Built to be Ruined

By subdeplume.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I had just returned earlier from a bike ride and had taken a long shower to ease my aching muscles. I looked at myself in the mirror and gave myself a once over. I was six feet tall, had black hair, and was pretty well-built if I do say so myself. My one insecurity…well, it was tucked away under my towel. I wasn’t going to worry about my below-average dick now after a good workout.

I fumbled around the sink for my glasses, but I couldn’t find them. On top of that, I thought that I had brought in some fresh clothes to change into. Maybe I had forgotten? I could hear my wife Emma in the living room speaking to someone, probably on her phone. I cracked the door to the bathroom.

“Hey Emma, have you seen my glasses anywhere?” I called out.

“Hey, babe! I think I can see them in here, right on the end table,” she replied.

I stumbled out to the living room, still wrapped in only my towel. I immediately noticed through my slightly blurred vision that there was someone else sitting on the couch with Emma.

“Hey Jake, it’s great to see you! Wow, you are looking great. Why don’t you walk around like this more often?” A familiar voice giggled.

As she laughed, I recognized the voice of Emma’s best friend, Charlotte. I grabbed my glasses from the table, and Charlotte came into view. She was about 5’10, with dark brown hair, pale skin, and perfect DD-cup breasts that I had spent more than a few nights fantasizing about. My wife Emma sat next to her, a gorgeous 5’6 blonde woman with perky B-cup tits and a great ass.

“How was your bike ride, honey?” Emma asked. “It looks like you got a good workout in.”

“I did! I went for about 15 miles. I’m going to go grab a drink, I think, you two want anything?” I replied.

They both said that they were fine, so I walked through the kitchen and drank a quick glass of water. Emma hadn’t told me that Charlotte was going to be over today, which seemed odd.

As I walked back into the living room, Emma stopped me.

“Hey, could you come over here for a second? Charlotte and I had a question for you.”

As I walked in front of the couch, Emma stood up and walked behind me.

“What’s that tattoo on your back, Jake?” Charlotte asked politely.

“Oh yeah, it’s just a—” I was cut off suddenly as I turned to show her because I had suddenly felt a cold breeze hit my nether regions as my towel was sharply yanked away.

Emma had grabbed my towel as I turned around, and Charlotte was staring straight at my ass! I made a grab for the towel with one hand desperately covering my junk, but Emma quickly threw it to Charlotte, and she promptly sat on it to keep it out of my reach. I looked at Emma, flushing beet red and fixing her with a glare.

“What the hell did you do that for?” I asked. “Give me my towel back!”

“Charlotte here also had heard a rumor about guys who ride bikes, and I knew that you’d be happy to help her out. She told me that men who ride their bikes place a lot of pressure on their genital region, and it can cause shrinkage, sometimes permanent,” Emma replied with a mischievous smile. “I knew you’d be willing to show her after some of our conversations that it doesn’t impact real men like that.”

“Plus, you’ve already got a great ass,” Charlotte added. “Let me see the front now!”

My hands were clamped firmly to my genitals, blocking them from view. Emma and I had talked about those secret fantasies in confidence…she wouldn’t force me into this without discussing it beforehand, would she?

“I didn’t sign up for this!” I protested.

“It’s fine, we’re all friends here. Besides, Emma here has told me all about you already. No secrets between friends, right? Go ahead and show me.” Charlotte had a smirk on her face as I turned to face her.

I gulped. I knew that my bike ride had left my already less-than-impressive member even more shrunken than usual. But before I could respond, Emma grabbed my hands. She yanked them forcefully away from my groin and behind my back, exposing me to Charlotte. Piercing laughter filled the room as both Charlotte and Emma cackled gleefully at my penis. The shaft of my penis had completely retreated into my body, leaving only the small head poking out from my groin. My balls had tightened up against my body, appearing shriveled up and tinier than usual as well.

“Holy shit, Emma! I know you said he had a small dick, but that’s ridiculous! Is that from the exercise, or is he always that tiny?” Charlotte managed to get out between her fits of laughter.

“He’s always pretty small, but I do think he’s shrunken a bit more than usual. I was wondering if the hot shower would help, but apparently not!” Emma laughed with her friend.

My face flushed even further, but for some reason, I couldn’t or wouldn’t pull my hands back from behind my back to cover myself.

“H-hold on, this is just because of the bike! It puts pressure on my dick, it made it shrivel up!” I stammered, trying to defend the indefensible.

“Yeah, it is smaller than usual, honey, but you have to admit you’re not exactly hung like a horse. Maybe there’s some truth to that permanent shrinkage rumor!” cracked Emma.

“If you think it’s really just from your exercise, why don’t you prove us wrong? Go ahead and get that little thing to its full size and show me just how much of a man you are,” Charlotte said with a smile.

Had they planned this whole thing?

Emma returned to the couch with Charlotte, and my hands finally returned to cover my shame.

“Aw, the little guy is shy! Here, I know what gets him hard,” said Emma.

With a practiced flourish, she pulled off her top and revealed her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, clearly waiting for this moment, and her nipples were already hard. Did this turn her on?

“Come here, Char. Play with my boobs a little bit, and he’ll sprout to his full potential…all four inches of it.”

“Four? From what I saw, I’d be surprised if he could reach three…but what the hell, why not,” Charlotte said with a smirk.

To my surprise, Charlotte began caressing my wife’s tits while I could only stare slack-jawed in amazement. I began to feel the first stirrings of arousal mixed with shame at my humiliation, but my penis still wasn’t growing yet.

“Come sit next to us, Jake, and we’ll make that little guy grow,” Charlotte called mockingly.

Shaken, I moved to sit on the other side of Emma, but Emma stopped me and then grabbed Charlotte’s hands, indicating for her to stop playing with her breasts. Emma scooted to the side and motioned for me to sit between the two of them.

