A Swimsuit Contest 2

By Jake.

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Part 2…

The following day the embarrassment started bright and early. As soon as I got up, Kayla insisted on a shower and shaving. “Listen, babe, I lost the bet, and I’ll pay up. Everyone likely got their hazing out last night, but shaving? You think I want your little pubes getting in my undies and bathing suit?”

“No, ma’am. I mean, sir.”

“Hmmm, sir, doesn’t feel right either. Staring at you in sheer white undies and a nightie with no bulge. Let’s go get you shaved, sweetie.” So off to the shower I go. Once I get in, she twists the knife. “Pubes, bikini area, and thighs will keep the hair out of the clothes you’re borrowing. Get to it, sweetie.”

I shaved and got out of the by then cold shower. The shrinkage was absolute. My balls were pulled tight to my body, and my dick was an innie. Of course, this was the moment Kayla walked back in. She snorted as she laughed so hard.

“Well, I was coming to offer a blowjob for you being such a good sport, but I might offer to finger you. Damn, sweetie, how’d you get it to do that?”

“It was a cold shower at the end, OK!”

“It was cold, so your clit dick disappeared?”

This embarrassing conversation was turning me on, which made matters worse. I felt hard, but nothing was poking out further. Then Kayla and I saw the drop of pre-cum leaking out simultaneously.

“Is this, um, making you wet? Oh God, I can’t breathe. I’m laughing so hard.” She reached out and flicked at the skin like you would a women’s clit. It was too much embarrassment, and I came. I made a ridiculously unmasculine moan, shuddered, and a few more beads of cum ran down my groin. “Wow. That was quick even for you. I liked not having to pretend you have a penis, though. Go rinse off, and I’ll leave your bathing suit for the day out.”

I hopped back in the shower to rinse off and toweled off to find a baby blue bikini and top on the bed. There was a note: ‘You should have specified. You said bathing suit, so you better have the top on when you come out.’ I snatched the top up and tried to wrestle the straps into compliance. Kayla walked back in, snickering.

“Here, let me help you.” She pulled the top off, undid the back, and put it back on quickly. She adjusted my chest and said, “Oh my goodness, sweetie. You fill out the top too.”

“I’m not following,” I said.

“It looks like you have boobs. I’m only a b cup, but you are filling that top.”

“I work out. It’s just muscle.”

“Say whatever makes you feel better, but I don’t think muscle would mold into the cup this well.”

As she said, she gave my top a lift like you would a pair of women’s tits. I pulled away, and she grabbed me and meant the bottoms I would wear. I was horrified as I slid them to realize yesterday was not a one-off from my cumming too much. I looked like I had a women’s mound, not a man’s bulge in the bottoms. And now that I was shaved, it looked even worse, I think. Kayla grinned ear to ear and started clapping.

“Those look adorable on you, and your ass looks great in them.” She then smacked my ass and said, “Let’s go.”


As we headed to the lake, I convinced myself no one would comment. Wrong again. The girls fawned over how cute I looked to my face while whispering amongst themselves behind my back about how well the suit fit me. “Kayla, does he have boobs, too, or am I losing it?”

“No, he said that was all muscle.”

Another girl said, “Enough muscle to fill out a bra up top, but not enough muscle to make a bulge down low. How do you keep your hands off of him, Kayla?”

She replied, “Yes, I know what an image of masculinity he is.”

After this initial wave, it calmed down, but our secluded lake started to fill later in the day. No shock with it being the weekend. I tried to stay calm and move on. The inevitable happened when a boat started heading toward our spot.

I asked Kayla where to hide, only for her to say, “Let’s see how it goes. Bet you he doesn’t realize you’re a guy. If he does, the bet is off.”

“And, if he doesn’t?”

“What happened to all that confidence from yesterday?”

“That landed me in this bikini. I will be more careful this time.”

“Fine, if I win, and he doesn’t, you have to introduce me to him so I can flirt.”

“You wanna flirt with another guy.”

“Not especially, but mine can’t seem to find his manhood currently.” As she said that, she grabbed the front of my bikini and whispered, “So what’s it gonna be?”

