My Sister Moves In

By cobb85

Until recently, I’ve lived on my own. I received a call from my younger sister a few weeks ago saying she has “had it” living with Mom and Dad, so she wants to get the hell out of there, even if it meant moving several hundred kilometers away from our parents. Hell, I know how she feels. That’s why I am where I am.

My name is Matt. I am 29 years old and I’m a pretty average guy. As far as my looks go, I have a fairly muscular build as I have been working out for several years. Short brown hair with brown eyes. The only unfortunate thing is I am quite shy. I have zero confidence in myself what so ever. Probably has something to do with my smaller than average cock I’m sure. I’ve actually never had a long term girlfriend and I am still a virgin, believe it or not. Yes, it sucks, but I’ve learned to live with it and figured one day I’ll be confident enough to actually take that step with a girl. I’ve always shied away from it up until now. I get some sort of stage fright and everything goes limp. The most I’ve had is a handjob, which was my most recent ex-girlfriend who did that for me and she didn’t even let me cum. She had a wild / dominant side to her, which I actually thoroughly enjoyed, but alas, it never amounted to any actual sex. The closest I got to sex was me getting my cock ready to penetrate her and I came as soon as she took off her panties and spread her legs (it was the first time a woman had ever spread their legs for me). She wasn’t too happy about that! I actually thought she was cheating on me on some point later in our relationship, but she ended things before I could get close enough to figure that out. So be it…

Anyways! Here we are. My sister, Jen, just moved in yesterday and she’s settling in and looking for a job. Good stuff, right? You see, my sister has always been a good looking girl. I got teased a lot growing up in high school and beyond because all my friends wanted to get her in bed (and actually, a few did… stories for another time!). Last time I actually saw her was about 4 years ago. She had been a little on the pudgy side at that time, but she was still really cute. I’ve never really looked at her sexually, but now… Well she’s definitely been working out. She lost a bunch of weight, but still has her curves in the right spots, then apparently started lifting weights a bit so she’s all toned up in the right areas of her body as well.

A beautiful round ass, sexy legs, she even bragged to me yesterday about her abs and had to show them off by lifting her shirt and giving me a bit of a flash while flexing. She’s not crazy ripped or anything, but JUST right. I know she is a ‘C’ cup for her bra size too as I recall stumbling into a conversation I shouldn’t have between her and a friend she had over back when I used to live at home. And even with her weight loss, I’d say she’s around the same size, give or take. Proud of her for getting in shape, yes I am, but now my mind is swimming with thoughts. Certain thoughts I never thought I’d have about my sister. Last night, I jerked off so hard that I came within a minute while thinking about her ab flash she gave me earlier in the day. Moaned a little too loud too, but I’m pretty sure she was fast asleep in the next room. There was no awkwardness when I saw her this morning, so I think all is well! Sounds like she just got home actually…


“Oh hey! Just in my room,” I yelled back.

“Oh yeah…? Doing what exactly? Is it safe to come in?” she said with a questionable tone, but you could tell she had a big smile on her face when she said it.

“Um… Yeah it’s cool.” Seriously what is she hinting at here? That I am jerking off? She seemed way too okay with the idea of that by the tone of her voice.

She walks into my room. “Oh hey,” as she is peaking over my laptop as if I am hiding something.

“What the hell are you looking at?” I snap at her. “I’m just watching some videos.”

“Videos, eh??” That tone again… and a smirk. “What kind of ‘videos?’ Hmmm?”

“Uuuuuuh,” (seriously speechless.. I’m not an idiot. She is seriously trying to get it out of me that I was watching porn, which I wasn’t).

“Oh stop being like that,” she snaps out of it, “I’m just fucking with you. Even if you were watching porn, I wouldn’t mind! It’s your home and all. I’m just visiting until I can get my own place, so don’t let me get in the way of your normal everyday life, Matt!”

