mel’s was straight and they sounded enough alike I always had to ask if I was talking to Angie or Melissa when I rang up to their room. Melissa is about 5’8 so just slightly taller than me, and has a slimmer build than Angie, probably about a 30 C bra size with a small ass, thin legs and prominent thigh gap. I have seen her with just a sports top and yoga pants leaving little to the imagination. In fact yoga pants and sweatshirt seemed to be her go to outfit, and today was no exception. Her boyfriend Mark is a tall guy, likely 6’2 or maybe a little taller, but pretty thin with more of a swimmers build. I’ve gotten to know both of them well over the past year when Angie and I were just friends. He’s a great guy and honestly we would probably be friends even if we weren’t dating roommates.

“We were just about to watch a movie” Angie blurted, obviously a little embarrassed by the situation, and hurriedly turned on Netflix.

“Oooh yeahhhh, Netflix and chiiillll” Mark drawled out.

“Sorry.” Angie whispered in my ear.

Melissa and Mark cuddled up on her bed, while Angie and I cuddled on her bed and began watching some movie we finally agreed to. About twenty minutes in, Angie handed me a pillow and placed it against my side about where my hip is. “Just hold this here.” She winked and bit her lower lip. She slid her hand down my stomach, my pants still undone; she easily finds the waist band of my underwear and plays with it a bit. My heart is racing, this is going to be the first time a girl has ever touched my dick, and it’s going to be in a room with two other people. She slowly reached in my pants on top of my boxers, and cupped her hand around my stiffening member. She breathed in deeply and exhaled with a sigh of passion. I could feel her heart beating as she leaned into me.

I was trying to play it cool, keeping my head straight but watching her hand beneath the blanket as she fished around and finally pulled my dick through the opening of my boxers. My whole body twitched when her hand made contact with my dick for the first time. “Are you okay?” Angie asked quietly, with a look on her face that was hard to read, but seemed like she was confused or concerned. I nodded and answered yes. I was still under the blanket so I couldn’t really see anything, but I could see the tent I was making and her hand grasping me. She gently circled the head with her thumb holding me in her soft warm hand before rubbing up and down the length of my dick, slowly feeling every inch of me, dragging her fingers up and down and swirling her hand around my penis. I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t realize it at first, but after a few minutes I realized she was measuring me with her hand, trying to get a better understanding of how big, or in my case, small it really was.

I began to panic a little bit, and could feel myself going limp. I let out a stained breath, and was afraid I had drawn attention to what we were doing. I looked over to see if Mark or Melissa had noticed anything, but realized they were too busy with their own under the blanket fondling. That’s when I saw Mark lift up, Melissa was obviously pulling his pants down and then watched in horror as his dick sprang up. The tent he made was huge easily twice my size, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I looked down at my lap and Angie was holding my dick, gripping it firmly. It looked like it was just her fist resting on my lap. Looking back over at Melissa, I watched her hand sliding up and down the length of Mark’s impressive cock. It seemed she could easily fit two hands on his dick. Angie adjusted her position and rested her head on my chest. I felt her look over to Melissa and Mark, and then we looked at each other. My dick jumped in her hand, springing back to life. She smiled and jerked my dick with several fast strokes. Then looking back over at Mark’s cock gave me an exaggerated jaw-drop smile.

“Size doesn’t really matter.” Angie whispered holding my dick in her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

But as those words left her mouth I felt it hit, I was going to cum and couldn’t hold it back. My ass clinched and cock throbbed in Angie’s hand.

“Damn it.” I huffed low enough for only her to hear me.

I tried to hold it back but a flow of cum ran out my dick and down Angie’s hand. “Did you just…?” Angie asked obviously not expecting it to happen so soon. “What am I supposed to do with this?” She asked pulling her hand out from under the blanket.

