A Swaziland Gangbang: Part 1

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By Victorsev (edited)


I grew up on a farm in Africa.

My newlywed wife and I were offered a cabin in the Swaziland highlands to use over a long weekend. The highlands of this little Kingdom of Swaziland are planted with hectares of commercial pine tree plantations. Being on the escarpment there are mountainous areas with pristine streams and rivers that cascade over rapids and waterfalls as they make their respective ways through towering pine forests to the warmer Lowveld.

An offer, we could not refuse, an isolated cabin in a scenic woodland setting in midsummer. “A second honeymoon,” my wife said excitedly as we packed our weekend bags for quality time alone outside the hustle and bustle of our city jobs.

We had only been married a year, so this could be our anniversary escape. We married, both aged twenty-three years. Let me tell you about my wife. Her name is Lisa, she is five feet nine inches tall with long brown hair that cascades to her breasts. Lisa has gorgeous tits, firm, jutting out that need no support. In the office, she wears a thirty-eight C-cup bra, but at home and on weekends she goes braless. Lisa is an outdoor girl, very athletic and in consequence has a permanent olive tan year around. She loves sex, is broad minded about what we do and is very demanding which I cannot complain about. I am six feet three inches tall, slim build with brown hair and brown eyes and less tanned than my beautiful sexy wife.

We arrived at the cottage at eleven AM. The cottage looked everything we imagined, tucked away between huge granite boulders, surrounded by endless pine forests, very isolated, with no other houses or people for miles. From the veranda of the cottage you looked out down to the Usutu River, a major river that flows through this area. We carried our bags into the cottage dumping them on the double bed in the front room. I went back to the car to get the grocery packets and drinks, which Lisa packed away in the refrigerator and kitchen cupboards.

“Shall we unpack our bags now, or should we go and explore?” Lisa asked.

“Explore,” I replied, grabbing a bottle of water and our hiking backpack.

A grass path led from the cottage between boulders and the odd pine tree down to the banks of the Usutu River. Lisa walked ahead of me. She was wearing a thin, pale blue cotton blouse, almost see through, that she had tied in a knot at her tummy, showing off a bit of midriff. Cut off blue denim shorts accentuated her long tanned legs and her tits pushed that thin cotton blouse out like two headlights on a 1950’s Plymouth. I was getting hornier with every step I took with my wife’s cute arse swaying this way and that as she strode down the path.

Being midsummer, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and no risk of afternoon thundershowers. The temperature was well up in the thirties (centigrade), and we were both feeling the pace as well as the heat. Lisa would stop every now and then and take pictures with her camera, back towards the cottage, the mountains, the huge pine trees as well as the view towards the river where we were heading. At one of these photo stops, she said, “There’s nobody around for miles is there?”

“No,” I replied.

With that, she handed me her camera, undid the knot on her blouse and slid the cotton blouse over her head. “Here put this in the backpack,” she said, handing me her discarded blouse.

Lisa stood defiantly in front of me only wearing her cut off denim shorts, topless, with her tits pushing out to say: How do like that? She had on three long strings of wooden beads, each a different length that hung elegantly between her tits enhancing her magnificent cleavage. The setting, the bare tits proudly exposed and the wooden bead necklaces gave her an African maiden aura in this very African setting.

“I feel liberated like this and my tits could do with a bit of sun,” she said, justifying her actions as she walked on unabashed.

This made me hornier than ever, having my wife walk topless ahead of me, her assets on display for all to see, but no one around for miles to appreciate my private show. I had to reach down into my shorts to adjust my hard-on. Reaching the banks of the Usutu River we walked upstream.

Both boulders and banks were covered in moss, the water crystal clear as it cavorted between stones and fallen trees. Ahead we could hear the sounds of a waterfall. There was no path so we scrambled along the river. Lisa, by now, in her topless state had gone totally native, and didn’t mind the odd scratch or mud on her legs or upper body. To me she looked like the leading lady from one of those jungle Rambo movies.

Arriving at the waterfall, where the river fell about twenty feet over a ledge into a deep crystal pool surrounded by tree covered cliffs, we decided to stop for a swimming break. Taking the camera from Lisa I insisted on getting some jungle pictures of her in her topless state, with hair in disarray, scratches and mud spattered. With her shoes off, she stood calf deep in the water facing me, her long brown hair hanging to her nipples, her tits covered with a sheen of perspiration. A perfect picture. My wife, the wanton Amazon of the Swaziland forests. I clicked away, zooming in on her breasts, getting close up pictures of her dark brown nipples.