Shocked for a moment, I finally respond, “That’s great, Jen. Seriously, thanks, but I wouldn’t be doing that sort of thing with you home. That’s just weird…”

“What sort of thing?” She questioned me with a smirk.

“Um… that thing you’re talking about,” I can’t say it. She’s my damn sister. Why are we even talking about this??

“What THING Matt? C’mon. I want to hear you say it. Grow some balls.” She says to me in a real dominant tone. I just couldn’t deny her…

“Jerking off,” I finally say.

“Ugh, finally. You’re cute. You realize I am 26 now, right? I KNOW what jerking off is and I KNOW that guys do it all the time. Especially guys like you… I mean!” She catches herself. “Sorry… But I mean guys like you who don’t have a girlfriend. Guys with a girlfriend don’t jerk off as much. At least the ones who have a steady sex life and know how to please their girl,” she looks at me with another smirk at the corner of her eye.

“Yeah well, whatever. I don’t need a girlfriend. I mean, it would be amazing obviously, but I just can’t seem to meet the right girl for me. They always end things before we get really serious.”

“Oh ya?” She says, as if knowing the answer. “Well, why do you think that is? Is there something you’re not doing? Or something you can’t do?”

“Ummm… I have no idea to be honest.” Of course I do. I know exactly why. I have a small dick and cum too quickly, but there’s no fucking way I’m going to say that to her.

“Well maybe it has to do with the size of your cock, Matt. Did you ever think of that?” She says with that smirk that won’t wipe off her face while giving my pants a quick glance.

“What the fuck? What do you mean?” How in the hell does she know?? Or is she just guessing…? Play it cool. “Why would you say something like that? I’m your brother for fuck sake.”

“Because I’ve seen it.” She says nonchalantly.

“You…you’ve seen it?” I stutter. “What? How? When?”

“Hahahaha!” She laughs out loud. “I used to peek on you in your room back when we both lived at home. I used to be able to just see, in the darkness at night, you tugging away at your little dick while browsing whatever fucking porn you had up on your phone. That bright light in your face was enough to keep your eyes away from your door where I would watch you over and over, night after night, for a solid several weeks. I think it was shortly after that you moved out.”

“…” I don’t even know what to say to her. Not only did my own sister used to watch me jerk off, she knows that I have a small dick. I should be fucking furious, but I am so fucking hard right now it’s not even funny. I slowly slide the laptop up over my cock area. Just in case she happens to glance down again and see anything popping up in my pants.

“Ya it was great. I used to have a good laugh over that. You stroking away, bringing yourself to the edge over and over. You really liked teasing your own little cock, didn’t you? I recall some nights you would tease yourself for a solid hour before final blowing your little load. I always said to myself ‘oh, this is gonna be a big load tonight,’ and yet it was always tiny. Hahaha! So cute. I actually started to enjoy it after the first week or so. Do you still do that kind of thing? Bringing yourself to the edge several times?”

It’s like I’m being interrogated here or something. I know she’s my sister, but I’m so hard and I can’t think straight…

“Um…” I stutter again.

“Oh c’mon. Spit it out,” Raising her voice. “It’s me, your sister. I’ve known you your whole life. And I know you’re hiding your hard little dick right now. You’re enjoying this, so just speak, dammit!”

“Yes,” Fuck I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with my sister.

“Yes, what?” She snaps.

“Yes, I still tease my cock a lot.”

“You tease your what a lot?” She snaps again. I know what she wants me to say, so I give in.

“I tease my little dick a lot to this day. Sometimes for hours on end.”

“Hours?!” She raises her voice again. “You’d think by now you’d have some sort of fucking stamina. And yet you still cum in under a minute. Yes, Matt. I heard you last night jerking off in your room. These walls in here are pretty thin. What was it, 30 seconds? Did my little flash of my abs from earlier in the day do that to you?”

“Yes.” May as well go all out now with this conversation. “You look incredible. I never thought of you this way before, but now… your body is amazing and you got me really turned on yesterday.”