There was just a small trickle of cum oozing down her knuckles. She flicked the drizzle with her tongue and gulped it down like a spoonful of medicine, her face shivered as she tasted and swallowed my cum. I couldn’t help feeling a little self-conscious. I’ve heard size doesn’t matter, but I never really believed it, I mean how can it not matter? Why have all those penis enlargement pills and spam emails if it didn’t matter. If size doesn’t matter, why do we even have a saying about it? It matters, maybe more to me than to her. We both pretended to settle back and watch the movie, but that’s not what either of us was actually watching. Mel caressed, teased and sporadically jerked Mark’s dick. We watched with heavy breaths, Angie’s head low on my chest, and body pressed against my side. Within minutes my little dick was hard again, poking up under the blanket. Angie put her hand on top of me, over the blanket and played with me, teasing my dick as we kept eyeing Melissa and Mark. After a while I began to focus on Angie and her touches again.

Her tugging and rubbing my dick quickly got my heart racing; Angie’s head lifting and falling with my chest as I panted. Melissa cleared her throat, stealing my attention; I looked over and watched as she brazenly removed the blanket covering Mark’s cock. It was like the unveiling of a statue, it was huge, hard and thick, about the size of a 24oz Monster energy drink. Angie saw it too, and sat up to get a better look. She stopped teasing me, and just sat there with her mouth a gap and breathing heavily watching Melissa work Mark’s monster. Mark laid back and closed his eyes fully unashamed of his exposed rod on display. Melissa sat up beside him on the far side of the bed giving us an unobstructed view as she jerked his throbbing cock. Melissa looked over and smiled at us before leaning forward and taking his head into her mouth. His large head seemed to just fit inside her as she sucked and slobbered on his rod.

Melissa reached between his legs and grabbed Mark’s balls, squeezing his sack and making his huge plums stick out on top of her clinched fist Angie moved her hand down between us, and I could feel her slide it in her pants and between her legs; and moaned as her hand made contact with her clit. She was working her button, and watching Mark’s meaty cock. I slid my hand under the blanket taking hold of my dick and tugged at my pecker with aroused interest. Just then Mark moaned and wiggled under Melissa’s sensual touch, thrusting up and fucking her mouth. That’s when I noticed that now Melissa had both hands firmly on his cock one on top of the other as she sucked and licked his head. Angie shifted and moved her left hand down her pants and grabbed my dick with her right hand, warm and wet from her juices. The pillow was still beside me but there was no hiding what was going on. Mark grunted and straightened out his legs.

“He’s cumming,” Melissa announced with an airy tone knowing we’d been watching. Angie jerked my dick faster, moving with blinding speed.

“Oh GOD!” I heaved, and came for a second time.

This time fully enjoying the sensation, my orgasm exploded as Angie pumped away.

“FUCK!” Mark growled between his teeth trying not to be too loud. His cock throbbed; his head pulsated and shot a thick rope of pearly white cum. “Keep going.” He demanded.

Melissa jacked his cock and another stream spewed out, equally as powerful and thick as yoghurt. He shot two more impressive loads before grabbing Melissa’s hand and begging her to stop. Angie let out a short gasp and shook the bed as she plunged her fingers deep inside her cunt. I was embarrassed that everyone knew she had brought herself to orgasm while watching Melissa stroke Mark’s cock. Mark continued to lay there with a giant grin across his face as his cock quivered in Mel’s hands. The phone rang, and Angie got up to answer it. She stepped over me, and grabbed the phone, which is closer to Melissa’s bed. She stood just about a foot away from Mark’s still large dick seeping cum, as she answered the phone.

“It is?” She said to the person on the phone looking straight down at Mark’s lap snake, “I am so sorry we just got carried away. Yes right away.” She said in response to the other person and hung up. “It’s the front desk, time for you guys to leave.” Angie sighed, the dorm rules allowed guys to visit till 10:00 on weekdays and 11:00 on weekends. It was now 11:15 and so we had to go.

