Wife Swap Gone Bad

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By G/Mary. (edited version)

I wanted my wife to swing and I got more than I bargained for. Much of this story is true.

My beautiful wife Sandy (32) and I (34) moved to the Midwest so I could get the promotion with my company. She is a cute, very hot looking brunette 5”7″ with a 36-24-36 figure and a cute turned up nose. I am an average looking guy, 5’8″ with a medium build. She is very conservative when it comes to sex (at least she used to be) and likes sex only in a “romantic” environment, (she was virgin when we married).

Even then she prefers the missionary position and though we have tried oral sex she didn’t like it at all – she considered it “dirty.” I on the other hand I am a sex addict – I am always thinking about it, I fantasise about group sex, etc. All the time. I have tried to get her to be more experimental but she is a real prude. I have gotten her drunk and talked a bit about swapping (my passion-fantasy) but she only seems to humour me even then. I did get her to 69 with me once when she was drunk but that was as wild as it got.

She left her job to accommodate our move and my promotion. We got to meet some of the other managers when we arrived and were invited to Chuck & Angie’s for dinner to get acquainted with them. Chuck was the senior manager in my new office. We had a very nice dinner, met two other couples who worked with the company and ended the evening with Chuck and Angie inviting us to come over again the next weekend. Chuck was a tall 6’2″ good-looking guy, about 34, and Angie was a 5’8″ blonde beauty. She had a knockout figure and didn’t mind showing it off in a tight-knit dress.

Sandy and I were getting dressed to go out the next Friday night when Chuck called to say his babysitter had agreed to keep their kid overnight so they wondered if we might want to go out for a movie and dinner. “Sure,” I said, anxious to please. “What should we wear?”

“Oh, just business casual – Angie will probably wear a dress, just because she likes them.” he said. (I’ll bet she does – she is a show off all right) There is a new movie at the art theatre we would like to see – a little racy but in good taste – does that sounds OK with you.

“Fine – we’ll be there in a half hour or so ” I said. We continued to dress but up scaled our clothes a little bit. Sandy wore a very nice miniskirt (not too short) and blouse while I wore slacks and a silk shirt. Sandy looked very nice though her usual conservative self.

When we got to their place we parked our car and rode with them to the movie. Chuck and I rode in front and the girls rode in the back (his idea). When we got there we realised that the movie was about a couple who were experimenting with an “open marriage” for the first time.

There were some pretty sexy scenes, including a 3-way with the couple and another girl, and one with two couples who got naked during a strip-poker game and eventually swapped partners (my dream! – This was a very good sign for me though Sandy seemed very uncomfortable watching it in front of them). At one point Angie and Sandy went to the ladies room and Sandy seemed a little less anxious when they returned.

During the movie I couldn’t help notice that Chuck had his hand up Angie’s dress for a while and she had her hand in his lap, (it looked like she was rubbing his crotch). I slid my hand under Sandy’s skirt but she kept her legs together and wouldn’t let me get my hand into her panties. I went out to the restroom myself (after my hard on went down between scenes) to take a leak and Chuck decided to come out there at the same time.

We were standing at the urinals taking a leak when Chuck said, “Have you and Sandy ever thought of swapping before?”

“Well, I sure have but Sandy has always said no way,” I said.

“Would you like us to try to encourage her to try it? Angie and I are in the lifestyle and have found it very rewarding – great for our sex life,” said Chuck.

“Sure, you would be doing me a big favour if you could talk her into it,” I answered.

He just smiled and said, “OK – let’s just see what happens.”

We went to dinner at a local steak house and our conversation ranged from work to the movie we had seen. “I hope you don’t think the movie was too racy – do you?” asked Chuck.

“On no, it was fine,” I said. “I thought it was pretty hot actually, I didn’t know they had that kind of movie at the theatre.”

“Well,” said Angie, “Chuck and I are pretty open-minded about that kind of thing, we actually have visited a swinger club once, just to see what it was like. Are you OK with it Sandy?”

