Mean Girls

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By old spice

Fourteen days in his new apartment and John Fields already felt like a lucky man. For a week now he had been watching his two neighbours across the courtyard as they lounged in full view dressed in the skimpiest of swim suits. Soon he had given in to his most basic male instinct and grabbed his small candle thin cock and masturbated himself to distraction. Through his closed curtains he would spy for hours watching both women sensuously cavorting back and forth feeding his perverted imagination.

Then one night while doing his laundry both women walked into the laundry room and immediately his life changed.

Tiffany and Buffy were two of the most beautiful young women he’d ever seen. Tiffany was tall and blond about 19 he guessed with ample firm breasts, blue eyes and a bubbly personality that oozed sexuality.

Then there was Buffy, she was everything he had ever fantasized about. At 5 feet 6 inches the 20-year-old redheaded vixen with full pouting red lips and nails to match had quickly devoured him with her hungry coal-black eyes and made no attempt to hide her obvious interest in him.

As they stood in the cramped space of the laundry John became aware of how close the girls stood next to him. Both wore tight jeans high heels and tank tops their braless hard nipples straining against the flimsy fabric leaving little to his imagination. Quickly, as if they had done this before he was manoeuvred in between their gorgeous bodies holding him hostage in their tender trap.

As the room became filled with the musk of their intoxicating perfume, both young women began to work their magic on him.

“So, what’s your name?” Buffy asked in a sultry voice as she traced her red nails up his bare arm.

“Ummm, John aah Fields.” He stammered out, finding it hard to concentrate.

“What’s your apartment number?” Tiffany chimed in.

“Apartment 1021.” He obediently answered unable to resist their aggressive assault.

Tiffany leaned in closer and snaked her left arm across his lower back and deftly pulled his cell phone from his pocket before he could react.

“Oh, look how late it is.” She faked surprise, as she waved his cell at his surprised face then stuffed it into her pocket, quickly joining her friend at the exit.

“But, my phone.” John exclaimed.

“Don’t worry lover.” Tiffany cooed, “You’ll get it back soon enough.” She laughed as both girls disappeared down the hall.

30-year-old John Fields woke up at 3am to the ringing of his living room phone. Who could that be, he wondered as he stumbled from his bed and answered the phone.

“H… Hello ….”

“How fucking long have you been spying on us?” The harsh voice of Buffy asked in mock anger.

John was startled by how demanding the woman’s voice was. In his current state of sleepy confusion, his foggy mind struggled to answer the angry woman’s questions.

“Ummm … Who is this” He sheepishly answered.

“Who is this!, you pervert.” The angry woman screamed at him. “I’m one of the girls you’ve got pictures of on your phone. Are you some kind of stalker? Have you been playing with your little wiener while you watch us?” She demanded.

John was shivering all over now, it was becoming all too clear who this mysterious caller was.

“Answer me, are you a stalker or just a pervert?” She barked.

“Yyy …Yes.” He reluctantly confessed.

“You stupid little disgusting perv I just recorded this whole conversation and your confession. SO if you don’t want the police involved, make sure you show up at 9am sharp, apartment 821 and don’t be late or I let them have your phone and this recording.”

“Wait. . .” John pleaded but Buffy hung up before he could say anything else.

For the rest of the night John restlessly tossed and turned in his bed worried about what was going to happen and wondering how he was going to get his phone back.

John reluctantly showed up at the apartment as Buffy had ordered. After ringing the bell and waiting almost 10 minutes Tiffany opened the door. She was wearing a black bikini, black 5 inch high heels and smoking a cigarette.

“Oh.” She said with disinterest. “It’s the little pervert from across the courtyard and look he’s 10 minutes late.”

John was overcome with lust at the sight of Tiffany’s firm breasts barely contained by the thin black material of her bikini.

The towering figure of the six-foot tall blond dominated the slender almost petite little man of 5 feet 5 inches. His longish dark hair and soft brown eyes, full lips and skinny legs and arms made him look pretty, almost too pretty to be a man.

Tiffany made a mental note of that for later. A little lipstick and some mascara and the right clothes could make her a little extra money on the side after Buffy got tired of him. Either way the little man would never be the same after they got done with him.

“Come in, take your clothes off and leave them near the door.” Tiffany said as she closed and locked the door behind him.

“What. . .” John stammered in disbelief.

“Are you stupid or just retarded.” Tiffany yelled. “I said TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF. . . NOW!”

John slowly started undressing and when he took off his pants he realized, to his horror, that he had a hard on.

“Oh my God, Buffy.” Tiffany yelled to her friend in the other room. “You gotta come see this, he’s got a little tiny hard-on.”

John turned red with humiliation as Tiffany broke out in laughter at the sight of his small manhood proudly straining against his white jockey shorts.

Just then Buffy walked in dressed in a black lace teddy and red high heels, her raven red hair and light complexion contrasted with her bright red lips, blood-red nails and piercing blue eyes.

John stood trembling as both women began to circle him like two hungry felines who had just trapped a mouse.

“Take the rest of it off, I want to see just how tiny you really are.” Buffy demanded.

John began to tremble as he slid his undies down and off and stood there in front of them, his barely 4″ anaemic cock hard as a rock.

“Looks like we’ve got your attention,” Buffy giggle. “So let’s play a little game, shall we.” Her dark penetrating eyes looking deeply into his. She quickly moved behind him and crouched down then reached around his boyish body and grabbed his small pale ball sack in one hand digging in her sharpened red nails and positioning her fingers so she could cruelly increase pressure on his sensitive nuts.

“I’m going to start squeezing, like this,” she said, squeezing her hand and digging in her nails just enough to make his nuts ache and keep his attention. Buffy then reached around with her other hand capturing his shaft and began slow, up-and-down strokes.

“If you manage to control your little weiner and make it shrink then you can put your clothes back on and leave.

Buffy said with an evil smile as she slowly began to expertly pump his pale circumcised weiner back and forth coaxing little droplets of precum
From his cock head.

“But if you’re the little pervert we think you are and can’t control your disgusting member then you will be very sorry you met us.”

John knew he was in over his head. He sensed Both Tiffany and Buffy only wanted him to fulfil some evil agenda and based on Buffy’s expert attention and manipulations of his cock it would be next to impossible for him to pass her test.

Tiffany could hardly control her excitement watching their pitiful captive squirm as Buffy confidently worked to bring this drama to an explosive climax.

