A Beta Biography 3

By Smallwhitedick89.

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Part 3…

So, throughout the first few weeks of the school year, Chelsea and I kept it more or less the same as the first time. She would force me to go down on her until she came on my face, and then she would either two-finger jerk me or let me go for a few pumps inside of her perfect pussy until I finished. We would cuddle, and Chelsea would laugh. I had also been watching more porn when she wasn’t around, Blake spent a lot of time away from the house for the first few weeks between his around-the-clock classes and his girlfriend, so I was alone a lot and used that time to fall into some pretty specific porn rabbit holes.

The first time I felt an almost out-of-body experience was actually watching a cuckold video. I was watching it and was about to turn it off because it seemed kind of needlessly mean instead of arousing, and then out of nowhere, the bull pulled the cuck to his massive uncut cock and smacked him in the face with it. That level of domination made my cock jump. I kept watching, the bull made the cuck suck on his fat cock, and then he fucked the girl, and when he came, he did it on the cuck’s face. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I had been edging myself the whole time, so I managed to see the end of the video, and when it finished, so did I. It was a massive load all over my stomach and chest, and I even shot myself in the face a little bit.

That led me down a rabbit hole that I had only dipped my toe in before. There was sissy porn, mostly hypnosis and affirmations of beautiful women telling me I was a sissy and to put on panties and rub myself like a girl. I had one that even made me finger my asshole until I had a sissygasm it was called. I didn’t feel like I was a sissy, or a trans person, or whatever, but I loved the domination of it. I would put on a pair of Chelsea’s panties that she left behind and rub myself through them while being told what a little bitch I was. Obviously, I kept this to myself, too ashamed to bring it up to Chelsea, and definitely made sure not to get caught by Blake. He would have had a field day.

The day before our Thanksgiving break, however, Chelsea and I began a road trip home. Still, the snow started falling in record amounts. There must have been three feet in thirty minutes. As a result, we decided it would be safest if we got a hotel room.

We got our room and ordered a pizza. Chelsea brought her bags of extra clothes. I just brought my laptop inside, and we locked the car. After we ate and showered, we were snuggling on the bed together. She was in her matching red thong and bra, while I was just in a pair of gray boxers. Then Chelsea rolled over on top of me and began straddling my stomach and kissing me deeply. She was running her hands down my bare chest and moving them around my nipples and then to my face as she kissed deeper. We would break with her biting my lower lip, and then her hands would go back to my nipples. She pinched them a few times and even moved her mouth down to one to suckle at it.

“This is why I love it that you’ve been shaving your body hair lately. I love tasting you,” Chelsea said to me as she moved to my other nipple.

Both were incredibly erect, much like my little dicklette. Chelsea had never spent this much time on my chest or nipples before, but honestly, it felt incredible. I let out a moan as she sucked on one and tweaked the other. But it sounded a little girly. At least, I assumed it did because she looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and smiled a bit before going back to suckling. Her hand that was tweaking, though, moved from my nipple to the inside of my boxers and found my rock-hard little four-inches leaking its pre-cum like a busted faucet.

She took her middle finger and began rubbing it in small circles on the bottom side of my circumcised head. The pre cum acting as a lubricant, and the sensitivity heightened from her nipple play that she was continuing to do. I moaned again, this time louder and longer.

“That’s it, baby. Who’s my good little boy?” she asked me.

I didn’t say anything; I just closed my eyes and let the orgasm build. I knew I wasn’t far from blowing my load, and I was going to embrace it. Then Chelsea stopped everything. She raised her face to mine where hardly any distance separated us and looked at me with her steely eyes that were so warm and loving against her hard coloration and asked again.

“Who’s my good little boy?”

“I am?” I murmured.

I was uncertain of what was happening. Chelsea looked harder into my eyes, and my dick twitched a bit, begging for the sweet release it was promised only moments ago. “Do I own your baby carrot?” she asked in a sweet, soothing voice, even though the words were dominant.

“Yes. You own it.”

“What do I own?” she said again pre-cum steadily dripping from my dicklette and my balls pressing into my abdomen.

I let out another dick jump and felt myself still getting closer as I continued to hold her eye contact to the best of my ability. She was so strong. This was like a superpower. I wanted to look away, but I knew that if I did, I would somehow upset her.

“My baby carrot,” I said, sounding almost scared as my uncertainty and discomfort grew.

“That’s right, and you know I know that I own it.”