“Um, yes, I guess so, though Gary and I have never done anything like that before. We are pretty conservative when it comes to that, but we don’t have any problem with it though, for other people” said Sandy, not wanting to offend them. (Well, I guess it could have been worse – her attitude I mean. At least she didn’t speak totally against it). ”

When we got back to their house they asked us to come in for a drink and we all sat down in their family room. It was very nice, with a big screen TV and fantastic sound system. Angie got us all drinks and Chuck asked if we would be interested in watching a movie he had on tape which was a little like the one we had seen earlier, saying it was one of his favourites. I looked over at Sandy and she raised her eyebrows a bit and shrugged her shoulders, more or less leaving it up to me.

“Sure, If you like it I’m sure we will too,” I said.

“Great,” said Chuck, and he walked over to put the tape in the player. Angie got up and pulled the coffee table from the centre of the room and threw some pillows on the floor – “It’s really comfortable to sit on the floor next to the couch and watch movies – come on and sit down here you guys.” We joined her on the floor with our drinks and awaited the movie while Chuck turned down the lights.

Like he said, the movie was about a couple who were having trouble with their sex life (him mostly) and went to a sex counsellor to seek help. The counsellor, a really hot chick, suggested a surrogate experiment where she would see if she could get him over the problem by helping him out in the bedroom. The wife was involved too, as an observer, so there was no “cheating” thing going on.

Anyway, it was pretty hot, lots of oral sex and finally a threeway which was very erotic. I watched Sandy during the early part of the movie and she seemed a little embarrassed but didn’t say anything negative. We got a couple more drinks during the movie. Chuck and Angie started making out during the movie and he had her dress worked up to her waist when he laid her back on a pillow and rolled over between her legs. They were to my back but Sandy was obviously watching them as well as the movie.

I slid my hand between Sandy’s legs and up her skirt and soon discovered that she was getting very worked up – no matter how she appeared on the outside. Her panties were soaking wet and her pussy was steaming! I spread her legs and slipped my hand under her panties so I could slide two fingers inside of her. I started fingering her pussy and she began to push against my hand, so I rolled her on her back and got between her legs.

She continued to watch them and when I looked over I could see that Chuck had his pants down around his ass and was pumping Angie pretty good (that’s what got Sandy going I guess). I undid my pants and slid them down so I could get my prick out and pulled Sandy’s pants aside so I could slip it into her hot moist pussy. God it felt good – I was horny as hell!

With all this sex going on I was ready to explode in her in just a matter of minutes. I made out with her while we were fucking and after I finished I continued to kiss and fondle her. She continued to look over at them occasionally, watching the action of Chuck fucking Angie.

Finally Chuck started grunting and it looked like he was cumming or about to cum, when he turned his back to us and seemed to pull out of her. She scooted down so her head was at his waist and was obviously sucking his cock. He continued to make noises and was obviously being cleaned up by Angie’s mouth.

We all came, and kind of collapsed on the pillows, pulled up/down our clothes and took a break. Chuck went out to get us all new drinks and returned with a big smile on his face. Sandy excused herself to go to the bathroom before he returned and when he came back in the room he kind of winked at me, handed Angie and I our drinks and sat on the couch. When Sandy returned he handed her her drink and she sat down on a pillow next to me.

“Well, I guess you can see why Angie and I like that movie,” said Chuck.

“Yeah, it was pretty hot, it sure got us all worked up didn’t it,” I said.

“Do you two think you might be interested in doing some experimenting like they did the movie we saw earlier? Asked Angie. (She looked directly at Sandy when she asked the question.)

“Well, I’m not sure,” said Sandy, “I don’t want to do anything we will regret in the morning, you know?”

“Oh yes, of course” said Angie, “I understand completely. We are very discreet about these things, and would certainly respect any limits you two might have. We had some very good friends that we would meet with occasionally for several years but they moved away some time ago. Chuck asked me how I felt about you guys after you came over last week and we both agreed that we liked you very much. If you don’t feel comfortable with it we understand completely, we just thought you would be a couple we would like to get to know better.”

Sandy responded, “Well, I must agree that we both like you two a lot and if we were to do it, it would be nice to try it with someone like you.” (Holy shit! I thought – Sandy was actually considering it) “If we were to want to try it how would we go about it?”