Melissa grabbed several tissues out of the box above her bed and handed them to Angie, who handed just one to me, knowing my load was much smaller than Mark’s. Then handed the rest back to Melissa as a look of confusion grew over her face. I cleaned myself up and looked over to see Melissa wiping cum off Mark’s cock, balls and stomach. Angie knelt down beside Mel’s bed watching as she cleaned Mark off. While no one was paying attention I quickly tucked my little guy away and got up. Then Mark stood up, right in front of Angie still on her knees, with his pants down around his ankles. Even flaccid his dick looked huge. It hung down dangling from his body like an elephant trunk. Angie stared at his dick and then looked up to his eyes, where she was met by a cocky smirk.

“Dang it.” Mark spat, feigning frustration, and held his dick up so he could see the slit on top of the head.

Then like working the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube, slid his other hand up the length as a small bit of cum leaked out the tip. Angie gasped and clutched her breast, her lips just inches away from Mark’s dick as he wiped himself off and slowly pulled his pants up, keeping his monster exposed as long as possible. Angie stood up threw her arms around me and passionately kissed goodnight.

“Why don’t you come back tomorrow morning?” She smiled and patted my butt as I walked out the door.

The elevator ride down with Mark was loud with silence, I couldn’t wait to get out of there and head home. I didn’t get much sleep that night; I couldn’t seem to get it out of my mind. I had experienced my first ever hand job, and it seemed like I came in second place to Mark and his giant cock. I hopped in the shower and tried to just move on and get back to Angie’s dorm. God she looked good last night. I lingered thinking about her tight stomach and how amazing her breasts looked in that sexy bra, even though it was just a brief glimpse. My dick sprang to life thinking about her, and thinking her hand on my dick. It couldn’t hurt to go ahead and jerk off, I thought to myself; after all it might help my stamina if Angie and I fool around later. I gripped my dick in my hand and used the warm soapy water to simulate what it might be like to fuck Angie’s warm pussy.

I fucked my fist making slow strokes in and out. “Damn” I said to myself out loud.

It seems so…small now. I knew it was a bit on the small side of normal, but compared to Mark it just seemed tiny. His dick was not just longer, but thicker too. God the head alone was probably three times the size of mine. I continued stroking my dick, but now really feeling it. Feeling its length and girth, feeling the spongy head and the rigid, though short, shaft. I began thinking about what it would feel like to have a big cock, a Mark sized cock, and to have Angie stroking it. I imagined her holding her hands like Melissa stroked Mark, one hand on top of the other. And imagined seeing the look of desire in her eyes as she played with it.

“Fuck me!” I moaned and came in the shower, jerking my dick and trying to catch my breath. “What the hell!” I thought realizing I just came while thinking about Angie jerking off Mark’s cock.

I finished getting ready and shot Angie a text. *COMING NOW * CUMING NOW? CAN’T YOU WAIT TILL YOU GET HERE – she responded with a winky face emoticon.

*LOL BE THERE SOON – I replied.



I lived about 25 minutes away from the dorms, still living at home with my parents to save money. So, the drive there was just long enough to think about what had happened last night and begin to fantasize about what awaited me. I really liked Angie, I knew her well, and really wanted this to be something that lasts. I wasn’t just interested in her for sex, but now that’s all I seemed to be able to think about. I got to the dorm and rang up to her room. She had to come down and sign me in as a guest. She greeted me in the lobby wearing a pink flowery robe and big puppy dog slippers and gave me a tender hug, and quick kiss. She looked like she had just gotten out of the shower, her hair still a bit wet, and smelling of body wash. The elevator ride up to her floor was mostly quite with just a few exchanges of pleasantries, and small talk.

“So, Melissa had to go to work early this morning.” She shared as she opened the door to their room. “Give me just a little bit, I still need to blow dry me hair.”