The very sight of this sub-human struggling against Buffy’s relentless pumping and the look on his face was priceless Tiffany thought. She saw the confidence in Buffy’s eyes, something that could only come from s natural dominion.

John groaned as Buffy’s sweet hand urgently and slowly stroked his aroused member. The ache caused by her crushing hand around his nuts sent sharp pains throughout his body.

Buffy got a rush of arousal from hearing John’s laboured breathing and feeling him twist and squirm between her strong arms. She knew from experience that he was completely under her control and she could end this anytime she wanted to.

Buffy and Tiffany had played this game countless times, many a man had fallen victim to their expert domination and humiliation. Both knew that the intense ache John felt throughout his midsection was almost overpowering.

Tiffany admired her lovers skills as Buffy subjected their soon to be pet to exactly the correct balance between cock stroking and painful ball
Squeezing to give him just enough stimulation to prolong his suffering.

John yelled. He bucked. He twisted. He begged Buffy to stop, to let him go before it was too late.

“Please, please I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again, just let me go!”

Tiffany nearly came at the sight of the little man squirming under Buffy’s relentless abuse.

She watched with great interest as the little pervert struggled against Buffy’s relentless stroking and squeezing. The pained expression on his face was priceless.

John fought an internal battle he wanted her to go to the finish line and force him to cum but the fear of what they had planned for him if she
One was almost too much to contemplate.

Tiffany’s insides tingled as she witnessed the drama play on. She felt the flow of sticky lubricant drip from her pussy.

Buffy brought him closer, John yelled for her to stop but she steadfastly increased the pressure on his nuts along with the stimulation.

John endured what felt like hours of ball torture. Then his tormentor began to pump faster and faster.

“Here it comes.” Buffy said with confidence.

John screamed as his cock erupted with an intensity he would never be able to describe. Buffy reveled in her triumph over her new toy.

Pitiful Spurts of lumpy pale sperm dribbled from his cock and pooled into her hand. Only then did she release the pressure on his balls.

She allowed him a few seconds to enjoy his ejaculation, then quickly smeared her slimy hand over his face and punched him in the stomach just above his flaccid cock making him double over in pain.

“You’re all ours, bitch!” Buffy said with victory in her voice.

“Tiffany go get the cock cage and bring it here.”

Chapter two

Within just a few months of their un-holy union, an urban legend began to quietly spread about two beautiful coeds who trolled the bars and nightclubs of the city. Posing as innocent young college girls they would entice their un-suspecting victims into a dark world of blackmail, financial ruin and slavery.

To Buffy it was all about the challenge. How much punishment, pain and cruelty would it take to destroy a man’s fragile male psyche? It usually came down to destroying the pride he had in his almighty erection. The young red heads true calling lay in her ability to crawl inside her subject’s head and prey on his deepest fears. Even the strongest man was unable to resist her techniques for very long. It was sometimes surprising to Tiffany how quickly her lover could make a proud mans rock hard cock into nothing more than a limp worm unable to please themselves let alone a woman.

The broken male was then handed off to Tiffany. Her evil mind knew no bounds when it came to finding fiendish ways to drain his finances; she would methodically twist the broken male into something useful for their evil purposes. She used blackmail, lies and drugs to continue the transformation into a sex slave or sissy slut to be sold overseas to the highest bidder.

The rumours eventually reached the Chief of Police Roy Masters. But he refused to investigate such unsubstantiated claims with the excuse that no one had ever found any evidence or come forward with a complaint. Little did anyone know, Police Chief Masters lived a dual life and had already been enslaved and forever trapped in the sordid world of domination, drugs and blackmail that Tiffany and Buffy created.

* * * * * *

Roy Masters was fat and pudgy, some would even call him greasy looking. But tonight the balding 50-year-old chief of police felt like the luckiest man alive. After being fed drinks all night by two of the most beautiful young women he’d ever seen, he was now just minutes away from being entertained in their apartment.

Buffy drove his car while Tiffany kept their intoxicated victim distracted in the back seat.

The Chief was overcome by her passionate embraces and constant attention. As she drew her face closer to his, Roy’s mouth attempted to passionately seal to hers only to be playfully disappointed by her pulling back just at the right moments.

“Oh, honey. You’re so handsome.” Tiffany softly cooed in his ear, as she intimately wrapped her arms around his sweaty neck.

Roy’s heart fluttered, enjoying the sensation of Tiffany’s firm breasts and hard nipples as she squeezed up against his flesh. He sighed, trying to cast out all fears that this was just a dream brought on by too much alcohol.

Driving into darkened streets and alleys, Buffy expertly took every precautionary step in ensuring their prey’s total confusion as to their location and destination. She drove slowly giving Tiffany ample time to ply her devious skills on the chief, reeling him in and making the disgusting pig totally helpless in her hands.

“We’ll be there soon, lover.” Buffy whispered to her partner.

“Good, just a few more minutes and our little man will be as helpless as a baby.” Tiffany giggled.

Tiffany turned her attention back to Roy and transfixed her eyes upon him.

“Do you want to kiss me, Roy?” Tiffany whispered. “Does my little man want a kiss?.”

“Yessss … Please.” Roy desperately blurted out, giving in to the growing tidal wave of emotion he felt for her.

The pathetic fat pig was now putty in her hands, she thought. A steely heartless rage built up inside her as she coolly prepared herself for what she was about to do.

Tiffany’s fingers moved to Roy’s blushing cheeks and guided his face closer to her pink pouting lips.

“Close your eyes… And think only of me.” Tiffany cooed in a softer tone.

With that, Roy closed his eyes and raised his head to meet her parting lips and nodded “yes” with lustful certainty.

“Hey…!” Roy yelled, his eyes snapping open to a sharp stinging pain that pierced his neck just below his ear. “What did you do”

Seconds later Tiffany pushed the chief’s seemingly lifeless body to the floor, pulling the empty syringe from his neck.

“Ok baby,” Tiffany said to Buffy. “Let’s get this fat pig to the warehouse for a little fun.”

Later that evening, Roy began to sober up only to find himself handcuffed to a large eye bolt above his head. He shivered uncontrollably as his naked body began to shake off the effects of the drug and alcohol the women had used to subdue him. The large drafty warehouse was dimly lit except for a spotlight that shone brightly near its centre. As his mind cleared he realized that Buffy was standing just a few feet away from him. She had changed from her evening gown into a stunning fetish outfit that sent shivers of excitement and fear down the chief’s spine. Dressed in a full body black latex cat suit and red stiletto high heels, her raven hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her makeup had been expertly applied in shades of black and dark red making her already severe appearance more sinister.