Angie replied, “We all seem to like the kind of movies we have been watching so we could simply turn down the lights and watch another one – and see what happens.” Sandy looked at me for my approval. I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and nodded my approval so she said: “OK, let’s have another drink and give it a try.” (Inwardly I was ecstatic, this thing looked like it was really going to happen!)

Chuck got another tape from the cabinet and put it into the player. He turned the lights down even further and proceeded to sit down on a pillow next to Sandy. Meanwhile Angie got us all another drink and came back to sit on the floor on the other side of the room. She motioned for me to join her there, which I did. As the movie began I could see Chuck place his hand on Sandy’s thigh.

She just sat there, relaxing on the pillow and leaning back against the couch. Angie then put her hand on my leg and a jolt of adrenaline shot through me, stopping for a moment at my prick. This movie started out with a couple in their car on the way to an orgy. They were discussing what they would do when they got there. Angie set down her drink reached out to pull me toward her and stuck her tongue in my mouth. (Wow, not only was she beautiful, she was really horny).

I kissed her back and we sank down on the pillows in an embrace. “Why don’t we go into the other room,” she whispered in my ear. We got up and walked down the hall to the guest bedroom, went in and closed the door behind us. As we walked down the hall I looked over my shoulder and saw Chuck rolling over between Sandy’s legs, her skirt was up around her waist.

The room was dark and Angie held me when I entered and we rolled onto the bed. We started making out pretty intensely and before long I had one of her nipples in my mouth and was lying on top of her between her legs. My hands trembled as I slid her dress up to her waist and discovered that she wasn’t wearing any panties at all.

I squirmed down to put my head between her legs and then remembered that she had just finished getting fucked by Chuck. So, I kissed her just above her pussy and returned to her breasts. She reached down and started to undo my pants, so I got up on my knees, undid them and pulled them down before I laid back on top of her, placing my cock against her pussy. (God, I couldn’t believe I was about to fuck Chuck’s beautiful wife. This was a dream come true.)

I rose up on my hands and slid my swollen cock into her steamy wet pussy. She was soaking wet, so much so that I slid in without hardly feeling the walls of her vagina. (After all she had been fucked a little earlier and was sloppy wet in there). I was so hot and excited about what was happening that I was actually trembling all over as I began to pump my cock back and forth in her pussy. Oh my god – after just a few strokes I could feel it coming – my orgasm.

Damn, I couldn’t hold back, shit, I shot my load into her in less than 30 seconds! I tried not to show it and I continued to pump my cock into her, (hoping she wouldn’t notice), for another 30 seconds but I started to shrink and couldn’t keep it up. She looked up at me and asked, “Is that it?”

“Gosh,” I said, “I guess I was more nervous than I thought. I’m sorry.”

“That’s OK,” she said, but she did not sound at all sincere.

Just as I got up off Angie, before I pulled up my pants, while Angie was straightening her dress, Chuck and Sandy opened the door and burst in with big smiles on their faces. “How’s it going?” asked Chuck.

“We aren’t quite dressed yet,” I said, surprised and obviously annoyed at the interruption.

“Oh, wow, sorry about that,” said Chuck as he and Sandy quickly backed out of the room and closed the door. I really felt very self-conscious, here I had just shot my wad in 30 seconds while fucking this beautiful woman, I’m pulling up my pants with my dick hanging out, and my wife and Chuck come barging into the room. If I hadn’t cum so fast I would have been in Angie’s pussy when they opened the door. Is that what he was trying to do, catch us in the act? I was very embarrassed that I was such a bad lover for Angie, I wondered what she must have thought of me.

After getting dressed we went back into the family room where Chuck and Sandy were sitting and having a drink. “Let me get you guys a drink,” said Chuck, who walked into the other room. “I’ll give him a hand” said Angie, who followed him. I sat next to Sandy and she looked at me and asked: “Well, how was it for you?”

“Oh, it was fine,” I said, not wanting her to know what a mess I had made of the greatest opportunity I ever had for an encounter like this.

“How was it for you?”

