Chastity Resort Pt. 04

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by handyrandy9


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Part 4…

I awoke to the strong smell of coffee in our suite. Anna must be making breakfast, I thought. I stretched and rolled over to see the time on the alarm clock. 7AM? That was early for us, especially on vacation. What was she doing? I swung my feet off the bed and stood up. As I made my way to the kitchen, I stopped to readjust the cage around my cock. It felt tighter and heavier than I remembered yesterday. I looked down to discover that my balls appeared quite swollen, and the skin had a deep purple tone. Great, I thought. Blue balls. That’s all I need right now.

Anna greeted me cheerfully as I entered the kitchenette. “Good morning babe!” She swooshed over to me in her robe and slid me a cup of coffee. The robe was untied and I could see she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“Good morning,” I replied. “Why are you up so early?”

“Big day today. We’re meeting Lisa and Chad for a hike to the hot springs this morning. Don’t forget your trunks!” She smirked, kissed me on the check, and playfully squeezed my package. I winced painfully.

“Oh!” Anna pulled back quickly. “What’s wrong?”

“Blue balls…” I muttered sipping my coffee.

Anna snickered. “I thought that was a myth. An excuse guys used to guilt their wives into sex.”

“Believe me, it’s very real. It feels like someone has been punching them.”

“Oh my…maybe you just need a little massage.” She slipped her hand back down and tenderly rolled my engorged balls in her fingers. It still hurt a little, but there was also a tightening in my balls that made it feel good at the same time.

“Not too hard babe. They’re really sore from all your teasing.”

“Who knew I would be so good at it?” She smiled and planted her lips on mine for a long kiss. She slipped her tongue in and kept working on my balls. After a minute or two, my cock began rising, which pulled on the ring secured behind my sack. I winced again.

“Ok, looks like someone has had enough. For now.” She pulled her hand away, leaving my cock cage to bounce as I kept straining to get hard.

As she walked back around the island to finish making breakfast, she let her robe slip off her shoulders and onto the floor. Now she was completely naked, cooking breakfast with her back to me, not 6 feet away. Great, I thought. Just what I need. I grabbed the newspaper from the counter and tried to read, but my eyes kept drifting over the top of the pages to Anna’s shapely backside. She was whisking eggs, flipping bacon, and reaching for dishes, and all the while her hips swayed and her ass shook. Every so often she would reach high enough or turn slightly and I would get a glimpse of her magnificent breasts. My God, I thought. Can’t this woman do anything without looking drop dead sexy?

So Anna cooked, I pretended to read, and my cock strained. Finally, she served the food and sat across from me. The bar was low enough I could see the entirety of her boobs. The jiggled and shook as she cut her food.

“Are you going to eat or are you just going to stare at my tits?” She asked, smiling.

“Sorry. I just can’t keep my eyes off you.”

Anna sighed contently. “Yes, that’s one of the perks of chastity. I get to feel desired and worshipped, and you get to gaze upon your beautiful wife.” She smiled happily.

After we finished eating Anna suggested I shower while she cleaned up the dishes. I was all too eager for some alone time, away from my temptress of a wife. And a cold shower would do wonders for my aching balls.

I was only in the shower for a couple minutes when I heard the door open and Anna walked in. She swung open the door to the shower and stepped in. “Wow, its cold in here!” She adjusted the knobs until the water was hot and steamy.

“What are you doing?” I asked in bewilderment. Couldn’t she give me a few minutes to at least TRY to cool off?

“Well, I started thinking about your, uh…condition. You know, with your balls. All I could think about was that little cage pulling on you so hard. I thought I should give you another massage.”

I groaned. “But I just wanted a cold shower to shrink them down and lose some arousal.” I was almost whining.

“Ha! That’s not what I want! There will be no drops in arousal for you. Only a never-ending steady increase. I want your desire for me to grow every day and the only way for that to happen is if your arousal is more and more intense all the time. Boy, it’s a good thing I came in here! Now, why don’t you wash my body to make up for your lack of consideration for my needs?”

I starred at her for a moment. I knew what she was saying was true, but that didn’t help me at all. Her words scarred me; if I was already at my wits end, horny beyond belief with balls as blue as the ocean, how much worse was it going to get before I got some relief? On the other hand, as much as I wanted to drive out all sexual thoughts and desires, here was my beautiful wife inviting me–no, commanding me, to wash her. My eyes followed the water flowing over her curvy form; it cascaded down her smooth, pillow-y breasts, down her soft stomach and curvy hips, and across her thick, shapely thighs. It dripped from her pink erect nipples and matted down the small tuft of trimmed hair at the top of her pussy. Lucky water.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” She asked impatiently. “I have to meet Lisa on the beach for yoga before the hike.”

I looked around for a loofah or washcloth, but all I saw was a bottle of liquid shower gel.

“That will do. Yes, that’s a good idea. Just use your hands.” Anna instructed.

