Dark Alleys are Dangerous

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by NotSoBigBird

John did his best to stay perfectly still as he leaned silently against the red brick of the alleyway. He tried desperately to calm his pounding heart, but to no avail. He was nervous, terrified, but also extremely excited. He had planned this for some time, and the anticipation was boiling over. He checked his watch: 9:30 on the dot. Perfect. Everything was going exactly as he had hoped.

Right on cue, his frantic thoughts were interrupted by the lone click of high heels snapping over the empty side-walk. The sound emanated from somewhere down the street adjacent to the alley in which he stood, and it grew steadily closer. Mentally, John steeled himself, and his muscles tensed with readiness. The source of the clicking abruptly appeared at the mouth of the alley, a beautiful young woman of perhaps 25 with rich auburn hair and sizeable, firm breasts, wearing a white blouse and a short but professional black skirt. She was no more than a meter away from John, and their eyes briefly locked.

Then, John lunged at her. Her jaw dropped in a yell, but before any sound could emerge he clamped his hand tightly over her mouth, reducing her to a stifled “Mmmph!” With speed and superior strength, he dragged the struggling woman into the seclusion of the alley, where, with his hand still wrapped tightly over her mouth, he tied her ankles and bound her wrists behind her back. He then pulled out a switch blade and held it at her in a way he felt was menacing.

“If you scream, I’ll slit your throat,” He whispered, trying not to let his voice waver.

The young woman nodded frantically, her eyes wide with fear. After a moment, he pulled his hand away.

“You can have my money, take all of it,” the woman sputtered immediately. “It’s in my purse…”

John glanced at her purse, which she had dropped a few feet away, then looked back at her intently. She truly was beautiful.

“I don’t want your money,” he said as coolly as he could.

His gaze, then dropped to her large, perfectly round breasts. He placed his hands on each side of her blouse collar, and with a tug popped each of the buttons. It was only then that he noticed she was braless. In the heat of the moment, he had not closely examined her chest. But now her naked breasts tumbled out of her torn blouse, bouncing as they did, and John felt his dick hardening with arousal as her perfect boobs swayed before his eyes. This was what he had dreamed of. He reached out and squeezed them, feeling their softness in his hands

“W-What are you doing?” The young woman demanded. “Y-You can’t touch me like that!”

John just smiled calmly. She would find out soon enough what he could and couldn’t do. The woman just stared, quivering, as he drew his tongue across her nipples and pinched her beautiful breasts.

After a few seconds of fondling and suckling her boobs, John moved his hands down to her skirt, which he unbuttoned and, with great force, ripped open across the front. His mouth, meanwhile, made its way up her chest to her neck, where he continued to mouth her. The young woman shivered, whimpering, and tried to edge away, but with his body, he shoved her back against the brick behind her. To his chagrin, he found she was indeed wearing panties, but he pushed his fingers into her nonetheless, and his erection hardened when he felt her wetness through the undergarment.

“No, please,” she whimpered, her voice quivering, “I’m a virgin! I don’t want to have sex until I find someone I really love.”

John snorted in reply, and with another yank ripped her panties open. For a few seconds he rubbed his thumb across her clitoris, evoking quavering gasps, but then he kissed her, forcing his mouth onto hers and biting her lip. He then withdrew slightly, and stood over her.

“Please! Just… Just stop now!” She begged, staring up at him. A tear slid down her cheek.

He smirked, and his penis somehow became harder at the thought of her begging him to stop. His heart pounding, John unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He reached into the cloth folds of his underwear, and pulled out his throbbing, erect penis. The woman’s expression changed suddenly.

“Is that… Your penis?” She asked slowly.

John grinned, and nearly chuckled. She was intimidated, it seemed. All the better.

“Like, are you going to… R-Rape me… With that?” She continued, her expression changing again. Now she just looked confused.

“Yes, yes I am. I’m going to rape you like a dirty slut!” He said sharply.

Suddenly, a look of realization dawned over her. She snorted, then began to giggle. John was bewildered at first, but then his temper began to rise.

“W-What’s so funny?” he demanded, furious.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” The woman asked, incredulous, “You’re going to… Rape me… With THAT?”