“Kind of like right now, huh? Show me.” She says, glancing down at my pants as she rips my laptop from my hands. “Ah ha! There it is. That little tent. Take off all your clothes. Now.”

“What? Now?…Why?” I have no idea what to do. All I know is I’m the hardest I’ve ever fucking been in my life right now.

“It’s been at least 4 years since I’ve seen you jerk your little cock. I’ve missed it. I think about it all the time. Especially when my ex-boyfriends over the years were fucking me. It was always on my mind as their big real man size cocks slid in and out of my wet pussy… What the fuck?!” She stops herself. “HAHA! Is that a fucking wet spots on your pants? Did you cum??!”

“What?!” I look down and see a little wet spots where the head of my cock is poking up into my pants. “No, I swear! I think it’s just pre-cum.”

“That much pre-cum from me talking about you stroking your little dick and how big my ex-boyfriends were? Hahaha! So cute, Matt. Now c’mon. Clothes. Off. Now. I want my show and I’m going to get it,” She’s snaps with her last comment.

I sigh… and take off all my clothes and lie back in bed where I was.

“WOW! You are in SHAPE!” She says loudly. “Seriously, holy fuck. You look amazing, Matt. You have seriously been working out. And look! Your tiny dick! Just as small as I remember it! What a waste of a body like that to be paired with a tiny dick. You realize this is why you don’t have a lot of luck with women, right?”

“Uuh… what do you mean?”

“Haha, I mean girls don’t like tiny dicks! Tell me, when these girls left you in the past. Did they ever see your dick?”

“Yes. Pretty much all of them.”

“And how long after they saw your tiny dick did they end things with you?”

“…” I sit there silently. My cock still rock hard and twitching away. Longing to be stroked.

“So pretty right away I’m guessing,” She was right. I just didn’t want to openly admit it, but it’s making sense now. “So now do you understand? Girls don’t like small cocks. It’s a fact. And YOU have small cock. How big is it? Like 4 inches? 4 and a half?”

“Um.. I have no clue. I’ve never measured it.”

“Well…” She says looking around my room, spotting a ruler poking out of a cup on my desk with other supplies. “Let’s find out!” She grabs the ruler off my desk and comes back over. “Okay let’s see,” She says as she grabs my my cock with her thumb and index finger, resting the ruler up against it.

As she does this, my cock begins dribbling out a steady stream of pre-cum over her fingers and I moan a little bit uncontrollably.”

“Yep. 4.1 inches or thereabouts. AKA: Tiny! The average is like 6 or 6 and a half inches. You’re way off!” She exclaims as she wipes her fingers off on my stomach as if her brother’s pre-cum on her hands means absolutely nothing to her. “Oh wow…” She begins caressing my abs, “You have amazing abs. So sexy. Mmmmm… Do you like that? Does it feel nice to have your hot sister caress your body?”

My head falls back into the pillow and my eyes roll back a bit as a little more pre-cum dribbles out while she caresses my abs and chest with both her hands.

“Hehehe, so cute. See this is why girls don’t fuck you, Matt. You have a penis and you have a pool of pre-cum at the base of your tiny dick and I’ve barely touched you. And I assume you’re right on the edge. Am I right?”

I moan trying to speak… “Mmmm, yes. I am really close.”

“Well then, let’s get a move on, shall we? Stroke it. Stroke it for your little sister just like you used to when I would peek in on you back at home. Show me how quick you can cum, just like you did last night while thinking of my hot body. Here..” She hikes up her already really short shorts a bit more. “Look at my thighs and stroke. That should be enough skin for your tiny dick to shoot its load I’m sure.”

Before she even finished speaking, I was jerking off like crazy.

Here I am, a 29-year-old guy with his 26-year-old sister in his bedroom of his own home and she is completely owning me. Ordering me to do what she wants. And I fucking love it.