Was she serious? I thought. “What? I don’t think I can do that. I mean, I want to. But I think my balls might explode.”

Anna sighed and rolled her eyes. “You know that’s not possible. But I do feel bad for you. Maybe this will help.” She leaned down so her face was at my crotch, and her hair obstructed my view of what she was doing. Just as well; I took the opportunity to gaze down her back to her widened hips and round ass. Suddenly, I felt water running over my groin and Anna stood up, chastity cage in hand.

I was dumbstruck. “What?!”

“I thought if you were able to have a satisfying erection your balls wouldn’t get pulled and hurt so much.”

“Yes! Thank you!” I cried. We both looked down at my growing erection. In a matter of about 3 seconds, my penis was fully engorged and pointing straight up at my belly button. It felt as though it would burst. In fact, it throbbed and twitched with each heartbeat.

“There it is, in all its glory.” Anna said sarcastically. “Hard to believe that little thing has you all worked up.”

I ignored her humiliating jabs. I was just relieved to be free.

“Now, get to work. I want both your hands on me at all times so I know you’re not trying to touch yourself. Don’t wash my hair, just from my neck down.”

I squeezed some soap into my palm, looked at Anna, and gulped. Here goes.

For the next 5 minutes my hands slipped and slid all over her body. Her skin, which was already normally soft and light, was even more so with all the water and soap. At times, it felt like I was barely even touching her, she was so soft. I paid special attention to her hanging breasts, taking each one separately in both hands and watched as they slipped and fell between my grasp. I squeezed and massaged them much longer than necessary. Anna didn’t seem to mind. I rolled each nipple between my fingers, ensuring they were as firm and large as possible.

When she had enough of that, she turned away from me and placed her arms on the shower wall in front of her. I knelt down and started soaping her calves. I washed each leg separately, working my way slowly up one thigh, then back down and up the other. Next, I focused my attention to her beautiful, round and succulent ass. In this position, it protruded from her body almost obscenely. It stuck out far and wide, the ample flesh of her cheeks begging to be grabbed. And grab I did. I massaged and played with her ass almost lovingly. I took my time; I was in no hurry for this to end. I could have squeezed and kneaded her butt for hours.

“Keep moving, mister.” Anna instructed.

I placed my hands on her waist and proceeded to massage my way up her back. With the way Anna was leaning forward with her ass pushed back towards me, I was stretching considerably to reach her upper back. There was a huge lump in my throat and my heart was racing as I anticipated my next move. I gulped, bent slightly, and stepped forward. My raging hard on slid between Anna’s parted thighs and along the bottom of her ass checks. I massaged her shoulders and neck, causing my body to move back and forth, which served to wedge my cock deeper into her thighs. Anna moaned and stuck her ass out even further. Her butt was now pressed against my pubic bone. The top of my cock was nestled into the bottom of her pussy lips. My stiff cock strained upward; the swollen head hunting for an entrance it couldn’t reach.

“Oh, baby, that feels sooo good!” Anna moaned. “Push forward,” she urged.

With a firm grip on her thick hips, I pushed my cock forward as hard as I could. Her ass checks smashed against me. I could feel some heat radiating from her pussy, but no opening.

“Come on, Tim, don’t you want to feel my pussy after so long? I’m offering you the chance to bury your cock in me right now. Push! ”

“I am! You know it has never worked like this! Your ass is just too big and beautiful!” It was true; I had never fucked Anna from behind. It was a cruel irony that had frustrated and irritated me many times before. Her ass was her best feature, the one that turned me on the most, and I had never been able to fully enjoy it. No matter how she leaned and how I pushed, I wasn’t even able to reach her pussy in this position.

“What do you mean, my ass is too big?” Anna asked. “I think we both know what the real issue is here; your penis is just too small!”

My heart sank with disappointment and humiliation. Of course I knew my cock was too short. I just never thought Anna knew. She had never said anything.

I pulled back and my cock dragged along her ass until it sprung free and slapped against my body. “Why didn’t you ever say anything?” I asked dejectedly.

“It’s not like you could do anything about it. To be honest, I felt bad for you. I know how much you love my ass. It has to be frustrating to know you can’t bend me over and fuck me.”


“Well, it’s my problem, too. I’d love a good doggy-style fucking. You know how much it turns me on when you play with my ass. I can’t imagine how good it would feel for you to play with it while sliding your cock in and out from behind.”

I just hung my head in frustration, looking at my inadequate cock.

“Oh, don’t feel bad, honey. You do have other skills.” Anna smiled seductively and lifted one leg up, resting her foot on the shower bench. She reached down with one hand to spread her pussy lips. She put her other hand on the top of my head and pushed down hard, pulling my face into her pussy. I dropped to my knees and began kissing and licking.

“Hey, hands up here.” She touched her hips. I slid my hands up her legs and out and over her thick hips.