“Now, put an arm around each of us, and we’ll get you nice and big, okay?” Emma cooed to me quietly.

As she spoke, Charlotte took her cue and pulled off her shirt as well. I watched in amazement as she unsnapped her bra to reveal her ample breasts, and at the sight of her topless, I felt my dick twitch with its first stirrings of life. Charlotte’s nipples were small for the size of her tits, and to my surprise, both were pierced. I couldn’t look away from them as I sat and placed my arms around the gorgeous women on either side of me.

“Hah! It’s even worse sitting down. His dick has practically disappeared!” Charlotte cried out, pointing at the nub between my legs.

“Sadly, that’s pretty much normal, Char. I can’t even ride him when he’s sitting. There’s honestly only a few positions we can use where I can even feel him.”

My face flushed even brighter, but I felt another twitch, and blood began to flow downstairs. My dick finally began to grow, and Charlotte took note immediately.

“Look, there he goes! Do you really think he’ll hit four inches? Maybe this will help.”

With that, Charlotte grabbed my left hand and placed it on her breast. Emma quickly followed suit and placed my right hand on hers, and as I began fondling the two of them, Emma slid one of her hands up my thigh. She began pulling my member between her thumb and forefinger. The difference between the two breasts was striking but heavenly. Emma’s perky B-cups were smaller, but they filled my hand perfectly as they had for the three years of our marriage.

Emma knew I was a boob man, and I adored playing with her perfectly shaped tits. Charlotte’s tits were bigger than any of the women I had ever been with, but they were well-built and sagged less than I would have expected for her size. I slowly pulled on her nipple, piercing gently, eliciting a small moan from her.

My dick continued to throb, and I finally reached a full erection under Emma’s guiding fingers. I began to groan as she gently continued to stroke me until, as suddenly as all this started, she stopped. Charlotte had grabbed something from the table beside her and held it in her hand as I continued to fondle their tits.

“Here, stand up small fry,” Charlotte said.

I obeyed sheepishly and received a stinging swat on each ass cheek from them as I did.

“Now turn around.”

I followed her instructions and noticed that Charlotte had a small tape measure in her hand. Emma smiled devilishly.

“Be good, honey, and we’ll make you cum harder than you ever have.”

With that promise from my wife, there was no chance I would do anything but obey as Charlotte laid the tape measure against my throbbing dick. A drop of pre-cum fell from the tip as I ogled her pierced tits so close to me, closer than I would ever have dared to imagine when I woke up this morning.

“SEE! I told you he wouldn’t hit four, Emma! It’s three and a half. Oh my God, how have you dealt with that for so long? I would never accept anything under five inches, and that’s only if they’re good at eating pussy!”

My dick throbbed under this verbal assault on my manhood, but my arousal was only intensifying. More drops of pre-cum spilled to the ground as Charlotte continued to laugh, causing her breasts to jiggle slightly.

“Well, he’s pretty good at eating pussy, and I have plenty of dildos and vibrators to keep me satisfied after he cums. It usually doesn’t take that long, so once he’s asleep, I make sure I get mine,” Emma laughed with her.

My face kept burning, but my dick was harder than it had ever been.

“Hey, I make you cum!” I protested. “You said you really like when I fuck you missionary style!”

“Oh, honey. You know I love you, but I’ve just been being nice for the sake of our marriage. Your penis really isn’t enough for me. I thought it’d be better to fake it than to hurt your feelings. Once I talked to all of my girlfriends about your size, they really got a kick out of it. Charlotte said she had an ex-boyfriend who also had a small penis that liked to hear about it, and once you brought it up last month, I knew that I could finally tell you the truth.”

“Yeah, and my ex had a five-inch dick! He was almost normal. You’re actually minuscule! I knew you’d love this, little man.” Charlotte chimed in.

“We were right, too. We knew you’d love this! Look at all the pre-cum you’re leaking, babe. You’ve already dripped more pre-cum out of those little balls than you’ve ever shot inside of me!” Emma and Charlotte kept piling on, but their insults were only making me more turned on for some twisted reason.

My dick continued dripping like a tap as Emma humiliated me in front of her best friend.

“Here, babe. Now that we have measured you and we both know that you’re not even a measly four inches, we can finish you off. You look like you’re about to erupt already! I’m going to play with your balls, and Charlotte can stroke you. Char, you’re only going to need to pinch it with two fingers. Any more than that is overkill.”

Charlotte nodded and reached out to squeeze my penis between her fingers.

“I can’t believe you like being humiliated for having a tiny penis, you pathetic loser,” Charlotte asked. “You literally have the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe that anyone would marry this worthless thing. It must have been such a disappointment to Emma when she finally saw it…I feel so bad for her. You should have heard the girls at brunch when she first brought up how small your dick is.”

Her fingers stroked back and forth gently, and Emma played with my balls as I moaned under the combination of their physical assault on my genitals and the verbal attacks on my manhood. I couldn’t believe that Emma would have told all of her friends that I was under-endowed. Was that just a lie, a part of this twisted game? I could already feel myself getting dangerously close to the edge, and Emma looked up at me knowingly. She was very familiar with how long I could last and what I looked like when I was about to cum.

Emma then said, “It was pretty sad, remember, honey? We were at our place, packed and ready to fly out the next morning. We were making out on the bed, and then…you came in your pants before you could even get any of my wedding lingerie off! I had to use a dildo to get myself off while you sat limp and watched me, but you said it was one of the sexiest things you had ever seen. Actually, hold on a second…”

Emma removed her hands from my balls and raced off to the bedroom. Charlotte gave me a few more strokes before she removed her fingers, too, waiting for Emma’s return. My dick twitched at the sudden lack of stimulation, and a long strand of pre-cum connected Charlotte’s fingers to my penis. Emma quickly came back with her favorite dildo, a thick nine-inch beast that I had enjoyed watching her use on several occasions, including our wedding night. At the sight of it, Charlotte began laughing even harder.

