The Shoe Thief: Part 3

By Imran.

Every Friday was in the same routine. I would bathe before school to make sure I didn’t smell, and after school, I would gobble my food, go to the front room, and get naked, waiting for someone to come for their money. My brother would try to annoy me every time I got naked, and he would leave his toys or homework in the room on purpose and then start demanding he needed to get his stuff so that he could come and see me naked and laugh at me.

My mum would come and put drinks and snacks on the table ready for the people and would look at me most times without any reaction. Other times, she would smile and walk out. After the people would arrive, my brother would make excuses to come in the room, either bring more snacks or try to go and sit. He was enjoying himself watching me get humiliated.

Things at school were just as bad. Wherever I went, kids were constantly making fun of me, drawing tiny dicks on the teacher’s board, or shouting stuff about me to the class at every opportunity. Thanks to Jason and his mates, my entire class and others had seen me fully naked. Every game session would end up with me being stripped for all to laugh at if there was no teacher around.

One time we had a famous football player from the local team invited to do a games session to show boys some tips on playing professional football. I remember everyone making a huge fuss about this guy, but I didn’t follow football, so I didn’t know who he was. He came with his girlfriend, an absolute beauty, and two of the coaches from his team. He took an instant disliking to me as I was wearing the rival team’s colors (a coincidence I was in blue as it’s my favorite color).

He had dug at me the whole lesson. His trick shots and other skills impressed everyone; even his girlfriend joined in. All the boys were drooling over her. She was standing talking to us about teaching fitness and yoga, and she would show us a few stretches. We all spread out, and she told us to stretch our arms up and stand on our tiptoes, and a boy behind me pulled my pants down in front of her and her boyfriend.

She laughed, saying, “It must be colder than it feels.”

Another time we were at swimming lessons, and a boy decided to dive into the shallow end of the pool, smash his head, and cut his forehead open on the pool floor. At the end of the lesson, we got told to change while the teacher took the boy to get bandaged as we walked into the changing rooms. Jason and his mates grabbed me, pulled down my trunks, put my arms behind my back, and made me walk up and down the changing room naked for all to see.

They had all seen me naked multiple times by now, so it wasn’t as humiliating as the first time, but it still was embarrassing as the locker room had other people in it, and they saw me naked as well. A few boys were holding their cocks up, saying to me look at how theirs are so much bigger, and Asians are tiny compared to white and black boys, but some of the Asian boys were the same size as them, just a few were smaller with me being the smallest. The boys then started whipping me with towels till the teacher returned. Jason was always picking on me, making my life hell, but the worst was still to come. More to follow later, back to the Friday home humiliation and punishments.

Out of all the Fridays, the first naked beating is something I can never forget, and there were two more Fridays that stood out the most.

The first one was about the fifth week. I was standing by the window naked, trying to see when a car pulled up across the road and out got Bilal’s mum, followed by Bilal and his dad. they walked over. They knocked on the door, and I stood by the wall facing it. My dad let them in. My mum took Bilal’s mum into the kitchen, and all I could hear was Bilal’s mum arguing with my mum saying why can’t she go in the front room? That’s all I could pay attention to. I wasn’t even paying attention to the conversation between the men.

My dad ordered me to turn around and told me to pick up the empty glasses they had just drank from and held my arms out straight, holding the glasses (another stressful position punishment in mosques – keep arms straight up or at 90degrees for ages till your muscles hurt). I was standing directly in front of Bilal and his dad, so my penis was in their direct line of sight. Both were smiling, knowing I must be feeling so humiliated. I was standing naked, fully exposed to a spoilt brat, and his father and his mum most likely be barging in any time.

And that’s what happened. My mum gave up trying to reason with the woman and told her to go if she wanted, and she came into the front room and smiled at me, looking at my naked body.

She asked her husband, “Why are you sitting here eating snacks when you’re supposed to punish him?”

He quickly got up, and his wife said to me get in murga position, and I turned sideways so she couldn’t see my privates and got into position. She told her husband to turn me as she couldn’t see my bum, and he put his hand on my neck and back and turned me till my bum was directly in her view. I could see her from my view between my legs, so I knew she could see everything. She told Bilal to move next to her so he could see the beating better than the beating started.