I proceeded to eat her to another earth-shattering orgasm, my freed cock throbbing painfully the whole time. After she was satisfied, she quickly washed my genitals in the most non-sexual way possible. My erection was still fierce; there was no way the chastity tube was going back on in this state. Anna removed the shower wand and flipped the temperature handle to cold. The water was so cold it felt like daggers in my skin. She held it on my groin until my penis had shrunk to nearly nothing and my balls were no bigger than prunes.

“See honey? At least you’re not THAT small.” Anna teased me. She snapped the lock back on, exited the shower, and left me to finish washing myself. I felt so dejected and numb I didn’t even bother to turn the temperature back up. I had been denied again, my own needs ignored while I service my wife yet again. How long would this go on? When would I finally cum?


When we met Lisa and Chad at the beach, the ladies joined the yoga class and Chad and I found some beach chairs nearby.

“How was last night?” Chad asked. “Lisa heard from Anna about your present s from the resort staff.”

Again, I was a little taken aback at Anna’s openness to her friend about our sex life. And to know Lisa had discussed it with her husband…

“Yeah, that was a surprise,” I said, trying to play it off.

“Did you have a go with the new toys?” Chad wasn’t going to drop the subject.

“Yeah, we did. Or Anna did, I should say.”

“Ha-ha! Yeah, I imagine she had a better time last night than you did. Anna seems like she’s really getting into this dominating role. How long has it been since you had some relief?”

Fuck it, I thought. So what if they knew about our sex lives and fantasies? It’s not like we would ever see them again once we left the resort. I might as well be friendly and make the most of the situation. Obviously, that’s what Anna was doing.

“Today’s the 7th day since we last had sex.” I admitted.

“You mean since you last had an orgasm. You’ve been having plenty of sex.” Chad smiled as he corrected me.

“I guess you’re right. Does it get any easier? How long do you think Anna will make me go?”

“It’s different for everyone. Lisa only made me go a week the first time. Some women start with a month. Everyone is different; some wives base it on the number of orgasms she has between your releases, some use a simple calendar or reward system, others go by how submissive you’ve been. The most frustrating method, and the one that is most out of your control, is when you get an orgasm by sheer chance.”

A month!? No way I could go a whole month! She wouldn’t do that to me, would she?

“What do you mean, by chance?” I asked.

“Some wives, and husbands, like to make it a game. It could be a coin toss, a card game. Rolling dice is popular. You don’t get an orgasm until you win the game.”

“That sounds terrible,” I said.

“It’s actually our favorite. Lisa loves playing games. That way, I can’t blame her when I don’t get an orgasm; it’s all up to chance. If I were to blame her, I might take it out on her or have a bad attitude, and then she’d REALLY let me have it!”

We sat in silence for a while. I tried to imagine how Anna might choose to release me, and what our future sex life might look like in general.

From our position about 20 yards to the side of the yoga participants, I had a fantastic view of about 15 women bending and stretching in various states of undress. Once again thankful I was wearing dark sunglasses, I put my head back in the chair, folded my arms across my chest, and feigned taking a nap. In reality, I don’t think I blinked for the next 30 minutes.

Most women had sense enough (or courtesy) to at least wear yoga shorts, if not a sports bra or bikini top as well. Of course, there were a few that insisted on total nudity, as was their right at a nudist resort. One in particular caught my eye; a young blonde woman of about 25 on the sideline closest to where Chad and I sat. She was of slim build, with an all-over medium tan. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail and her eyes were closed as she followed the instructor’s directions. From her form and incredible body shape, it was obvious she had practiced a lot of yoga. The most striking thing, though, were her breasts. Never had I seen such a large, perfectly shaped pair of natural tits on someone so slim. She held herself face down in nearly a push-up position, but on her elbows. Even with her body elevated above the beach, her heavy breasts hung down and her nipples grazed the sand. She stretched an arm high into the air and rotated her body toward us, putting her breasts on proud display. They hung down sideways, the flesh seemingly struggling to maintain their perfect shape under what must be a great weight. They jiggled as she strained to maintain the pose.

“Good, God,” Chad muttered, clearly in approval.

“Tell me about it,” I concurred. “I’m not even a boob man.”

“Me neither. For my money, there’s nothing better than a woman with a fine ass bent over while I’m giving it to her hard from behind.” Chad shook his head at the thought. “Am I right?”

“Right,” I agreed in spirit. That’s something I’ll never actually experience, I thought dejectedly. I glanced over at Anna just as she bent straight-legged and grabbed her ankles. A huge pang of intense frustration set in as I looked at her round protruding ass in her tiny shorts. My mind flashed back to the shower that morning, and me trying desperately to even touch her pussy in that position. I wanted to scream.