“Well, I am so glad you decided to have us try this out,” said Sandy. “It was absolutely wonderful! Now I know why Chuck has such a reputation, he is Huge! And he was very nice – a very considerate lover. He actually touched places I didn’t know I had.”

(If possible, I felt even more crushed by the events of the evening – here was my prim little prude wife telling me how she loved being fucked by a huge cock. I was shocked and at the same time strangely excited at the mental image).

When Chuck and Sandy returned she handed me my drink and sat down next to Chuck. “Listen, you two have had quite a few drinks, why don’t you plan to spend the night in our guest room rather than drive home,” said Chuck. I looked at Sandy and she nodded so we agreed to spend the night. “Great,” said Chuck, “Let me see what is on TV.” He turned on the TV and found a late night show so we all stared at the screen for a while. (I was still feeling humiliated about my sexual failure with Angie but was strangely turned on by the recurring thought of Chuck ploughing his cock into my wife).

I saw Angie whisper something to Chuck out of the corner of my eye and shortly afterward he looked at us and said: “Hey guys, you remember the movie we saw
Earlier where there was a threesome between the guy and the two girls?”

“Sure,” I said after looking at Sandy and seeing her confirming nod. “Well, Sandy and I were talking and she tells me that she didn’t quite have and orgasm when you two were together earlier. I guess you were a little nervous or something, and then we barged in on you.” (I looked sheepishly at Sandy hoping he wouldn’t say more).

“Well, anyway, Angie and I were thinking it might be fun for her, Sandy and I to try it out and see to it that she goes to sleep tonight after having been sexually satisfied – with you there of course.”

Angie smiled and looked over at Sandy, as did I and Sandy looked first at Angie and then at me and said “What do you think honey – would you mind?” (I had to do something here to try to save face – and if I was there I might be able to get in on the action)

“Well… uh… OK I guess so,” I said.

“Fantastic,” said Chuck. “Why don’t we all go into our bedroom then.”

Chuck led the way to their bedroom which was very impressive. It must have been 20×40 with a large round bed on a platform at one end and a sitting area/entertainment area at the other. The bed had a red satin spread on it and the other end of the room had a large projection TV facing the centre of the room and a couple of couches that looked like they opened into double beds.

Across from the double doors into the bedroom was the master bath, with a huge 4 person Jacuzzi that overlooked the room. “Why don’t we all get into the Jacuzzi and freshen up,” said Chuck as he and Angie headed for the tub.

They stripped off their clothes and stepped in, “Well, are you two going to join us?” he said. (When they turned around to step into the tub I saw his cock for the first time. Damn, he was huge, at least seven inches Soft, and he was built like a bodybuilder or a gymnast. How in the world did my prissy little wife take that big horse cock?)

Sandy and I looked at each other and walked over to the tub, where we set down our drinks and took off our clothes. Sandy got in first and sat next to Chuck, Angie was on his other side. I stepped in and sat across from them. I was a little self-conscious about my small cock (it’s thin and only about 1.5″ soft and 4.3″ Hard) but there wasn’t anything I could do about it – everyone there had seen it except Chuck.

“I really appreciate your OK Gary, for us to try this threesome. Angie is really horny tonight and I know this will help to calm her down, so to speak.”

“Oh, no problem, I’m just sorry I couldn’t have helped her out earlier – I just guess this new experience kind of spooked me,” I said, (trying to give justification for failing to satisfy Angie).

“Oh don’t feel bad about it,” said Angie. “I’m used to a really big cock like Chuck’s, and yours is kind of small in comparison. How do you feel about eating pussy? I really like being eaten, but you didn’t seem to want to earlier.”

“Oh, jeez,” I said, “I love oral sex, I actually started to do that but then I remembered that Chuck and you had done it earlier and I kinda backed off.”

“Gosh, I wish I had known that was your problem,” she said, “You see Chuck often stops just before he finishes so I can finish him with my mouth.”

“Oh, I see,” was all I could say.

While we were sitting in the Jacuzzi I couldn’t help notice that Chuck reached over and took Sandy’s hand to place it at his crotch. I couldn’t quite see what was going on because of the Jacuzzi bubbles but I know she didn’t pull her hand away. After we finished our drinks Chuck stood up and said, OK let’s go over to the bed girls. They all stood up and dried off.