Charlotte said to me, “You know what that is, right? That’s not just a dildo. It’s a clone-a-willy!”

My dick tensed up in anxious pleasure as I waited for Charlotte to elaborate.

Emma spoke up instead. “That’s right. This is an exact model from my ex-boyfriend, Kevin. He made it when we were together, so I had something to use to get off with when he went out of town on business.”

I involuntarily moaned, and an erotic thrill raced through my body with the realization that my wife had been using her ex’s cock to pleasure her throughout our marriage.

“Hahaha, your wife literally had to use another man’s cock to get off on your wedding night! Do you know how pathetic that is? You are truly a small-dick loser; you might be the most pathetic male I’ve ever met.” Charlotte declared.

Emma held up the dildo alongside my penis, and the comparison was not favorable. Her ex-boyfriend was almost three times my size and significantly thicker. Enjoying the comparison, Charlotte held up her hand in the universal ‘small penis’ sign with her thumb and forefinger pinched only an inch apart. Emma took the cloned dick and laid it on the couch between her and Charlotte, a stark reminder of the difference between me and her previous lover.

Emma said, “See how I used to get filled up, baby? I miss fucking cock like this. You know Kevin wasn’t the only man I’ve fucked with a big cock, right? I love you and your baby-sized pee-pee, but sometimes I really need to be stretched out. It’s not fair that I met a man who was perfect in every way…except for his little dickie. I don’t mean to be rude, but you know you have by FAR the smallest penis I’ve ever been with, right, babe?”

Emma’s words seemed to have a direct line to my penis. My dick twitched again, and pre-cum was streaming out of my dick. I was the most aroused I had ever been, and neither of them was touching me.

Charlotte then added, “It’s by far the smallest dick I’ve ever seen too. Honestly, dick is the wrong word. That’s a dicklette, a male clit, a babydick. It’s seriously sooooo tiny. Emma, I’m serious. If you ever need to get stretched out by a real man again, I have a friend I can put you in touch with.”

I moaned as I once again pictured Emma fucking a bigger man, and she took note.

“Would you like that, honey? Would you like your wife to be stretched out by a fat dick again, just like I used to?” Emma asked me.

I shuddered, and I could feel an orgasm rushing towards me. I gasped and struggled to hold it off, but I couldn’t get the image of Emma’s sweet pussy being filled with a dick that was nothing like my own.

“Charlotte, finish him off. He’s about to cum, I can tell,” Emma smirked.

Charlotte moved in front and reached for me, and as she did, she spoke again. “God, a tiny penis and a premature ejaculator. No wonder you’ve been using those dildos, Emma. I’m going to text you my friend’s info after we make this little loser spurt his tiny load. With balls like those, I can’t imagine there’s going to be much inside.”

Her fingers encircled the base of my dick but just gripped it loosely without stroking.

“Are you going to cum, tiny? Are you going to prove that you deserve to be a cuck and cum to the idea of your wife being stretched out by a big cock? He’s going to fill her up like you never could with your little three-inch penis.”

I groaned. Charlotte wasn’t stroking me at all; she was just humiliating me, but my orgasm was about to wash over me.

“Go ahead, tiny. Shoot that load all over my tits, and once you do, I’m going to set up your wife with a real man. She deserves so much bigger and better than this pathetic little thing.”

Charlotte hadn’t moved her fingers, but suddenly my penis began to dribble cum out of the tip like a leak had been sprung, and she released my dick altogether. Cum was flowing out of my penis and falling onto Charlotte’s boobs, and she put one arm under her tits to prop them better under my leaking dick. I was awash in arousal, and my orgasm was practically washing over me. Still, the lack of stimulation was preventing full release.

“Look, he can’t even cum like a real man! He’s dribbling cum just from us laughing at his pitiful little weenie! What a pathetic, tiny-dick loser!” Charlotte was really enjoying this now.

Charlotte and Emma both laughed at me as my dick continued to dribble cum, and my knees nearly gave out as I shuddered and moaned, aching for a full release. Emma pointed at my penis and then the cloned dildo, and then she made the same ‘small penis’ sign Charlotte had made earlier.

Charlotte finally reached out with one finger and, with one tap, flicked the tip of my penis. Paired with the rapid-fire humiliation, I was finally brought over the edge, and my orgasm took over me in full. My small dick began firing rope after rope of cum out onto Charlotte’s pierced tits.

Stream after stream of cum landed on Charlotte’s boobs, and my body spasmed as the two women laughed at how their humiliation alone had just made me cum. Emma looked up at me and smiled with her hand continuing to indicate just how small she thought my dick was. Finally, my orgasm subsided, and Charlotte looked down at her tits completely spattered in my cum. She was clearly a bit shocked as she turned back to Emma.

“Small penises like that deserve ruined orgasms, I think. Jake knows he doesn’t deserve a real orgasm with that tiny thing.” Charlotte replied. “He still came a lot, though; that really surprised me. His balls are so small. I really thought he wouldn’t be able to work up that much.”

Emma said, “One thing I will say, Char, is that’s more cum than I’ve ever seen him produce. I used to think his balls were too tiny to shoot big loads like a real man does, but I think he just needs to be humiliated and ruined first. You’re right. It’s what little dicks were built for,” Emma smiled as she stood up. “Now, what was the name of that friend of yours?”


After Charlotte’s unexpected visit, Emma and I spent the night immediately after discussing what had happened. Despite my extreme surprise at Charlotte’s appearance, we both loved and thoroughly enjoyed the experience together. Emma found the new power she had over me exhilarating, and we spent the next few nights experimenting together with various levels of humiliation. I found the twisted humiliation at her hands more exciting every day, and our relationship felt closer and stronger than ever.