The 2.5 mile trail we were hiking started on resort property and ended at a natural hot spring on a neighboring ranch. It was up and down through the rolling desert hills of southern California. It was a hot, dry day. We stopped about a half hour into the hike and drank from the water bottles Chad and I were carrying in our backpacks. Anna took the opportunity to apply sunscreen. She had always been careful in the sun, which I didn’t mind; I rather liked her pale complexion. In the summer she always got the cutest freckles across her cheeks and nose.

She and Lisa both peeled off their sports bras, leaving them in their athletic shorts. Lisa wore a pair of loose fitting running shorts that hid any mention of her small ass. Anna, on the other hand, was wearing a small pair of skin tight yoga shorts that barely contained her ample bottom. The gray material clung to every curve of her hips and ass.

Anna offered some sunscreen to Lisa, before proceeded to apply it to her own now bare breasts.

“No, thanks,” Lisa said. “Got to keep up the tan!”

Lisa was quite tan, but I didn’t take time to appreciate that at this particular moment. I was mesmerized watching Anna touching and rubbing her 34D boobs for all to see. I wasn’t the only one; Chad stood motionless facing her. I could only imagine he was enjoying the show as well behind his sunglasses.

Anna finished and we continued walking. The rest of the hike was uneventful. I’ve always thought it was strange that nude hiking was a thing, but now I understood. There was something about being in nature, totally exposed with the hot sun beating down on you. It was liberating.

We reached the hot spring and found that a few other people had decided to partake today as well. Visitors had formed pools using rocks to collect the water. We chose the last unoccupied pool and eased into the warm water. There were even stone benches to sit on around the edges of the pool.

We relaxed and talked for some time. Between the churning water masking our bodies and the momentary lack of sexual stimuli, I was able to finally get a reprieve from my ever-present arousal. It was as if we were just hanging out with friends as we normally would. Eventually, Lisa managed to steer the conversation in a sexual direction. I was less than surprised.

“Chad and I hit it off instantly when we started dating. What was it, hun, our second date?”

“Ha-ha, I think so. I couldn’t keep my hands off you.” Chad chuckled.

“Well, now you don’t have to…” Lisa reached behind her, pulled Chad’s arm over her head, and brought his hand under the water and into her lap. She smiled at him and he kissed her forehead. “I remember Chad took me to a club that night,” Lisa said, moving their hands around under the water. “After dancing so close all night, feeling his big…” She smiled mischievously. “…body against me, I knew I had to have him.” She kissed him passionately.

Anna and I looked at each other as they made out. She slid close beside me so I could feel her thigh against mine. As she looked at me with big, soft eyes, I knew what she wanted. I placed my hand on her knee and slowly moved it up her leg. She played her head on my shoulder as our friends broke their kiss.

“Well, it wasn’t so instantaneous with us,” Anna said. “I was dating a different guy when I first met Tim. I had no idea I was supposed to end up with him until 2 years and a couple guys later.” My fingers were lightly massaging the softest part of her inner thigh, just next to her pussy.

“But you knew, didn’t you, Tim?” Lisa asked. “You didn’t date anyone that I can remember.”

“Nope. I always knew it was Anna.” My fingers brushed against her outer lips.

“I always did like you better than those other guys,” Lisa complimented me. “What did you ever see in that Troy guy, Anna? He was such a jerk!”

Anna blushed. “Lisa, you and I shared a dorm room! I think you know it was mostly physical.” I was dumbfounded. Both that she would admit that, and that it was true. “But there’s more to a relationship than that. Besides, Tim here makes me happier than anyone else. Especially lately!”

Now it was our turn to kiss. By this time my hand was all over her pussy. My middle finger trailed up and down her slit as we kissed. She matched my moves with her tongue against my mouth. As I dipped my finger between her lips, she flicked her tongue against mine. We teased each other for a while this way until I was no longer sure who was leading; was her tongue following my finger, or was it the other way around? I drove my finger in her as far as I could and she circled my tongue with her own.

“Hey, get a room, you two!” Lisa laughed.

I broke away, aroused more than I was embarrassed. I couldn’t wait to get back to our room and give her a real orgasm!

Just then I heard a voice with a heavy accent behind me. “Hi! Is there room for two more?”

“Sure, come on in!” Chad said. He looked at me and winked.

Two women made their way around the pool behind us and stood between me and Chad. I looked up and squinted into the sun. It couldn’t be! I found myself staring up at the silhouette of the busty blonde from the yoga class. She bent and sat next to me, her large boobs dangling over the water as she felt for the seat under the churning water. She found the rock ledge and her full breasts smashed against her knees as she dropped into the seat. The ledge she sat on was higher than mine, causing her breasts to sit mostly out of the water. Only the bottom curve was out of sight. The waves gently lapped at her large, erect nipples. I gulped and turned back to Anna, only to find a disapproving look on her face. I pulled my hand away from her pussy, but she quickly yanked it back. I continued working her under the water.