She devolved into a fit of giggling once more, and John felt his face redden with anger.

“What the hell do you mean? Of course I’m going to rape you with it! If you don’t shut up I’ll make you choke on it!” He snapped, feeling increasingly anxious and not at all cool and collected. This wasn’t what he had planned for.

“Pfffft! Make me CHOKE on it? If that’s as big as it gets, the only thing I’ll be choking on will be my own laughter,” the woman replied with a smirk.

John was at a loss. His penis wasn’t small, was it? He’d been with several women before, and none of them had mentioned it. Surely this silly virgin girl just didn’t know what she was talking about.

“How would you even know how big a penis should be? You’re a virgin,” he sputtered angrily

“Oh, come on,” she jeered, “Girls get horny too. I’ve seen enough cock on the internet to know they’re supposed to be quite a bit bigger than that. Six inches are about average, I think, and I don’t need a ruler to tell that your little worm there is more than a bit under that.”

“I-I wouldn’t be such a bitch if I were you! I could slit your throat if I wanted to,” John threatened, but his anger was quickly melting into anxiety and his confidence into fear.

“I don’t think you’re going to slit my throat, Mr. Vienna Sausage. Besides, I’m still tied up here… I can’t do anything to stop you from performing UNSPEAKABLE acts upon my body,” she cooed mockingly.

“To be honest, though, I don’t think I’d stop you even if I could… I’m rather curious to see what you think you’re going to do with that stump you keep calling a penis,” she continued, grinning at him with mock sincerity.

STUMP? John couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This woman was mocking his manhood. He was supposed to be raping her, exerting his masculine will over her weaker body. Yet here she sat, laughing at him! Despite the knife in his hand and the cords binding her wrists and ankles, John felt powerless against the woman’s patronizing smirk and unimpressed expression.

“I-I’ll show you! I’ll… I’ll fuck your brains out,” he protested desperately, but he could feel his machismo draining as he spoke.

It was then that John noticed, to his horror his erection had begun to fade. He turned his gaze downward to find his penis rapidly softening, shrinking backwards into his pants. “Oh my god!” The woman exclaimed, “Is it getting smaller? I figured it couldn’t possibly be any tinier when flaccid!”

“You don’t really call yourself a man with a penis like that, do you? I mean, even if you put it inside me, I don’t think it would even count as rape. After all, you’d need to actually penetrate my vagina for it to be considered fucking.”

John spluttered wordlessly. He couldn’t respond. Though he stood above her, he felt like his entire body was shrinking before this woman, smirking down at him, squashing him like a bug.

“Of course I call myself a man!” He argued weakly. “There’s nothing small about my manhood!”

Unfortunately, though, he couldn’t muster any conviction behind his words. Hearing him drained of confidence only emboldened the young woman further, her sneer stretching wide with amusement.

“Oh? There’s nothing small about it?” The woman chuckled for a moment.

“Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you come here and prove it? What was it you said? You’d make me choke on it? Please do, Tarzan… I’d love for you to impress me with your massive sausage.”

John found himself quivering as he stood silently, considering her challenge. He didn’t want to go near this woman who had somehow drained every bit of manly power from his demeanour. But on the other hand, to refuse would be to admit that she was right. That he really wasn’t a real man. He knew he couldn’t let the moment drag long enough for her to detect his apprehension, he had to man up.

“Fine! I-I will make you choke on it!” he replied after a few seconds.

To his chagrin, he had to unzip his pants and pull down his underwear to expose his now-flaccid cock, which was pulled tightly up against his tight scrotum. He awkwardly squeezed and pulled at it, trying to get it hard again, but he was hampered by the chilly weather, not to mention the woman’s giggles. After an embarrassing minute and a half, though, his cock had barely achieved even partial firmness. He glanced up at the woman, who merely raised an eyebrow sceptically. He was running out of time, and he knew it. Mustering all of his courage, he straightened and drew close to the woman.

“I hope you’re ready to gag,” he said in what he intended to be a confident voice, but what instead came out as a cracked whisper.

