A Beta Biography 2

By Smallwhitedick89.

Read Part 1 Here.


Chelsea’s perspective after the reveal of Don’s kink…

I was initially confused when Don told me about his new kink. I thought it was weird. I was happy that he felt comfortable enough to be that open with me about what he wanted sexually, and maybe this would open the door for me to get more of what I wanted. I had grown rather interested in him being more dominant, but maybe me being dominant could be fun, too. It wasn’t something that he seemed capable of after all.

Sure, he talked a good game and seemed dominant to those who only knew him from a distance. He was a little over six feet tall and well built, probably around 190lbs of well-built D1 college athlete. But he was a pushover in his personal life and interactions. I used to giggle at him behind his back when he talked about kicking someone’s ass for mouthing off because I knew he could never do that. If someone showed enough backbone, he would always back down. It was alright. It was just who he was. I still loved him.

I knew that his injury was hard on him emotionally, and I know neither his dad nor stepdad was very understanding. His mom was okay but rarely home since she was a nurse. His stepdad was a creep, always winking at me and lightly flirting with me. I was polite, but truth be told, he made me uncomfortable most of the time. His actual dad wasn’t much nicer. He didn’t flirt with me but always told me I was too good for his son. Because of that, I tried to support him during his recovery, even when he was being a dick to me.

That said, spending many months without sexual release was challenging, and I never told him… I bought myself my first sex toy. It wasn’t very big, or at least it didn’t look big when I bought it online, but now that I know Don’s actual size, I realize that it’s 2 inches longer than his dick and wider. It also vibrated. I had tried not to use it when I thought I might be lucky. Still, as the summer progressed and our sexual encounters became borderline non-existent, he could not rise to the occasion. I started using it every day. Luckily, he hadn’t made it inside me at any point this summer to notice the difference. I had blown him a few times and most recently got him off with a simple handjob.

After returning from my run, I peeled off my clothes and looked in the mirror. My tiny little a-cup titties were pert, and my nipples were hard and pink from the run. My pussy was freshly shaved. ‘Don’s so lucky,’ I thought, smiling at my cockiness. And then I admired my ass. I had been entertaining myself in some ass-play this summer with my fingers. I wondered if it were something I would enjoy during an actual sexual encounter or if I was too self-conscious to let Don put anything in there. I untied my long black hair and got in the shower when my phone pinged with three texts. Presumably, they were from Don to some links he wanted me to see about his weird kink. I had a plan.

After sudsing up and washing my hair, I got out of the shower and immediately opened my laptop to learn more about this ‘SPH,’ as he called it. It was more popular than I realized. There were a lot of subreddits dedicated to it, and there were a lot of other kinks and fetishes that tied into it. One of which was premature ejaculation. Which made sense when I thought of it. Don had always been fast. Like really fast, which made his refusal to go down regularly more frustrating. In hindsight, I don’t know how I waited so long to buy a vibrator. That thought reminded me I grabbed it from my nightstand and washed it off. I was planning to use it after all and then pack it up.

After looking through pictures of several small dicks on Reddit, I realized two things. One, men with small dicks loved being teased about it, even if it was encouraging. And two, Don had a really small dick. I saw some pictures of men begging to be humiliated with their soft cock and then their hard ones, slightly bigger than his. I also learned about the toilet paper roll test, which I made a mental note of. I also found a few articles that offered helpful tips and phrases to use when having small penis sex to humiliate your less-endowed partners properly. Most of it was corny, like, ‘Is that a finger?’ Or something about a french fry, but there were also some good notes. One that I liked was to call it a nickname for something small and cute, like a piece of baby corn.

Then I found some erotica on the internet and read those stories. I also learned that this small penis humiliation led to another fetish called cuckolding. I wasn’t sure I was into that, but luckily, Don hadn’t said anything to me about it, so I didn’t worry too much. That said, they were hella hot when I started reading the stories. I began to rub myself before I realized it from a few of them. Then I started wishing I had a big cock to fuck me like the girlfriends and wives in the stories I read. Then I remembered what I did, right next to me.

Finally, I closed my computer and decided to click on the videos Don had sent me about an hour ago and see exactly what he wanted me to replicate in my way.