We found out the women were sisters on holiday from the Netherlands. We made small talk for a while, but their English was not very good. I knew Anna must be getting very hot from all the fingering I was doing under the water. I was teasing and flicking her clit by the time Lisa suggested we head back to the resort.

I was so relieved to finally be leaving the torturous company of the beautiful busty woman beside me that I forgot I wasn’t wearing swim trunks. As I stood to exit the pool, I turned to say goodbye to the women. Only when the busty woman’s gaze fell to my caged cock did I remember my condition. She giggled and turned to her friend. She also caught sight of my shriveled penis through the small clear cage and snickered. I rushed out of the water without a word. As I wrapped a towel around me in embarrassment, I turned just in time to see the busty woman actually stand up and give Chad a hug, pressing her breasts into his chest. She sat back down and they said a few more words, her eyes hovering on his oversized red chastity cage dangling in front of her face.

Lisa came up behind me and yanked the towel from my waist. “No sense hiding now!” She and Anna laughed and toweled off. I wanted to get out of there fast. I walked a few yards up the trail and sat on a rock to wait for the others. Anna followed me.

“You OK honey?” She asked with a concerned look in her eyes.

“I’m fine,” I lied.

“I meant what I said back there. I’m glad we’re together. You’re perfect for me.” She hugged me, still naked.

“I know, babe, I don’t question that. I’m just so incredibly horny after all this.”

“Oh, my horny little man!” She said in a baby tone. “I’m gonna take good care of you tonight!” She whispered in my ear. “REAL good!”

My heart skipped a beat and my cock twitched. Did that mean what I thought it did?! Was she finally going to let me cum? She turned away from me, grabbed her shorts, and stepped into them. She wiggled her hips in an exaggerated manor as she shimmied the material over her thighs. When she got the waistband up to her ass, she made a big show of trying to stretch them over her bubble butt. She yanked and wiggled, causing her ass cheeks to bounce and jiggle wildly as the tight waistband lifted her soft flesh. Finally, she pulled slowly and steadily upward and her round butt popped into the shorts with a final, satisfying bounce.

“Whew!” She looked over her shoulder at me and ran her hands over her curvy hips. “I didn’t think all this ass was gonna fit!”

I could only close my eyes and try to breathe calmly. If she kept up this teasing, I feared i would literally go crazy. I was completely out of control of my own body and there was nothing I could do about it. I was beginning to physically hurt from having so much pent up frustration with no way to release.

The walk back was the longest miles of my life. Anna made sure to walk in front of me the whole way. There was no escaping her delicious bouncing ass. If I tried to drop back, she did too. On hills she was sure to slow down so I would have an extended view of her thighs and glutes flexing and straining as she climbed. On the faster open stretches, she swayed her hips more than was necessary, which caused her butt to rise and fall with a squeeze and a bounce on every step. Her long, wavy ponytail swung back and forth, mimicking the side-to-side swaying motion of her ass. I imagined her bent over on a rock alongside the trail with me behind her grabbing her hair with one hand and her hip with the other, just giving her my dick for all I was worth. My balls ached with the thought.

Finally, I saw the resort ahead. It was approaching evening at this point, so we decided to stop at the boardwalk restaurant for dinner. I was absolutely spent; not from the walk, but from the mental anguish I had been through. I sat through the meal barely saying anything, a blank expression on my face. I was broken.


For all her teasing and tormenting, Anna was beginning to finally understand the effects on me. Back in our hotel room, she realized something needed to change.

“Tim, honey, I think I might be pushing you too hard.”

I sat on the couch, listening.

“I don’t think this is working anymore. You’re supposed to feel more and more desire to please me, and you have until today. But now I feel like you’ve hit a plateau. You’ve given up, haven’t you?”

I nodded.

Anna snuggled up next to me on the couch and looked into my eyes softly. “We just need to figure out our particular rhythm. This is part of the learning curve. I don’t want this to be unbearable torture for you. I want you to LIKE denying yourself for me.”

“I do, Anna. I’m just having a hard time adjusting. Maybe we need to ease into this more slowly. It’s only been a week since I’ve submitted my orgasms to you; I can give you more than that, I’m sure of it. But at this resort with all these beautiful naked people, and seeing you do everything you can to tease me…it’s too much.”

Anna smiled. “Well now, I could be teasing you a LOT harder, believe me! I know just how to work you…” She cupped my swollen blue balls and rolled them in her fingers. I winced from the pressure. “See? I have all sorts of tricks I can pull out once we work up to it.”

I groaned and pulled away from her grip.

“Look, I’m going to ask Lisa what I should do for you.” Anna offered.

“No! She’ll only make it worse!” I cried.

“It’s her JOB to guide people through this! She will know how to help us, I know it. Now, why don’t you just relax and watch some TV while I go talk to her?”

I was too worn out to argue.


About 10 minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it to find Chad standing there.