She was standing next to a large wooden chair in the centre of the room; its many leather straps, metal hooks and clear plastic hoses were illuminated in the garish light that shone down upon it. Four video cameras had been placed in strategic locations their evil purposes were not yet made clear to the helpless chief of police. He watched with growing anger as Tiffany who now carried a cattle prod walked in from another room and dropped a heavy black duffel bag next to the chair.

Buffy opened it and pulled an item out and held it up in front of the chiefs face, “Know what this is pig?”

Roy hadn’t seen it before, but, based upon some of the twisted stories he had heard around the station, he was pretty sure it was a butt plug… And worse, a large studded butt plug covered with deep veins and large ridges.

The chief tried to gather his strength and stammered, “Uh… ahhh… Do you know who I am? …Ummm… I’m the fucking chief of police. I’m going to have you both arrested and charged with kidnapping!” “Now let me go.” He demanded.

Buffy laughed viciously as she put on a pair of black latex gloves and began smearing thick black paste all over the 10 inch studded plug.

“We know who you are, pig.” That’s why we chose you!”

“No… Oh please… SHIT… Don’t… Do this!” he begged, the full impact of his situation beginning to sink in.

Buffy laughed as she secured the studded greasy butt plug to its brackets on the chair seat. She motioned for Tiffany to release their captive from his cuffs and push him towards the chair.

“Too late for that little man, now get your fat ass over here and sit on this NOW! Or I promise you it will get a LOT WORSE!”

Roy’s attention focused for the first time on Tiffany. She had changed from her evening dress as well and was now wearing a black riding jacket, white cropped pants, white lace ascot, black hat, and black boots. The look on her pretty face made him shiver as she releases him from the eye hook and pushed his naked body towards the chair.

Roy desperately searched for a way out but he knew he couldn’t get far before one or both women overpowered him. He reluctantly hobbled his way to the chair noting his ankles were also bound making it hard to move quickly. Gently he lined his ass hole up with the slippery butt plug and started to impale himself on it.

“Faster, piggy, we haven’t got all night!” Buffy chuckled as she watched Roy wince while lowering himself onto the plug.

Roy groaned, “OH FUCK… SHIT… GOD DAMN!” as he felt the plugs polished steel studs and heavy black rings worm their way up his virgin ass into his most intimate area… “DAMN IT … Please.. Its starting to itch …and …burn!”

“Make sure the cameras are rolling, Tiffany, we don’t want to miss a single moment of this.” Buffy said to her lover.

Sweat began to run down the chief’s bloated face as the sheer humiliation of what he was being forced to do while being video taped sank in.

“Damn, can you imagine how much money these tapes will be worth?” Tiffany giggled out loud”

Roy moaned again as he tried to lower himself further onto the nasty Butt plug, “Oh please … Please don’t make me go any further.. This fuckin hurts! I promise, I won’t press charges.”

Buffy motioned Tiffany to come closer and guided her hands on to Roy’s shoulders and said softly in her ear, “Straddle him, lock your legs around his middle and place all your weight on him.”

Roy’s breathing became ragged as he felt the full weight of Tiffany begin to press down on him. “No Please I can’t take this anymore. . . It’s TOO . . . Big!”

Buffy laughed again, “Oh poor little piggy doesn’t want to play anymore? I can guarantee after a few weeks of this, you will beg to have your ass stuffed! Now SHUT THE FUCK UP and take your punishment!”

Before Roy could protest, Tiffany raised herself up and plopped her full weight down with all her might.

Roy was taken totally by surprise. The weight from above forced him to sit down on the chair. It happened so fast. One moment the butt plug had just barely started to part his tight hole, and the next moment it plunged deep into him and locked itself into place.


Tiffany threw her arms around the suffering chief’s head forcing his face into her breasts and held her position enjoying Roy’s wild gyrations while muffling his screams of pain.

“By the way little piggy.” Buffy sneered. “The stuff I coated your new best friend with contains among other things Black Tar Heroine. By next week you’ll be an addict as well as …other things.” Buffy said with a hint of mischief in her voice.


Chapter Three.

This is the world that poor John Fields was quickly being introduced to…

Buffy tied John’s hands behind his back then pushed her stunned victim to the couch and quickly forced his skinny legs apart exposing his limp wiener. Next she forced his ankles apart and tied them to a spreader bar she had hidden under her couch then tied his knees to the leather straps she had installed near the arm rests. When she was finished, she stepped back to review her work. John was totally immobilized. There was nothing he could do to protect his genitals which were totally exposed and accessible.

A wicked smile crossed her face as she knelt down, grabbed a piece of thin rope and tied one end of the rope around his ball sack.

“Please . . .Don’t hurt me.” John whimpered.

Buffy chuckled, “Oh it’s too late for that,” she said pulling John’s balls towards the front of the chair. John nervously looked down and saw his balls were now stretched out onto the centre of the couch cushion. His eyes widened as he realized Buffy was tying the other end of the rope to a hook in the middle of the stretcher bar.

When she finished, she tightened the rope a little more which caused John to yelp.

“It hurts!”

Buffy laughed, “You think this hurts, just wait till later.”

As if to prove her point she took hold of the rope and pulled it just a little tighter. John winced as he felt his balls being stretched out even further. He couldn’t take his eyes off of his poor balls which were now totally exposed and vulnerable.

Next, Buffy retrieved a small steel ball pin hammer from her stash under the couch and placed it between John’s legs.

John tried to pull his knees together for protection but Buffy’s expert bindings made that impossible.

“OH MY GOD, … Please, please… NO!” he cried.

Buffy smiled as she patted John’s balls gently.

“Don’t worry little man I have a lot more planned for these babies. It’s gonna be a lot of fun hearing you scream.”

John watched with horror as Buffy walked over to her desk and pick up his cell phone.

“Oh please what are you going to do with that.”

Buffy just laughed as she stepped in front of the couch and started snapping off a bunch of pictures with his cell phone.

“Please don’t take any pictures of me like this.”

“Sit still, I’m getting some really great shots of your small little wiener. These pictures will come in handy later.”

John started blushing as he tried to guess what she meant by, “Come in handy.” Tears filled his eyes as he imagined Buffy sending his pictures to his friends and family or posting them all over the internet.

Buffy put the cell phone down, picked up a short piece of thin rope and tightly tied it around the base of John’s now hard cock.