A week had passed since Charlotte’s surprise visit. I heard the sound of Emma coming in from work, but instead of coming into the kitchen like she normally does, she went into our bedroom and shut the door. As I walked by, I could hear her speaking quietly on the phone, but I was unable to make anything out. She came out of the bedroom about an hour later, and I was back in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on our dinner. Emma smiled at me as she walked in and grabbed a seat at the table.

“What’s for dinner, babe?”

“Your favorite. It’ll be ready in a few minutes,” I replied. “Who was that on the phone?”

“Just Charlotte. We were talking about last week, and both of us had a few ideas that we wanted to discuss before bringing them to you,” Emma had a glint in her eye that made my heartbeat sound like a drum behind my reddening ears.

“What kind of ideas?” I attempted to ask innocently, the small bulge at the front of my trousers betraying my interest.

“I’ll tell you about it once you have our dinner ready,” Emma’s smile set my mind racing.


Two days later…

The doorbell rang, and Emma jumped up from the couch. I caught a glimpse of her short dress rising dangerously as she stood up. Then, she was already around the corner, welcoming our guests. I stood as well, moving to the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine and a corkscrew. As I walked back towards our living room, Emma and our guests had already sat down on the couch between our two guests. Setting the wine down, I extended my hand towards the man idly chatting with my wife.

“Hi, I’m Jake,” I said.

About six foot three and with dark, wavy hair and a matching beard, the man clasped my hand in his and stood to introduce himself, towering over me.

“Hey Jake, I’m Nick. Charlotte already introduced me to Emma here. Grab a seat and join us.”

Nick’s hand released mine, and I hid a wince and resisted the urge to shake it gently as I lowered myself onto our loveseat.

“Nick and I met when I first moved here, and he’s helped me out in the past when I’ve been in need of his talents,” Charlotte spoke. “He helped me out with my ex as well.”

Nick grinned at the memory and turned to Emma. My wife was wearing a small black dress that was simultaneously low-cut and barely long enough to cover the small thong I had bought her specifically for tonight. Charlotte had also dressed for the occasion in a small red dress. Charlotte’s pierced nipples poking visibly against the scarlet material made it clear she wasn’t wearing anything else underneath.

“So, how long have you and Jake here been married?” Nick asked her, throwing a thumb back my way without turning to look at me.

“About two years now, but we dated for another two before that,” Emma smiled, turning to angle herself (and her neckline) towards Nick. She knew just how low her slim black dress was cut, and Nick’s eyes had to have been on her cleavage as she leaned in to talk to him.

Charlotte looked over to me as the light conversation between the four of us continued, and the smile she had on her face had a gleam underneath it that both scared and aroused me. We continued to chat and drink for the next few minutes. Eventually, the wine’s effect on my inhibitions took over. I took one larger gulp of wine, summoned all my courage, and spoke up.

“Does anyone feel like getting a bit more comfortable?” I proposed a tad awkwardly. I wasn’t sure how to get something like this started, but everybody here knew what the plans for the evening were.

Emma and I had discussed a bit beforehand. What we were comfortable with tonight, but with two other people involved, there was plenty of room for surprises. Nick still sat between Emma and Charlotte on the couch in my living room, and he turned away from my wife to face me.

“Sure, no problem.” Nick smiled and put his arms around both Charlotte and Emma. “Why don’t you get things started, Charlotte? Emma can participate when she feels up to it.”

“I don’t think Emma here will want to wait too long before she joins in. Jake might need a few minutes on the sidelines first, though,” Charlotte chimed in. “You know how small dick guys are. We don’t want him losing it right away.”

I blushed furiously as Charlotte stood, but I quickly forgot my shame as her hands moved behind her back and began unzipping her dress. As her dress slid smoothly down her body, everybody in the room had eyes only for Charlotte as she stepped into complete nudity without a drop of shame. Her large breasts hung lightly against her frame, and as soon as she stepped out of her dress, Nick grabbed her hand and pulled her back down onto the couch.

Taking Charlotte’s neck in his right hand, he pulled her mouth against his, and they kissed passionately as his left hand slid up to grab her breast. Emma looked over to me, waiting for my nod. I tilted my head towards her, and she slowly reached over and began unbuttoning Nick’s shirt as Nick and Charlotte continued kissing. Suddenly, Charlotte and Nick broke apart, and Charlotte moved over to assist Emma. Charlotte began stripping Emma as my wife finished unbuttoning Nick’s shirt, exposing his muscular torso. Charlotte spoke aloud to both Nick and me.

“You should get naked too, Jake. That way, we can see when you’re ready to join in. But you can’t touch yourself unless we say so. Right, Emma?”

Emma snickered. “Come on, honey. We all know that you’d be the first to cum tonight if you were allowed to touch your little guy right away. It wouldn’t be as fun if we didn’t have a few surprises in store for you.”

Charlotte had begun pulling down Nick’s pants. As she had promised, there was an already sizable bulge underneath the boxer briefs that she revealed. Emma began removing her dress to expose the lingerie I had bought her, especially for tonight. Charlotte turned to wait before revealing anything else. Emma’s bra, if it could be called that, was practically transparent, and the small pieces of fabric were designed to be as small as possible while still barely covering her nipples. The thong she had on was just a string that slid through her bountiful ass and around her thighs.

I slid my pants down around my ankles and began stepping out of the first leg. My ankle got stuck, and I tripped, falling backward into the chair before finally extricating my left foot. Charlotte giggled behind her hand, and I silently pulled off my right pant leg, revealing my bright blue briefs and my bulge, albeit much smaller than the one Charlotte had just exposed.

Charlotte stood up, and I ogled her ass while she grabbed Nick’s right hand. Emma took his left, and they stood up, pulling him to his feet. Emma gestured to me to join them, and I stood up and walked over. Moving to the center of the living room, Emma stood Nick next to me, and then she knelt in front of him. Charlotte dropped to her knees in front of me, and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest as she tucked her thumbs into my briefs.