Angie helped Sandy dry off, taking care of her back and butt – and then all walked over to the big round bed. Chuck got up in the middle of the bed and laid back on some pillows while the two girls got on either side of him. (It seemed very odd watching my wife lay next to this big hunk of a man and spread her legs to throw one of them over his leg and start playing with the hair on his chest.

Angie reached for his cock and started working it with her hand and it soon started to firm up. Meanwhile I got out of the tub and dried off before wrapping myself with a towel and walking over to sit in a chair near the bed so I could watch the action (and maybe become part of it).

Chuck puts his arm around Sandy and pulled her up to him so he could kiss her passionately. She responded by crushing her mouth against his and it was obvious their tongues were in each other’s mouth. He reached for her breast and then moved his mouth to it so he could suck it and work the nipple between his teeth. She started to moan (she never liked it when I did this) and he moved his hand between her legs.

She parted them and he slid a couple of fingers into her. She started humping his hand as they kissed and he finger fucked her. (God, seeing my wife in this situation was really getting me turned on – I don’t quite understand why but I was getting a hard on watching my wife and this big Adonis of a man – I really envied him). Meanwhile, Angie had moved her head to Chucks lap and was licking his now bulging ten inch hard-on, while she was jacking it with her hands.

Angie looked over at me as I was watching them and said, “Well Gary, if you’d really like to go down on me this would be a good time.” I jumped up off the chair and went to the bed where she was lying. “Lie here for me babe,” said Angie, guiding me to the foot of the bed. She had me lie on my back and positioned herself over my head, then lowered herself so her pussy was directly above my mouth.

“Ok Hon, let’s see what you got.” I raised my head and stuck my tongue in her pussy, which was very warm and wet, and began to lap at her juices. I reached around and grabbed her ass and started fucking her with my tongue, nibbling at her clit and doing everything I could to redeem myself. It seemed to be working because she started to moan and press her cunt to my face, humping my mouth and even let out a little squeal.

“Oh yes,” she said, “now I know what your talent is – you my dear are the pussy eater – I think I’ll call you ‘Lingus’. Yes, that’s it, you’re very good at performing cunnilingus, but hopeless at fucking due to your little boys dick.” (I don’t think I like the nickname she gave me but I sure felt good that I found a way to please her sexually. I felt a lot better about myself.)

While Angie was riding my mouth she reached out, took my hard wet 4.5″ prick in her hand and started jacking me. I was pretty worked up and it felt really good – I wasn’t expecting it but I appreciated it. She was really humping my tongue now and jacking my cock to the same rhythm – holy shit, I felt it coming, I was going to cum… Wow, I couldn’t hold back and shot my load right on my own stomach. Angie slowed down and lifted her pussy from my mouth a little.

“How did you like that, babe?” she asked.

“Oh god, it was good,” I said, “I just wish I could have finished up inside you.”

“Well, don’t worry about that honey, your cute little boy-penis is a waste of time when it comes to satisfying me – you need to concentrate on your oral skills.” With that she scooped up some of my cum from my belly in her hand and brought it to her mouth. She stuck her tongue in it to taste it. “Your spunk tastes good though – here try some,” she said, as she put her hand to my mouth.

I was shocked but she wouldn’t take no for an answer and when I opened my mouth to say something she stuck her cum soaked fingers in my mouth. “What do you think?” she asked. “Well, uh, I guess it’s OK” I said. (It actually tasted very much like her pussy) She smiled “I knew you would like it.”

While this was going on, unknown to me, my wife had decided to get on top of Chucks cock and fuck her brains out. When I got out from under Angie I realized that I was only about three feet away from my wife’s ass which was bobbing up and down on Chucks cock.

“Oh yes Chuck,” she said “I can’t tell you how much I love this cock of yours – I have never in my life felt like this, never knew this could be so good! Fuck me baby – Fuck me good!”

(Holy shit – I was actually watching my wife ride this humongous, fantastic cock only a couple of feet from her. She is moaning and squealing like a street slut.)