“Ready to cum?” She says looking into my eyes, gauging my reaction.

“Mmmm, fuck yes.”

“Okay I want you to cum in 5…4…3…2…”

“Oh fuck!! Jen, I’m gonna cum! I can’t hold it!”

She pauses a little longer… “ONE! Shoot your tiny load! C’mon now.”

What followed was one of the strongest orgasms I’m ever had in my life. It was insane and felt incredible. I couldn’t believe how long it lasted.

“Wow,” she says staring down at my cock now going limp as I lay there with my eyes closed. “That was… still a really small load.” She says with a big smile and giggles a little. “I thought for sure I’d see an ACTUAL load from you after all that build-up, but nope! Still tiny. Tiny load from a tiny penis. Too funny! I bet that felt good huh? I could tell by how much you were moaning and almost screaming while you were cumming. I bet the neighbours heard you.”

Oh fuck. God no. One neighbour is an old lady who can barely hear, but the one on the other side is a young guy, in his twenties. Big macho type asshole. And he fucking knows my sister is living here now.

“By the look on your face, I’m going to guess that you don’t like the idea of the guy next door knowing you just screamed like a girl while you came in front of your sister. Ya I met him earlier today when I was heading out. Seems like a nice guy! And really HOT! I wonder if he’s single…” She says as she walks over to my closest and grabs a small towel I had hanging in there.

“Here, clean up,” She says as she tosses the towel on my cock now completely limp. “Better yet, go jump in the shower. You should take me out for dinner tonight after I allowed you to do that in front of me. Leave the door open. I want to be sure you aren’t going to jerk off again. From now on, you will only stroke your cock under my supervision. Got me?”

“Okay.” I say reluctantly as I get up off the bed and walk towards the bathroom.

I have a feeling things are going to get very interesting in the next few weeks.



Here I am at one of the classiest places in town having dinner with my sister. I can barely afford it, but… well it was her choice and there was no fucking way I was saying no after what happened earlier. That was insanely hot and if there is any way it can happen again, I will do anything to help in the matter.

We finish up our meal and just chat…

“What’s wrong with you? You’ve barely said a word since we got here,” she says as I stare at my glass of water barely blinking, replaying today’s events over and over in my head.

“Um… yeah sorry Jen. I was just…”

“You were just thinking about earlier, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” I say reluctantly, glancing up at her for a quick second then back down.

“Hahaha! You’re so cute. You can’t even look me in the eyes. Did I fuck you up THAT much after today? C’mon, Matt!” she says, then lowers her voice a little, “It was fun. And yes, it will happen again.”

I glance up with wide eyes, glancing quickly down to her incredible cleavage.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” she continues in a soft tone to be sure no one around us can hear our conversation, “You better believe I was damn serious about what I said. Don’t forget. You will only jerk that little dick under my supervision, got me?”

Those last words were gut wrenching, but such a huge turn on. Who knows what devious plans she has going on in that mind of hers…

“So…” I stumble on my words a bit, “how… how often are we talking here?”

“How often?” she says sounding puzzled, but you can tell she knows exactly what I’m asking.

“Yeah, you know…” glancing down quickly at her cleavage again, hoping she doesn’t notice, “how often am I going to be able to jerk off?”

“As often as I fucking say. How about that?”

“…” I stay silent. ‘Fucking hell’ is all I can think.

“Hehe! I’m just fucking with you. How often do you do it now?”

“I dunno… Like 2 or 3 times a day maybe.”

“Holy shit! Are you kidding??” she raises her voice in shock, but quickly catches herself and brings back that soft sexy tone she has… “And you wonder why you have stamina issues and cum so quickly? Matt, jesus christ. No. Fuck no. You’ll be lucky if you get to cum a couple times a week with me. Seriously, we need to fix you and I really think this will help,” she can’t help but let out a little smirk at the end of that sentence, but quickly wipes it away by hiding it with a sip of her water.