“On the count of three.” Charlotte grinned at me.

“One,” Emma said as she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of Nick’s underwear.

“Two,” Emma’s voice rattled through my brain as Charlotte looked down at my crotch, scowling briefly at the small wet spot already visible on my briefs.

Nick’s bulge dwarfed mine as we stood next to each other. My knees felt weak. What had I done? Emma is about to…


Cold air washed over my groin, and I looked down as Charlotte pulled my briefs towards my ankles. She laughed mercilessly, first at my throbbing, dripping penis, but then she turned to Nick and laughed even louder. I followed her gaze and witnessed just what she found so hilarious.

Nick’s cock was not yet erect, but it had flopped out of his underwear with an effect on Emma that could not be understated. Her eyes were practically crossed as she ogled his thick cock, which had to have been six inches flaccid. Emma’s hand rose as if in slow motion, and I could only stare, rapt, as my wife grabbed onto another man’s cock. Her hand attempted to wrap around his cock. Still, her fingers failed to reach each other I felt Charlotte’s hand begin moving around my penis.

I looked down, and Charlotte had laced her forefinger and thumb around the base of my penis, finger clearly on top of her thumb with room to spare. Emma began slowly stroking Nick’s cock, and I looked on in shock as she stopped, spat on his cock, and resumed her strokes. I could see it starting to grow with every stroke of her hand. Each sliding movement she made covered more and more cock, and Charlotte didn’t fail to let me hear about it.

“Look at her stroke that big cock. She’s already stroking two of your dicks put together, and he still isn’t hard. Look at him growing, then look back down at yourself,” Charlotte’s words cut me to the bone, but looking down, my erection was twitching a nonverbal response to her words.

My penis throbbed as Charlotte’s hands remained at the base of my penis, never moving, finger still enclosed clearly over my thumb. Her pierced tits dangled below my throbbing dick, and Charlotte continued to cackle cruelly, making them jiggle slightly beneath me.

“Your little clit-dick is already ready to cum without even being stroked, and meanwhile, your wife is still working on stroking Nick’s monster to a full erection. How does it feel to be this much of a cuck?”

I couldn’t hold back a moan, and Nick chuckled to himself. I looked back over at my wife, and his dick was nearly standing out straight now, a ten-inch long beast of a thing with girth to match a beer can. Emma continued stroking his cock as the red tip of his monster hovered a few inches from her nose. Charlotte laughed, then stood up. She pushed me down onto the left side of the couch before she stopped Emma for a moment, gesturing for Nick to sit next to me in the center. As we sat next to each other, my tiny erection was barely visible between my legs. Emma was already kneeling in front of Nick’s towering cock.

“Please, honey. I really want to suck this cock. Can I?” my wife begged me.

Emma had a hungry look in her eyes, and before I could finish nodding, Emma had made the tip of Nick’s cock disappear into her mouth. Her hand circled the base of his shaft. She began stroking the lower half of his cock as she pushed him deeper and deeper into her mouth, inch after inch of his cock sliding deeper as she simultaneously stroked him.

Charlotte leaned towards me, and I groaned at the feeling of her soft tits on my legs. I turned to her, and she giggled to herself again as she pointed at my penis.

“Notice how much cock Emma has in her mouth?” Charlotte held up a pinky finger as she kept cruelly comparing me to her friend. “Nick has three times the cock you do. Even as she blows him, she’s still able to jerk off a bigger cock than yours.”

Emma had about half of Nick’s cock in her mouth, and her hand was stroking the other half. I shuddered as Emma dove headfirst down on his monster, getting two-thirds of the way down before pulling back and gasping for air. Nick’s cock was slick with her saliva, and she put her other hand onto him and began stroking the full, ten-inch throbbing monster with both hands.

Emma said, “Wow, honey! Look how much cock he has, and then look at what you have to offer me! Aren’t you lucky I married someone as pathetic as you? I still love you, but I really need something bigger to satisfy me truly. Although I’m glad you’re letting me play with bigger cocks, it’s really you who should be thanking me. If you weren’t willing to let me play with bigger cocks, I probably would have had to find some on the side anyway. You simply don’t have enough to keep me satisfied, not by a long shot.”

Emma’s words shot through me like lightning, and my dick was bobbing up and down as if nodding its agreement.

Charlotte chimed in excitedly, “That’s right, you pathetic excuse for a male. No woman would ever stay loyal to this tiny thing.”

She flicked my dick as she spoke, and I struggled to hold it together. My face was beet red, and my penis was dripping as it bounced.

“You’re lucky Emma has been loyal to you this long. Why don’t you thank Nick for providing her what you can’t?” Charlotte asked cruelly, and Nick chuckled at the suggestion.

I blushed even redder, but I couldn’t say no.

“Thank you, Nick…” I muttered quietly.

“For what?” Charlotte inquired in an innocent tone of voice as if she didn’t know just what she was asking me to do.

“For providing my wife what I can’t,” I mumbled.

Charlotte’s finger snapped quickly, flicking across my dick. Pain quickly shot through my penis, and my little penis was suddenly bouncing up and down like a doorstop.

“And what is that exactly?” Emma chimed in, knowing exactly how much I would love and hate admitting it.

“A big cock. I don’t have a big cock to give my wife, and she deserves a big cock!” I gasped out, and my penis quivered dangerously, bouncing right on the edge of exploding when Charlotte grabbed the base of my dick and squeezed it tightly.

“Oh no, you don’t, tiny!” Charlotte cried, and my orgasm stopped, unable to continue, cum failing to erupt from my dick.

