A visit to the Doctor

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by chauncygardner

CJ’s young round breasts strained the light blue blouse she wore. They were big for a girl her size, very big. I loved those tits and didn’t think they were too big for her at all, though I could understand that some thought them comical on her tight slim athletic frame. You see CJ was Vietnamese, and stood just over 4 and a half feet tall. She weighed maybe 90 pounds or so, but it was a fit, healthy weight for her. The nipples tented the material in the air conditioning. Her long toned and tanned legs stretched forever from the bottom of her super short cut-off jeans. Cut so short that the front pockets were flaps against her upper thigh. Her shoes were really heeled up. Being as diminutive as she was, of course she wore heels. Ah, summer.

She was beautiful, I mean magazine cover beautiful. Her full pouty lips and sympathetic eyes considered me kindly, as we both sat in the waiting room. Even though the doctor we were here to see was CJ’s very own sister, we still had to wait. Which I didn’t understand.

Finally, we were admitted into a waiting room, and sat again for a while.

When her identical twin sister Alna entered I was taken aback, as usual. Even though she wore a Doctor’s white smock, I knew the knockout hot physical features of my leggy buxom CJ were mirrored beneath. My fiancé favoured platinum blond hair dye, and wore her long hair always as bright blond, while Alna favoured a cherry red. Both colours on both girls deliciously accented their rich, Deep South Asian dark tan skin.

“How is our little guy?” Did I mention Alna hated me? CJ had put her studies on hold, just shy of her doctorate to be with me. Her question brings us to the reason for our visit.

“Disrobe at once! Don’t waste my time!” She ordered. CJ assisted and I was nude in moments. Indicted by a pointed hand, I climbed up on the examination table.

My penis, of course, was responsive to my companions in the small examination room. It was erect. Rock hard and pointed toward the ceiling, all 3.75 inches of it. I’m a small guy. Short. Barely over 5 feet tall. But with CJ I felt that everything would be perfect, after a life of being looked down upon.

“Well, I guess that puny twig might give our sacred parents grandkids. But I think we should begin a strengthening regimen immediately. Six months to wedding? We have to move forward!”

“Sister, please speak kindly to my dear.” CJ offered.

“I’m a doctor, and I call them like I see them, just a fact. And I’m looking out for our family’s future.”

Alna grabbed my shaft with her soft Asian hand, then gave a fierce tug towards the crown. I gritted my teeth and bore the roughness. There was also a tingly pleasure in the act, I admit.

“Very hard. I think your fiancé likes me, sister.” I made a face as if that notion was ridiculous. Then I noticed my hard throbbing penis was actually bobbing in time with my heart beat. A glob of pre cum glistened at the tip.

My throat constricted as stunning Alna bent forward for a close inspection. Her amazing Asian face very close to my tool. She was watching the veins pulse, and the twitching of the shaft. When she exhaled upon it, my cock actually bounced up and hit my stomach, leaving a smidge of pre cum there.

“My man is very loyal to me, sweet Alna.”

It was good CJ filling the pregnant silence, I was having trouble speaking. “He hasn’t ejaculated, as I ordered?”

“Correct, dear Alna. Ten days now.”

A maddening ten days, in which we cut back our time together to make the situation easier on me. “Good. That would account for the high level of arousal, I guess. It’s not something else is it?”

And with that Alna deftly shrugged off her medical coat. She had on a summer dress that was reasonable, on most girls. Her bust pushed out the fabric, and her slim, strong legs and hips made the mid-thigh length seem pornographic. A moan escaped me, which I immediately regretted in horror. Pre cum seeped from me in several thick glistening pulses, then oozed slowly down my shaft. Alna sneered at me, and at that moment I was afraid evil thoughts were growing behind her angry eyes. CJ was looking at me instead of her sister, and noticed my flowing lubricant.

“Poor baby, it’s been so long!” She tried to use her fingers to collect the juice and clean the nearly covered head. Her touch was heavenly, and my stuffed blue balls quivered.