She repositioned herself slightly now with both her hands away from my leaking twitching dick. However, her eyes were still holding my stare. They looked so perfect I wanted to swim in them. I wanted to see what she was doing with her hands, but I was afraid to look away. I wanted her to touch my dick again, even tweak my nipple again. I was so close to finishing I would have done or said anything to finish it.

“Because you’re going to cum from me just looking at you. Because that’s what good little boys do. Isn’t it, baby?” she asked.

The words processed through my brain, and it was like my dicklette was waiting for permission. Because once Chelsea said it, I unleashed. It was twitch twitch and explosion. The wet spot began as a large drip of pre-cum, and then it kept coming. Then my body stiffened, and I let out a groan, and my dick continued to point while my cum just pushed itself out. Chelsea moved to whisper into my ear.

“Such a good boy,” over and over.

This went on for what felt like an hour before. Finally, my body released itself, and my dick went back down.

“That was powerful,” I said, trying to catch my breath. “Where did you learn that?”

“Haha, I have been reading different ways to play with submissive boyfriends. There are a few websites and blogs about it. One of them said if you can pull this off, it’s complete ownership. Apparently, guys with little dicks have heightened sensitivity in their nipples and other areas. Still, I didn’t want to use it all in one go. So you liked it?”

“Yeah, that was incredible. I felt so…submissive, I don’t know. Wherever you got that from, keep reading,” I said, smiling. “Of course, the downside is I ruined my underwear for the evening, and I can’t go out to the car and get new ones.

“Why not? Just put your jeans on and free ball it.”

“You know I can’t do that. The zipper rubs my pp.”

“Oh, right, because your little button dick just points right into it.” She smiled wickedly on a roll now. “Well, you can wear my panties. When you come back, I expect you to pay me my respect anyways, so they’ll either be on you or the floor.”

She slid them off in one motion and held them on her big toe as an offer to me. I stared at them for a second, wondering if this was a subliminal message that she knew what I had been jerking off to or if it was just another act of dominance. It was hot, but was I really ready for this? Before I could make it weird, I reached for them and made it a point to look mad. I slid them on and then turned to grab my jeans.

“Wow, baby, that thong makes your ass pop.”

She rolled over to give me a smack on the butt before I could pull up my pants. I walked out to the car, fought the snow, grabbed a fresh pair of underwear for tomorrow, and then came back in. True to her word, she was lying on the back with her legs open, ready and waiting for me to do my duty. Amazing how I had become such a pussy eater in no time. But I knew better than to try and deny her her rights. I walked over to her and went to lie on my stomach as I serviced my girlfriend’s immaculately groomed pussy. But before I could begin, she ordered me to strip down to ‘my panties.’ I did as I was told.

“Now give me a spin. Oh yeah, baby, looking good.” She smiled again, feeling good about her play at dominance. “It’s amazing how tiny I am and how those fit you, but you do have narrow hips. And how your baby carrot fits so nicely in the front there, I expected at least a ball to be hanging out, but nope, it hugs them nicely. Now do your duty.” and her legs opened wide.

I crawled onto the bed and got comfortable before I began. First, I kissed the inside of Chelsea’s thighs on each leg, and then I nibbled them a bit. Then I got to her shaved vulva and kissed it. Then I took in her scent, her wetness from her earlier playing with me, and I gave it a big kiss. Then, as she began to adjust her hips from side to side, I risked. I laid my tongue out and searched up and down her crack for a few until I found her little hard pleasure button, and then I teased it with the end of my tongue.

I licked it with just the tip aggressively for a few minutes, hearing her moans and squeals of pleasure. Her hands moved to the back of my head and ran through my hair as her back arched and straightened a few times. As I readjusted so that I could bring my hand into the equation, I felt exactly how hard it was again and how nice those panties felt on my dicklette. It was incredible. I moved side to side to get a little rush, and it was incredible. Then, I began to use the rough side of my tongue and did much smaller rolling motions to intensify her pleasure.

Her moans grew louder, and the panties grew wetter. My hand slowly made itself known as I played with her sopping hole on the perimeter. Now I switched my tongue to doing full strokes from tip to the fat part in long-drawn, out motions, and when it grew too wet, I would do a large suck bringing her clit all the way into my mouth as I sucked. Then, I would do just a little nibble with the end of my teeth. This always made her squirm, and her fluids leaking from her cunt let me know that she was pleased with me. Right as I felt her orgasm building, she tapped me on the head to tell me to stop for a second.

