Humiliated by Wonder Woman

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by littleerection


So it’s a nice day today. I decide to go outside to get some fresh air and go for a walk. I wanna soak in the early spring cool breeze. I find myself going through the woods. Eventually I end up near the end and I see her past the trees standing alone on the cliff: The one and only Wonder Woman, looking out over the town! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’ve always had a crush on Wonder Woman. She’s so strong and beautiful that when I look at her picture or even think about her my heart melts and all it takes is one quick touch and I ejaculate. When I say a “quick touch”, I literally mean me putting my pinkie finger on my penis for one second.

It makes things awkward sometimes, especially when I’m in class or in public in general. Sometimes she just randomly pops into my head and I’m really hot and bothered. Now that’s how I feel when I just THINK about her sometimes! Imagine how I feel when she’s in full view! I wanna get her attention somehow! I need to talk to her! When else am I going to get the chance to talk to Wonder Woman? She’s literally twenty feet away from me!

I emerge from the trees, bringing me fifteen feet away from her instead of twenty! This it, I’m going for it!

“Hey, you, what’s up?” I say.

At least that’s what I tried to say, but because of the distance between us, the early spring cool breeze, my stuttering due the nervous wreck I was, and being the only twenty-year old who’s voice squeaks once in a while like a teenage boy’s does when he yells (The main similarity is the every once in a while part. It actually probably sounds closer to when a two-year-old girl yells. Oh, who am I kidding? There’s nothing once in a while about it), because of all that, to her it sounded more like: Hey, you’re a slut!

She then turns around with a pissed off look on her face and says, “What did just you say?”

All I could do is just stand there and take in what just happened, unable to even open my mouth. I was frozen in fear. After not being able to even form a word after ten seconds of her question, I get so nervous I start smiling (sometimes I smile when I’m nervous, it’s weird!) Then, it happens. She flies over to me with her arms crossed looking very pissed, and then it happened.

Wonder Woman slaps me in the face. It’s an extremely light slap for her but it’s the hardest I’ve ever been slapped before and hurts like hell. She then puts me in a headlock and I struggle but give up after soon realizing it’s pointless. I start crying and begging her to let me go. She starts laughing at me and says she’ll let me go if I admit to being a little sissy bitch.

“I’m a little sissy bitch,” I say quietly.

“What’s that?” Wonder Woman says, “I couldn’t hear you!”


Wonder Woman starts cracking up.

“Who’s little sissy bitch are you?” she asks.


“That’s right!” Wonder Woman exclaims. “Now say it: ‘I’m Wonder Woman’s little sissy bitch. She owns me’.”


Wonder Woman then finally releases me and starts laughing hysterically.

“Now little sissy bitch, strip,” she says.


She gives me another slap across the face.

“You heard me! Take off all your clothes, sissy bitch!”

I nod and start taking them off, first my shirt, then my shoes and socks, then my pants.

“Your underwear too,” she says.

“But I-”

“You wanna be slapped again little sissy bitch? Keep in mind that I’ve been slapping you as lightly as I can. You’re such a little weak sissy that if I hit you any harder, I’d break your face!”

In terror, I quickly pull down my boxers while keeping my private parts covered.

“Hands, up,” she says.

I quickly comply. At this point I feel complete and udder humiliation as I’m fully exposed to the beautiful and powerful Amazon.

My dick is now in full view of her. I use that term loosely, because of its size: one inch when erect, half an inch when soft, which it currently is, sitting on top of my tiny balls which it can’t even hang over.

Following this, Wonder Woman starts laughing harder at me than I’ve ever seen anyone laugh before in my life! Pointing at my teeny tiny penis, she continues to howl with laughter for over five minutes before even being able to speak!


Her harsh words make me wanna die and I start tearing up. As a result, I could feel my teeny tiny little penis retract and shrink down even smaller! The smaller it gets, the harder Wonder Woman continues to laugh! It’s now finally down to its smallest size, roughly a quarter inch. Continuing to laugh even HARDER now, Wonder Woman takes out her camera and starts taking several full body pictures with my now teeny tiny itty bitty little penis and face in full view.

“Please stop laughing,” I exclaim while crying. I didn’t think it was possible, but this causes her to laugh even HARDER!! After about ten minutes, the hysterical laughter finally calms down to a giggle.

In between giggling, she says, “Alright, little sissy, I wanna see something. Sit on the ground with your legs spread open like a little slutty girl.”

At this point I realize that she really does own me! As I open my legs, my teeny tiny itty bitty itsy little penis retracts ev- Wait, who am I kidding? I don’t even have a real penis, let me start over. As I open my legs, my teeny tiny itty bitty itsy little PEE PEE retracts even further until it goes inside me, completely inverted! After that, I couldn’t believe it, but you guessed it, she laughed the hardest yet! Non-stop for twenty minutes she laughs, taking picture after picture of me in this humiliating position.