“Leave it alone!” Alna went to Nazi medical school, I surmised from her authoritative commands. “We begin the treatments at once! We will grow the penis via trauma to the organ and the testes. Coupled with long term denial of orgasm or ejaculation we should see growth in the tissue. I’ll make this girly dick into a husband for you.”

I’m not sure I’d heard of that methodology, but one could tell upon meeting her that Alna was a brilliant mind. And she was going to be my family after our wedding.

CJ moved her hand away from me, to my great sorrow. Smack! Alna had swung a clipboard, smashing against my cock, which sent a spray of pre cum against the wall. The pain was sudden and shocking!

Alna read the defensive look on her sister’s face. “Sister, you are going to have to do it all yourself. I see that now. Ring your thumb and index finger around his ball sac. That’s it.” My full balls were now lifted and separated from my scrotum by my fiancé. They felt exposed. “Pull the sac tight so they can’t move around… Now make a fist and punch him in the balls.”

“Really?” I squeaked.

“Really?” CJ asked sombrely.

“Yes. Trauma to the testes to promote swelling and future growth.” Alna stated.

As CJ’s other hand formed into a small fist, I realized how most girls didn’t truly understand the sensitivity of a man’s balls. Mine were jammed full of pent up cum, already inflated. I was real worried here. SMASH! Her punch landed right on target. I yelled out and convulsed. It was hard to breathe and I was gasping. “Again, harder!” The doctor ordered.

I began to form the words of a meek protest when the second punch landed. Now I have stated my girl is slim, but she is very fit and conditioned, not the least bit weak. My brain was shooting bolts and my ears only heard a roaring sound. I was still convulsing on the examination table when the next punch after that one hit me.

With each swing she grew more practised. The punches landed with successfully more force and dead on target. She was squeezing my balls tightly from behind and they had nowhere to go or hide. A strong bitter smell opened my eyes. I was lying on the examination table. CJ and Alna were on each side of it.

“Oh darling, you are awake!” CJ truly was loving, I often called her my Angel. My little nickname for her. Then I looked over at Alna, who was vaguely satisfied. I tried to grunt out something reassuring. My balls felt like a baseball team had used them for batting practice. I couldn’t move, standing up was out of the question.

“My sister did well for the first session. With repetition, I am sure her fist will grow stronger and her aim more perfect to inflict the greatest damage. Time to move on now.”

Wait, move on? Repetition? Greatest damage?

While I lay on the table, the disposable paper beneath my naked body, my Angel held my hand as Alna turned to a cabinet drawer.

“You are so brave to do this for us.” She said. My trepidation lessened momentarily, looking into her eyes. The pain did not.

Alna turned with a tiny little harness of sorts in her hand, and moved toward my groin. I noticed my cock had fallen flaccid when I passed out, and was in fact beneath an ice pack. Removing the ice pack from my shrunken, numb worm, I was amazed how miniscule it was.

“Never seen it that small have you? Thirty minutes of ice should have it smaller by more than 50% than it’s ever been during your adult life. I woke you because I truly believe it could get no smaller, there is nearly no blood in it at all.”

My eyes followed the harness moving towards my dick.

“Noticed this now have you? This is the little prison that will insure no pleasure reaches your pathetic penis during the next 6 months. Oh, those spikes pointing inward? You see, your penis will attempt to double in size back to its normal flaccid state as blood returns. We aren’t going to have that, and the spikes will cause violent trauma to your shaft, these nasty spikes here are to punish your crown. It’s going to be a grinding torture, but we are not going to cut corners in your treatment. We are going to maximize the damage severity. You will take the Viagra prescription I am giving you daily, double dose on any day you take my beloved sister for an evening out. The spikes will puncture and skewer you, especially as your body attempts erections. Scar tissue should build quickly and the bleeding should lessen each week.”

With a click the cock cage was in place and locked. It was tight, impossibly tight. I saw the key slip into Alna’s pocket. The constricting discomfort was immediate. The impending return of blood to my cock as it thawed out would coincide with the receding numbness. A storm of black clouds of pain in my near future.