“What?” I asked her, confused

She reached over into her back and, grabbed something and handed it to me. “Use this.” she resumed her position and pointed, making me figure it out for myself. I looked over the small phallic-shaped object real quick to discern that it was a vibrator, thought to myself about how I had no idea she even owned one, shrugged my shoulders in apathy at the discovery, and did as she bid.

Again, I started with aggressive licks from the tip of the tongue, and I inserted her vibrator. I thought it was small, but I realized that it was probably a little longer than my dick, maybe around 5 inches or so. I found the vibration adjustment on the button. After it was all the way inside her, I used it for a few small strokes and increased the vibrations to about halfway. Her body immediately convulsed as she reached her hand back and grabbed the pillow with one hand, and she gripped the back of my head tight with the other. I used my free hand to work my finger around her exposed, puckered asshole slowly.

I couldn’t explain it, but her asshole looked so hot when I would glimpse it. I had never really thought much about anal and still didn’t, to be honest. But the idea of eating her ass out was beginning to become more and more arousing. Since I was busy with my mouth, though, trying to bring her to a powerful orgasm, I instead used my index finger to circle her hole. At the same time, her vibrator penetrated her other one, and my tongue was teasing and pleasing her clit.

The pre-cum was again soaking my panties, and I had to adjust myself to avoid feeling uncomfortable. The motion, however, sent a chill down my spine, and I realized that I might actually cum if I wasn’t careful.

As I fucked her with the vibe, I began to circle it around the walls, and I turned the vibrations up to the max. Her moan intensified, and she threw her head back again in a violent jerk. The hair on the back of my head felt tighter, and I knew she was close. I sucked on her clit one more time, and then I began to use the fat part of my tongue and rolled it as fast as I could. I placed my index finger inside her asshole now and slowly worked it around.

Her legs closed in on my ears, and her hand pushed me deep into her body. My oxygen was fleeting now, but the payoff was coming. My room to work her vibrator became limited, so I just pushed it in as deep as I could and kept my tongue working. I moved my index finger in deeper, too, and circled it around. Her legs squeezed tighter before she let out a scream, and her body slowly came to a position of calm.

She patted the back of my head, and I removed myself from her crotch and looked at her, feeling accomplished. She smiled happily at me and then looked down at my soaking panties. “Looks like you bought yourself a pair of panties,” she smiled. Without being told, I cleaned her vibrator off, put it back in her bag, and crawled into the bed next to her for cuddles as my dicklette remained at full mast. It still didn’t escape the pouch of my newly acquired panties, however, and I was thinking maybe I would sleep in these as they felt so good against my throbbing baby carrot. She reached over, put her hand on my chest, and kissed me.

“You better get some sleep. I don’t know if the roads are going to be plowed tomorrow or not, so you’ll need to be on your A-game for driving.”

She curled into my chest, placing her head on my shoulder as she drifted off into sleep.


We arrived at my parent’s house the next day. I expected to see my mom and asshole step dad but neither one of them was downstairs. We saw their cars in the driveway, which I thought was strange. Still, we went upstairs to my room to hang out for a bit before I took her home to her house.

When we got upstairs to my room, we realized where my mom and her husband were. We heard the banging, which I recognized right away, but I was hoping Chelsea didn’t hear it. We sat down on the bed and started talking, me trying to drown out the noise from the next room. But it was to no avail. The banging grew louder and louder. The headboard of my mom’s bed was slamming into our shared wall, and then she began to moan.

“So yeah, I think I’m gonna try to walk onto the team this year when tryouts open up after winter break. What do—”



“You like this dick baby?”

“You know I do, this cock owns my pussy baby.”

“Yeah, that’s right, it does. Tell me why you love my cock.”


Chelsea looked at me, her eyes wide as saucers. My face must’ve turned three shades redder as it became more and more obvious what was happening. I began to ask if she wanted to go to her house now, but before I could even open my mouth, she silenced me with a finger as she listened intently.

“Your cock is huge. It stretches me every time. You don’t cum in thirty seconds like my ex. You can go for hours, and AHHH YES! You make me cum every fucking time…AHHHHHH.”

We heard my mom have an orgasm. This wasn’t the first time I had overheard them, but they clearly didn’t expect us yet because normally, they try and keep it more muffled than this. Also, I had no idea that my dad had a small dick. I always thought he was kind of big as I thought back on it. But I guess I never took the time to ask or measure it, so who was I to criticize?

“Yeah, baby cum all over this cock. Okay you ready? I’m gonna bust all over those perfect titties, okay.”

“Do it, baby, fucking pain them white.”

“Mmngggg,” we heard from my stepdad as he grunted his orgasm onto my mom’s tits.

