Exposed in Zumbala

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by justins961


Zumbala is an extremely small African nation that attracts only three kinds of people; smugglers, adventure seeking college kids and shady business investors. I was one of the later. Right now, waiting in the only airport in the country, I seemed to be surrounded by the other types as well.

I couldn’t wait to get out of this hell hole and the long delay in the sweltering airport was wearing me down. Adding to my discomfort was the group of young women sitting across from me in the only other available seats, all of the other people waiting for the single daily flight to board were sitting on the floor or leaning against the walls.

I was in what might be considered a foul mood. The locals with whom I had been conducting business took it upon themselves to take me out for a farewell celebration last night and despite my objections had kept me out so late that I barely made it to the airport in time. Only the forethought of my hotel housekeeper who had packed my bags for me allowed me to rush out of the hotel as soon as I got back. Her efforts however, meant that all my travel clothes were already packed and I was forced to travel in the suit I had been wearing last night. That combined with the hangover that was beginning to make itself felt added up to very unpleasant morning.

Being a married man in my late forties I would normally have been delighted to sit and look at the four young women across from me as I waited. They were all very pretty and were dressed in tight tee shirts and shorts. They looked like the usual type who came to Zumbala to party on the beach. Mostly rich, spoiled kids who globe trotted to various hotspots to seek adventure. The group included two brunettes, a redhead and a blonde who seemed to be the ring leader. They were all chatting loudly and laughing uproariously. The incessant chatter was adding to my headache until I finally asked them if they could hold it down a bit.

Their reaction was less than friendly and they seemed delighted to increase their laughter and noise now that they knew it was irritating me. Between their revelry they stole glances at me and occasionally whispered to each other while looking over at me. This went on until I asked once more if they might tone down their noise, which prompted the blonde to stick out her tongue at me and tell me to mind my own business. This only added to the laughter of the others and I resigned myself to a long unpleasant wait.

Right next to where we were seated was a roped off area that was used for a final baggage check before boarding the plane. The airport was a rather primitive building and the baggage check area consisted only of a table and was staffed by two soldiers and what appeared to be an officer, all three of who were lounging around trying to stay cool. The officer did seem to be very interested in the girls and kept coming over and chatting them up while apologizing for the delay.

Finally the soldiers began calling the passengers forward. There weren’t many of us, perhaps twenty in all. Besides the girls and myself, all the others were native Africans. The soldiers called the locals first and the girls and I waited while the others were cleared for boarding. Most were sent right through with only a cursory check. One individual toward the end of the line looked a little suspicious even to me and when he reached the table he was questioned more thoroughly. The girls and I watched while the questioning became more heated. The two soldiers carried out the questioning while the officer stood to one side and continued to pay more attention to the girls who smiled at him and giggled.

Then to our surprise the man they were questioning suddenly began to undress. The guards were apparently conducting a strip search on this poor fellow right there in view of everyone. I thought the girls would be shocked and embarrassed, but they seemed delighted and increased their giggling and whispers. This seemed to encourage the officer who was doing his best to impress the girls and he called out more orders to the soldiers. He then came over and stood next to the girls and chatted and laughed with them until the man was left with nothing else on but a dingy pair of underwear.

The soldiers looked over at the officer who glanced at the girls who were still giggling. He then called out something in their native language to the soldiers who repeated it to the man. He hesitated and the guards repeated the order more forcefully. He then slid down his underwear and stood there naked.

The girls and I were no more than six feet from the man and we had an unobstructed view of everything that was going on. When he took off his underwear there was a gasp from the four girls. I was probably as shocked as the girls. This man was more heavily endowed then anyone I had ever seen. His penis was probably nearly a foot long and almost as thick as my arm. The girls all looked on in shock and the officer smiled brightly as if he was proud of the show he was putting on for the girls.

The girls unsympathetically laughed out loud at the man’s embarrassment. The officer laughed along with them until the man was finally allowed to dress and pass through to the other side of the baggage check area. Next it was the girls turn and the officer gallantly led them past the rope to the table where the soldiers checked their carry-ons very superficially as the officer talked and laughed with the girls, who flirted back with him.

They were all cleared quickly and they moved past the rope on the other side of the check area to wait with the other passengers for the door to open for boarding the plane. I was then called forward to the table where my carry-on bag was opened and checked by the soldiers. While this was going on the officer was still standing next to the girls and chatting them up. While I was waiting I noticed that the blonde leaned over to the officer and whispered something to him while looking at me. The officer glanced at me and then said something I couldn’t hear to the four girls who all giggled and stifled laughs while sneaking glances at me.