The sister’s engaged in small talk for a while. Alna glances at me to register my progression in torture.

As feeling returned in earnest, I was able to mutter. “How – how long?”

“How long in the cock killing cage?” Alna brightened. “Well the wedding is in 6 months. That really isn’t long enough in my opinion.”

Alna was engrossed in my suffering, but did notice an imploring look in my fiancé’s eyes.

“Well, my dear sister. I realize you might think I should release him for your wedding night. Or perhaps at least for your honeymoon trip. That would be a shame, if we discontinue treatment prior to achieving the results needed. I will talk to you often over the next few months, and sure I can convince you to keep him caged for the first year or two after marriage. Long term results are the key!”

The key. The key. As the pain increased I wondered how that word phrase will drive me mad in the months ahead. I was shaking slightly now from the pain on my cock, and gritting my teeth.

“The spike cage is kicking in dear sister. Now would be a good time for another ball session.”

Alna shoved my chest, as I was off balance and weakened from the crushing previous ministrations. I fell back against the reclined table.

Carefully, CJ wrapped her fingers around the base of my ball sac again, squeezing them forward. She looked at me with deep, loving eyes as she dutifully clenched her other hand into a fist.

Behind her, I saw her sister looking on with a rapt smile. A delicious enjoyment all across her features.

“Let’s start with ten minutes of steady pounding, so he will retain consciousness and keep us company with his moans. Then progress to harder punches than last time. We’ll go on for ten minutes more after he passes out.”

Strong smell. Eyes flying open. The ceiling light stares back at me. I want to scream, but my throat is dry and constricted. I am surprised I can even breathe.

Quickly CJ’s angelic features are over me, entering into my field of vision. She kisses my lips passionately. Her eyes are moist, teary.

“I’m sorry dear. My sister insists I do it myself. She says I will get accustomed to your pain after some time.” Her despair is genuine. I love her so much. I’m going to stick this thing out, I am going to grow my cock for her, for our family, she will see how much I love her.

Then I see Alna leaning against the counter. The display of affection before her almost distasteful. She hates me, murderously so, I realize. But damn her body is hot. The twin hot bodies in the room stirs me then. Stabbing pain.

“The waiting room is full of people. We will have to gag him as we start on his prostrate.” Wait, what?

Alna starts going through drawers again, which is never good.

“My sister says you will miss our family gathering.” Over her shoulder.

My job pulls me out to an offshore platform weeks at a time. The pay is worth it, but my future wife will have to forebear these time periods apart. CJ was a little upset that I couldn’t change the schedule. Evidently her impending wedding was going to be blessed my visiting family patriarchs travelling half way around the world during this big annual reunion / gala / family traditional bonding. It was going to be a point of shame that she was there without me.

“You know that she absolutely cannot go alone. The shame would be at a level to remove her from the family. I have an idea though. I have a man in mind to take her in your stead.”

“Who? Someone I know?”

“Before we go on about this man, let’s take this.” It was a Viagra. I drank it down as ordered.

“And sister, remember I mentioned you will do your part to stir his erections daily and for hours at a time?”

“But Alna, his erections are impossible, only terrible pain will result.”

“Of course, but you will do as I say. Take off your blouse, let’s have an erection session until the man who will escort you arrives. He is on his way for the both of you to meet.”

CJ took off her blouse in a routine way, but it was nothing short of charged eroticism to me. My cock twitched, triggering stabbing inside the cage.

“NO! Come on, sexier! Put the blouse back on. Swing your hips, unbutton slowly. There.” Alna coached my sweet to move like a stripper. Her shyness added to how hot it was to watch. I suffered, but seeing those giant round tits kept me wanting to watch more.

“Play with your nipples. Pull on them! Put your chest up against his face!”