And then she took off her robe, draping over her study chair. She was wearing black Under Armor shorts that hugged her tightly, and stopped just beneath her ass and a tight white camisole top. Her skin was still a bit tacky from the shower causing a bit of a see through effect on her top. Her large breasts pressing against the tight fabric left no doubt to the size and position of her nipples. She looked amazing, and even though I had jerked off not 30 minutes ago, I quickly felt my dick hardening. Angie and Melissa have a little vanity in their room, with a sink and mirror. She sat on a bar stool in front of the mirror and began drying her hair. I sat down at Angie’s desk and pretended to be on my phone, but was really just watching Angie, and hoping that she would turn toward me so I could stare at her chest some more. About 20 seconds went by and she turned to face me, still drying her thick, long hair.

“What do you want to do today?” She said a bit loud trying to speak over the sound of the blow drier.

I just shrugged, knowing she wouldn’t be able to hear me anyway. She closed her eyes, and mine shot straight to her tits straining under her shirt. I must have lost myself in them, just watching and imagining what her breasts would really look like and feel like. Suddenly she turned off the blow drier, I looked up to find a knowing smile across her face as she found me ogling her.

“Do you want to talk about last night?” She asked shyly.

“Um… I don’t know… I guess we should.” I stumbled over my thoughts and words.

She took me by the hand and led me to her bed where she sat down with her back against the wall as I sat beside her my back against the headboard. She placed a pillow in her lap, then crossed her arms under her breasts and leaned into it. This position pushed her breasts up and created a mound of upper boob exposure from the top of her shirt, I swear a sneeze would have had both tits popping out.

“Last night was weird…” Angie said calmly, “That was a first… you know… for Mark and Melissa and me.” She blushed.

“So you’ve never seen them like that before?” I asked.

“No. Not like that. I’ve walked in on them a few times but they always covered up… or yelled for me to get out.” Angie said.

“Last night was a first for me too, you know? I have never been… jerked off before… you know, by another person.” I babbled.

“Are you serious?” Angie smirked, “Are you a virgin?”

“Yes… I’ve never even been touched before until last night.” I blushed knowing how lame I must seem to her.

“Is it because your self-conscious about… you know?” She finished awkwardly. “I mean, you’ve seen other guys’ right? Like in gym or changing rooms?” She asked, obviously leading somewhere.


“I hope it didn’t embarrass you… Mark being… you know?” Angie choked on her words.

“Being so much bigger?” I finished for her. She nodded yes. “I don’t know if embarrassed is the right word, but it was … strange.”

“Melissa told me he was big, the biggest she had ever seen. I just didn’t know really that they could be so… big.” She shared obviously unsure how to say it.

“Listen, I like you. I mean I really like you. I trust you and respect you, so can we make a deal right now?” I asked, “Can we make a promise to just be open and honest with each other. I think we both have a lot to say, and we just need to be okay saying it to each other.” I offered.

“Yes, I really like you too.” She smiled, and reached out her hand to hold mine.

“Mark’s cock is really big isn’t it?” I joked trying to break the awkwardness.

“God yes!” She chuckled back, with a sigh of relief. “That thing was huge.”

“I think I am pretty much right at average size, but seriously compared to him I did feel a little… “

“Little?” Angie finished my thought.

And we laughed about it for a while, and it felt like a great weight had been lifted off my chest. Angie seemed to feel the same way, she snuggled up beside me placing her head on my chest, and allowing her hand to rest on my lap. I hugged her and kissed the top of her head. Angie began tracing circles on my crotch with her finger. My dick pulsed as she brushed up against my head, and continued to rub her finger over it.

“Can I see it again?” She asked, as if there was a chance I would say no.

She leaned away as I unfastened my pants and pulled the zipper down. She looked at me in the face and smiled waiting for the reveal. My heart raced with anxiety as I put my thumbs inside the waistband of my underwear and slid everything down to my knees, exposing my hard dick to Angie. The overhead light was on, and with the morning light coming from the window I felt very exposed.