“Oh, you’re on. I’ve got a dude’s haircut, and I’m not adjusting my voice.”

When the boat pulls up, I ensure I’m near our group’s front. Hell, I’m even the first to introduce myself. “Hi, I’m Ja-Jane.”

He replies, “Well, my name is Brian. I wondered if you all minded if I docked here for a bit. I’m looking to lay in my hammock, eat, maybe go for a walk.”

I turned to look at the group for an answer, but before they could, Brian added, “And I not saying this to butter y’all up, but all seven of you ladies look awesome in your suits. I can’t help but notice your group’s off balance. Dare I say a couple of you might be open to hanging out with me.”

“Well, I’m in a relationship with someone (I knew I’d lost, and Kayla was already approaching), but Kayla here wouldn’t mind some masculine company.”

“Hey, my name is Brian. I was afraid I’d have to spend the day alone. Wanna hang out some?”

“Absolutely!” Kayla said.

And so I spent the day with the girls watching Brian hang with my girl. They ate with us. Except they sat together chatting and getting to know one another. She flirted. He made the over-the-top guy move of picking her up and putting her in his lap. She jumped like a snake bit her. Vomit. Then they went for an entirely too-long walk out of sight and wrapped the day together in the hammock. Finally, our group declared the day over and headed in. Considering all the giggling, flirting, and touching, I was genuinely afraid Kayla would invite Brian to stay. But to my shock, she told him goodbye, but not before he planted a hell of a kiss on her.

I stormed to our room. I think because Kayla didn’t even try to stop him. She came behind as I was yanking my bottoms down in a fit. “Wow, that’s a startling site after the day I had. Why’s everything still tucked in?”

“I’ve had a bikini pressing everything down all day if you didn’t notice. I sure noticed how cozy you were with your new friend. That was so embarrassing.”

“No, embarrassing is my boyfriend not only wearing my bikini but looking like a girl in it. And apparently out of it, too, now. Here let me help you with your top. And let me get ahead of the next question. No, I did not want to kiss him, or I would have invited him up. He caught me off guard, OK. Wow, nice tan lines, sweetie.”

I saw myself in the mirror. “Oh God, could this get any worse? And it wasn’t just the kiss. You were snuggled up in the same hammock for an hour.”

“Well, I had to do something after the walk.”

“what does that mean?”

“Well, Brian assumed our walk might be a hookup situation. I’m sure my flirting and commenting on his muscular arms didn’t help. So he made a pass while on our walk.”

“Okay, so I assume you said no?” I asked.

“Of course, sweetie. You’re my partner, but my teasing had created quite the situation. He was erect, and it was large, so he needed time to cool down. He asked me to help cover him getting in the hammock, but I felt bad. I created his situation because of our game. So I gave him a hand, if you catch my drift.”

“Geez, babe. I don’t have words. I was right there, and you just jacked some random guy off. Plus, why did you lay in the hammock for an hour then?” I asked.

“Well, I wasn’t gonna say anything, but it took a lot longer OK.”

“I get that, but an hour?”

“Um, sweetie, you’re dripping like earlier. Wait. Is the idea of this turning you on?” Kayla asked.

“No, I’m just pent up or something from the day, OK.”

“Alright, come here, and we will get in a quickie before we go to the kitchen for dinner.”

I was ecstatic. Kayla was screwing me for forgiveness, but after the past 24 hours, I didn’t care. I went down on her until she was moaning in orgasm. Then I tried to go in on top.

“What’s wrong, hun?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I’m super horny and feel hard, but it’s like it’s still squished.”

“Here, I’ll get on top.”

She did, but I still couldn’t penetrate her. Before I knew it, we were scissoring like lesbians, and we both came quickly. After we got cleaned up, I headed to get dressed.

“Hey, I thought you laid out clothes?”

“I did. The bet was my suits and undies. Not my suits and undies under clothes.”

“So I’m supposed to wear cheeky white panties with polka dots to dinner?” I asked.

“Yep, unless you want to make another bet. Those have gone so well for you so far,” Kayla said.


To Be Continued…?


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