My cock! Suffering! Lightning Bolts of Pain! Those tits! My angel’s tits! She teased, rubbing her tight, fit belly. Rubbing her round balloons. She swayed and teased and rubbed and I suffered horrifically.

There was a knock at the door. CJ immediately covered her topless chest with her arms, and looked at the door. Then she looked around for her blouse, but Alna must have put it into one of the countless drawers and cupboards. Where was it? She pleaded with her eyes, which grew round as our doctor spoke.

“Come in.”

In walked a giant. I mean a giant. He ducked his head to go through the doorway. He was dark skinned, maybe Spanish, or Arabian. Probably at least seven feet tall. His muscles bulged under his shirt, leg muscles huge in his jeans.

“Hello Doctor, everyone.” His baritone seemed to shake the walls.

“Magnus, this is my twin sister and her fiancé. Magnus is a patient of mine also. Albeit with the exact opposite problem as him.” She indicated me dismiss fully. “His penis measures more than 12 inches long, and thicker than our arms my dear sister. I am helping him deal with the process of achieving his needed ejaculations. He requires a dozen per day to prevent discomfort in his testes. Hopefully we can reduce this overwhelming necessity of discharge through therapy.”

The effect of the Asian twins was the same on Magnus. A pole appeared inside his jeans, running down to his knee. It was as thick as a ball bat. Shy CJ was captivating. Blushing face and little arm bra, it was so hot.

I was unable to raise my arm to accept the proffered handshake, so he turned to CJ.

“Oh, that won’t do. CJ, give Magnus a warm embrace! He is going to become an important figure these coming months and is to meet our honoured family with you.”

My girl unwound her arms, giving a brief glimpse of tan giant round tits before moving into the giants clutch. Even with her 6 inch heels, the top of her head reached only to just above his navel. His strong arms went around her easily, pulling her bust against his crotch.

“Good. Magnus this is my dear sister CJ. CJ this is Magnus.”

“May I have my blouse back, sweet Alna?” Only in cut-off mini shorts and high heels, the tiny girl was 99% naked. She again tried to cover her balloons with her hands at the end of the hug. Did I mention how her high heels accentuated her fit legs? Her sweet thighs and calf muscles highlighted perfectly. Magnus had stepped back to admire the full picture from head to toe.

“Don’t be silly. There is much to do. Your weak boyfriend keeps passing out and the therapy times are now overlapping. To make you comfortable sister, and to continue the process, I shall join you.” A pulled string here and there and Alna was stepping out of her dress. Then she was in only a thong panty and raised heel white shoes. They were identical save the hair and shoes. Tits, legs, fit ABS, stunning face. It was like a dream. Or a nightmare.

“You can uncover yourself, dear CJ. Magnus sees my tits, so he of course sees yours by inference. You have nothing to hide, you understand?”

Logic aside, CJ was slow to lower her arms. Her blush was palpable, but pushed her chest out for inspection finally. Alna moved beside her.

“Do you enjoy, Magnus?” Smiling, on display, the doctor put her arm around her twin’s shoulder and stood side by side. Alna nodded for CJ to smile too. It was a shy smile, but she raised her eyes up to Magnus face. My girl seemed to enjoy his obvious approval, something I guess all girls enjoy.

“Oh yes!” His deep voice had a fierce hunger growing within.

“It is good” the Doctor went on. “That these therapies are overlapping. Some might think my personal churning out of your semen might be unseemly for a Doctor / patient relationship. But my sister is NOT your doctor, so there is no conflict of interest.” She finished as she placed three, half litre beakers on the counter. “Three loads today I think will suffice.”

We were all a little slow on the uptake. What did this mad scientist have in mind?

“Well, let’s get going. CJ, remove Magnus clothing, his sperm is want to spurt all over the place. While I am tying the arm restraints onto your little boy and insert a ball gag in his mouth.” Wait, this table had restraints. Wait, my Angel was to take off the huge dude’s clothes?