She puts her glass down and catches me, for probably the fourth or fifth time since we sat down, getting a glance at her beautiful tits in that revealing shirt she is wearing. And then I feel it… her foot… slowly sliding up my leg. I look up at her and she’s fucking grinning at me.

“What’s wrong, Matt?” she says in a soft evil tone while her foot makes contact with my already hard cock.

She makes a little fake gasping noise.

“Matt… now now,” she begins softly stroking my cock with her foot through my pants, “my oh my, look at you. I guess you’re all charged up to shoot another one of your tiny loads? Hmm? It’s been about an hour, so I would hope so. You see,” she begins stroking a little harder and a little faster with her foot, “in my experience, when real men, who have real man sized cocks and actual stamina, fuck a woman, they are usually ready to go for another round just minutes after cumming AND they can do it at least a few times to keep their woman satisfied, but no… not you. Guys with little dicks like yours and no stamina can only hope to even please their lady on the first round and any round after that? Yeah right. The girl is either gone or past out and most importantly, disappointed.”

I’m looking at her. Deep into her eyes. Yet I am only half listening. My eyes every now again glancing down at her tits and her neck and arms… any skin she has showing, I’m imagining myself touching it, caressing it, kissing it, licking it… I want her so bad. I want to fuck my sister.

“Mmmm yes, how you doin over there?” she continues to stroke and I continue to get closer to the edge. “You’re not getting close, are you? Because you know you’re not allowed. You know what,” she slows down her pace on my cock a bit, “I’m thinking once week is actually a good schedule. What do you think, pussyboy?”

“Huh, what?” I know what she said, but the ‘pussyboy’ caught me way off guard.

“Pussyboy. That’s my new nickname for you. Do you like it?” she picks up the pace on my cock a bit and I let out a little moan.

“Mmm yes. Yes I love it,” I say softly, even though I fucking hate it, but I really don’t fucking care right now.

“Good,” she says as she takes another sip of her water. “So as I was saying. Once a week. That’s how often you will cum for me.”

“But.. Jen.. I…”

“Quiet,” she picks up the pace and pressure even more on my cock, “Once a week. Got it? Or did you want to make it twice a month?”

“Yes, okay… once a week, please!” I just blurt out without any hesitation, my mind focusing only on one thing right now.

“Good boy. It’s all you really need anyway. I mean, 2 or 3 times a day? That’s way too much. Maybe for a guy with a real sized cock. Sure, no problem. They can do whatever they want. But tiny dicks? Haha, no way.”

I just nod in agreement, getting closer to cumming by the second.

“Hehehe,” she snickers softly, “this is so fucking easy. I wonder what else I can make you do…”

“Excuse me,” a low voice comes from the next table several feet away and I completely snap out of it looking over to him as he gets up and walks towards us. Jen stops stroking, but her foot remains resting softly on my cock as she looks over to the jerk who just interrupted us, “Are you Matt?”

“Oh…hey man, how’s it going?” My asshole neighbour from the apartment next door. Must be out on another one of his dates as he is sitting across from yet another incredibly hot woman. His name is James. He’s probably about my age, maybe a couple years older, African American, very short black hair, pretty tall.. I’d say about 6 and a half feet probably. Built like a brick house. He’s one of those single guys who has a regular job by day and hits the gym every evening.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me?” completely side-stepping my question as if he has no care in the world.

“Yeah, sorry. This is my sister, Jen.”

“Sister?! Hahaha, that explains it! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you out on a date, especially with a girl as beautiful as you,” he looks over in Jen’s direction, “Nice to meet you, Jen.” His date seems unimpressed that his eyes and attention are no longer on her, especially after that comment towards Jen’s looks.

“Well it’s nice to meet you, too!” They shake hands. Great.. that’s all I need. My sister becoming friends with the obnoxious ass living next door to me.

“Well, I’ll let you two get back to it,” he says as he turns back towards his table, “I guess I’ll be seeing a lot more of you, Jen. Are you staying in town for a while?”