The woman winked at him and gave an exaggerated lick of her lips. John drew in a deep breath, and thrust his hips into the woman’s face. He shuddered slightly as her lips slipped around his shaft, feeling her hot mouth envelop him. He shivered with pleasure as her tongue slid over and under his cock, her lips sliding back and forth across the skin.

Suddenly, her tongue snaked out and slid over his balls. He quaked as her lower lip dropped down slightly, drawing his entire package into her mouth. Electrifying pleasure swept through him as her tongue deftly rolled his cock and balls around her mouth. After a few seconds, she pulled his package to one side of her mouth, so that the other side was free. She opened the free side and, cock and balls still resting in her cheek, began to speak.

“You know, if I were choking, I wouldn’t be able talk right now,” she commented, her mouth only half-full. “I guess that proves your little cocktail weeny really doesn’t measure up.”

As the horrifying realization that she was right dawned upon him, John started to pull away, but the woman clenched her jaw just slightly and he froze. He could feel the pointed edges of her teeth digging just slightly into the top of his shaft and the base of his scrotum, and a cold chill ran down his spine.

“You know,” the woman continued, “I think men get a little too headstrong when a woman is giving them a blowjob. They think the woman is submitting to their cock. But it just takes a little reminder of who’s REALLY in charge down there to put them in their place.”

The woman clenched her jaw just slightly tighter, and John tensed, fear exploding through his body. Sensing his submission, the woman yanked her head slightly away from him, and was quietly pleased when he sucked in a sharp breath and followed.

“Alright, Mr. Teeny Weeny, this is how it’s going to go. If you value what little manhood you have, you’re going to do exactly what I tell you to. Understand?”

She glared at John sharply, and he jerked his gaze away. Her brow furrowed in annoyance, and she gave a quick squeeze of her jaw, eliciting a surprised squeal.

Understand?” she repeated more forcefully.

“Y-yes…” he replied meekly.

“Yes, ma’am.” She corrected sharply.

“Yes, ma’am!”

The response was instantaneous. “Alright then,” the woman continued, “Untie me.”

Slowly, John moved to untie her wrists, then her ankles.

“Now give me the knife.”

Reluctantly, John reached for his switch blade; as he did so, the woman bit slightly once again to remind him of his situation. He winced, and placed the blade in her open palm. As soon as he pulled is hand away, the woman’s fingers snapped shut over the handle, and she spat his package out of her mouth. As she rose before him, John became acutely aware that she was at least three or four inches taller than him. She began to approach him with slow, deliberate steps. John felt a chill run down his spine, and he backed away from her advancing figure. Finally he felt his back press up against the cool brick wall, and he gazed fearfully into the woman’s eyes.

“You tried to rape me,” she murmured. “You despicable cunt.”

“I should turn you in to the police, but to be frank, I find your little baby dick quite amusing. If I turn you in, I won’t be able to punish you myself.”

Her eyes wandered down to his crotch, where his package hung limp in the breeze. She reached down and clenched it viciously. “Well, first thing’s first, I suppose, take off your clothes.”

He didn’t comply immediately, but a warning glare had him stepping out of his pants and pulling off his shirt without complaint. “You ruined my blouse, skirt and panties,” she continued, “So now you get to wear them home.”

At that she shrugged off the button-less blouse, tossing it at him, and bent to retrieve the torn mini skirt and panties. By then John had finished removing his clothes and he silently surrendered them in exchange for the woman’s torn garments. The blouse went over his shoulders, and the button and zipper on the skirt were still intact, but the panties were torn across the waistband; feeling the woman’s scrutinizing gaze upon him, John slid himself through the leg-hole. To his embarrassment, the small hanging flap of underwear totally covered his cock and balls.

Turning his gaze upwards, John saw that the woman had already donned his clothing. Reaching into the pocket of his pants, she smiled and pulled out his wallet.

“Ah! Very nice. I’ll be keeping this,” She said with a chuckle.

“By the way, little man, I’ll be paying you a visit sometime soon, and you’d better be perfectly compliant. If you’re not, well, I’ll just have to make your punishment more permanent, if you get my drift.”

John was speechless.

“Anyway, have fun getting home in your new outfit!”

She winked at him and smirked, and then she was gone.

To Be Continued…

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