My table did in fact have arm band restraints down the side that I hadn’t noticed before. They were quickly secured to each of my arms I won’t say it was voluntary, but I was so beaten and weak. Seeing cherry haired Alna walking around my table with her bouncing firm boobs was also a bit hypnotizing.

My eyes followed Alna longer than they should have, which she noted. When I looked over to my girl, she was lowering Magnus’s jeans down. The titanic brown cock sprung upward, striking my dear’s tits.

“Oh, sorry!” The giant offered, but she just giggled. CJ’s mouth formed into an ‘o’ as the enormity of his organ sank in. She stared and stared.

A sharp sting! “Ouch!” Alna had snuck up on me and given me a needle in the shoulder.

“This is a monthly shot you will get. The medicine here will prevent your body from absorbing excess unused semen, which normally occurs when the testes are filled and not emptied. Take this, a vitamin E derivative that will more than double your semen production.”

I swallowed it, confused. “But my balls already feel full.”

“Oh, they are very full, but nothing like what is in your near future! With the complete denial of ejaculation, this E derivative, the Viagra, and not to mention hours of daily erotic teasing from your ‘Angel’ (hmm, perhaps I’ll have a stripper giver her some lessons, or even better get CJ a temporary job as a stripper so you can watch her work.) You sir, will be the horniest man in the world.”

“And this will enlarge my cock?”

“Ancient therapy from my homeland. Sister! Begin stroking Magnus!”

She looked surprised, or elated, hard to tell really.

“I can? I mean, I should?” Her voice was excited and nervous.

“Get to it! Three loads in the next hour!” Alna was back at her cupboards as she gave orders. I watched CJ start rubbing on the monster cock with her small feminine hands. They were too small to encircle it. She did not even have to bend. Magnus height caused the long erection to reach to my girl’s forehead when sticking straight up.

“Your hands are softer than your sister’s.” If Alna took offence she didn’t show it. Of course she didn’t care about things like that. I wondered what Alna was like on her time off. Hard to imagine her relaxing.

“Thanks.” My dear answered, stroking slowly.

“Bring that over to the table. Very pretty to watch for your boyfriend.” So CJ and Magnus moved to the head of my examination table, one standing on either side, with the long muscular cock stretched out right before my eyes.

“And for the boyfriend, I have this.” It was a dildo, I’d say 5 inches long. Very stiff, not those rubbery bendy ones, this one had no give to it. It was attached at the bottom to a small belt, a strap on the device. “Bigger than what boyfriend has, right? Equipped with stimulation for a girl too. When the dildo was forcefully inserted all the way, it put pressure on a tickler inside belt for her clitoris. So I think you and my sister can finally have satisfying sex with this.”

Alna saw the look on my face. CJ was staring at the amazing cock she was rubbing.

“This is necessary to tear up your insides a bit and smash down your prostate. This is the smallest one, we will be increasing the size often.”

Alna slipped her thong panties down her shapely legs and off under her high heels. She strapped on the dildo, positioning its base on her sweet little clean shaven clit. She looked me in the eyes as she stroked the hard shaft. Then she climbed up on the table on top of me, taking the opportunity to knee me in the balls hard.

“Oh dear, that is going to hurt! I am going to see you lose your virginity! Don’t stop sister! Magnus is close! Instead of ball gagging your little boyfriend, how about this; if he screams out, then push Magnus’s cock into your boyfriend’s mouth. Don’t want to alarm the waiting room.”

Alna thrust into me, spearing my colon. Somehow I managed to keep my scream inside, grunting from the tearing pain. She thrust again, going deeper. My guts were getting stretched, but I held my face in a gritted jaw set.

“Uh oh, it’s starting to shake!” CJ was finishing Magnus.

“Quick, the beaker!” Right above my face, CJ stroked geyser after geyser of thick man cum out. The half-litre container was nearly filled at completion.

Magnus had a dreamy look on his face. “Your hands are so sweet CJ.”

“It was fun!” My dear replied.

Alna began to thrust the full length into me, slapping our thighs together. This full penetration was stimulating her immensely. The Nazi Doctor had a wound up sex drive! I guess her job did give her satisfaction.