I shuddered painfully and gasped aloud as Charlotte shut down any chance of a real orgasm. Emma removed her mouth from Nick’s cock with a wet popping sound, and she joined in, laughing even harder than Charlotte at my pain.

“What did we tell you about cumming first? We know you’re a premature ejaculator, so we’ve barely been touching you, but still, you’re about to lose it?” Emma never stopped stroking Nick as she casually humiliated me.

“Charlotte, could you grab the stuff from the kitchen? I’m a bit busy here,” Emma asked. Charlotte stood and ran into the kitchen as I looked over at my wife, who had resumed stroking and sucking Nick.

My penis continued to bounce at the sight (and sounds!) of my wife slurping on a superior cock. Charlotte returned and knelt back at my feet. I hadn’t even noticed her return from the kitchen as I was staring at my wife, but now I managed to tear my eyes away and look down.

“Here,” Charlotte said, and she placed the palm of her left hand over my package.

“OUCH, what the FUCK! JESUS, that’s cold! Emma, you said I’d get a warning!” I shrieked as Charlotte cupped my penis and testicles in her hand, with what felt like a couple of cubes of ice pressed against my genitals.

Normally, I’d love to feel Charlotte’s hand, but not like this! Against its will, my cock began shrinking. I writhed under Charlotte’s hand, but she kept it planted against my body. Finally, my penis shriveled into its smallest self and then retracted even further. Charlotte removed her hand, and as I looked down in shame, I nearly cried at the difference between the ten-inch erection my wife was fellating and my one-inch nub.

“Wow, look at her go! Emma, are you sure this is your first time with a big cock?” Charlotte asked, and I looked back to Emma as she pushed herself, clearly attempting to take all of Nick down her throat.

Inching closer and closer to his base, I could see the bulge in her throat as she got closer and closer. With about an inch left, Emma gagged and had to back off, gasping as she extricated herself from his slobbery tool. Coughing, she looked over at me.

“I’ve never had a problem taking all of your little guy now have I, Jakey?” Emma’s words were about to revive my ice-cold penis when I felt Charlotte’s hands slip something around my shriveled balls, then enclosing my cock with a distinct clicking sound.

I looked down, only to be greeted by a small metal cage. Charlotte laughed as I groaned, staring down at my jailed penis. She had a small key now dangling on a cord between her breasts and a devilish look in her eyes.

“We couldn’t have you losing control too early, pencil-dick.” Charlotte grinned at me. “We ordered the smallest size that would arrive in time for tonight, but it looks like there’s still room to spare! Next time, we’ll have you start the evening wearing this.”

I looked down, and my retracted nub clearly left half of the two-inch metal cage empty.

“You know I have to fuck this cock, baby. It’s too long, too thick, too perfect for me not to experience right now. It’s been so long since I’ve had a big cock, honey, and I don’t want you blowing your little load the second I put him inside me,” Emma said, smiling kindly over at me while I reeled. “It’s the only way. I want you to be turned on while I fuck this cock, and if you blow your load too early, you won’t feel as involved. I want to be able to humiliate you the way you crave while I fuck this huge cock. Don’t you want that too?”

Emma already knew what I was going to say. I had secretly always known this was what I wanted, and Emma knew it too.

“Go ahead, honey.” I groaned, and Charlotte stood, moving to the right side of the couch next to Nick but turning across to face me.

My wife continued kneeling in front of Nick, and he casually put his right arm around Charlotte to begin fondling her breasts. Suddenly, his left hand reached down from behind his head, and he grabbed the back of Emma’s neck. Turning her mouth towards him, she opened as wide as she could as he pulled her deeply onto his cock, and inch-by-inch, it slowly disappeared down her throat until finally, Emma’s face reached the base of his cock, and he held her there.

I gasped as I saw my wife fit his entire cock down her throat, and my penis expanded quickly to fill its two-inch prison before stopping painfully. The bars of the tiny cage pressed against me, and I felt more aroused and humiliated than I ever had before as I was denied even a full erection. Nick finally released Emma, and she pulled back, coughing. Her watery eyes looked up at him with a lust I had never seen before.

Emma suddenly released Nick’s cock and stood up, and she slowly spun around to showcase her supple ass. Emma hooked her thumbs into her panties and smoothly slid them downwards to her heels as Nick was provided an angle no man could resist as she stepped out of them. Charlotte had taken over where Emma had left off, slowly stroking Nick’s penis as Emma removed her bra.

I stared on as jealousy, humiliation, and lust were all washing over me in waves. Emma turned her head towards me, looking down. Her ass was still pointed directly in Nick’s face as she looked over her shoulder at me, and the cage around my cock was impossibly tight. I hated wearing this, but deep down, I knew I’d need it if I wanted to last through what was about to happen.

“Honey, I’m going to fuck him now,” Emma’s words were chosen specifically to humiliate me, and I loved and hated every moment. “I will let you fuck me afterward, but I could barely feel you normally. I don’t think I’ll feel you at all after taking this gorgeous penis. Your little dick doesn’t matter anymore, though. I need this cock inside of me. You understand that, right? You understand that you have a little tiny penis that can’t please me, and I have to find a bigger cock to satisfy me, right?” Emma questioned me, and Charlotte laughed derisively as I squirmed next to them.

“Yes, honey. I want you to fuck that big cock because I can’t please you the way you deserve.” I panted out the words, the bars of the cage pressing painful lines into my constrained cock, which somehow was feeling like it was about to burst.

“Thanks, babe,” Emma turned. “Can you help me out, Char? It’s been a while since I’ve had a real man.”

Charlotte nodded and settled her hand at the base of Nick’s cock, holding it steady for Emma. Charlotte placed her other hand on Emma’s ass, squeezing gently before helping guide her down. Nick’s hand joined and mirrored hers on the opposite cheek, although with a tighter grip than Charlotte’s, squeezing my wife’s butt tightly. I looked on as Emma spread her feet apart and reached down to place her hands on Nick’s thighs. Slowly, she let herself be guided down by both of their hands.