“Oh yes, I’ve never been touched there before, I’m cumming again!” she shouted as Angie and I watched from the foot of the bed.

“He’s really good at this isn’t he?” Angie asked me. “I guess so – I have never seen her like this in her life – I’m a little jealous to tell you the truth,” I said.

She grabbed my arm and urged me to get up and kneel beside her on the bed right in back of Angie. We could hear Chuck grunting and it seemed that he too was getting close. “Watch this” said Angie as she leaned forward and whispered in Sandy’s ear. (I guess she was planning to finish him off like she had earlier.) Sandy held her breath and raised herself up off of Chuck’s still hard cock, which made a whoosh/plop sound when the head came out.

Angie immediately grabbed his big slippery cock and began to jack it off with her right hand. She put her left arm around me, pulled me to her and French kissed me, sticking her tongue halfway down my throat. I must say I liked it and returned the favour. When our kiss broke she turned to look at Chucks cock which was thrusting up to match the motion of her hand.

Chuck let out a moan and her left hand moved from my shoulder to the back of my neck. She seemed to be pulling me forward, toward her and Chuck’s cock and I turned my head to look at her at the same time I pushed back against her hand. She leaned toward me and whispered in my ear, “I want you to go with this Gary. I promise you that you won’t be sorry, I’ll make it worth your while.”

I looked at her curiously, but stopped resisting her – since she was going to make it worth my while – and let her pull me down with her towards Chucks cock. Just then he let out a load moan “OH yes!” he shouted, and with Angie’s hand continuing to jack his huge cock, he began spurting hot white cum, directly at our faces.

I opened my mouth in shock and one spurt actually went right in my mouth. Others hit me in the forehead, one eye, and all over my face and hair. He shot an enormous amount of cum. Angie let go of his cock and began to wipe his cum from different parts of my face, and put her hand in my mouth making me taste his cum. I was dumbfounded – how in the world did this happen?

But before I could think about it she once again put her left hand behind my head and her right hand around his cock and guided it toward my mouth. “Oh no…” I started to say, but as I opened my mouth to object she pushed it onto his cock, shoving the head between my lips.

“Go ahead and suck it Gary,” she whispered to me, “You’re going to like this, it’s really hot – trust me, I’ll teach you to do it like I do.”

I stopped resisting, (her voice had a strange way of convincing me to do anything she wanted) and welcomed his cock in my mouth. The feel of the smooth yet firm head was very intoxicating. He tasted good, and though I couldn’t take very much in my mouth I worked hard to get as much in as I could.

“Yes, work it in and out – and jack him at the same time,” Angie whispered in my ear. He started to move up and down in a fucking motion and it felt completely natural, if not extraordinary, to have this perfect specimen of a cock in my mouth.

“That’s it baby…,” whispered Angie, “… I know I called you Lingus for a reason. You’re a natural-born sucker, aren’t you? Pussy or cock, you’re at the peak of your powers.”

I could only grunt because my mouth was full of cock. I sucked him for a while and then completed the job of cleaning his cock of cum, licking his cock and balls.

“Wow” said Sandy – “Honey, are you gay? You seemed to like that a lot.”

“N-No” I stuttered, “I don’t understand it myself but Angie just got me all worked up and kind of pushed me into it. I don’t like guys at all – I just got wrapped up in the erotic aspect of it I guess.”

“That’s OK, Gary,” said Chuck, “You’re probably bisexual just like Angie, there is nothing wrong with that. Don’t get after him Sandy, we just need to all
Understand each others needs, and to satisfy them as best we can.”

“OK,” said Sandy, looking at Angie, “I understand completely.”

Angie motioned to me that we should go into the other room and I followed her to the kitchen where we got a drink. “If you really are bi like me, I think that’s great. We can have some fun with, or without the others,” said Angie.

“Well, I never thought I was bi, but you got me so hot that I really liked touching and sucking on Chuck’s cock along with you,” I said.

“Sometimes you never know what might turn you on. I have some very offbeat fantasies which I have yet to experience myself,” said Angie.

“Oh yes – like what?” I said – hoping I could help her out with them.