“Ok” Alna’s voice was slightly trembling, her eyes wide. “When I tell you, pour the cum into your boyfriend’s mouth.”

I began to think Alna was making up these ‘treatments’ as we went along.

CJ’s hesitation irked her, so she spat out. “The added semen ingested will expand and fill the boyfriend’s balls all the more!” It wasn’t easy for her to talk, she was getting close to orgasm herself, continuing to fuck me and grind her clit on the in stroke.

Obediently CJ positioned the beaker near my mouth. Steam was rising from the cum. There was so much, about 16 ounces. Alna was reading my mind.

“When I say, pour every drop. Little boyfriend boy open your mouth!”

Alna timed her climax, to watch me drink a man’s cum was an erotic sight I deduced. When her thrusts reached a frenzy she yelled “Now!”. She began cumming just as the long molasses thick goo strand began to enter my mouth. It was hot and much saltier than I had imagined. Very slick, and well, cummy to the taste. She fucked me through her orgasm, watching ounces after ounces go down my throat.

When she was done, she rested, fully inserted within me. Her eyes were now dreamy and I felt a lot of girl cum running down upon my thigh.

“All of it!” Alna managed just a whisper, recovering from climax. CJ used her finger to get the rest of the thick goo out and feed it to me. When the beaker was squeaky clean, Alna asked her sister to help her off the table. She had had a tremendous orgasm!

Magnus sprung forward, and was all too happy to lift the hot naked Asian to the floor. Watching Alna’s big tits shake with orgasm had him rock hard again.

“You have to try this.” Alna said. She traded the 5 inch dildo, for a 7 inch one, which was even a bit thicker. I hoped all of Alna’s girl cum would provide lubrication! The head of this new dildo was scary! Alna pulled down CJ’s shorts, and I was a little annoyed that Magnus got to see my girl’s pussy. It was equal to Alna’s, but damn it, it was my girl’s pussy!

Alna helped with the strap on. “Your sexual stimulation occurs with full penetration. Your little boy is tight, so you have to work your hips to get deep.”

CJ climbed up, thankfully sparing me the spiteful knee to the balls. Alna stroked Magnus right above my face, even rubbing the cock head into her tits sometimes. That managed to distract me momentarily, a surge of erection brought me pain, but my whole world was pain as CJ drove into me.

She strained, but managed to push deeper and deeper with repeated strokes. Those aerobic classes were paying off for her. When she finally achieved full penetration a delightful “oh” escaped her. “That does feel good”

“When you hit it all the way in, rotate your hips side to side.” Alna offered, teaching my girl how to fuck me properly.

“Oh yeah, you are right.” She hoarsely said. I tried not to let on that my baby was stirring my insides around, she seemed to be really enjoying herself.

Alna quickly and skilfully had Magnus on edge, but slowed her pace to draw out the pleasure. She waited until CJ began to climax, then finished Magnus at the same time. Since she had had him on the edge for some time, his cum sprayed even more powerful spurts. The beaker filled again, but splash drops rained down all over my face. Watching Magnus’s magnificent cock ejaculate, and globs of man cum drop on me, was the sight my fiancé would associate with her strong orgasm. Cj’s warm girl cum flowed down on me, to mix with her sister’s.

Although weakened, and still on top of me (fully penetrated in fact), Alna had CJ feed me the cum again. It was more difficult to finish this one, my stomach was filled! But she kept at it until the beaker was once again wiped dry.

We rested a few minutes. It was a struggle for me not to doze off on the table, I was being allowed to be pain free (except the cage) and the ordeal of having my guts fucked had wiped me out.

Alan explained that Magnus’s girlfriend had just broken up with him. Give up that beautiful cock? My dear asked. Jealousy. She had found out about Alna and her treatments. The problem is that this girlfriend had provided many of Magnus’s needed ejaculations per day, which left us in quite the bind. Alan was looking at her sister with tilted head.