He wasn’t hitting me too hard. I could hear Bilal laughing, and his mom saying, “Hit him harder. Didn’t you have breakfast today? I want to see bruises. HARDER.”

I looked at Bilal and his mum from between my legs. I felt embarrassed I could see my tiny penis and them two from my head position, so I knew they were getting to see all my privates very clearly. A minute later, she took off her shoe, told her husband to sit down, and took over and counted 20 hits. I wanted to laugh because she was hitting me so lightly. Her husband was hitting way harder than her, but about halfway, she probably noticed my balls sticking out between my legs, so she hit them a few times.

Those ball hits hurt a lot. After she finished, she said she wanted to hear an apology, so I said sorry, and she laughed, saying, “No, not like that. Get down, kiss my feet, and say sorry.”

I looked at my dad, and he nodded his head to signal me to do it. I reluctantly got down and paused before quickly kissing her foot and saying, “I’m sorry.”

She said, “No, that was too fast.” She lifted her big toe and said, “Put your lips on my toe for at least three seconds and then apologize.”

I did as I was instructed. She wriggled her toe on my lips as I kissed it. I wouldn’t say I liked it. She’s the worst woman in the world, and here I was, naked and kissing her feet. Then she told me to turn over onto my back, place my arms under me, and start making fun of my penis by coming out with nonsense like, “God knew you were going to be a thief. That’s why he didn’t give you anything between your legs. It looks less like a penis and more like an almond.”

In the end, my dad got fed up and told them to leave as she’s been paid, and they gave me a beating. He didn’t need to hear any more from her, and for the first and only time, he went and got my underwear from the other room and told me to put it on. Bilal’s mum wasn’t happy she said to my dad, “Bilal was the one who had to walk home barefoot. He hasn’t had his chance to punish Imran.”

Dad told her, “You should have let Bilal punish Imran instead of doing it yourself. Please leave.”

She still carried on ranting to her car, saying stuff like, “Thank God he didn’t give you a cock, or I would have cut it off and fed it to the crows. It’s pointless cutting that thing. It’s too small. It wouldn’t fill a pigeons belly,” and, “If I see you on the street again, I’m going to strip you naked and make you walk home naked for everyone to laugh at.”

After that, whenever I saw her, she would start humiliating me in public, like when I walked into a shop once, and she was in there and told the shopkeeper to watch me. I’m a known thief. Another time she was with another woman, she saw me in the park. She shouted so everyone could hear her that she saw me naked and my penis was this big (showing a friend with her fingers), saying, “It would have been better if Imran was born a girl.”

Bilal was just as bad. He told everyone in school I was naked, and both his parents beat my ass, and I kissed his mum’s feet. He was adding lies to his version of events. He told kids that I kissed his feet and ass and begged for forgiveness, and he beat me with a stick and made me stand in the street naked. It was a lot of lies, but the kids believed him.


The second incident…

A week before Bilal’s visit, I was waiting naked as usual, and I saw my friend walking down with his dad. I wondered where they were going, and I thought to myself, he’s going to be walking past my house in a second, and if only he knew I was standing here naked with just a curtain blocking them from seeing me. I was shaking my hips and doing stupid things as boys do as they got close to my house, and I was surprised they turned into my garden and knocked on the door. I was confused about why they were there. My dad let them in, and I quickly ran to my position facing the wall, and they all walked in.

I could feel I was getting red in the face. My best friend and his dad were in the room with me naked. I got told to turn around and face them and put my hands out as punishment. While they talked, my friend smiled at me, trying not to laugh. My dad took out some money and handed it over. I looked at my friend, confused. Why did my dad give them money while taking the shoes?

My dad told them they could punish me if he wanted, but he declined the offer and instead gave me a long lecture about honest living and being a good boy look at his son. We are both in the same classes and getting the same education, and look at how good his son is compared to my behavior. I broke out with a smile. I thought, yes, we are definitely on the same level if only you knew your son.

After ten minutes, they left, and that was the first time my friend saw my penis. When I saw him next, I asked him why my dad had paid for them. He laughed and said he had wanted new shoes for weeks. However, his mum said he didn’t need them as his current shoes were still in good condition, so on the way home from an Islamic school, after he threw the shoes, he had taken he took off his shoes and binned them and told his mum they were missing so he could get the new trainers he wanted.