“This will help keep you hard and make it harder for you to cum next time.” Buffy announced.

OH GOD, please no more pictures and please don’t show them to anyone… I’ll do whatever you want… I promise.”

Buffy patted John’s purple cock head and chuckled, “Oh don’t worry little man, you’ll do that anyway… And I’ll show them to whoever I want! Now let’s see, I need a little something else for these next few shots.”

John trembled as he resigned himself to this incredibly humiliating fate and prayed silently, that it would end soon.

Just then Tiffany emerged from their bedroom with a black box and handed it to her lover. She could hardly wait to see the look on the little pervert’s face when he realized what this was.

The little man wasn’t the usual type of male they liked to play with, weak and non-threatening as he was; it was his own fault for what he had done so he had to pay. Tiffany thought to herself. And pay dearly.

“Good choice,” Buffy said giggling. “This should keep our little man out of trouble.”

While Buffy sorted through the box of various barbed stainless steel rings, Tiffany untied Johns cock and dug her pink nails into his purple cock head until he lost his small erection.

Buffy soon picked just the right ring sizes to fit his small cock. She forced his semi-flaccid cock into the barbed chastity device and then brought the rings together down his shaft and around his ball sack locking them securely in place with a stainless steel padlock.

John watched as Buffy’s blood-red nails expertly captured then encased his cock in the evil-looking device. His poor dick was no longer his property. Bitter tears began to well up in his eyes as the full impact of what was being done to him sunk in. Everything was being taken away from him and by the look on Buffy’s face she was enjoying every minute of it.

While Buffy took her time placing the sinister device on Johns abused cock, Tiffany grabbed a bottle of pills from her drug stash and quietly left their apartment with John’s keys and made her way to his apartment. Upon entering she lit a cigarette and began searching his small apartment. She soon located his chequebook, credit cards and car title then sat at his desk and made a few phone calls.

“Yes, this is Mrs. John Fields and I need to place a lock on both my husband’s checking accounts and credit cards. Yes, I’ll hold.” She said confidently as she blew plumes of smoke in the air and flicked the ashes on the carpet.

“Yes, I want to protect our accounts from identity theft and I’d also like a courtesy call every time anyone attempts to use these accounts. The account numbers are …”

In just an hour, Tiffany had made several phone calls arranging to have John’s car sold his door locks changed, his mail rerouted and his cable and phone disconnected. Phase one of their revenge had been accomplished.

“Now for the fun stuff.” Tiffany said to herself as she walked into John’s bathroom and opened his medicine cabinet. It looked to her like he was a bit of a health nut by all the vitamins he had, she’d make sure to use that against him. A little more searching and she found what she was looking for, a full bottle of blood pressure medicine. She opened the bottle and dumped its contents down the toilet, replacing the pills with the ones she brought with her. “This should really fuck him up.”

Next, before leaving she walked into his kitchen and opened his refrigerator and found a fresh container of soy milk. “Just as I thought, a real health nut.” She said to herself, as she opened the container and poured the remaining pills into it…

“Stand up, Buffy ordered after releasing John from his bonds. Now listen carefully, pervert, there’s no way you can remove this device without our help. If you try, the razor sharp barbs embedded in the steel rings will cut into your balls and you’ll probably bleed to death. Just get used to wearing this, it’s designed to keep you from reaching a full erection no matter how aroused you get. Now turn around and grab your ankles.”

John reluctantly turned his naked backside to Buffy raising his butt high in the air as he grabbed his ankles as ordered.

“Hmm, your asshole looks un-touched, have you ever been fucked in your ass?” Buffy demanded.

“Nnnn … NO! Never.” John protested.

“Good, good. I so love a virgin asshole. Once we’re done with it, you’ll be begging to have this little guy stuffed 24/7.”

“PLEASE … Oh please I’m not … Not my ass …I’m not GAY!” John sobbed.

“Please, why are you doing this. I said I’d never spy on you again, just let me go.” John begged as bitter tears flowed down his face.

Just then Tiffany entered the apartment and gave Buffy a knowing wink. “It’s all done lover.” She said with a broad smile.

“Aww, did I miss anything? Look’s like our little man is upset.”

“He’ll be ok, he’s just getting used to the new accessory I installed. Buffy said with a proud smile.

“Now get dressed, Buffy commanded and from now on you will address us as Ms. Buffy or Ms. Tiffany, do you understand?”

“Yes … Ms. Buffy.” John replied as he dressed himself and prepared to leave.

“One more thing,” Buffy barked. “Be at the 5th Street Mini Storage locker number 26 by 9am tomorrow morning sharp. Now get the fuck out of here! ”

Situated along the city’s seedy waterfront the 5th Street warehouse had a storied past. Since the early days of prohibition it had been a hotbed of criminal activity and the headquarters to many of the city’s most notorious crime bosses. Its reputation as a safe haven for illegal activity was made possible by the numerous bribes paid to an ever-growing list of officials from law enforcement to city government. It would become the perfect place for the Mean Girls to set up shop.

Only one obstacle stood in their way. . .

“This scum won’t be so easy to get,” Tiffany confided in Buffy. “There’s almost nothing in the public record about him, looks to me like someone has sanitized any mention of his activities. No newspaper articles or video; even the city records don’t mention him. Shit, I can’t even find his birth certificate.”

“I’m glad to see you’re putting that fancy education of yours to good use,” Buffy said.

“You keep working your computer while I pursue another angle. And don’t worry so much, every man including a scum bag like Charles Gruber has a weakness and once we find it, we’ll own him!”

* * * * *

Months later outside a small coffee shop two beautiful young woman sat sipping lattes quietly discussing their next move. . .

“Apparently,” Buffy said in a hushed voice. “Our secretive crime boss keeps all of his important business on a laptop locked away in that damned warehouse of his.”

“Really? . . . Hmmm just how do you propose we get that laptop? We just can’t walk into his fortress one night and steal it from a locked safe.”

The accomplished Dominatrix flashed her lover a sly smile as she paused and took in the beautiful sunrise.

“Wait, I know that look, there’s something you’re not telling me,” Tiffany protested.

“Well lover, we’ll just have to get someone else to do the dirty work for us. Buffy said with an evil grin.

“Have someone in mind?” Tiffany asked giving Buffy a quizzical look.

“Well. . . What if I told you I’m already in the process of turning one of Gruber’s trusted bodyguards to our side.”