“Well, I think it’s cute.” She cooed, and kissed my neck. She lay across my lap facing me, kissing me and unbuttoning my shirt. “Oh my!” She mused, “I…I’ve never realized how nice your body is.” She beamed looking me over.

I realized in that moment that was the first time she had seen me without a shirt on. I haven’t played sports since high school, but still took advantage of the school weight room almost every day. She helped me off with my shirt and caressed my shoulders, chest and stomach, as she looked me over. She sat up on her knees beside me and tugged at my pants indicating for me to take them off. I kicked off my shoes and stood up to pull my pants off. Angie swatted my butt as I bent over, and gave it a little pinch.

“Seriously, hot.” She snorted.

I was completely naked, as she looked me up and down. She stood up and wrapped her arms around me, pulling my lips to hers for a deep and amorous kiss. My naked dick pressed against her stomach. Her shirt lifted up just enough for me to make skin on skin contact. She pushed me back on to the bed face up then straddled my legs, and blessed me with tiny kisses from my neck trailing down to my pelvic bone, her hair wisping my body as she moved. She put her head on my lap just inches from my dick, brushing my thigh with her hand. She touched my stomach, my legs, and came within millimeters of touching my dick and balls, but never made contact. Then she pressed down beside my dick, and sat still leering at my erect penis. I couldn’t help wondering if she was trying to make it look bigger. Then she resumed kissing me, stopping just as her cheek pressed against my throbbing dick.

“Oh God!” She breathed in hard, her breasts heaving with erect nipples. She sat up panting, trying to catch her breath. “You’re going to make this really hard. I know it may seem silly, but I really do want to wait awhile before having sex with you.”

“I’ll never do anything you don’t want me to do.” I responded, “And…” I hesitated, “I’ll do whatever you need me to do to help you.”


“yes, of course.”


“Whatever you need.”

“I just need to cool down a second.” She said dreamy eyed with flushed cheeks.

She sat up against the wall gripping the pillow in front of her as she tried to calm herself down.

“Do you want me to get dressed?” I offered.

“No. That’s not right. I don’t want to be a tease.” She said then sat there for what seemed like five minutes with her eyes closed clutching her pillow tight, with me still naked, and rock hard lying on her bed. “Umm.” She blurted. “You said earlier that I was the first girl to touch you?” She asked.


“But, um, you’ve…” she made a jerking motion with her hand.


“Show me.” She panted. I timidly reached down and grabbed my dick in my right hand as I would normally do, and slowly moved it up and down, masturbating for Angie. “When was the last time?” She asked and twitched her eyebrows up.

“That I… jerked off?”


“This morning, thinking about you.”

I felt a blush pour over me. “Really?” She smiled. “What was I doing?” She teethed her bottom lip.

“You were jerking me off.”

“Is that all?” She asked seeming a little disappointed.

“No. You were jerking me… but it wasn’t me. I had a really big cock. It was like Mark’s.” I confessed.

“Does… that turn you on? You know? To think about me jerking Mark off?” She pressed.

“I don’t know” I lied.

“You don’t know? Or you don’t want to say?” She continued.

“Yes, I guess it does turn me on to think of you jerking off a big cock.” I confessed.

“It must.” She nodded to my dick, subconsciously I was jerking it faster and harder thinking about her handling Mark’s dick. “What specifically turns you on about it?” She prodded.

“Seeing your little hands wrapped around his fleshy monster?” I replied.

“Monster?!” She laughed, “Is that what you think of it?”

“I…in my head… last night, I kept thinking it looked like the size of one of those big Monster energy drink cans.”

“Huh.” Angie huffed, and thought about it, “I guess you’re right it probably is about that size. Is there anything else?”

“I was sort of turned on by your reaction to his dick. I liked you watching him, and seeing me. I liked you realizing I was…”

“Small.” She finished for me.

I didn’t answer but closed my eyes and stroked my dick.

“So, umm, how big are you?”