The first one I opened was a home video of a couple having sex. I don’t like watching normal people fuck, but I figured I would listen to what she said that made him feel like it was worth sending to me. The two were naked when the video started, and the girl was slightly overweight. She was not fat but looked like she had been pregnant at least a few times before. She had enormous boobs, easily DD’s, which was pretty sexy in my own opinion. Then her ass, wow, I thought I had a nice little booty. This girl had a straight dump truck, though. It was pretty hot already. I turned the vibrator on and slowly rubbed it over my clit. Not too strong, I wanted to let this orgasm build. But enough to tease me.

Shivers went up and down my spine as the two began to mess around. She put his dick in her mouth and then came off it and laughed. “Seriously, baby, you’re so small. I wish you would just let me fuck other men or real men. I should say.”

He moaned at her mean words, and she returned to sucking him off. She went down his dick (Still bigger than Don’s, I thought, even though he was fat, and I thought fat guys usually had small ones) and tongued his balls. Then she came off again as he let out a moan.

“Are you about to cum already? God, you’re so pathetic,” she said to him.

Then they cut the shot, and the next one was her on all fours on the bed with her big beautiful ass in focus. I could see her brown eye staring at me, and working with my vibrator caused a second shiver down my spine. I took it off my little pleasure button and laid down on my back, exposing my ass hole to the vibrator as I worked it from the bottom to the base of my bean and back again. The pleasure was building rapidly, and I could feel my wetness. I wanted penetration, but I wanted to wait. I wanted to make it that much sweeter when I was finally fucked. Even if it was by my toy.

I decided to try another video involving a couple having pretty standard sex, and it no longer interested me. The next one was a girl, very curvy again though mostly ass. What an ass. And she was talking to the camera like it was her small-dick boyfriend. She was dominant and would show her ass whenever she gave a command. I inadvertently caught myself following her commands.

When she turned to show the back of her pink pussy and said open your mouth, I did as I was instructed. Then I remembered this video wasn’t meant for me and smiled. I worked the vibrator still on low, but now I was hitting my ass hole and going to the clit very slowly. The pleasure was immense, and my toes were beginning to curl.

“Yeah, get on all fours and use your tongue. You might as well. It’s the only way you’re going to make me cum. Yeah, that’s right bitch kiss my ass. Mmm, just like that, yeah. Now, the other cheek.”

Her dominant nature was driving me wild. I don’t know if I could be that dominant, but trying would be fun. However, it was also fun to be her sub right now.

“Good job, now I want you to lick my asshole. No complaining. This is what small-dick beta boys like you are meant for—ass-eating. Yeah, that’s it. Get in there with your tongue.”

This made me moan aloud. Now I spit on a finger and worked that into my ass. It felt weird initially, but it was nice as I moved it around. Not as good as being eaten out or as good as the vibe, but certainly no worse than fingering my pussy. Another moan escaped my lips as I circled the vibrator around my clit and wet pussy lips.

Moans were escaping my mouth as my body was growing stiff and contorted. My toes were curling, and my feet were beginning to go numb. I knew the orgasm was close now, and this video was nearly over. The big booty dom said something about wanting to cuck her small dick boyfriend and had him fuck her ass with his tongue. When she came, he also evidently came from a hands-free orgasm due to his subservient nature. She called him a good boy, and the video went black. I was upset because I was so close, but losing the porno would be difficult to maintain. Luckily, a third video loaded on its own.

It was a very pretty girl in her bikini talking very softly. “Hey baby, I know you’re upset that you don’t have a real cock like a real man. But it’s okay. Just because you’ll never please a woman with your baby dick doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways. Use toys, and use your tongue. It’s okay. Why don’t you take it out for me? There you go. Good boy. Oh wow, you’re extra tiny down there. That’s just like a clit. I was going to tell you to jerk off, but I think someone like you might be better off like this,” she moved her hand over her clit and began rubbing it around with her middle finger.

“Yeah, just like this. Don’t worry that you’re masturbating like a girl. You have a clit, so it’s only fair. It’s not your fault that any girl you date is in a lesbian relationship. Mmm, yeah, that’s my good little girl. That’s right, with a little clit dick like that, you’re no longer a man, you’re a little girl. And I don’t think it’s fair to call it a dick or a cock anymore. It’s either a little pee-pee or a clit-dick from here on out.”

I felt she was being a little too mean, but I could at least try if this is what Don was into.