“Go on.” Tiffany prodded.

“He’s one of those big cock small brain types that we both love to play with.” Buffy answered in a hushed voice.

“Just take a look at this video I took of him last night.” She said, sliding her cell phone across the table.

The video was of a naked muscular man in his mid forties crawling around on his hands and knees mewing like a newborn calf. His wrists and ankles were shackled by stainless steel manacles and his ass was stuffed with a black horsetail butt plug.

“Look at the camera and hold your face still, Mommy wants to take a few more pictures.” Buffy’s off camera voice ordered.

Tiffany was astonished at how quickly Buffy was able to strip a man of his dignity and reduce him to nothing more than a snivelling worm.

“You never cease to amaze me, how did you manage to turn him so fast. . . Mommy?” Tiffany said with a smirk on her face.

“Hey. . . I happen to like being called Mommy,” Buffy playfully snapped back.

“But to answer your question It was really quite simple. After a few late night sessions with our pet, the police chief, I was able to persuade him to bring me a confidential file from the district attorney’s office. Something you couldn’t get access to from your computer. That’s how I found Mr. Bodyguard.”

“Then one night I followed him to his favourite bar and once I got him drunk enough he poured out his life’s story. And like all stupid men I whispered a few carefully chosen words in his ear and he practically begged me to take him home and beat him. He kept calling me Mommy and that he’d done some very bad things and needed to be punished.” Buffy said in a mocking voice.

Tiffany laughed and handed the cell phone back to her lover. “This is all very interesting,” Tiffany mused out loud as she lit another cigarette. “But how is enslaving him going to get us that laptop?”

“Oh. . . Did I forget to mention the other little thing about him.”

“Your killing me here, out with it.” Tiffany said.

“I managed to get him to tell me he’s the only other one besides Gruber who knows the building alarm codes and has a key to the main office. He even knows the combination to the safe. Now all we have to do is persuade him to get it and give it all to Momma.”

Several perverted ideas popped into Tiffany’s imagination. “This sounds less like work and more like fun now,” She said. “I’m getting wet just thinking about the possibilities.”

Buffy reached across the small table and gently removed Tiffany’s cigarette from her hand and took a long drag as she paused deep in thought.

“Instead of slaving over your computer tonight, why don’t you join me. Besides, I have a special surprise in mind, it arrived yesterday from Columbia. But that’s as much as I’m going to tell you, you’ll have to see for yourself tonight.”

“Hmmm, sounds very Buffy – ish. . .And evil, I like. . .will you at least give me a hint?”

“I’m going to introduce him to The Devil’s Breath.” Buffy whispered.

“What the hell is that?” Tiffany asked with growing perverted excitement in her voice.

Before Tiffany could say another word, Buffy leaned in and clamped her wet lips onto hers, her tongue invaded Tiffany’s mouth without a moment’s hesitation. The surprised blonds clit quivered, her nipples became erect, her pussy begged for attention.

Tiffany swooned, at the surprise attack of Buffy’s passionate kiss. She could taste Buffy’s nicotine and lipstick flavoured tongue as it dominated her mouth.

“I sure like the way you tell me to stop talking,” Tiffany breathlessly whispered after Buffy broke off the kiss and finished her cigarette.

“Ok. . . I’m in, I can’t wait to see this plan of yours unfold.”

* * * * *

“Strip and assume the position in the middle of the room.” Buffy ordered as she and Tiffany pushed their way past Dawson with two large black duffel bags in tow.

Mike Dawson quickly followed her command and removed his pants and shirt then knelt with hands behind his head. He could feel the two gorgeous women watching his every move as he stripped. His cock was now fully erect in anticipation of a wild night of sex.

While their latest victim eagerly disrobed both women walked through his small apartment making sure they were alone. Satisfied, Buffy locked the door and turned to face the naked bodyguard.

“Mommy has decided that you have behaved very badly and need to be disciplined,” Buffy said as she opened one of the large black duffel bags and began removing its contents.

“Yes, I have. I’ve been very bad Mommy, Please punish me.” Dawson said as he cast his head submissively to the floor still believing this was just a game.

“Oh. . . We will,” Buffy said with conviction in her voice. “Now let’s get started, I’m going to have Tiffany help prepare you for tonight’s fun, just do as we say and we’ll make tonight something you’ll never forget.” Buffy said as she winked at Tiffany.

Dawson could barely contain himself as lurid visions of a threesome with these two vixens played around in his mind. He’d show them what a real man could do he thought.

The Mean Girls smiled at each other at the sight of Dawson’s obvious arousal they knew from past experience that their victims would allow them to do anything as long as there was a promise of sex involved.

A half hour and several cigarettes later the Mean Girls looked down on their new toy, both felt confident that Mike Dawson would soon be joining their growing stable of broken men.

Dawson could hear the two women’s high heels clicking on his hardwood floor as they circled him testing his bonds. Once satisfied, both women turned their attention to his couch and pushed it to the middle of the room. Buffy motioned Tiffany to grab Dawson’s right arm while she grabbed his left and together they lifted him up and onto his couch, facing him towards the back rest.

“Close your eyes and place your head over the back of the couch and arch your ass high in the air.” Buffy ordered as she motioned for Tiffany to stand behind the couch and grab his head.

Tiffany grabbed Dawson’s head and held him in a vice like grip. Her high heels and long legs were at the perfect height for his nose and mouth to fit snugly between her muscular thighs.

Dawson struggle for breath as Tiffany pushed his head deep into her musky crotch.

A few minutes later he felt the familiar pressure of Buffy’s massive horsetail butt plug against his asshole. This time however there would be no lubrication, just dry hard plastic painfully raping his tender butt hole.

“But first, pardon the pun, before we get started I need to soften you up.”

Buffy gazed into Tiffany’s eyes and held her stare as she began to force the tip of the massive tool into her unsuspecting slave. Once the tip popped past his anal ring she methodically began to sodomize Dawson. First slowly, then hard and fast. To increase his humiliation and establish her dominance she began to simultaneously squeeze and pull on his cum filled balls. The sadistic redhead knew just how to hurt a man as she continued to stretch his ball sack with one hand, digging in her nails, and pump the butt plug deeper into his anus with the other.

Tiffany joined in now on Dawson’s humiliation as she began to rub her sex back and forth on his nose and mouth , timing her thrusts with her lover’s vicious rape of his asshole.

“I love you,” Buffy whispered to Tiffany as she continued to torture Dawson’s ass hole.