“Enough,” she said as she undid her denim shorts slowly sliding them down her thighs. The camera caught her pubic hair coming into view, then a full shot of her pubic region, she opened her legs exposing pink labia of her tender pussy and I clicked the camera again. She stood naked before me, the waterfall pool her background.

My eye was glued to the camera viewfinder as I continued to take pictures of my buck naked wife in this erotic setting. Realising my aroused state, she played to the camera posing like a model in the most provocative ways. Cupping her breasts and pushing them up, making them look twice as big, opening her legs and splaying her labia to display the inner workings of her well used pussy, and turning her bum toward me and bending over clenching her butt together. Amazing pictures!

She waded naked into the river pool and called for me to join me. I reluctantly put the camera down, had to get my hard on down before I could get my shorts down. Sporting a ‘half lobo’ hard-on I went into the water. A naked white couple playing in a river pool, in the Kingdom of Swaziland, a country of black Africans. Despite the high air temperature, the water felt cool. The waterfall thundered nearby continually topping up the pool. We swam a little, cuddled in the water, kissed which soon led to fondling. I wanted to feel Lisa’s tits, for the cool water had made her dark brown nipples stand out like pencil erasers. They were a hand full, and she enjoyed the uninhibited fondling, saying that she was getting very moist down below and it was not the wetness of the water. I told her how I had this massive hard-on when I was taking pictures of her in the nude.

“It couldn’t have been a massive hard-on with your little dick,” she said.

To emphasise her point she reached down under the water to grab my cock. By now the cold water had reduced any erection or semi erection to a crumpled heap of foreskin with very little protruding. “My case in point,” said Lisa rolling her eyes, as she gripped on my foreskin and pulled trying to elongate my pathetic phallus.

“When you said you were well endowed before we got married, I assumed that you had a large cock, not a large family trust,” she teased. She stepped naked and wet out the pool, her nipples still highly engorged. Lisa turned to me, saying, “I still feel randy as hell, and need a good fucking. Come on!”

We found a sunny bank, mattress deep with accumulated golden pine needles. She lay nude and randy with her legs wide apart fingering her moist pussy. I grabbed the photo opportunity and took a few more pictures, Lisa played to the camera and exaggerating her finger masturbating of her ready pussy.

“He is rising to the occasion,” she said, pointing at my hardening dick. “Come now, and lie on your back. I want to fuck that little dick of yours.”

I laid down on the pine needles, my head facing the river, my four-inch hard dick facing the sky. Lisa mounted me cowgirl style. She was very moist and her pelvic area slid around trying to find my hard-on. This cowgirl position gave her the most satisfaction as she could grind her pussy onto my cock. With the help of her hand, my cock found the entrance to her already randy pussy. She never felt tight in there, and seemed to slop around. Lisa did all the pumping, her perfect tits dangling inches away from my face, the three strings of beads swaying in time to her fucking motions. Behind us tall pine trees silhouetted against a blue sky. The waterfall added to our sound effects. Lisa started groaning which is always a trigger for me. Her uninhibited moans and bellows echoed off the river cliffs. My dick jerked and convulsed inside her and I shot my humble load of cum into her hungry pussy.

“Damn,” she said, not being satisfied again.



She continued with added gusto to grind her pussy against my pelvic bone trying to get herself to orgasm. My cock had totally retreated, was shrivelled and sticky. I played with her tits, tweaked her nipples as she continued to grind. “Rougher,” she shouted.

I pulled on her nipples and squeezed her tits upwards. Her brow was all furrowed in determination to orgasm. She was sitting up now, riding me cowgirl in the trotting position. Up and down, up and down, pounding me into the pine needles. Lisa smiled, her face lightened up. I thought she was going to come. Then she waved and beckoned the come hither sign.

“What is it” I asked in surprise as there was nobody around for miles in these woods.