“Hey buddy,” he said. “Mind if I come in?”

“Sure,” I stepped aside and he entered, taking a seat on the couch. I grabbed us a couple of beers and joined him.

“Anna says you’re having some trouble adjusting.”

“Well, yeah, isn’t that normal?” I asked.

“Of course!” Chad chuckled. “I remember in the beginning with Lisa; she would tease me relentlessly until I couldn’t think straight. One time she tied me to a chair and played porn in front of me for 3 hours while she went out shopping. She came back and I was a mumbling, stuttering fool! She still didn’t let me cum for a week after that!”

“How the hell do you handle it?” I asked. “I feel like I’m going crazy!”

“I’ll tell you. The key is to rethink everything you’ve been taught about sex. Completely erase it, start over. You need a hard reset!”

“How do I do that? What am I supposed to reset TO?”

“It just takes time. And patience. Everything in you will fight it. At times it will seem unbearable. But you’ll be grateful in the end, when you’re living out your true purpose in your relationship with Anna.”

“And what is that?”

“As servant. Pleasure-giver. Sacrificial lover. Whatever you call it, the result is the same; your entire sexual purpose is to please her and make her happy. That, as counterintuitive as it may seem right now, will ultimately give you more pleasure and happiness than you’ve ever felt looking out for yourself, having orgasms at-will. Men are weak when it comes to sex. Culture tells us differently; that men are strong and powerful in bed. In reality, it’s women who hold all the sexual power. Once you understand that, everything will fall into place.”

I thought for a moment. “I do really enjoy submitting to Anna. It’s exciting and liberating. When she orgasms, I feel like more of a man than when it’s just me.”

“Yes! Now you’re getting it. Her orgasms are what lead to your fulfillment in the bedroom. They are what makes you feel like a man, right? Your own orgasms are insignificant, fleeting. She doesn’t need your orgasm to feel like a woman.”

Chad was making a lot of sense to me, even in my blue balls induced foggy state. “That does make sense…” I said hesitantly.

“It will get easier as time goes on. Just remember to focus on your wife. The more frustrated or horny you are, the more you must seek to please her. It starts with you.”

We finished our beers in relative silence, before Chad told me the plans for the rest of the evening.

“Anna & Lisa are waiting for us at our suite. What do you say? A night of drinking and relaxing in the hot tub to take your mind off things?”

That did sound good after a long day–no, a long week. “Sure. Sounds fun.”


When we arrived we found Lisa and Anna already in the Jacuzzi. “Hey guys! How about some more beers?” Lisa asked.

We grabbed some drinks from the fridge and joined the ladies in the bubbling water.

“How are you feeling?” Anna asked me, concerned.

“Much better, actually. Chad helped me put things into perspective.”

“That’s my Chad!” Lisa smiled. “Amazing, as always.” She threw her legs over his and leaned back. “How about one of your amazing foot massages?” She hinted. Chad began to rub her feet under the water.

“Great!” Anna said. “Anything you’d like to share?”

“Not really,” I said slyly. “I’d rather show you.” I leaned in and kissed Anna passionately. She wrapped her hands around my neck and returned the kiss. Not hearing anything from our friends, I glanced behind me. They were making out as well.

What the hell, I thought. I shifted my weight into a low seat in the hot tub, and Anna slid her body on top of mine so she was straddling my lap. Her hands caressed my chest. After a few minutes, she dropped her head onto my shoulder and I gently kissed her neck. When I reached her ear lobes, she let out a moan; that always drove her mad.

From my angle, I could see Chad and Lisa over Anna’s shoulder. Lisa removed the necklace with Chad’s chastity key on it from her neck and her hands disappeared under the water. A few seconds later she laid Chad’s red chastity tube on the edge of the tub. She sat beside him, both hands in his lap, as they continued to kiss.

I was instantly jealous. Chad was free, his cock loose in the water with his wife stroking and playing with him. He spread his arms across the edge of the Jacuzzi and leaned back. Lisa kept working her hands under the water.

By this time, Anna was grinding her pussy against my caged cock. Because of the plastic tube and the heat of the water, I felt nothing. Just pressure in my aching balls as my cage moved around underneath her. She placed her hands on the edge of the tub behind me, which caused her breasts to dangle provocatively between us. I fought the impulse to grab them right away. Anna moaned as I kissed her. Just when I could hold off no longer and was about to touch her hanging tits, Lisa cleared her throat.

“Ah-hem! This hot tub is getting…hot!”

Anna slid off my lap and sat next to me, embarrassed. I understood; we had never fooled around in front of anyone before.

“Chad,” Lisa continued. “Why don’t you fetch us some cold drinks?”