I let the video end, and my orgasm was demanding release. I wanted to finish off and let the endorphins of ecstasy flood my body. But I hadn’t quite found the right visual image to do it. My left index finger circled my ass hole, and it was beginning to feel amazing. This is something I was going to have Don do for sure. My vibrator was teasing my now erect little clit to ultra sensitivity. Every time I went over it, chills shot down my spine and into my toes and brain stem. Before I could come out of my pleasure, another video auto-loaded.

This was of a couple, a woman holding the camera and her husband standing there with his very unimpressive (though still bigger than Don’s) dick… I mean penis. And then, coming into the frame was her lover. ‘This must be a cuckold relationship,’ I thought. It was not my first choice, but the man walking into the frame seemed pretty sexy, so I didn’t rush to change it.

The man was only visible from the belly button down, but I could tell from that angle that he had a nice ripped set of abs as to where her husband had a bit of belly. Not fat, just soft and flabby. The bull’s legs were solidly built, with very little hair. He was groomed. Honestly, his body reminded me of Don, for the most part. The husband was very hairy, and I wouldn’t say I liked that as much. The biggest difference between this bull and my boyfriend was their genitalia. Where Don was smaller even than the husband. The bull was extra well-endowed, still flaccid, and already seven inches, at least if the wife’s measurements were to be believed.

As she dropped to her knees and took his larger member into her mouth, I slowly inserted the vibrator into my sopping cunt. The penetration was nice, but the toy wasn’t so big that I could feel it stretching me, unlike some I saw online when I bought this little guy. The vibrations, though, immediately sent me into a whirlwind. I sent my index finger deeper into my asshole as the vibrator went deeper, and my pleasure intensified, making me cross-eyed.

“Oh my God, honey, it’s much bigger than yours. I don’t even see why I don’t just cage your babydick?” she said to her husband, who said some staged nonsense about pleasing her. “No baby, you know this. I fake it for you, this though, this is a man’s cock, this is going to make me cum. Your tiny dick never makes me cum. I don’t even feel it inside me.”

My vision cleared a bit, and I looked at the phone resting on my chest as the scene cut to her cowgirl riding him. Her lips widened as they accepted the massive fat member into the waiting pussy. The husband was now off-screen, presumably holding the camera.

“Oh God, yes, already I’m about to cum. I’ve never felt this good with you and your little prejac babydick. This is so fucking good,” she said.

As he fucked her, I began to fuck myself with the vibrator. I wanted to keep playing with my asshole, too, but it was too much motion for the camera to stay put, so I had to withdraw. A feeling of emptiness took over briefly, but the vibrations and motions were enough to compensate for it. As her orgasm became evident from the moans and her juices flooding her bull’s cock and balls, I felt myself on the verge of release.

“Baby, it’s so hot watching you fuck that huge cock,” her husband said.

As he finished that sentence, the image of Don saying it to me while I fucked a massive cock (probably a dildo since I couldn’t think of another person I would want to fuck), my orgasm finally busted down the door and rushed my body. I convulsed like a demon had possessed me momentarily. I let out a wall of juices like the Hoover Dam does once a week, and my toes curled so hard that I had a cramp in my calf when it was done. This was bliss. This was the orgasm I had wanted earlier on my boyfriend’s face, but he could not provide it.

As I lay there soaking in my fluids, I responded to his text with a smiley-faced demon emoji and said this might be fun. He texted back, saying he would be on the way shortly. I cursed under my breath, cleaned off, and waited for him to text me, saying he was there.


Don’s POV after the drive…

Chelsea and I were making out the second we walked into my rented house. She felt extra energetic, biting my lower lip and pushing me through the house into my room where I had set up my bed from last year. As I collapsed onto it, she pulled down her jeans and revealed her cute white cotton panties. They had pink lace around the trim areas but did nothing to reveal any booty. Just enough to show that she was very well-groomed. As those came down, she sat on the bed beside me and told me to get on my knees. I, without hesitation, listened to her command.

As I stared face to face with her waiting cunt I began to pull back, not wanting to do this twice in one day. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into her. “I’m in charge, little man. Now eat me.”

I opened my mouth and took in her scents. It was delectable. I don’t know why I was always so resistant to it. But as I began to lick and her moistness increased and covered my chin and lower lips, I got into it.

“Yeah, that’s it…mmm, so good. You can use the rough side of your tongue now. Yeah, like that, and put your fingers in there, not one, baby, do two. Yeah, like that.”