Then, there was some rustling, and their bathroom door opened. Then we heard the bedroom door to the hallway open. It was Cliff walking out of the room. Naked. And his uncut cock was back to flaccid and enormous. It had to be eight inches and fat as fuck, just swinging from his pelvis. Chelsea didn’t mean to stare, I’m sure, but I could see her out of my peripheral vision with her mouth agape and her eyes wide open. I, for my part, had never seen his cock, but I had seen the outline before, so I knew it wasn’t small. He didn’t notice us as he walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

For whatever reason, neither Chelsea nor myself got up to close the door. Instead, we sat there. I was too unsure of what to do next, and I think she was just frozen with shock. When Cliff walked out of the bathroom, he saw her on the bed, winked at Chelsea, and strutted back to the room. Then we heard a loud smack and a moan from my mom. I got up, closed the door, and looked at Chelsea, expecting to need to talk. She said nothing for a few minutes.

“So… ugh. Do you want me to take you home?” I asked her, expecting that she was fully uncomfortable and freaked out.

“Umm… no. not yet. I want to take a shower. Is that okay? I still need to wash last night off me.” She smiled and winked at me. “Wanna help me? You know, to save water and everything?”

I was taken aback. Did this turn Chelsea on? Or was she taking it in stride? Was she secretly catatonic? I didn’t know. But I agreed to her request, and we went into the bathroom and ran the water. I heard my mom gasp from the other room, but the water drowned it out. Chelsea peeled off her clothes and revealed the hard little pink nipples on her pert, tiny breasts. Then she wiggled her tight leggings off and over her perfect ass. I dropped to my knees and kissed it to be playful, but she bent her back to force it out more as if telling me to worship her ass truly. I gave it kisses up and down her left cheek and then moved to the right. I gave her ass a bit on each cheek, and then her crack got a smooch.

I stood up, and she smiled up at me as we hugged. The water had warmed up now I could tell by the spray coming from the shower and hitting me in the face. I went to take off my pants, but Chelsea beat me to it, so instead, I kept my hand on her phat little ass. When my jeans hit the floor, they revealed that I was still in my panties from last night, and she let out a wicked smile and chuckle.

“Like the way they feel?”

I looked at her, speechless. Truthfully, I had forgotten I was wearing them. But here they were. Furthermore, there was another dob of pre-cum in the front, which she noticed too.

“Is that from worshiping my ass?”

I nodded my head and went to remove them, but she stopped my hand and helped me get my shirt started. I pulled it over my head. She rubbed my abs and up to my chest and then kissed me on my sternum.

“You’re so sexy, it’s crazy,” she said as she rubbed up my chest and down into my panties. “And then you have such a tiny little penis. It fits in these panties. Turn around.”

I did as she ordered with a smile. And she smacked it. Hard. And pulled them down to reveal my pointing little four inches of dicklette fully leaking pre-cum. She smiled and got into the shower. I followed, and we sensually washed each other and explored a bit. Nothing was done for completion, but it was fun and therapeutic after what we had just seen.


Chelsea’s POV after dinner that night…

After Don and I had dinner, he took me home. Originally I was supposed to spend the night, but after seeing Cliff walk around with his huge meaty cock I didn’t want to be in that house. I was creeped out because of how direct he was. I know Cliff had to have known we were there. We were so loud when we came in. but then again, his mom was so loud, maybe he didn’t? I couldn’t figure it out and knew I would never get an answer, but every time I began to zone out, all I could see was his swinging uncut cock. It was so much bigger than Don’s.

I had never thought about fucking something that big, but since Don had come to me with his fetish, and we had engaged in it, he hadn’t really fucked me, only eaten me out, which is great. But now that I have seen the contrast, I wonder if subconsciously teasing him for his little dick has opened another part of my brain that’s academically curious about fucking a really big one? Is it only academic? I asked myself this and thought about it and then went back to visualizing Cliff. Then I imagined what Don’s mother looked like taking that swinging cock hard into her sopping pussy. I stopped myself when I realized I was biting my lower lip, and it was starting to hurt.

I decided to change and go to bed, only to be made aware that I was also sopping wet. I thought about using my little vibe but realized that the only way I would sate this thirst was if I had a big cock. And I wasn’t interested in cheating. That’s not my style. So the only way to sate this thirst, I figured, was to buy another toy. I didn’t feel like waiting a week again like I did for the vibrator. Instead, I looked at the time. It was 11:30 at night. I Googled when the adult store nearest me closed. It closed at 2:00. So I put on some jeans, got in my car, and drove three towns over to see what was in stock at the Adult Superstore.