No, oh no. Don’t.

“Do you want me to help?” CJ asked. And so while I lay on the table, it was worked out that, yes, CJ and Magnus seem to get along very well, and that CJ would assist with several of his flooding ejaculations per day. I seemed to remember that he needed, what, about twelve each day?

Magnus was soon ready again. Not surprisingly, being in the room with nude busty Asian twins. With his erection towering, they didn’t immediately proceed to the milking. Instead Alna rubbed on his chest and arms, teased his cock a little with fingers, and caressed his balls. Things people who were intimate would do to demonstrate affection aside from the pure sex act.

Then Alna stepped back from Magnus.

“Dear sister, you are going to become close friends with Magnus. His cock sessions won’t be here, they will be at your place, or his.” She motioned CJ toward the dark giant. The indication was plain for her to touch him as she had just done. To become acquainted.

So the giant sat on an office chair, and CJ climbed on his lap. She caressed his shoulders (even his neck had developed muscles), ran a finger around his cock head. He tentatively tried a touch of her breast, her hip, her thigh. When there were no protests, his hands enjoyed the smooth skin of her tits and legs. They made some small talk I couldn’t hear, then shared a little laugh. At what I couldn’t imagine.

As riveting as this scene was to me, Alna stole my attention when she produced another dildo. Bigger yet! 9 inches with metal studs along its length.

“You’re wondering how big these things get? A Dr. Autumn Haze has invented one about four feet in length. It’s blue and wider than you can imagine. I think I will make one a wedding present to you.”

Alna donned the 9 inch studded beast and climbed up on me, again with a smile and a knee to the balls. CJ and Magnus also resumed their places so I could watch my love stroke this stranger closer and closer to cumming.

The 9 inch caused me to moan in pain, I couldn’t help it. I had forgotten what ‘the plan’ was for this event. I stopped moaning as soon as I could, but evidently it was too late.

“Put it in his mouth!” Alna ordered. I had stopped! I was quiet! Yet CJ dutifully aimed the cock down and pushed it into my mouth. The head was big and wide and tasted much like the cum I had been guzzling. It propped my jaw open and I was salivating all over the thing.

“Should I take it back out?” My honey asked.

“No, let it in there.” Alna thrust deeper, tearing me deeper. I could not stifle a groan of agony, parts of which escaped around the cock in my mouth. “See?”

I kept quiet for a few strokes, despite the pain. Evidently, this would not do, so Alna reached under and grabbed my balls. She used my balls, pulling them hard, leveraging each dildo thurst as she began to bottom out and begin her own stimulation. The pain had me screaming.

“Deeper into his mouth! (Stroke) Finish Magnus’s ejaculation! (Stroke) Boy was just going to eat it all anyway!” Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! My ass was getting pounded and pounded. It felt like my filled balls would pop!

CJ stroked the shaft, pumping it straight into my mouth. Magnus shifted his weight so that it moved a few more inches into my throat. So I was getting fucked top and bottom. Magnus put his arm around CJ, and they smiled at each other.

Alna was nearing her second orgasm, but was holding back. Her pupils often floating up a bit in her eyes. Somehow I knew the witch was holding back, she wanted to watch me swallow cum straight from Magnus during her climax. She did continue her amusement by twisting as well as pulling on my balls. The doctor was having serious fun, smashing that thing into my belly. The bulge of the big cockhead tented my abdomen, moving all the way up past my navel, where it squirmed around inside before pulling back. Alna was on the edge.

“Time for (gasp) Magnus to cum! (Gasp) Now!”

“Tell this guy to suck on it, and this whole thing will be over that much sooner for him.” Magnus offered.

CJ considered me a moment, continuing her hand strokes along the shaft.

“Go ahead baby, suck it, the cum will come out to you and we will be finished. That studded dildo must be killing you.”

Easier said than done. I was lying on my back having the thing pushed into my face from above, while a monster studded dildo was trying to meet up with it in my middle. I could move my tongue a little. I was nearly drowning in saliva, and a loud slurping sound came from me. This spurred Alna to buck even more fiercely.