He threw away his shoes on Friday, and I got caught on Monday, and I ended up taking the whole blame. With friends like that, who needs enemies but to be fair, he did stick up for me a lot in school when kids were making fun of me. He used to find a teacher when I used to be getting paraded naked in the changing room. My friend’s parents had told him not to hang out with me as I was a bad influence, but we remained friends, and he would get in trouble if he were spotted talking to me.

His older sister once stopped me and said that if I got naked and showed her and her friends my penis, she would allow her brother to be friends with me and won’t snitch on him to her parents. I refused to show her, and she would tell her parents whenever she saw her brother with me.


Back to Jason and that big finale…

Because of the shame I had bought my parents from the shoe stealing and having a tiny penis, they knew I was having a hard time everywhere, and I had told my mum about Jason and others and how they were forcing me to be naked in front of other boys at school. My mum said I deserved it but still told my dad to sort it out at school, but there’s not much you can do with over 400 kids making fun of you, and your intimate details are public knowledge.

My Grandad lived on the other side of the city, and a house was on sale a few doors away from his home, and he got the deal done for us to buy the house and start fresh in a new community. Word would have still traveled about me to the new area as we had relatives in that area that had heard about my punishments, but at least the school bullying would stop, and I would be away from Jason.

Once the house sale was finalized and we got the keys to the new house, my parents told the school I would be leaving at the end of the term. So, I had to put up with the bullies for a few more weeks.

On the last day of term, Jason and his friends approached me and said, “After school, we’re going to get you.”

They didn’t know I was leaving, but they wanted to get me as it was the last day of term. I spent the last few hours trying to plan my escape. They were sitting on the opposite side of the class, gesturing that I was dead, etc. As soon as the last bell went, the race was on. I ran out of the school as fast as I could. I decided not to go my usual route but to do a detour through the park, thinking they would go looking for me on my route, but they caught up with me in the park.

They didn’t say a word and just started punching me till I was on the ground. They then undid my belt and pulled off my shoes and trousers. I tried to hold to my underwear, but it was four against one, and they pulled them off. I was screaming for help. Many kids in the park and several adults, but they all watched. One of the boys kneed me in my balls, and my jumper and shirt were also pulled off. I was naked in the park in just a vest. Jason and his mates were kicking me around, holding my clothes up, making me run to them, trying to get them back.

One of the boys saw a discarded old dirty skipping rope and showed it to Jason. And they grabbed me and started tying my arms behind my back. I struggled as best as possible, but they had me pinned to the ground. They stood me up, and now that my arms were tied behind me, I couldn’t defend myself. I was praying for a miracle as I was about to get probably the worst beating of my life. I was getting attacked by all four, and I eventually fell. Jason told the boys to grab my legs and spread them apart, two of them pulled my legs apart, and Jason and the other boy started kicking and stomping on my cock and balls.

I was screaming in pain as my arm was in a lot of pain by the way I was lying on it and secondly from the continuous attacks to my privates. People were standing watching the show, but no one was stepping in to stop it. Then I heard a girl shouting. They all stopped and looked over; a teenage black girl was storming over. She looked about 17/18, and she came calling aggressively.

Jason and his mates decided to run off (laughing and taunting her) with most of my clothes. They only left my shoes and jumper behind. She walked up to me, looking straight at my penis, but she didn’t laugh. She asked if I was OK, helped take the skipping rope off, and asked what happened, where I lived, and if she could call someone.

We didn’t have a house phone, so she took off her jacket. I wrapped my jumper around my waist, covering up my penis and her coat to cover up my behind. She gave me a tissue for my bloody lip and nose, and the crowd had dispersed, most standing afar, watching if anything else had happened. She was with a friend, and they walked me home and told my mum what had happened. She was the only person that saw me naked and didn’t make fun of me. I never saw the girl again, but she was the kindest girl I had ever met.

We moved house that weekend, ending my punishments and humiliation /bullying at school, but I still had my well-endowed younger brother to live with. I didn’t hit puberty till I was sixteen, and I started getting hair everywhere. I got excited I was finally going to start growing and get a proper penis. It started growing, but it peaked at 3.5 inches (hard) which, compared to my brother, who was about 3 inches soft(allegedly) at twelve, is still very pathetic.


The End.


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