I fingered and licked her as well as I could, but she was moving so much and directing my head that it felt like I was more of a domicile for her than an active participant. I was not complaining; I was getting used to it down here. It was pretty nice. Again, I was wondering why I was so resistant to the idea of eating her out. It wasn’t so bad. And hearing her soft moans in my ears had my dick hard and raging into my jeans. I wanted to undo my jeans and let it out, but I was using my hand to cup around her waist for balance.

She laid down on the bed and pulled on my head to direct me up there. We rearranged positions, and I went back to doing what I was doing, licking her hard clit with the tip of my tongue and the rough side intermittently, sucking on it, and swallowing the spit and juices when I needed air. All this while fingering her with two fingers. Her wetness grew, as did the volume of her moans, and so I inserted a third finger and was met with a moan of approval.

“Use your other finger, baby, and put it in my ass,” she said between moans.

I was reluctant to do it, but she pulled me in closer and hugged me tightly with her thighs. I did as she bid and was met with a flood of juices, and her body stiffened against mine. “So close,” she said through her teeth. Her orgasm was near. I doubled my efforts and speed of tongue while trying to manage fingering her cunt and ass with my two hands. This wasn’t easy, and I might not have done it if I had not been coordinated. However, I must’ve done it well enough as she spasmed back and stiffened her spine before finally letting out a yelp of pleasure and spraying her approval onto me. She tapped the back of my head, telling me to get off, and looked up at me lovingly as I got back on my feet to drop my pants.

I dropped my pants and boxers and stepped out of them. My dick was mostly all the way hard but had gone down slightly. There was a dollop of pre-cum coming out of the tip. She looked down and smiled. I got onto the bed beside her, and we kissed while she used her hand to finish getting me hard. She giggled into my mouth while she stroked.

“What’s so funny?” I asked her.

“Nothing, it’s just so much smaller than I ever realized,” she said, smiling and looking seductive with her eyes.

I kissed her deeply at her soft attempt to play into my newfound kink. Her words didn’t sting at all, but they did make my dick grow to its full 10 cm. She used my pre-cum as lube and continued with her soft handjob. Her other hand ran up my back and around my stomach and chest as she motioned me onto my back.

“You wanna try and fuck me?” she asked.

I nodded in the affirmative, and she stood over my hard dick before lowering herself onto it and swallowing it without effort into her wet hole. She came down onto my dick and tried to pump up and down on it. I slipped out each time she came up, though, and she would rub my dick against her clit and try again. She did this about six times.

“Poor little guy keeps slipping out. I guess we’ll have to try another position,” she said, smiling. She began rocking back and forth on my dick, it didn’t slip out right away, and she could use my skin to offer friction against her clit again. After a few seconds, my dick slipped out from the wetness again. “Oh man, you can’t even do this with your baby carrot. Oh, I like that name, baby carrot. That seems fitting, don’t you think, baby?”

“Do you think I’m small, baby?” I asked, pretending to be surprised by this talk.

She smiled and got up and on all fours, showing she wanted me to hit her from the back. Her beautiful ass was nice and pert. I couldn’t resist biting each cheek and kissing them where I bit. I gave her a firm smack, which got a yelp. And then I inserted myself into her with all the force I could.

“You know you do, why do you think I only gave you a handjob earlier today? You’re too small to please me. This is just a pity fuck.”

Her words were so perfectly crafted that I wondered if she was serious. I pushed in as far as I could and picked up my tempo.

“Oh, come on, go deeper, baby. Your baby carrot is not even hitting my g-spot.”

I felt my balls tightening as she said this, so I tried to go harder and faster into her.

“Are you about to cum? Oh my God, I forgot how fast you are, my little sensitive baby carrot,” she said in a faux baby voice.

This was too much for me. My balls are now inside my body. I felt my orgasm slip right past my cock. I shot my load and let out a loud grunt. I pumped a few more times and shot more each time before smacking her on the ass and withdrawing myself. I laid down next to her as she chuckled and positioned herself with her head on my chest and her hand running up my leg to my waist.

“That was incredible, babe. Thank you,” I said as I kissed her head, squeezing her into my chest.

She held her head up, smiling, and brought her hand to my chest to play with my nipples. “You’re very welcome. I can get used to this. Just tell me if I ever say something too mean, though, okay?” she asked me.

“Don’t worry, I will, but today you could’ve even been meaner if you wanted.”

“I would have if you had lasted longer,” she said without missing a beat. She kissed me on the lips and said she loved me. That’s how we fell asleep, but not where our story ends.


To Be Continued…


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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