As I walked in, I saw first the slutty heeled boots and lingerie, which to my self-disappointment caught my attention. They were incredibly pricey, but I think I would look in some of these outfits. Rather than talk myself into buying a $800 pair of stripper heels, though, I walked on to see what they had in stock. There were, of course, DVD’s that I had to walk by. And then I saw the couples section. There was a large collection of lubes, some of which were pricey and sounded more like a jam than a lubricant.

Another few feet brought me to whips and gags, and something called a lock and key cage. They looked vaguely familiar, like something I had seen in a video Don showed me, but I couldn’t be sure. So I googled it real quick and learned that it was a male chastity cage. Apparently, they’re big in the femdom and cuckold community. I wondered if Don would be into something like that and decided to move on. Then I found them: there were the heavy-duty vibrators, which looked like a good future buy, and the dildos. They were in order of size. They started at six inches in length with varying degrees of girth. The white ones and the black ones were next to each other but more or less the same sizes the whole way up.

I looked pensively at the seven-inch ones and the eight-inch ones, debating which would be better. The eight-inch ones looked enormous but still smaller than Cliff. Or at least what I was remembering. Then I saw in the bottom corner that the insertable length was only six and a half inches. So I moved up to the nine and pulled the trigger. I bought a nine-inch (seven and three-quarter-inch insertable) white dildo named The Adam, paid the lady, and drove home a Mach 5. After I got into my basement room, I loaded up a big dick dom video on my laptop. I lay on my bed, playing with clit while I waited to hear what this big cock bully was going to tell me to do.

The video started pretty slow. It was a good-looking early-thirties white guy who sat down and started rubbing a large bulge in his basketball shorts. “So you’re here again, huh? What’s the matter, little dick hubby can’t get it done? Still? Ha, what a pathetic beta cuck.” there was a pause. “Well… is that it? Is that why you’re here? Say it.” he said that last part with a tone that showed he was not to be trifled with.

A shiver went up my spine. My fresh dildo rested on my stomach as I fingered my clit. Still, I was slowly inserting fingers inside my hole to steal some self-made lubricant as it was beginning to look intimidatingly large.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Good girl for admitting it. Now, if you want my cock I’m gonna need something from you. More than I did last time.”

Immediately, my mind was upset that I hadn’t watched part one, as there seemed to have been one. But I decided that was a problem for another day, and I waited with bated breath as he told me what he wanted from me.

“You’ll need to actually suck it this time, not just kiss it and worship it, though I want that too. But I know you don’t suck his little dick, do you even fuck him still? Answer me!” He wasn’t yelling, but his tone again was firm, and another shiver went up my spine.

“Nah…no,” I said aloud to the man on the screen. “I haven’t fucked him really in a long time.”

“Good girl… Now say thank you.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Now let me see that pussy. Is it shaved? You know I like it when you shave for me.”

I was shaved incidentally enough, and that made me happy that I was making him happy. I hoped to myself that this was the beginning of something worse for me and Don. I knew porn wasn’t cheating, but I craved to be dominated from time to time, and he just wasn’t that guy. And while I know I love him, I wondered if this dom was telling me that I wasn’t truly happy dominating Don. Maybe we weren’t going to get married? Maybe as we grew older, we would realize that we were not sexually compatible. I knew it was simple anxiety because of how turned on I was by another man, but this is what girls think about. I was ripped from my mental spiral, though, when he pulled out his cock and told me to kiss it.

It was huge. It was at least as big as my dildo and beautiful. He was cut, unlike Cliff, and his head was the size of an apple it looked like. I would never be able to get that thing in my mouth.

“Suck it,” he said.

I took my free hand and grabbed the dildo. I put it in my mouth as far as I could go. I didn’t get very far, not at first. I tried every trick I could think of but never got past the head of it.

“Pinch your fucking skin between the thumb and index finger,” he ordered.

I obeyed and suddenly was able to get the dildo to my throat. I kept pinching down and went until my oxygen became a real concern. As I took it back out of my mouth, a long sticky glob of saliva followed and made the cock shine.

“That’s a trick girls with big cocks learn early makes sense. You wouldn’t know it, haha keep sucking, don’t forget my balls.”

I did my best to provide a great blowjob to a rubber dick, imagining it was the guy on the screen. I tried to imagine it was Don, but that wasn’t working, and then my mind went to Cliff, and that felt wrong, even if it did make my spine shiver again.