“Well, I have one fantasy that I have been dying to try. It involves me meeting a sexy girl in a bar who turns out to be a guy.” We have some wild sex when I find out and make love all night.”

“Gosh, that sounds hot – but I don’t think I could help you with that one. I said. “Oh on the contrary, said Angie “If you would just let me make you up in a costume we could do the whole role play. It would be fun. I believe I’m getting a little wet just thinking about it. Won’t you please consider it?”

Gosh, I thought, a chance to make love to her all night long – really turns her on? This could be great. “What would I have to do?” I said.

“Just let me make you up as sexy girl, you know, some makeup and clothes, to set the mood when we ‘meet’ at the bar, which we can do here at our bar of course. You wouldn’t have to go outside or anything,” said Angie.

“Well, OK I guess, we would make love right?” I said.

“Oh you better believe it baby, I will be so hot that you may not survive it,” she said.

“Then let’s get started,” I agreed.

We went into her dressing room ( a huge closet with a vanity and her clothes). We are about the same size (I obviously don’t have the chest) so I assumed she would have me wear some of her stuff for our role play. But, the first thing she wanted to do was go into the tub (A separate tub from the Jacuzzi off the bedroom where Chuck and Sandy were sleeping)

She got into the tub with me and turned on the shower – we showered together with some touchy feely stuff but mostly she soaped me with some scented gel. Afterwards she sat me on the edge of the tub and proceeded to shave my legs and pubic area. I started to object but she insisted that she must do it – it would grow back after all – she said. Once I was hairless from the waist down she started picking out my outfit.

I was to be dressed all in black and she was in white. She started with some lacy satin panties. She got me a black pair and her a white pair. She slipped them on herself and helped me with mine – touching me ‘there’ as she did so. I was starting to grow in my panties….

She got garter belts, again black and white, and put them on us followed by thigh high seamed stockings. She put on a bustier and tied me into a corset. We both put on leather minis skirts and short sleeve blouses. Finally, we slipped on high heels. It was now time for my makeup… Angie plucked my eyebrows, put on my mascara and eye shadow, blush and of course, lipstick. She too got doled up and then we went to the Den where the bar was located.

I sat down on a bar stool and she lowered the lights. Then she came in she sat at a bar stool near me and looked over to say “Hi – do you come here often?” “Not really” I said. Angie continued, “My husband has been running around and I’m very mad right now. If I could find someone I would cheat on him in a minute.”

“Someone as beautiful as you should be able to get anyone you wanted,” I said. “You’re sweet, but I’m just very upset right now.”

I reached over and put my hand on hers, “If you change your mind let me know, I would love to help you get even with him,”

I said. Angie liked what she heard, “If you’re serious lets sit down over here on the couch and discuss this further,” said Angie. We sat on the couch and I slid my hand around her, pulling her to me and kissing her passionately.

She responded by doing the same and soon we were lying on the couch, our stocking covered legs entwined and getting hot as hell. I reached up under her skirt and slid a finger into her. She reciprocated and slid her hand to my crotch. “Mmmm, let me have some of that,” she said.

We got into a 69 and soon she was humping my mouth and I was working her clit with my talented mouth. I was able to give her an orgasm with my mouth and I shot my load into her mouth at the same time. She got off of me as we straightened our clothes, and kissed me, passing my cum into my mouth. (I was starting to like the taste actually)

Just then we heard a sound and realised that Chuck and Sandy were behind us – they had been watching. “Looks like you two are having fun,” said Chuck. “I see Gary has become Mary, just for you Angie.”

“Yes…,” she said, “… she was great – I think we will make a very hot foursome from this time forward.” (Here I was, completely in drag, and I was really enjoying the feelings I was having. I felt good that I could make Angie cum in my mouth, and the clothes felt so comfortable to me, so sexy).

“Angie, you know there is one thing you were going to do that you haven’t tried yet – to make it with Sandy. Why don’t you give us a show?” She looked at Sandy and got up to stand in front of her. She held her and began kissing her passionately. Sandy kissed her back and they walked to the bed where they got into a 69 position. I would never have believed my wife would have sex with another woman, but it was sure hot watching her.