“Look” she said. “Up there on the bank, three Swazi boys”

I turned to see three black Swazi boys, the oldest about eighteen. They were all well chiseled with bare black chests with only a thin string on colorful glass beads hanging around each boy’s neck. Around their waists were the traditional cotton tanga wraps in black, red and white colours. The tanga wraps were parted and from between the cotton folds stuck three very erect, very large black cocks which they continued to fondle as they made their way across the river to us.

“They must have watched us fucking” I said.

“We seem to have given them a good show by the looks of it” Lisa said, still with a broad smile across her face.

As they approached, Lisa stood, her naked white female body glistening with post sex sweat. Her tits stood out firm, nipples fully erect, a true Amazon women in a Swaziland forest. All she had on were the three strings of wooden beads hanging provocatively in her well-endowed cleavage. I by contrast stood, my depleted penis retracted after exertion, a pathetic phallus on display.

They greeted us in English as they got near, left hand up, right hand still firmly clasping and working those large black cocks. Lisa was transfixed. I think it was the first time she had ever seen a black cock in the flesh, and here were three fine specimens in front of her to lust her eyes on. Seeing how lustful and receptive this naked white woman was the three Swazi boys dropped their tangas leaving them clad only with a string of traditional beads and very impressive hard-ons!

Still sliding his hand up and down his cock to sustain his aroused state the one Swazi boy pointed at my retracted flaccid white cock and said “No twelve year old boy in our tribe has a cock that small. How does he give you pleasure?” he asked Lisa.

“He doesn’t.” Lisa laughingly replied.

By now the assortment of black cocks were on full view and my wife was window shopping. The one was long and thin, about twice the length and thickness of mine. He approached us, his right hand gripping his erect cock. Apart from a hard-on, the only thing he had on his black body was a string of glass beads around his neck and a smile. Click. The next was large but very thick almost like a beer can, brown with a pinkish brown head. The third was indeed an African specimen.

Pitch black, fully erect, both long and thick with a surplus of foreskin hanging over the end, as if saying, ‘I can expand further if required’.


I knew what was going to happen. Lisa knew what was going to happen and the three Swazi boys knew what was going to happen. The maths was simple: (three naked black men) + (one naked white woman) = Fornication. My role would be to take a photographic record of this erotic event. Can you imagine the scene, my naked wife kneeling on a blanket in the Swaziland forest? My recent cum was oozing from her recently fucked cunt and creeping down her leg the moisture was glistening in the sub-tropical sun.

Her bare 38C breasts pouting outwards, her nipples still fully aroused from the recent fuck session, her long brunette hair hanging tousled to her tits. Next to her I stand a white man, naked in a black man’s country my small white cock on full view for all to see, still semi erect dripping the remains of my recent cum. The three naked young Swazi men were wearing only their traditional bead necklaces, but all sporting mammoth erections, showing off their large black cocks to best advantage.

There was a silent pause, where the erotic tableaux seemed to freeze. No one spoke, and then Lisa broke the moment by beckoning to the three horny Swazi boys to approach. We all knew what this meant: The beginning of the fun and games. There was sexual tension in the air as I had never experienced before. There was also an energy of what was about to happen, crossing some erotic and ethnic boundaries in a most exotic location.

I had to absorb the following: • My naked white wife was willingly going to be fucked by three black Swazi youths; the black on white sexual taboo was going to be broken; and I was willingly going to nakedly watch my wife being gangbanged by three well-endowed black men. I was going to take as many photos of the event. I was about to enter the realms of a cuckold husband.

Would my wife ever be satisfied by my small white cock offering after this happening?

The three Swazi boys were fully aroused. My wife had never ever been so aroused. Her engorged nipples were at bursting point. My humble small white cock was again at its full four inch hard-on. Everything went into slow motion mode which was perfect for me to capture as many pictures as I could. Lisa reached out with her hand to grasp the nearest erect black cock. Click. Both her mouth and cunt were drooling in anticipation. In slow motion her slender white fingers encircled the large erect black cock in front of her, not being able to get right around.

Her hand was at the bottom of the black penis shaft and the cock extended beyond her grip. Lisa placed her other hand around the penis and still the reddish/black cock head stood proud of her hands. It was fascinating to see the contrast in color of her small white hands gripping this large black skinned cock. That picture alone was almost enough to make me cum. Click. Wanting to join the action another Swazi boy approached, offering his cock to Lisa’s eager hands.