She placed her hand on top of mine, and then moved mine away taking hold of my dick. She looked at me doe-eyed and traced the length of my dick with her thumb on top of the head and her forefinger stretching down the underside.

“Like… five or six inches.” I gulped.

“Hmmm,” She twisted her lips and sat up and reached behind her grabbing her phone off the shelf above her bed. “I’ve ordered 7 different covers for my phone.” She paused, “I know my phone is 4.87 inches tall.”

She placed it under me pressing it against my fully erect dick. All of a sudden it seemed so much smaller to me. My dick was full of excitement but even still she could easily fit her thumb between my penis and the top of the phone.

“Sorry,” I apologized, not knowing what else to say.

“Don’t be sorry,” She consoled me, “it’s a cute little four incher.” And began stroking me.

“How many… guys have you seen?” I asked.

“I’ve seen…” she paused counting in her head, “12 guys, no 14 including you and Mark. Mark is by far the biggest I’ve seen.”

By now I was on edge of cumming all over her hand, my chest was pounding and I was shuddering all over. “Just a little more.” I puffed.

“Little? I guess it is just a little one.” She teased, and palmed my balls with her right hand while jerking me in her left. “You know I didn’t have sex with all those guys.” She said, I guess making sure I didn’t think less of her. “I’ve only had sex with 5 guys, the others were hand jobs or other things.” She quickly cut herself off.

“What was the biggest you’ve been with?” I asked.

She took her hand and placed it about 3 inches over my dick. And then with the other showed me the girth by opening up her grip. “The other guys were about the same size, so pretty average.”

“What about the smallest?” I asked fearing the answering. She made an awkward face, sucking air between her teeth, and measured my dick between her thumb and forefinger, indicating I was the smallest. “Shit!” I murmured, my body tensed as I erupted all over her hands.

She slowly milked the remaining cum out of me with long and gentle tugs. “Sorry…” She smiled and took a breath, “you’re definitely the smallest I’ve seen.” She giggled and shook my now flaccid penis. “You know what I think would be sexy?” She mused as my breathing slowed and heart rate returned to normal, “If we trimmed up some of this hair.” She finished, tugging on the tuft above my dick. “Let’s get dressed.” She smiled, and crawled over me giving me a quick kiss, trying keep the cum from dripping off her hands.

I heard her turn on the water in the sink, and looked over to see my clothes on Melissa’s bed. I went over and sat on her bed untangling my underwear from my pants. As I pulled on my boxers I looked over to see Angie, she obviously didn’t realize I could see her, as she pulled her top off. Her back was to me so I didn’t get to see her tits, but it didn’t stop me from lingering and praying she would turn around. She pulled a bra out of the drawer in front of her, and slipped it on before turning around. It was nothing fancy just a plain white bra. And then it dawned on me, she had seen me completely naked, and I hadn’t even seen her topless. After getting dressed the day was pretty normal. We grabbed some lunch, and walked around Target, where she bought a hair trimmer.

“Maybe, we should buy some condoms, you know just to have on hand, in case I can’t control myself any longer.” Angie suggested. We found the condoms, locked in a case by the pharmacy. She walked right up to them without hesitation and asked the clerk for help.

“What can I get for you two?” The lady asked. Angie looked over at me and threw a crooked smile.

She pulled her phone out and tapped it to bring up SIRI. “Siri, what condom is best for a small penis.”

I blushed, as she said those words out loud in front of this stranger, but at the same time became instantly hard.

“I didn’t find anything for, ‘What condom is best for a small penis.’ Sorry about that.” Was the very loud reply.

“Here” the clerk said, pulling a pack from the cabinet, “these are snug fit, I am sure they’re what you’re looking for.” She finished and looked me up and down.

We took the condoms and checked out at the pharmacy. Once back in my car, Angie broke out laughing.

“What were you thinking?” I shot out.

“Oh, I am sorry, I kind of thought you might like it.” She glanced down at my groin. “Was I wrong?” She smiled, knowing the answer already.