Chuck sat down on the couch next to me as we watched the show. It was so hot watching Sandy with her head between Angie’s legs! She really got into the lesbian love thing in a big way, moaning and grunting. Chuck puts his arm around me and said “There is something else we haven’t done yet you know.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I think you know, don’t you,” said Chuck. He slid his hand up my leg, under my skirt and onto my cock and balls.

My cock stirred as I looked into his eyes. He was smiling as he put my hand on the bulge in his pants. When I didn’t do anything he undid his own pants and took out his flaccid 7″ cock. He put my hand on it and said, “I know you like this Mary – you are going to be my third woman so you really need to get used to it.”

I held his cock in my hand and he put his hand behind my head, pushing me down into his lap. “You want it don’t you?” he asked.

I couldn’t deny that it made me very horny to see, touch and taste it – “Yes,” I said.

“Yes what?” he asked.

“Yes, I want it, I like to suck it,” I said. With that he pushed my head down till my lips touched his cock and I began to lick the head of this massive cock, running my tongue around the head and shaft. I opened wide and put my mouth over it, nearly gagging, but soon I was working it in and out of my mouth and was happy as it began to grow.

When it was hard Chuck said, “I think it’s time to end your virginity Mary. We need to get you ready to be one of my women. (God – I was scared – how was I ever going to take this thing in my ass?) I need to complete your feminization.”

He took his cock from my mouth and stood up, pulling me up with him. He reached up under my skirt and pulled my panties down around my knees, turned me around and bent me over the back of the couch. He pulled a tube of lube from the end table drawer and squirted it on his cock.

“You will learn to like this Mary, I promise – I’ll be gentle honey,” he whispered in my ear.

I felt his cock press against my bung hole. He pushed it around against me smearing the lube on me, and then pressed hard against my hole – OWWW!

He pushed the head into me. It hurt like hell and I screamed out, but he put his hand over my mouth and stopped as soon as the head was inside me. After a few minutes he pushed it in an inch or two and then out again. The next stroke took him in 4 inches and he gently started fucking me with up to 6 inches of his cock. Remarkably, I began to get hard and seemed to like it.

Yes, I did like it – being fucked. I started to push back against him and he could tell I was getting into it. “You see, Mary, I told you you’d like it,” he said.

“Oh god!” I said, “It really does feel good. I like it, fuck me Chuck, fuck me!” (I had apparently turned into a complete slut. I loved Chucks cock inside me, my mouth my ass, anywhere he wanted to put it. I now understood why Angie was always so happy.)

“My god,” said Sandy who had watched the whole thing, “I don’t believe what a faggot I am married to. Chuck, I’m not sure what the future holds for the four of us but I know that this sissy faggot will never get his little pathetic pee-pee anywhere near my pussy again, as long as you will take care of me. Is that OK with you Angie?”

“Sure Hon, but don’t forget that I want a little of that pussy of yours myself once in a while. I don’t worry about Chuck, he has enough cock and sexual appetite for all three of us,” said Angie.

“Mary can take care of our cleanup tasks, don’t you think?”

“Sure,” said Sandy. “I think that if we let her do that though she should be made to play the slutty sissy role she is suited for on a permanent basis, as Mary, our cum slut. Can we have her wear these sexy clothes every time we meet?”

“Sure,” said Angie.

“Wait a minute!” I said, “You said you would make this worth my while? Y-you didn’t say anything about this.”

“Oh baby, you don’t understand, your role in this foursome is to be our oral servant, to all of us – since you only have that little clitty-cock that no one is interested in – and you can’t seem to help shooting your little wad in under one minute, your only use to us is as our sissy oral slave.”

From then on I would wear sexy women’s clothing and makeup every time we went to their house. Sandy and Angie would get it on together and with Chuck and I would always eat the cum from their pussies and his cock.

If I did a good job the girls would let Chuck fuck me too. When Chuck and I travel on business I always bring my things and go to his room after dinner to become his sex slave. It wasn’t what I had in mind when I said I wanted to swing but I must admit, I am getting a lot of sex.

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