“STOP, You Bitches, this isn’t fun anymore. . . Release me NOW!. . . Or I swear I’ll kill you both right here! …” Dawson yelled into Tiffany’s swollen labia.

“Oh…no, Mommy’s little man is getting angry, Buffy. “He wants us to let him go or he will KILL us. . .” Tiffany said in mock alarm.

“I’m afraid that’s not what’s going to happen tonight,” Buffy replied. “The only one who might die is you, after all you’re the one who’s tied up and helpless. We’re in control now and tonight you’re going to be just another male dumb fuck who’s only value to us is to watch you suffer.”

“No, no, no… Please, stop!” Dawson managed to blurt out before Tiffany jammed his face back into her crotch. Buffy slowly continued to push the massive butt plug deeper into his anus.

“Oh God, no… No…..” The last “no” turned into a wailing kind of cry as inch after inch of Buffy’s butt Punisher pushed into his virgin asshole spreading his painfully wide.

He stopped struggling as this seemed to make the pain worse and just waited to be fully penetrated. He even arched his in an attempted to make his rape easier for the dry plastic invader.

Buffy sensed his attempt to ease the pain and purposely slowed down her pumping and even let the plug slip out of his ass several times allowing his tortured sphincter to shrink back to its former size. Then without warning slam it back in again forcing even greater pain to thunder through his body.

“Do you think your pathetic threats will work with us? Whatever part of you still thinks you’re in control ends tonight.” Buffy said as she buried the thick butt plugs base deep into Dawson’s asshole and stepped back releasing his ball sack.

“OW! Oh, Aaaaah… Please,” Dawson screamed into Tiffany’s pulsing pussy as she let out a loud moan of her enjoying her own orgasm.

“Pace yourself, Tiff, the night is still young.” Buffy put her hand against her crotch and pushed two fingers up into her moist slit. “You’re ours now, little man. And I’ve got a lot planned for you.”

She stared into Tiffany’s eyes for a few seconds, then pulled her fingers out of her pussy and reached across Dawson’s bound body and wiped them casually on her lover’s lips.

“You can have the rest later.” She winked.

Buffy turned and rummaged through her bag and brought out a four-foot cloth-covered lamp cord. It was one of her favourite instruments of punishment. She had broken many a male with just this. She especially liked how it left little bits of cotton threads in their wounds slowing the healing process while prolonging their suffering.

“Tonight you WILL suffer and when we’re done with you, you’re GOING to be a shameless, cum-guzzling, anal whore, I promise.” Buffy spat out as she began to pummel Dawson’s Butt cheeks.

The former Army Ranger was no stranger to cruelty, but as the whipping became more violent and the pain increased the once tough bodyguard began to crack.

Buffy rained blows down on him again, and again, constantly assaulting his male pride with a never-ending barrage of humiliating small cock insults and threats of castration.

“Mommy wants you to count for me.” Buffy yelled.

“Yes, Mommy.” Dawson said through gritted teeth.

SNAP. “Nghh! Three.” SNAP. “Four…” He tried to move his head to see what Buffy was using, but Tiffany quickly snapped his head forward and placed her pink manicured thumbnails in both his eye sockets and began to apply pressure.

“Try that again, worm, and I’ll pop your eyeballs right out of your head.” She hissed.

Dawson had no choice but to continue counting as Buffy struck his ass over and over again. Raising several raw bloody welts on the firm flesh.

“…twenty-eight…” WHACK. “Ah, Naaah… Twenty-nine…” SNAP! “…thirty…” Humiliated and degraded he quietly broke down, as Buffy stopped and stepped back to admire her work.

“Won’t be long now.” Buffy said finally breaking the silence.

Tiffany removed her thumbs from Dawson’s eyes allowing him to move his head. As she stepped back Dawson glanced up into her face and was shocked by the contrast between the young blonde’s disarming beauty and her cold cruel stare.

A feeling of dread suddenly ran through his body and he quickly realized he had stupidly allowed two very dangerous women in his apartment. These cruel bitches have something far more sinister in mind for him he realized too late.

Unfortunately Dawson was completely helpless to do anything about it now. Earlier, while still under the influence of their devastating beauty and the promise he had allowed himself to be placed in bondage. His wrists were bound together behind his back by thick plastic zip-ties and his legs had been painfully spread wide apart by a steel bar that had been shackled to his ankles.

He was securely tied to the couch by several ropes. One of which was looped around his neck threatening to cut off his air.

While Tiffany guarded their helpless male, Buffy took a small bag from her purse and disappeared into the kitchen.

“Keep him busy for a few, Tiff, while I whip up a little surprise for our new toy.” Tiffany moved and stood behind Dawson’s bound body and lit a cigarette and admired the bloody welts on his backside.. She watched as tiny beads of blood oozed down his butt crack. That’s really got to hurt she thought to herself with satisfaction.

The tall cruel man-hater smiled an evil grin as an idea suddenly came to her. I’ll keep him busy alright she thought as she leaned over and whispered in his ear.

“I’m really surprised at how small your cock is, I bet you have real trouble pleasing a woman with that little thing.”

“Bitch… FUCK YOU!” He yelled.

Dawson struggled trying to break his bonds and put an end to this, now that there was only one in the room with him maybe he had a chance he thought. If he could free himself he’d show these bitches just what he could do with his cock right before he killed them.

“Aw don’t get all worked up Mr. Bodyguard, I may have just the thing you need to relax.”

Tiffany donned a pair of black latex gloves and with a cigarette dangling from her pink lips she placed her left hand on the small of his back, reached down and grabbed his now limp cock. Dawson jumped with surprise when he felt her powerful fingers encircle his manhood. She began with a normal even paced stroke slowly milking him like some prized Bull.

“That’s it just relax and let me help you feel better, you can trust me.” She cooed.

His dick responded almost immediately as Tiffany expertly pumped the blood back into his now rock hard cock.

“There, see, doesn’t that make you feel better.” She said through a cloud of smoke.

The desire to escape quickly evaporated from Dawson’s mind as Tiffany’s relentless hand began to seduce him.

After just a few minutes of successive strokes, Dawson moaned in protest as Tiffany gradually slowed the pace down and began to purposely loosen her grip around his cock. The sadistic blonde smiled to herself at the intensity of his moans.

Dawson had forgotten his anger and humiliation for the moment, now only wanting her expert manipulations to continue until he came. But to his disappointment and frustration the strokes became insanely slower, and her grip looser.