“No. You weren’t wrong.” I leaned back in my seat giving her a view of my erect dick in my pants. By the time we got back to her dorm, Melissa was back. I had a hard time looking her in the eye.

“Hey guys,” Mel chirped, she was sitting on her bed eating a bowl of Ramen. “Look, about last night…” She stammered a bit, “I am sorry if that was weird for you guys.” I had assumed that Angie and Melissa had talked about it already, but maybe they hadn’t.

“It’s okay,” Angie assured, “Seriously, don’t worry about.”

“I know how this is going to sound, but Mark and I text most of the morning while I was supposed to be working, no one ever comes in that store on Saturday mornings, (Melissa worked at a book store just off campus) And he wanted to know if we could get together like that again sometime. I think he really liked having an audience.”

Angie looked over at me, and answered for us. “Sure, I think we all kind of liked it.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a little grooming to attend to.” Angie laughed and pulled the trimmer out of the bag. She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom closing the door behind us. “Okay, strip.” She playfully barked, as she worked on getting the trimmer out of the package.

There I was again, completely naked in front of Angie, while she was fully dressed. The bathroom consists of a shower, toilet and sink with a decent size vanity top, in addition to the small one in their room.

“So, how should we do this?” I asked.

“Hmm.” Angie looked around thinking. “Here,” she lifted the toilet lid and instructed me to squat over the bowl. She plugged the trimmer in and selected the shortest razor guard. “I think the little one will do.” She smiled.

Angie knelt down in front of me, and began shaving me, allowing the hair to fall into the commode. She held my dick down while shaving the hair from my belly button to the base of my penis. Between her handling my junk, and the vibration of the trimmer I had gotten hard again. She pushed my dick to the side and trimmed all around it, and then held it against my body pointing it up as she shaved my balls and even lower between my legs.

“Hold this.” She said, directing me to hold my pecker out of the way. “Balls are hard to shave.” She smirked, and took them in her hand, working the razor around them, stretching the sack in all directions as she insured every hair was clipped. “There we go,” She sighed and gently blew the hair off my balls. She let go and started cleaning up, putting the razor away. I sat on the commode and stroked my hairless dick, feeling around my shorn flesh. “Oh my.” Angie hissed turning around. “I am sorry, I guess I just assumed… since you’ve already done it twice today, that you were okay.”

“I guess it’s twenty years of pent up sexual frustration.” I joked.

“So you seriously never, fooled around in high school?”

“No, I guess I’ve always been a bit self-conscious. Before we met, I had really bad acne, and you know I wrestled in high school. Those singlets don’t hide much. I think everyone knew I was a bit… smaller, or at least I did.”

“Come here,” Angie held out her hand and placed me in front of the mirror. “You know what I see? I see gorgeous man, with an amazing body, smooth skin and a sexy penis.” She pumped some lotion into her hands and rubbed them over my little guy. “Now, I want you to know, that if you want me to tease you, I’ll do that. But if you don’t I won’t, I really think you are perfect the way you are.” She worked my dick and balls in her slick hands.

“I… like it. I like being teased; I like you comparing me to Mark. I liked you teasing me in front of the pharmacist.” I panted.

“Do you really want to see me touching Mark’s monster cock?” She asked with a seductive tone.

I couldn’t hold back, and grabbed her hands exploding cum all over the sink, even hitting the mirror.

“Good god!” Angie laughed. She turned on the water and washed her hands, then grabbed a wash cloth from her drawer and washed me off. The water was far from warm, and made my dick shrink up as she was wiping it off. “Uh oh!” She snickered, as she removed the wash cloth.

I had shrunk down to a nub, and was the smallest she’d seen it. I got dressed, and unfortunately had to call it a day with her, I had to go to work. Angie and I got together again several times the next few weeks, and I often found myself in various states of undress in front her as she either jerked me off or I masturbated for her.

The End.




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