“I have an idea, girl.” With this Magnus removed CJ’s hand from his pole, reducing the stimulation just as I could feel him start to quiver within my throat. He pulled her up to him, pulled her up in the air and placed her kneeling above me. One knee on each side of my head. From around his cock I could look up into her pussy. He wrapped his arms around her lithe form and kissed her on the lips. He had been about to come already, I knew it because I could feel it, this was unnecessary!

The kiss was just a few seconds when my fiancée broke it and pulled back. She looked down at me with the dark cock halfway down my sucking throat.

“OK Magnus, if it helps you cum.” She said tenderly. Then she clutched her arms around his broad, strong shoulders and lunged her mouth to his.

He kissed her passionately, pulling her bosom against him. They kissed and kissed, and when he worked a hand around between them, he grabbed her tit and pulled on her nipple. Magnus began to cum. I could hear the rush flowing down his cock and he fucked my face. The cum was hotter straight from the source and I could feel it filling my stomach. I didn’t help that Alna was hitting my stomach from the bottom.

My eyes were tearing, but I could see that the couple still maintained their kiss as a flood after flood spurt inside me.

Alna climaxed, bucking wildly like a cowgirl. She was intent, seemingly, to destroy me during her climax. Alna’s cum was shooting all over my crotch, hot girl goo on my balls and cock cage. Her orgasm went on and on forever, but then she slumped forward, burying the dildo to the hilt and dreamily watched me drinking Magnus’s river of semen.

Alna was right behind her sister on the table, but had an unobstructed view of my feeding. She put loving hands on her sister’s hips, rubbed CJ’s ass and thighs from behind. She traced a finger up the inside of my dear’s thigh to her pussy and clit.

“Dear sister, I have had two orgasms, and you only one.”

For like 5 minutes Magnus unloaded spunk into me. Finally, he stopped fucking my sore throat, but left his cock inside. He was still kissing my girl, playing with her boobs and teasing her nipples.

There was a knock on the door. “Doctor, your next appointment is here.”

Her next patient was of the geriatric variety so this session had to end. We dressed after cleaning up as best we could. I couldn’t stand so a wheelchair was brought for me. I was very sick to my stomach, but whenever I suggested bringing back up some of the sperm, Alna sternly chastised me to keep it all down.

Magnus gentlemanly pushed me out of the medical building, with CJ beside him. I was unfit to drive, so Magnus dumped me in his backseat, loaded the chair into the trunk, and took my beloved up into the front seat. He drove us back to my place. They chatted the whole time, but I couldn’t hear any of it.

He wheeled me into our place, I still couldn’t move. The pain was actually growing within me. My guts were bruised and smashed. Watching my girl walking around in her short shorts and bouncy blouse was a real tease, and she wasn’t even trying yet.

Magnus seemed to be hanging around, reluctant to leave. CJ showed him around the place. She was going to move in and be my ‘nurse’. Frequent ball punch sessions, and erotic teasing sessions. She was also going to oversee my medication. Viagra and vitamin E. I had another appointment in a month for another shot to prevent any absorption of semen out of my balls.

It was noticed that I couldn’t get up to the bedroom in my wheelchair, so Magnus helped set up the pull out couch for me to sleep on. I lay on it, trying not to get hard looking at my gorgeous girl. Magnus gave me a handshake which crushed my hand and nearly took my arm off. I guess there wasn’t any reason to delay his leaving further.

He embraced CJ, giving her a kiss on the cheek. They had exchanged numbers. I still wasn’t sure what that situation was. I vaguely recalled hearing my dear volunteer to help Magnus with his ejaculations.

When they finally broke their hug, we could all see that Magnus once again had an over twelve inch boner in his jeans. CJ put her hand to her mouth and giggled. She put her hand on it, touching the length through his jeans.

She had had only one orgasm today, while her sister had had two.

The End.


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