Time seemed to move in slow motion as I stared on. The tip of Nick’s cock pressed against her lips, and Emma held herself there, perched. She turned to look at me, and our eyes locked each other. Charlotte slowly used her hand to rub Nick’s cock against Emma’s clit lightly, and Emma let out a small moan of approval. I couldn’t look away from Emma’s face, my wife’s face, as Charlotte then placed Nick’s tip against her, and Charlotte and Nick slowly guided Emma down further.

Emma’s eyes still faced mine, and I watched as they filled with delight as she sank, slowly but surely, inch-by-girthy-inch. Her eyes finally closed in pure unadulterated pleasure as she finished sinking all the way onto Nick’s cock, and I looked down to see her pussy lips stretched wider than I had ever seen a woman stretched before. Nick groaned, and with a slight yelp of pleasure, Emma slowly rose upwards and then began sinking downwards suddenly again before she had gone more than a few inches upwards. Quickly, her pace increased as she adjusted to his size, and his shaft was slick as she moved faster and faster on his oversized tool.

Nick’s hand flashed out, slapping Emma’s ass as she continued to move up and down. I couldn’t look away from my wife’s lips being spread by Nick’s thick tool. Meanwhile, my cock continued its futile attempt to break through the cage. There was a bright red handprint visible on Emma’s cheek before Nick grabbed another handful of her ass, and he began pulling Emma forcefully down onto his cock in time with Emma’s movements.

Emma cried out in pleasure as his cock filled her, and her eyes remained closed as Charlotte turned to look over at me from across the couch. She had a cruel sneer forming on her face as she looked at me, writhing in pleasure next to them. Her left hand moved down between her legs, and she began to rub herself as she spoke, getting off to dominating her best friend’s husband.

Charlotte then shrieked, “Look, the cage might not even be enough to hold him back! No way he lasts long enough to try and fuck you, Emma! His little guy is going to explode before then. This must be the first time he’s ever seen you have a good time during sex.”

Charlotte’s words were destroying me, my self-esteem was withering away, but the humiliation was only arousing me further, and each word struck me in a torturous blend of pleasure and pain. I groaned as Charlotte continued her assault, and Emma giggled along.

“He’s dripping pre-cum all over himself! Do you like watching your wife fuck a big cock, you little loser? Look at how he fucks her. Look how his cock fills her up the way yours never could. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Because you get off on how small your dick is, you get off on the fact you can’t please your wife? That’s exactly why you need other men to do it for you,” Charlotte jeered as Nick continued fucking my wife.

Her cries were only growing louder as she moved up and down quickly on Nick. Emma’s ass was bouncing on Nick’s cock, fully hilting his cock inside her with every stroke, sliding almost all the way up and off his cock, and then taking it all the way back down. Her ass jiggled with every downward stroke after reaching the base, and her cries indicated she was getting close already.

“Thank you so much, babe, for letting me fuck this cock. I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you,” Emma was panting, struggling to get her words out as she bounced on Nick’s cock.

Even still, she turned to look at me over her shoulder. She said, “I forgive you for having the tiniest penis I’ve ever seen. I’ll always forgive you as long as you keep letting me fuck big cocks, honey.”

Emma turned away from me again as I burned in agony. I could see every inch of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, stretching her wide and plunging deep inside of her. I was awash in pure pleasure as I stared at my wife’s beautiful ass bouncing on Nick’s massive cock, taking every inch of it inside her, farther than I had ever been and farther than I could ever go. Emma’s moans grew louder, and Charlotte looked on in scorn across from me as my toes curled in pleasure, and I shivered next to my wife and the man fucking her.

Charlotte said, “She’s never going to feel your little dick again. I think from this point on, the only time you’ll get to fuck her pussy is after she’s been taken by a real cock. Then you’ll get your turn, but only if you don’t cum before then. It looks like your little guy isn’t going to make it this time.”

I glanced down, and I could tell Charlotte was dangerously close to being right. My penis was bright purple, straining with all of its might against the extra-small cage, and cum was dribbling down it, leaving an embarrassing trail and a wet spot on our couch. I looked back up, and I could see the juices dripping down Nick’s cock as he pulled her back down onto him. Emma’s cries told me she was about to go over the edge herself.

Once again, she turned, and Emma’s eyes locked with mine, but this time she said nothing. I looked on as she sank, and her face lit up in ecstasy as she teetered on the edge of orgasm. Finally, she tipped over the edge, and her mouth opened as she cried out in ecstasy, her entire body shuddering as waves of pleasure rolled over her. Her back curled, and she shook wildly. Emma was in the throes of an orgasm the likes of which I had never seen her have before.

Not only that, but another man was causing it right next to me while I watched! My cage was now bouncing up and down as Emma cried out in pleasure, and she was calling Nick’s name as her legs shuddered. I could only hope she wasn’t loud enough for our neighbors to hear.

As if on cue, Nick began shaking along with Emma. The combination of my wife cumming her brains out on his cock and the lengthy blowjob he had received before fucking her must have become too much for him. Nick’s moans joined Emma’s as they cried out in simultaneous pleasure. Finally, Emma began slowing her movements on his pulsing cock, and they both slowly panted through the ends of their orgasms. Emma spoke first.

“Fuuuuuck, thank you, Nick. Thank you for this huge fucking cock. Oh my god, thank you! Thank you for being so much bigger than my husband. I’ve needed that for years now,” Emma said as she slowly began lifting herself off of Nick.