With each stroke the buildup of pleasure was becoming intense, almost painful. The sadistic milking had become so slow that Dawson could barely feel her fingers brushing the skin of his tender shaft. Her slow strokes pushed all other thoughts from his tortured mind.

Every time her fingers would brush past his circumcision ring it would trigger a microorganism to rush up his spine. Dawson was delirious with animal lust; he mewed loudly and begged Tiffany not to stop. Just one more stroke was all he needed, he kept thinking, just one more powerful stroke.

But Tiffany had other plans for the helpless male and it didn’t involve giving him the pleasure of an orgasm. She quickly removed her cigarette with her left hand and crushed it out on his tender butt cheek and released his cock all at the same time. Then with one smooth motion she cruelly smashed her knee directly into his sperm filled ball sack crushing his blood engorged nuts.

Dawson’s screams of pain filled the small apartment as he struggled against his bonds. Much to Tiffany’s delight he began to sob; then he attempted to beg, but abruptly fell silent when he heard her sadistic laughter.

Just then Buffy re-appeared from the kitchen carrying a small glass tube filled with white powder and carefully placed it on the coffee table.

“When you’re done playing with our new toy, please bring me the other duffel bag, it’s next to the front door.” Buffy said as she stretched a second pair of black latex gloves over her first pair. Can’t be too careful around this shit.” She said with apprehension in her voice.

“So you still haven’t told me what that stuff is,” Tiffany asked as she moved the heavy duffel bag next to the couch.

Buffy paused and gave Tiffany a serious look before she answered. . .

“Its street name is the `Devils Breath’ and it comes from a tree grown only in South America. It’s said that once a person breathes the power into their lungs, it will instantly eliminate their free will leaving them open for anyone to control. The beauty of it is, once it wears off in a few days they won’t remember anything about what they’ve done.”

“No shit,” Tiffany exclaimed as she opened the duffel bag and removed Buffy’s modified Israeli gas mask. So that’s why you brought this.”

The mask had its protective filter removed and a plastic bong attachment added to the end of it making it Buffy’s party toy of choice when it came to forcibly converting her anti smoking victims into life long chain smokers.

Within minutes Dawson’s face was enclosed in the vice like grip of the rubber airtight mask muffling his pitiful cry’s for mercy.

“Now all that we have to do is to introduce this fine powder into the bottom of the bowl and let his own lungs do the rest.” Buffy said.

While Tiffany climbed up and straddled Dawson’s back, pulling his head up and holding it still, Buffy filled the reservoir of the bong with a small amount of the powerful white powder.

Dawson looked on in horror as own breath began to push the powder all around the mask filling it with a fine white mist. He managed to scream once then everything went black.

Days later he woke up naked in his apartment his dick caged and a note on his coffee table.

“You have new bosses now, we’ll contact you soon for your next assignment.”


Chapter Five.

John Fields stood at the steel door of locker 26. Tired, dirty and homeless he reflected on how quickly the two women had been able to take over his life. In just a few hours they had managed to have him locked him out of his apartment and taken all his money and deprived him of his most valued possession, his cock.

After spending a sleepless night on a park bench he waited in the cold dreading his next encounter with Buffy and Tiffany. He worried that yesterday’s ordeal was just the beginning of his continuing nightmare.

John’s heart skipped a beat as the door opened and a naked black woman motioned him inside.

“Take your clothes off and pile them here.” The anorexic looking black woman said as she locked the door behind him.

The naked woman looked to be in her thirties about 5 feet tall, her small sagging breasts and large milk bottle nipples were stretched out and well used. Her hairless pussy looked like it had seen lots of action as well.

John recoiled in horror at the sight of two large weeping sores; one prominently perched on her vaginal lips and the other just above her upper lip on her mouth. He quickly realized that she looked just like the crack whores he had seen on the internet, right down to her kinky short Afro, chipped red nails, large red lips and rotten teeth.

“What the FUCK are you staring at!” she yelled. “You’re late, are you really going to keep a mistress waiting any longer?”

John jumped at the commanding tone of her voice and quickly took his clothes off as ordered. “Follow me.” She yelled back at him as she hurried down the hall.

Even her small ass seemed to sag, John thought as she led him down a series of confusing hallways then down a few flights of stairs until they entered a large warehouse where Ms. Buffy was waiting.

“You’re late, again! Little man.” Buffy said as she turned and addressed his escort.

“Tunisha, I think our little pervert needs a lesson in obedience, don’t you?”

While the two women discussed his fate, all John could do was stare lustfully at the woman who had locked his cock in a cage and held the key. She looked the part of a true dominatrix in her tight white silk blouse, red leather hot pants, black leather waist corset, sheer tights and thigh high black leather boots.

Try as he might John couldn’t keep from fantasizing about Ms. Buffy. Dressed like she was in her fetish outfit and severe makeup her very presence seemed to cloud his mind making it impossible for him to control his stiffening cock.

Unfortunately for John his cock cage had other ideas as its sharpened tines began to embed themselves into the shaft of his tender cock exacting their cruel and painful reminder of Buffy’s control over him.

“Put this collar and leash him then take him to locker 15 and introduce him to Kimberley.” Buffy said with a sinister laugh.

Tunisha walked behind John and buckled a thick leather collar around his neck then led him by a leather leash to locker 15.

The 12 by 12 room had a stained concrete floor with a large drain in the middle. It’s one hanging light reflected garishly off the corrugated metal walls. An old rusty exam table and a stool in the corner dominated the room.

“Lay down on the table.” She ordered.

“What are you going to do to me?” John meekly demanded.

“Oh no you didn’t, don’t you talk to me like that, I’ll cut the shit outta you so fast your own momma wouldn’t recognize you. Now shut the fuck up and git your skinny white ass on that table.

John quickly gave in and crawl onto the cracked leather cushion of the aging table.

“Now scoot yourself all the way down the table to the end. That’s it,
Now lie back and put your hands by your sides.”

Tunisha pulled out the stirrups of the exam table and adjusted them wide apart. Taking each of John’s ankles she securely bound them to the stirrups. After tying down his head and arms she removed his cock cage. She now had complete access to all of John’s body.

John’s state of arousal was evident to Tunisha as his little dick began to grow once removed from his cage, producing copious amounts of clear sticky liquid as it reached for the ceiling.

“We’re going to play a little game.” She said as she scraped her chipped red nails up and down his exposed inner thighs.