“Okay, now I think you’ve earned my cock. But first. Beg me. Say, please make me cum with your superior cock while my cuck husband is at home playing with his boy clit. I said it. Or I won’t fuck you.”

“Please fuck me with your superior cock while my cuck boyfriend is at home playing with his boy clitty.”

I wondered how accurate that statement was. (Don was, in fact, at home watching a video of a buxom girl telling him he needed to be caged while he rubbed his dicklette like a clit per her orders.)

“Good girl, now lay back.”

I grabbed the dildo and began to play with my sopping slit. The head immediately took the lubricant from my sloppy blowjob and my gushing cunt and inserted itself as far as it could go before any real resistance was met. It was the biggest thing that had even been in there before, though, so it wasn’t very far before I had to work it in.

“Oh my god, you’re so tight. It’s like a virgin. I guess it is. I’m hitting places no other dick has, aren’t I? Tell me.”

“Yes! No other cock has ever hit these walls like this.”

It wasn’t very deep yet, but the fullness from the girth was notable. I gently rocked it back and forth, using my juices to put it a bit deeper every time. Eventually, after about three minutes of this and my bull commending me on taking his big cock (which made me feel good), it was nearly all the way in. The pumps now grew longer and more powerful at the end, even if they were still slow. I wanted to savor this feeling of fullness. Don’s cock only went half this deep and definitely didn’t have this girth. I felt like this was what sex was meant to feel like. This is what I was missing. My academic research on the difference proved that there was a big one.

“Oh yeah, take this cock slut. Who owns this pussy? Is it your husband?”

“No. It’s you, sir,” I moaned as my thrusts began to quicken and harden.

Now the balls were slapping my ass cheeks with every thrust, and the moisture was leaking out of my slit all over my hands and legs. The sounds were clear that fucking was going on.

“Stop! Beg me to fuck you doggy style.”

I got onto all fours. “Please, sir, give me your fat cock from the back.”

I shifted my position, realizing my arms wouldn’t make this plausible, and placed the suction cup on the headboard. It took a minute to do, and I had to pause the video, but I was so eager to see to cum and gain his approval that I didn’t even think about not doing it.

“Good girl,” he said, making a smile form on my face as I started rocking my ass back and forth, taking the monster cock as deep as I could. It was hitting a different spot now, and I could feel an orgasm building from my chest. “Yeah, that’s it slut. Take this cock. If you’re a good slut I’ll let you take it in the ass next time. Would you like that? Tell me you want it in your ass too.”

“I want this cock in my ass too!” I yelled as I slammed hard into my headboard, making it hit the wall.

If anyone was awake, they could hear me now, but I didn’t care. The orgasm was building and slowly working its way down. There was a warmth in my belly and a tingling in my cunt from this long fat cock. I was so close to experiencing a type of orgasm I never had before, and nothing was going to stop me from doing it.

“Maybe we’ll let cucky help next time. He can get you warmed up and guide my fat cock inside of you. Wouldn’t that be nice, let him help you cum on a cock for a change.” the thought was intriguing, honestly. Still, I didn’t waste much time on it as I felt my juices dripping down my inner thigh and touching my knee before falling onto my sheet.

“Oh yeah, I can feel myself getting close. Are you ready for a real load, slut? Not three drops after thirty seconds like you’re used to at home. Ha, you’re such a pathetic slut. You know that?”

“Yes, sir. I’m just a slut for your big cock!” I said loudly as I continued to slam my ass back as hard as I could.

Then as his cock began to erupt a huge load of thick white cum, my own body convulsed. My legs and spine stiffened and then began to twitch. The orgasm wracked through my whole body, making every nerve tingle and warmth spread throughout me. I let out a loud moan and slammed back one more time, and then another, and the moisture coming out of me was wetting my entire sheet and pillows, but I couldn’t stop. The orgasm was persisting, and it was intoxicating. I reached for something to grab but found nothing and instead licked my lips at my dom’s huge load. Finally, the video ended, and I took myself off the cock.

“That was amazing,” I said to no one.

I had just enough time to clean off my new cock and put it on my nightstand before sleep took me for ten hours. In my dreams, though, I was still fucking. I was fucking everyone but Don. I fucked Cliff, I fucked the guy from the video, I fucked a faceless man, and I fucked some of the guys on the porn DVD covers that I walked past without a second thought. When I woke up, I felt incredibly well-rested. Then I saw I had seven missed texts from Don. I got back to him and told him I would come over around lunchtime. Then I took my dildo out again and found another video.


To be continued…?


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