She now had a massive black cock in each of her white hands and smiled to me as she manipulated these fine meat specimens. Click. My wife dropped to her hands and knees on the blanket on the forest floor, her nude white bum sticking provocatively in the air, an invitation to be thoroughly fucked. The black boy with the beer can thick cock took the open invitation. Time seemed to freeze as these three muscular men relentlessly fucked my wife. The black and white, black on white contrast contradicted all colonial taboos, venturing into a new sensual realm.

My camera took close ups of these black cocks plunging into my wife’s mouth, plumbing the depths of her pink cunt, going where no white cock has been before. Her cunt and mind were being stretched to new limits. It was probably their first time fucking a white woman and they demonstrated their appreciation by being perpetually erect in honor of her beautiful, naked and randy body. The ebony cocks glistened in the Swazi sun well-polished by their precum and my wife’s cunt juices. I could see them jerking in spasm as each of their cocks gave a final muscular moment before releasing their copious cum into Lisa’s mouth and cunt.

Creamy translucent cum with a distinctive chlorine smell filled my wife’s mouth, running down her chin. It dripped slowly onto her naked breasts and one cum drop nestled neatly on her erect nipple. It hung translucent in the sun and I got a close up picture of her tanned tit, brown engorged nipple with this droplet of ‘black cum’.


Likewise her pubic area, inner thighs and lower stomach were smothered in fresh cum from these three black sources. It shone in the sun and ran in slow goblets from her body to the ground. Even after cumming the naked black Swazi boys managed to maintain their manhood erections, ready for the next fucking/sucking foray. I was impressed for after my small white cock has come it goes into hibernation, withdrawing its flaccid head like a tortoise into its testicular shell.

At the end of a most erotic afternoon each black cock had cum at least twice in Lisa’s mouth and now well stretched and serviced cunt. I, on the other hand (excuse the pun) had cum but once in my right hand palm. Satiated, as a form of salute to Lisa for her sexual prowess and stamina each Swazi man reached for the tribal beaded necklace around their necks and in turn presented Lisa with a thank you gift. Reciprocating, Lisa symbolically removed the three strings of wooden beads around her neck and presented the Swazi boys with a string each.

She then put the three tribal beaded necklaces around her neck. Now they had not only exchanged bodily fluids in a most intense and intimate way, but had exchanged their precious necklaces as a memento of this erotic interracial experience. The Swazi’s said their farewells and disappeared into the Usutu forests. Lisa lay in the afterglow of a most gorgeous gangbang slowly smoothing the copious fresh sperm over her breasts and stomach.

Click. Click.

Must take some after shots. She rose naked, her body varnished glazed in creamy matt cum.

“Do you want to bathe in the river before we head back to the cottage?” I asked.

“No, I want to carry and savor the memory of a most a fantastic fucking afternoon with me. Thank you for letting those three black boys give me such a thorough fucking while you stood on and watched your slut wife. I shall always remember today and look forward to seeing the photos of me being fucked.” She then giggled.

“What’s amusing you?” I asked.

“Your little white cock, I mean it’s really little even when fully erect compared to those three big black cocks. Will I ever be able to feel you inside me again after this afternoon?”

Wearing only the three trophy beaded necklaces on her body we wandered down the path, Lisa in a naked, post fuck stupor, me in awe of her accomplishment.

As we approached the cottage late afternoon she said in a groggy voice, “Oh, by the way, did I mention that I had invited the three Swazi boys around to the cottage for drinks tonight? They asked if they could bring three of their well hung friends. I said sure, I look forward to a fresh fucking challenge. You can serve the beers, naked of course as I’m sure they will all be amused seeing your pathetic pale phallus.”

This was the first time and hopefully not the last that I saw my wife fucked by big black cocks. Likewise it was the first time she had been gangbanged by well-endowed cocks and she assured me she wanted to do it again.

The End.




  • Anonymous

    Where is part 2

  • bambiegirl

    Oh My. that was great. i love it. i hope to read more. i know the feeling of having a pathetic small cock..

  • vici

    OMG… very very hot love the white sph compared to beautiful BBC waiting for part two thank you very much nice job 🙂

  • Sissy danielle

    Great story! Really shows how inadequete us whitebois are. More please!

  • Anonymous

    I love your story. Can’t wait to hear how the drinks and sex went later that night. I know how it feels to have a small cock also.


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