“Sure thing, babe.” Chad stirred in the water. As I glanced at his chastity cage lying on the edge of the pool, I realized Anna was unaware that Lisa had removed it. I stared with anticipation as Chad’s body slowly emerging from the water. His tan, defined abs gave way to his toned Adonis muscles, which in turn pointed the way to his manhood. The water was high enough that the entirety of it could not be seen; the wide, girthy base arced downward and the end of his cock was somewhere under the water. Nevertheless, it was enough of a shock to cause Anna to gasp aloud. Lisa laughed in response and I caught Chad hide a smile as he walked past us and out of the hot tub.

When Chad returned, there was nowhere for him to hide. Not that he should want to. Not with a tool like that. He had two bottles of beer in each hand and walked slowly up behind Lisa. As he did, Anna and I had a straight-on view of his long, meaty cock. It slapped against his thighs as it swayed from side to side. It had to be 6 or 7 inches long soft, with a large circumcised mushroom head on the end. When he got to the hot tub, he sat on the side by his wife with his legs hanging over the edge in the water.

“Here you go.” Chad handed me two bottles and I gave one to my wife. She took it from me slowly, never looking away from Chad’s member. His cock hung down between his parted legs, at least twice as long as his oversized balls.

Finally, Lisa broke the awkward silence. “Tim, Anna, meet ALL of Chad.” She laughed.

“Good god! I’ve never seen a cock so big!” Anna exclaimed.

“Not even your old boyfriend Troy’s?” Lisa asked. “I thought you said he was packing in college.”

“He was, or at least I thought he was. It wasn’t anything like that though.” Anna said hesitantly. She looked at me apologetically. “Sorry, honey. I know you don’t like it when I talk about old boyfriends.”

“That’s ok,” I lied, trying to play it cool. “It’s in the past, right?”

“Yeah…” Anna said halfheartedly. She finally managed to avert her eyes away from Chad’s dangling appendage.

“Why did you dump Troy anyway?” I asked Anna, trying to bring her back to the present, and perhaps fish for a compliment as well.

“Over time I realized we didn’t have anything substantial in common. We stopped going out, stopped ‘dating’, really. It became all about the sex. You can’t build a relationship on only sex, no matter how amazing it is.”

My face burned with embarrassment.

“Oh, no, honey! Don’t get me wrong,” Anna tried to save herself. “Our sex life is amazing, too. Especially lately. You’re the whole package, babe.” She reached into my lap and grabbed my caged manhood with her hand. “I wouldn’t trade you for the world. No one makes me happier.”

I smiled at my wife, feeling redeemed. My cock was trying desperately to grow hard. Her hand was caressing me under the water, but of course I felt nothing through the plastic tube. An involuntary moan escaped my lips.

“I know! Why don’t we get your cage off? After all, you’re the only one wearing anything!” Anna said.

“No, that’s OK.” That was the last thing I wanted right now.

“Nonsense! I know you’re dying to be free.” Anna insisted.

“Yes, join us in our nudity, Tim,” Lisa laughed. “Besides, Anna’s seen my man now…it’s only fair I see hers, too.”

Anna smiled slyly and I knew I wasn’t going to win this debate. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad; I was under water after all. And if I could just avoid getting a boner Lisa and Chad wouldn’t know how small my cock really was. Maybe I was a grower? I tried to reassure myself.

Anna was having none of that. She slid off her seat and onto her km need in the water in front of me. She took hold of the key around her neck, leaving the necklace on, and slowly slipped under the water, her eyes on mine the whole time and with her sexiest look on her face. I felt her fumble with the lock briefly, then remove the chastity device. She didn’t emerge right away; instead, I felt an incredibly warm sensation around my soft penis, even warmer than the bubbling water of the hot tub. It was her mouth!! I couldn’t believe it! After a week of zero physical contact, my wife had engulfed my cock and was swirling her tongue around the sensitive head! All hopes of avoiding an erection faded; my penis grew rock hard instantly while Anna held it in her mouth. I could feel it sliding further back her throat as she held her nose pressed against my pubic bone. When I was fully hard, Anna slowly pulled back and my cock slowly escaped her lips. She gave the tip a kiss and emerged from the water.

Her long brown hair was swept back and droplets of water ran down her beautiful smiling face. She took her place beside me again. “Why don’t you go get the next round, Tim?” She squeezed my thigh.

“Yes, Tim, I’d like another beer please.” Lisa smirked.

What the hell, I thought. Everyone already knows my secrets and fantasies. I stood with my hands covering my crotch and made my way to the kitchen. Lisa whistled jokingly at my bare ass.

I stalled as long as possible in the kitchen, trying to let my erection subside. But it wasn’t going anywhere.

“Hurry up, babe,” Anna called from the other room.

I grabbed the 4 bottles from the counter, sighed, and turned to leave. As I walked across the living room and approached the others on the deck, their conversation turned quiet and I saw 3 sets of eyes staring at me. My face turned bright red; I wanted to turn and run. In contrast to Chad’s long, thick swinging cock, mine looked almost comical; it was as hard as a rock, fully engorged and pointing straight up at my belly button.