I was just collecting my bag and moving toward the boarding area when the officer stepped over and stopped me. He led me back to the table and asked me to put my bag back on it. He then spoke to the soldiers and as he was doing so I noticed that the girls had assembled along the rope standing there about six feet away from me. They all were smiling and waiting to see what would happen.

The officer then turned to me and told me that he was suspicious that I might be trying to smuggle something out of the country and he would need to check my clothing. He then ordered me to strip.

I was shocked. It was very unusual for a foreign visitor to be harassed in this country. I asked if he was serious. The two soldiers stepped forward and the officer repeated his order to strip. I was mortified. As I removed my jacket I thought about the other man who had been strip searched. Surely this officer wouldn’t dare make me strip completely. I handed over my jacket which was searched by the soldiers.

While this was going on I noticed that all of the African passengers who were also waiting to board had gathered behind the girls to watch what was happening. I was then told to remove my shoes and socks and place them on the table. My heart was beginning to beat faster and I was feeling a little light-headed. Next it was my tie and then my shirt.

I am a reasonable looking guy, although I’m not in the same shape I was in when I was in my twenties. I’ve developed a bit of a pot belly and I guess my former muscle tone is now more flabby then muscular. There is one other thing about me that was very much on my mind at the moment. Unlike the fellow who was stripped before me, my endowment would probably cause gasps for the opposite reason his did. Since childhood I have been extremely embarrassed by my lack of size in that most important of areas. My penis on a good day might be about two inches long. When fully erect and ready for battle it didn’t get much bigger.

Now I was standing there being told to remove my pants. Again I hesitated. I took a quick glance over at the girls and was mortified to see them all smiling and watching in anticipation. I slowly took off my pants, handed them to the soldiers and stood there in my boxers. The officer looked at me and seemed to hesitate. I think he was uncertain if he should continue this entertainment. He glanced over at the girls. I followed his gaze and it was obvious from the looks on their faces that they were encouraging him to continue.

He turned to me and told me to take off my shorts. My heart pounded. I couldn’t move. The two soldiers began to move toward me. I looked at them and knew that if I didn’t comply they would do it for me. So, feeling like a helpless little boy I slowly lowered my underwear.

I tried to cover myself, but I was ordered to put my hands on my head and there I stood with all of my inadequacies in full view of everyone. For a moment there was no sound. Then there was a quiet murmur that quickly grew into uproarious laughter. I didn’t want to, but I glanced up at the girls. Like the crowd behind them they were laughing hysterically and covering their mouths with their hands.

I tried to turn away from them, but the officer came over and turned me to face them while he inspected me from head to toe, all the while I stood there being seen by everyone. The laughter was slowly subsiding and as I stood there I happened to glance at the blonde who held up two fingers about an inch apart and stuck her tongue out at me once again. I’m not sure why, but somehow that caused a strange feeling in me and I felt a dreaded fullness beginning in my loins.

I desperately wanted to put my hands down or turn away from the girls. I even began to shift my position away from them, but was immediately told not to move. The soldiers were carefully going through my clothing as I stood there in fear of what was happening down below. The girls were beginning to get a little board of the show now. Thinking that the best was over with, but the blonde kept looking at me and smirking.

My reaction took over and despite everything I tried to do to control it I couldn’t stop it and suddenly my tiny penis stood proudly pointing up at the ceiling. The blonde was the first to notice. Her mouth fell open and she elbowed her friends. They turned back to her as if to ask what was so interesting. Then they looked over at me. One of them said, ‘Oh my God!’ and the whole crowd once again looked over at me.

The soldiers and the officer were behind me and the sudden renewal of laughter caused them to come around in front of me to see what was going on. Their laughter joined the others as I stood there completely humiliated.

The plane was now boarding and I was thrown my clothing and told to hurry up and board. At the same time the other passengers were already turning away, their laughter beginning to fade away. All except the girls who continually glanced back over their shoulders as they moved toward the aircraft. I pulled on my clothes as I moved toward the plane and when I got on board the only remaining seat was right across the aisle from the girls. The entire two-hour flight was punctuated by comments and giggles from across the aisle.

When we arrived at our stop I jumped up and left the plane as fast as I could, hoping to never see these girls again. I got to the customs check point well before the others and as I was waved through I got an idea. I saw a rather stern looking customs officer standing off to the side. I walked over and introduced myself as an American retired police officer, which of course I was not. I explained to the officer that I was concerned because during the flight I had overheard a group of women speaking about how easy it was to get drugs in Zumbala and what little effort it took to smuggle them past the incompetent inspectors. The officer looked very concerned and asked me to tell him who I had heard. The girls were just coming into the customs area and I pointed them out to the officer. He thanked me and moved off to intercept them.

The last thing I saw of them they were being herded into a side room. The blonde glanced over at me with a frightened look on her face.

I smiled and waved good-bye.

The End.


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