Is he… hitting on her?

“Sure am,” Jen doesn’t even hesitate as I catch her checking him out while he walks back to his seat, “I’m actually living with Matt now. At least for the foreseeable future.”

“Oh yeah? Well that’s awesome. I will definitely be seeing you then. Have a good night!”

Why is he being such a nice guy? He’s usually a fucking dick. I guess when you have two beautiful women in the room, that can really change things.

“Wow, it’s a good thing they have long covers on their table here, huh? That could have been awkward.” She says as she puts her foot down. “He seems nice. I thought you said he was a dick?”

I just sigh and roll my eyes. “Don’t worry… he is a dick. Trust me.”

“Well he seemed nice to me. Anyways, let’s go pay and get out of here. I’m beat and want to get some sleep. Are you okay to stand up? Or did you need another minute?”

“What? No. I’m fine.” What I really wanted to say was how pissed I was that James ruined the mood.

“You sure? Not pitching a little tent under there?” At the corner of my eye I see James look over towards us, as if he heard what Jen had said.

“Jen!” I exclaim to her in a whispering yell, “What the fuck? Keep it down.”

“Oh whatever. C’mon, let’s go home.”

Back at home, I’m just lying in bed with my small table lamp flicked on next to me, browsing the web on my phone, when I start to hear voices mumbling through the wall a little bit. Pretty certain that’s exactly where James’ room is since I have heard MANY women moaning very loudly in pleasure from there. Even though I may hate the guy, I definitely jerk off several times a week listening to his girlfriend’s moan. It’s so damn hot. That lucky bastard…

And here we go. I can already hear soft moans starting. Damn, that girl he was with was really hot tonight. Probably one of the hottest I’ve even seen him with. She’s probably sucking his cock right now. Just imagining that is making me so fucking hard, but I can’t stroke it. No… I don’t want to piss off Jen in case she catches me…

“Hey Matt, where do you keep your spare towels?” Jen pops her head through the door completely unexpectedly.

“Holy shit, Jen. You scared the fuck out of me… Towels are in the small linen closet next to the bathroom. The woman’s moans continue from next door.

“Ok thanks… what the fuck is that noise? Are you… are you watching porn on your phone? You’re not jerking off, are you?!”

“No, I swear! It’s just James’ girlfriend next door. I think his bedroom is right here. I can always hear him having sex with his girlfriends.

“OH YEAH??!” she exclaims with wide eyes as she walks in my room in her skimpy little pajamas and sits on my bed next to me. “Hehe,” she snickers under her breath a little, “this is great. You can hear them really well… Wow, this must KILL YOU! Hahaha. Let me guess… you must jerk off every time you hear him fucking one of his girls, don’t you?”

Christ, she’s killing me here. “Yes.. quite a bit actually.”

“Of course you would. Imagine that… a tall, muscular, black man sliding his loooooong hard cock into a BEAUTIFUL woman. One of many that he has fucked in his life, I’m sure. You’re hard just thinking about that, aren’t you?”

“Yes…” I say reluctantly, although I’m obviously enjoying this hoping it progresses into something like earlier today.

“Show me. Get up, take off your underwear and lie back down. Now.”

I was already sliding off my boxers before she finished that sentence, then quickly hopped back into my bed, leaving the covers off.

Still sitting next to me, cross-legged, she says “Yep, had a feeling. Hard as can be, hehe… Oh listen… her moans are getting louder. He must be starting to slide his big cock into her now. Do you ever think about what it must feel like to have a big cock? Like if things would feel different? I know you’re still a virgin and all, so you don’t even know what sex feels like, but I wonder if it would feel different for a guy who has a big cock versus a guy who has a tiny cock like you.”

“I… um…” stumbling on my words as usual, “I’d imagine it would probably feel better?” I say it like a question as I just have no clue.