I watched as his cock slowly slipped out of her pussy, inch-by-inch until cum began pouring from Emma. Some of it dripped back onto Nick’s still twitching cock, and Emma placed her hand below her to catch the rest. There was more cum dripping around her hands and on Nick’s cock, than I’d thought a cock could even produce. Even his loads were worth three of mine, and my cage felt as if it was shrinking even tighter around me as Emma raised her cum-covered hand to her mouth to lick it clean. Charlotte placed her left hand around Nick and began slowly stroking him as she continued playing with herself.

“My turn, Nick! You better be up for a few more rounds.” Charlotte pouted playfully.

That served as an effective reminder that it was finally my turn to have sex with my wife, and I didn’t want to wait another second.

“Um, honey? Can I fuck you now?” I spoke quietly as Emma stepped away to allow Charlotte to take her spot in front of Nick.

Charlotte knelt and began worshiping his tool, stroking with both hands as she sucked away the cum from his tip. Tearing my eyes away, Emma was in front of me now. I had barely made it, but I did! Staring down at my caged member. It bulged between the bars, the head a bright shade of purple underneath the cage.

Emma sighed. “I suppose you’re right. You did last this long, at least. I guess you deserve a reward.”

Emma knelt in front of me and placed her right hand underneath my balls, fondling them gently. I gasped at the first stimulation I’d had in several minutes. As Emma continued massaging lightly, she held her hand out to Charlotte.

Charlotte, who was continuing to stroke Nick’s still-erect cock with her left hand, reluctantly yanked the cord, holding the key from around her neck and placing it in Emma’s hand. Emma turned back to me and began giggling at the bouncing cage. My penis couldn’t grow, but Emma’s gentle massage of my balls was pushing me to the brink of orgasm, and I was putty in her hands as I waited for her to unlock me.

“You made it, Jake! Your little dicklette didn’t blow too early! Aren’t you excited to fuck me?”

Her left hand moved to insert the key into the lock but stopped just short. I was delirious at this point, groaning as she teased my balls and my pride.

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if you came before you got to fuck me? I mean, it’s not like I’m going to feel you anyway after Nick’s monster cock. I could barely feel you before I fucked that giant thing. Why don’t you just cum now and get it over with? Then I wouldn’t even have to unlock you. I could just leave you in here for the rest of the night or the week.”

Emma’s words had me teetering on the edge of an orgasm, one that felt like it was going to be the best I’d ever had, but she was moving too slowly! Why was she moving so slowly?!

“Please, Emma!” I gasped out.

“I certainly don’t like dealing with your small penis, especially not when we have a guest like big cock Nick over here,” Emma continued as if she hadn’t heard me. “Why don’t you just blow your small, pathetic, tiny little load right now? Wouldn’t your little penis like just explode all over itself before I unlock you? Don’t you want to prove to me what a little loser cuck you are? You know how much you deserve to watch bigger men fuck me. Prove it to me and cum, micro-dick.”

I was panting. Emma had the key hovering over the cage, but she wasn’t bringing it any closer. Her hand left my balls, but my cage continued bouncing as I gripped the edges of the couch for dear life. If I could just hold on a little bit longer…

“Real men can fuck whoever they want. Little dick losers like you blow their little loads just watching.”

Charlotte joined in, continuing to stroke Nick while on the floor next to Emma. Her mouth went to the tip of his cock, and she began slowly swirling her tongue around his tip in circles. Her right hand left its grip at the base of his tool, and Charlotte continued servicing Nick as she placed her hand on my upper thigh, right next to my caged penis. I looked on in horror as she closed her fist and extended her pinky finger, wiggling it next to my bouncing cage. My legs began twitching violently, and I cried out again.

“Emma, please! I can’t take any more of this!” I begged, desperate to be unlocked before I came.

Emma finally slipped the key into the lock of the cage. As she slowly turned the key, the lock clicked, and Emma looked up at me one last time.

Emma said, “Does the little guy want an orgasm? Does your little penis want to be set free? How about you just cum right now, babydick? Just go ahead, cum. Go ahead and let it all out. Just cum, you tiny pathetic clit-dick. Just go ahead and empty your little baby balls. I know you’re a little premature ejaculating cuck. Why don’t you just cum right now and save me the trouble of uncaging your TINY, PATHETIC, PENIS!”

Emma’s voice rose until she was humiliating me loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear. Before she could remove the lock from the cage, I went over the brink.

My eyes squeezed shut, and I began shaking uncontrollably. All of my muscles were tensed as my poor, locked penis began streaming cum out of the tip, and I felt like my entire body was vibrating as a ruined orgasm gripped me. Tears leaked out of my eyes, in pain and pleasure, as I heard the rest of the room explode in laughter, and I continued rocking in place. I had never felt anything like this, the humiliation of the entire situation being enough to cause a physical reaction and an orgasm, but a complete lack of stimulation prevented my full, typical release.


I heard the tell-tale sound of the cage once again being locked, this time underneath the room’s hysterical laughter. Cum hadn’t stopped streaming from me, and my locked penis was still throbbing painfully against the cage. There was a large puddle of dribbled cum between my legs as I slowly pried my eyes open. Emma was pointing at my caged cock, and her left hand was posed with her thumb and index finger a few millimeters apart while I continued shaking.

While the orgasm was longer and more powerful than any I’d had before, the frustration never went away. I had received no stimulation from Emma at all when I finally came, and my penis was entirely locked up. Despite that, my body was shuddering in painful, humiliating orgasm. My muscles were tensed in pleasure as my balls continued pushing my load out in a slow stream from my tip.

Charlotte’s pinky continued dancing on my thigh, mocking me in time with her laughter. Emma finally stopped laughing with Charlotte as the stream of cum slowed, and my orgasm finally faded. The next words out of my wife’s mouth confirmed what I was both afraid of and secretly hoping for.

Emma then said to me, “I knew you weren’t even enough of a real man to fuck me tonight. Nick, Charlotte, and I are going enjoy ourselves, but you just proved you don’t deserve to be unlocked for any of it.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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