John recoiled at the thought of someone like her touching his body with her dirty hands.

“Don’t touch me!” John whined as bitter tears trickled down his cheeks.

“What, afraid you might catch something.” She sneered.

Just then the steel door opened and a young girl with long blond pigtails entered the room. She was carrying a high school book bag on her shoulder and looked to John to be about 16 years old. She appeared to be clean and well-kept in her blue pleated skirt, white knee-high socks white saddle shoes and tight white sweater.

Just like many of the girls he’d seen at the school down the street from his apartment.

“This is Kimberly,” Tunisha said in a cheerful voice as she pulled the stool up between Johns wide-spread legs.

“Say hello to John, Kimberly.”

“Hi Johnny.” The young girl said as she slowly walked around his restrained body pausing to inspect his small cock.

“That sure is a cute looking little dick you have, it sorta reminds me of a wiener, does it get any bigger?”

John’s face flushed red with humiliation as he struggled against his bonds and began to protest.

“It’s plenty big, it’s not cute, and stop calling it a wiener.”

“Ok. . . Ok,” Kimberly giggled. “You like blow jobs Johnny? I hear one of us gets to slobber all over your little Oscar Meier today.”

John’s mind recoiled in horror at the thought of a crack whore winning some perverted contest to suck his precious cock.

“Nooo . . .Get that dirty crack whore away from me, please, don’t let her touch my cock with her filthy mouth. . . Please.”

John was terrified at the thought of Tunisha’s mouth with her open sores drooling all over his cock.

Both women giggled and ignored his pitiful begging.

“Ok, here’s the rules of our game,” Tunisha announced with a hint of amusement in her voice. One of us is gonna stand on your left side and the other will stand on your right and you get to pick who will suck your cock dry. Understand?”

“The game sounded easy enough.” John thought. All he had to do was choose whatever side Kimberley was standing on. “This will be easy.” He thought.

“Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention,” Tunisha chuckled. You have to choose with the lights off.”

“Whaa. . .No … No… Wait!” John yelled too late as the room went pitch black.

John fell silent, all he could hear were muffled giggles as the two women slowly circled his bound body.

“John,” Tunisha’s voice finally broke the silence of the dark. “You agreed to play our game so I’m gonna give you one more chance to pick a

John shook his head in the dark, “I don’t want to play. I want my life back. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!”

Tunisha stopped and stood between John’s legs and raise a clenched fist. “Listen, John.” She spat his name out as if it were a curse, “You no longer have a choice here, you are mine, Ms. Buffy gave you to me to do whatever I want.”

And with those chilling words Tunisha smashed her fist down with amazing power against John’s unprotected groin.


“UHHHHHHH!! OW!! OW!! NO, PLEASE, NO! NO!!” John screamed.

Tunisha continued. Each cruel punch was more vicious than the previous one. John’s tiny boy nuts began to swell and turn an angry shade of red that deepened with each punch. His primal screams, became most ear-shattering, and saturated with pain, as the beating progressed.

“Ok…ok I’ll play, just please dear god stop … STOP!” He begged.

Tunisha reluctantly stopped her sadistic assault then along with Kimberly resumed circling like two hungry sharks waiting for him to choose.

“K . . .KKK Kimberly is on my Left, oh dear god please let her be on my left…I pick left.” He finally managed to get out.

It got very quiet for an eternity until John felt two hands cradle his head from behind and soft lips capture his mouth with a fiery passionate kiss. Her tongue soon forced its way into his reluctant mouth bathing his tongue and mouth in gooey saliva. John slammed his eyes shut and prayed it was Kimberly passionately kissing him and not that skank Tunisha.

The lip lock was abruptly broken as his mystery lover began trailing little kisses and nips across his face, over to both of his ears, and down his neck.

The kissing stopped as his mysterious assailant moved to sit down between his wide-spread legs. John felt her hot breath wash up against his crotch as she grabbed his tenderized boy sized balls with one hand and began to message them. With the other hand she raised his penis and slowly began to pump it up and down forcing long low moans to escape from his mouth.

Suddenly he felt her soft lips on the tip of his penis then an electric shock to fly up his spine as she sucked his growing manhood into her mouth.

“This is wonderful,” he thought as she toyed with his purple cock head in her velvety smooth mouth.

She took her time and tasted his cock with her tongue and explored its every feature. She nipped around the ridge of his cock head with her teeth and wormed the tip of her tongue into his pee hole making little suckling sounds as she captured his precum and hungrily deposited it in her mouth.

John grabbed onto the sides of the table with all his might as he tried to convince his terrified mind that Kimberley’s mouth was the one so expertly sucking his cock and not the sore riddled mouth of a crack whore.

The suckling mouth soon made it impossible to concentrate on anything else but the expert attention it was giving to his cock. The mystery woman repeatedly pushed his manhood in and out of her throat all the way to the root. Forcing his balls to slap up against her spit soaked chin. Again and again she slid his cock into her mouth pumping and thrusting.

Realizing it was too late to do anything now; John relaxed against his restraints and stopped fighting the relentless mouth as it expertly worked to drain his cock.

His tormentor stroked his cock in and out and pressed her lips around his shaft working her tongue around it, feeling the smooth skin of his boy cock, sucking his cock into her mouth, licking along the underside of his cock, licking around his swollen purple head and hungrily tasting his precum.

John began to moan and quiver. “Ooh, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

Her sucking became more urgent and her pace quickened as she pumped his erect boy cock into her hungry mouth. As if summoning his orgasm from deep inside his body she began to moan and groan with a vibrating low rumble that penetrated deep down to his prostrate filling him with unspeakable pleasure. John’s precum flowed from his cock as she wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft, stroking and milking him.

John felt his cock throb and pulsate then erupt pumping his cum into the mystery woman’s hungry mouth . . .

An hour later with his cage re-installed and fully dressed, Tunisha pushed him out of the steel door and back onto the street.

“Take this key, Tiffany has given you permission to sleep in your old apartment tonight. Make sure you take your blood pressure medicine and be back here 9am sharp tomorrow, don’t be late.”

“Wait . . . Wait.” John begged. “Please tell me which one of you sucked my cock?”

“You better hope it was me,” Tunisha laughed. “All I got is herpes. Kimberley got the worst case of oral gonorrhoea the health department has ever seen. She’s already on her fourth course of antibiotics in 4 months.”

“Nooo . . . ,” John screamed as the steel door abruptly slammed in his face. . . “Nooo!”

The End.

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