“Yeah probably.” The moaning next door is getting louder. “Start stroking your dick.”

Without hesitation, I start pumping away and FAST.

“Whoa, slow down! Easy now. Nice and slow. Real men fuck their women nice and slow at first,” she grabs my hand that’s on my cock and brings me down to MUCH slower pace, “See? That’s much better, hmm?” she’s pretty much giving me a handjob now with my own hand… if that even makes sense. So close, yet so far. And she has me on the same pace as the moans coming through the wall.

“Yes..” I mutter, “it’s… better, but it’s torturous!”

“It’s only torturous because you’re used to pumping away quick and fast and blowing your little load. Or bringing yourself to the edge over and over, several times a minute. You gotta slow it down, like this,” she continues guiding my hand, “trust me, Matt. This is good for you. You’re going to have to fight through it. Let’s see if you can last as long as James can next door. We’ll see if we can keep the same pace as him too based on the moans we hear.”

God no… this isn’t going to work. Jen hasn’t heard James fuck before. He may start slow, but he picks up the pace and keeps a quick pace for at least 15 to 20 minutes. There’s no fucking chance I’m making it through this, but I don’t want to ruin this moment…

“Okay,” I say softly as she releases her hand from mine while I continue with the pace she guided me on, “I’ll do my best.”

“Yes, you will do your best, but this isn’t right.” She gets up… what the fuck is she doing… oh god, she’s taking off her pajama pants. All she is wearing is a tight blue thong and a skin tight tank top showing off her every curve. She turns quickly to throw her pants towards my door and I get a quick glimpse of her ass and my stroking pace speeds up.

“HEY!” she yells, “did I say you could speed up? Slow it back down”

“Jen!” my whispering yell again, “keep it down, if we can hear them, they can hear us and that was LOUD.”

The moaning stopped.

“Uh oh…” Jen says snickering as she sits down next to me again, crossing her perfectly toned and smooth looking legs, “do you think I ruined the mood?”

The moaning starts again, this time faster. You can actually hear smacking noises to as their bodies are hitting each other.

“Oh wow! He’s really giving it to her! Okay go, same pace. Let me see you stroke it to the same pace as James fucking his woman.”

I speed up on her command, trying to keep up, but already getting close.

“Jen… I’m getting close.”

“Oh for fuck sake. Already?” she blurts out disappointingly.

Pre-cum is already dribbling down my cock as I continue stroking, hoping she will let me cum, then suddenly, the noises stop next door and you hear the faint sound of a phone ringing in the distance. Then some chatter…

“…are they done?” Jen says with her ear towards the wall. I had to stop stroking otherwise I would have already cum by now…

A couple of minutes go by and the sound of his apartment door can be heard closing.

“Damn… that’s too bad. And just to think… I was going to let you cum as he was cumming.” She laughs. I’d like to think she was telling the truth here, but I guess I’ll never know.

But… she won’t leave me like this, will she? I’m so close and dying to cum.

“Do you think he is finishing himself off? Probably…” Jen ponders out loud, “Yeah I think he would. He probably had a huge load building up with a woman like that in his bed! But too bad for you, pussyboy. Clean up that little puddle of pre-cum with some tissue and get some sleep.”

I don’t think I’ve ever brought myself to the edge like that and not finishing…

She gets up and walks towards the door, then bends over to pick up her pants that she threw earlier, making sure to take an extra long time to do so, knowing that I am watching her every move. Her ass is fucking incredible. Especially being able to see so much with that thong she has on. God fucking dammit…

She turns back with an evil grin, “Good night!” and closes the door.



To be continued…?



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  • pantiewearer

    I was raised by my mother and two older sisters, no father. We all shared the same pantie drawer and bedroom for many years. My sisters and I have a special long lasting relationship. Your story brought back many wonderful memories of my mother and sisters.

  • Little Cock Quick

    Can’t wait for the next one

  • michael

    I got a 10 little d*** and for the c**


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