Upon finally gaining composure, she says, “You’re the most pathetic little sissy bitch I’ve ever seen. You will now come with me and become my slave back at Themyscira!”

“But-” I say before being slapped in the face again.

“You shall speak only when spoken to, sissy bitch.”

She then lassos me by the ankle and flies into air, pulling me up with her! As she flies through the air she grips onto the bitter end of the lasso. As I hang upside down in terror and look up, I see that if she were to loosen her grip even a little bit, I would fall to my doom!

“Hand in the air!” she says, “If I catch you trying to cover up again, I’m letting go!”

She then flies over a city, fairly close to the ground. I look around and see people – mostly women- walking the streets stop to look up at us. First, I hear a lot of people notice Wonder Woman, but immediately after, all I could hear nothing but comments about what a teeny tiny itty bitty itsy little baby pee pee I have and a ton of laughter!



As I turn more and more red, and the early spring cool breeze makes my little pee pee even littler and littler, I start hearing and seeing more and more cameras snap pictures of me. As we exit the city, I start to over hear the people with the cameras talking about this making the front page of the paper!

Finally, we reach Themyscira. As we land, I quickly cover up my private areas once again. A lot of Amazons quickly crowd around Wonder Woman and I, demanding to know why she brought a boy to the land of Women. Attempting to talk instead of laugh, Wonder Woman says, “Hahahah! Does this look like a boy to you? Little sissy bitch, hands up!”

At this point, I comply right away. I don’t know why I even covered back up again, maybe I was hoping she would have mercy and not make me be the subject of ridicule to about thirty or more of her superior-than-me Amazon friends. As I put up my hands, I can feel myself changing forever. I never heard a crowd of women, even a crowd as big as this one, laugh SO DAMN LOUD AND HARD BEFORE as these women laugh at me now! The laughter is so loud that I could feel it deep down, cutting down my ego so small it’s now almost as tiny as my pee pee itself… almost. The level of ridicule is so huge it makes me except who I really am – A teeny tiny itty bitty itsy little baby pee pee’d sissy bitch made strictly for the purpose of giving women something to laugh at and being humiliated.

After the crowd finally simmers down, one of the Amazons said, “Ok, ok, you’re right, this is no man at all.”

I could hear another Amazon chime in, “Hey, Diana, do you have a nickname for your little sissy’s bitch’s minuscule penis?”

There’s a wave of female laughter and giggles among the crowd, all cutting my ego down just a little bit more.

“Little baby shrimp,” another one of the Amazons declares!

A wave of harder laughter, mixed with claps and cheers.

“Itsy Bitsy Baby Clitty.”

A TIDAL WAVE of HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER followed by thunderous applause.

“I think we have a winner!” Wonder Woman exclaimed!

More cheers!

And now, an “Itsy Bitsy Baby Clitty” chant, SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS by THIRTY AMAZON WOMEN for TEN MINUTES! Fast forward to ten minutes, it’s getting the attention of more and more Amazons, who are all deciding to join in, now SIXTY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN chanting “ITSY BITSY BABY CLITTY,” SCREAMING IT AT THE TOP OF THEIR SUPER LUNGS while POINTING at the thing I used to think was a penis, for another THIRTY MINUTES!!

Finally, its thirty minutes later, Wonder Woman signals to stop the chant and it works. She turns to me and says, loud enough so EVERYONE could hear, “Well, it’s definitely an accurate nickname. I don’t think any woman on this island had a clit that’s even CLOSE to being as small as yours.”

That was the final straw. Now both my ego and my itsy bitsy baby clitty are the same exact size. There is another loud collection of laughter, but it doesn’t hurt me anymore. Now I’ve learned to be a good little bitch. I know now to expect nothing less than getting laughed at, receiving humiliating name calling, being mocked and experiencing pure ridicule.

Oh no, what’s happening. I used to get hard just by thinking about Wonder Woman. The humiliation has kept me soft, but now that I’ve accepted it I’m experiencing an erection!

This catches the attention of Wonder Woman, who alerts the crowd, “Hey, everybody, look at this. Little sissy bitch has an erection. I stand by what I said before, even at its full size its smaller than every clit on Themyscira!”

The laughter of the crowd now, much like every other time, is off the charts. But what makes it worse this time is that it’s going back to shrinking down my ego again! I didn’t factor in erections. If they see me at my smallest and laugh its one thing, but if they see me when I’m hard and laugh, that’s it, that’s the biggest its gonna get. Now I know that even at my absolute biggest, my itsy bitsy baby clitty is still smaller than every clit on Themyscira! My ego is so tiny now! I didn’t think it was possible to get it any smaller! I take back what I said earlier, NOW my ego and my itsy bitsy baby clitty match in size.


The End.



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