I hurried into the water and slid down beside Anna. Thankfully, Chad had also re-entered the water while I had been gone.

“Now you’ve met all of MY husband,” she joked Lisa.

The conversation was mostly platonic for the next hour or so. I was enjoying being free from my cage, even though I wasn’t allowed to touch myself and Anna wasn’t helping me out either. It was just good to stretch out for a while. Finally, Anna suggested it was time for us to leave.

“Oh! Before you go, I have something for you!” Lisa jumped out of the hot tub and went to the bedroom to retrieve something. She called back a minute later. “Anna, come in here…I need to show you something.”

Anna rose to her feet and stumbled to the Jacuzzi stairs. She must have tripped on the first step, because she tumbled backwards and right into Chad’s lap. She laughed and apologized. “How clumsy! I haven’t had that much to drink, I promise!” She threw her arms around Chad’s neck and playfully kicked her legs out of the water.

What the hell? I thought. Her ass was right in his lap! And he was naked…

“No problem,” Chad said. He placed his hands on Anna’s hips and helped push her up. His hands grazed her butt as she turned back to the stairs. He and I were both fixed on her ass as she climbed the stairs. We watched it bounce as she walked away, water rolling off her smooth curves.

“Damn.” Chad shook his head. “You’re a lucky man, Tim. Hope you don’t mind me saying that.”

“Not at all. Thanks.” I knew it was true.

“Lisa’s fit and sexy as hell, but sometimes I miss that…little something extra, ya know?”

Indeed, I did. I absolutely loved Anna’s curves. “Her ass is her best feature,” I said.

“Whew, I’ll say.” Chad agreed. Anna could still be seen standing in the doorway across the room, her back to us with her wet ass protruding outward so far it almost seemed to be a different entity that the rest of her body. She shifted her weight slightly, causing it to roll as it moved around behind her. “What’s it like to make love to her?” Chad pried. “I can’t image bending over an ass like that.”

I didn’t know how to respond. Chad had no idea I’d never experienced that… did he??

“Sorry, dude, that’s probably crossing lines.” Chad apologized.

Before I could answer, the girls walked back toward us. Anna was carrying a paper shopping bag. “Ready?” She asked.

I stood and exited the hot tub. Chad stood beside me.

“Aww, aren’t our boys cute?” Lisa squeezed Chad’s cheek playfully.

I looked down and self-consciously crossed my hands in front of me. My erection had finally faded, but unfortunately so had most of my entire penis. The water had shrunk it down to less than an inch; it protruded from my tight and shriveled balls like a turkey timer. Chad, on the other hand, seemed impervious to the effects of the water. His balls hung low and his thick cock even lower.

“They sure are cute,” Anna said, looking down at my receding balls as she smiled. “Now let’s get going!”

“Wow, someone’s eager to get back to their room and try out their new toy.” Lisa said.

Anna blushed and grabbed my arm as we left. As we entered the hallway, I realized I was about to make the walk back to our room without my chastity cage on. I asked Anna if that was OK.

“Oh, it’s dark out. I don’t think anyone would notice anyway.”

What did she mean by that? I was hurt.

Chad and Lisa’s suite was on the top floor. We entered the waiting elevator and just as the doors were about to close a group of loud college-age women came around the corner.

“Hold it!” They hurried to the elevator and piled in. I shuffled into the corner and Anna backed against me. The girls were apparently leaving a large party in one of the large penthouses on the top floor.

The short ride down five floors seemed to take forever. The elevator smelled of alcohol and sex. It must have been some party, I thought. I held my breath, trying desperately to ignore Anna’s body against mine. Her wet pony tail danced against my face and her large, bubbly ass was pressed into my groin and thighs. Our bodies were still wet, which caused my cock to slide up and down along her ass crack. By the time we reached the ground floor, I was sporting a full boner, my penis trapped between her soft cheeks. She wiggled her butt against me. “Let’s go, big boy,” She teased sarcastically.

My face was bright red as I exited the elevator and walked past the group of girls still standing in the lobby. Several of them turned to look at us and snickered and laughed like schoolgirls when they saw my condition. I swear I saw one of them turn to her friend and give the pinky sign. My face burned.

“Just ignore them, babe.” I was doubly embarrassed when I realized Anna had seen it, too. “They don’t know what you can do with your tongue.” She kissed me and shot a mean look back at the girls.

The rest of the walk back was equally humiliating. It seemed every couple we passed smiled or snickered at my modest erect cock. I couldn’t tell if they were shocked that I was walking around with an erection, or that my erection was the size that it was. Probably both.

No doubt from all the unwanted attention, my erection didn’t subside at all. I breathed a sigh of relief when we got back to the safety of our hotel suite. It was late; I wanted to kick back, maybe watch some TV, and drift off to sleep. Anna, however, had other ideas…


To be continued…



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