Wife Exposes Husband to her Friends

By makanibraydhani.

My wife always loved surprises. Christmas, birthdays, you name it. Being married for 20 years, I’ve been on the receiving end of many. Countless years of coming home from work to a dark house before the sudden flash of lights and the collection of voices yelling, “Surprise!” It was always amazing to spend my birthday with people close to me, and knowing how happy it made my wife organize only enriched the experience.

This year, my birthday was on a Saturday. She surprised me with breakfast in bed, followed by a birthday blowjob. An amazing birthday already. I had just assumed that was the end of the surprises. After all, how could she get a surprise party going if I was going to be home all day?

Around 6 pm, she approached me with something in her hand. “Are you ready for the rest of your birthday to start?” she asked.

She was beaming, and a little giggle snuck out at the end of her question. I knew how much she loved planning these things, but even so, she seemed especially excited today. She handed me a small piece of cloth, it was silky smooth in my hands.

“A blindfold?” I asked.

“Yep, don’t want to spoil the surprise!” she exclaimed.

I decided to play along. Just seeing how happy my wife was was enough of a gift, but I knew she must have something big planned as well. She led me to our bedroom and told me to stay put with no peeking.

Over the next who knows how long, I heard the door open a few times. I heard footsteps, but I never heard any voices. I had no idea who was over other than going over who had been to my birthday parties in the past. I assumed it would be all the usual characters. Finally, I heard the bedroom door open.

“Everything is ready now!” I heard my wife say, as I felt her arm wrap around mine and help me up from the bed.

The excitement in her voice was palpable, and I could feel her shaking a bit. We walked out far enough that I figured we were in the middle of the living room.

“You ready?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

My heart started to beat fast in my chest. The anticipation was getting to me. I felt my wife’s hand grab the blindfold, ready to take it off.


I heard the classic yelling, but…where was the flash of light? She hadn’t removed the blindfold. That’s when it all registered. My wife had pulled my pants down and my underwear with them. I was standing in my living room, surrounded by who knows how many people, with my privates laid bare for all to see.

Then I heard it, “Wow…” and a round of nervous laughter.

I recognized that voice. It was Nikki, my wife’s best friend. When we first started dating, meeting her was built up as a big deal. If Nikki didn’t like any of my wife’s boyfriends, they were gone. Luckily, Nikki and I hit it off immediately, and I passed the test. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks. I must be beet-red at this point. I knew I should do something, cover up, run, and hide. At least take the blindfold off! But I was paralyzed by the situation. I couldn’t move a muscle.

“You really weren’t lying. It is tiny,” said another voice I knew—our next-door neighbor, Kate. “I mean, I’ve seen some small ones for sure, but never one like this,” she continued.

I could tell she was very amused. I tried to fight it, to stop what I knew would happen to me.

“Yeah, same! Oh my God, Becca, I feel bad! Like, can he even satisfy you with that little dick?” I heard Nikki ask my wife, laughing.

That was it. I had lost the fight. I felt it start. The embarrassment was just too much. I started to get hard.

“Oh my God, look at it go. He loves this shit, you weren’t lying.”

No. That voice. Please tell me that’s not who I think it is. That’s when the blindfold came off. I recoiled as my eyes had to adjust to the light. After a few seconds, and looked out to see the situation I had been put in. The farthest left was Becca, my wife. At 35 she was ever the cutest woman I had seen in my life. She had her glasses on, with a soft, caring face, and her dirty blond hair tied back into a ponytail.

Next to her was Nikki. She had dark skin and an athletic build that was shown off perfectly by her tank top and short shorts. Nikki looked like she had just come from the gym. She had a shit-eating grin on her face and wouldn’t take her eyes off my dick.

Next up was Kate, who was only 22, just finishing up school. She was short, not even five feet, with fire-red hair that fell to her shoulders.

Last up was the voice I thought I heard. I swallowed hard as I looked at the woman. I’m sure my face looked sun burnt with how embarrassed I felt. Ashley. She was my coworker. Our desks were right next to each other. When she got hired, we became fast friends. Even tho we never spent time together outside of work, when we were at work, we flirted constantly. My wife knew this; we both loved to flirt, and we decided early on that as long as we were open and honest, it was just some harmless fun to flirt with others.

Me and my wife also loved to roleplay, and we often pretended to be other real people, who we knew the other had the hots for. One night, she pretended to be Ashley. She rode me while talking about projects at work as if she were a part of them and doing her best impersonation. I yelled out Ashley’s name as I came, and it was one of the hottest sessions we’ve ever had.

Ashley was as tall as me, with bleach blond hair that today was done up in a bun. She had huge tits that she loved to bend over and give me an eyeful of the tops of when no one was looking. It would always fluster me, and I knew she relished the teasing.

“You know all this time,” Ashley said to me, her eyes piercing me. “I just assumed you were packing.” She started to laugh.

“Alright, ladies,” my wife said, addressing the group. “I think we’ve tortured him enough ‘for now.’” She winked at me as she said the last part. “Go ahead and give him a nicer birthday present.”

Nikki was first. She grabbed the sides of her tank top and lifted it over her head.

She had modest B cups that were perfectly perky. Topped with darker nipples that stuck out a little bit in the cool air. My eyes were transfixed. My wife’s best friend was topless in my house.

“Wow, he seems to really like ‘em,” Nikki said as she grabbed them and gave them a little shake.

I could feel myself getting even harder, and I’m sure my mouth was open.

“OK, Kate.”

Kate was wearing a T-shirt by a band I had never heard of. She removed it to reveal a lacy white bra.

“You know, with that tiny babydick, does he really deserve to see them?” Kate asked the group.

Now, I wanted to see them desperately. I needed to see them. My inadequacy stood in the way, and that drove me wild.

“Come on, it’s his birthday!” my wife told her. “I think he deserves it.”

“No,” I heard Ashley say as we all turned to look at her. “I’m sure not that many people have seen Kate’s lovely breasts. Wasting them on someone of his size… that just doesn’t feel right,” she continued.

I felt deflated and humiliated, but my dick had never been harder.

“But you are right, Becca. It is his birthday, so I think he should be able to see them,” Ashley relinquished.

My eyes grew wide. I couldn’t believe my ears. After what Ashley had said? It didn’t make sense.

“But he has to beg her for the privilege,” Ashley finished with an evil smirk on her face.

They all laughed.

“That sounds fair,” said Kate, now staring at me with a wide grin.

“P-please,” I barely managed to whisper out.

“Oh, come on, you need to do WAY better than that.”

“Please, I really, really want to see them. Please, oh God, please.” I felt so pathetic, but I was too turned on to care.

Kate pursed her lips, raising one finger to them. “Hmmm, I don’t know…”

I fell to my knees.

“PLEASE, Kate, I don’t just want it, I NEED it. I have to see them. Please, it’s my birthday. I know you at least pity me. I need to see them. Please let me.”

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, but I fought them back and hoped the girls didn’t notice.

“Oh my god,” Kate said. “Wow, you are SO pathetic.”

They all laughed.

“You’re right. I do feel bad for you, so I guess you can see my titties,” Kate relented.

With that, she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. As it fell to the ground, I had to fight back the reflex to shoot my load. The embarrassment I had to endure made the sight of those perky C-cups an oasis in the desert. I had finally made it.

After a few seconds of taking in the sight, my mind realized Ashley must be up next. My palms started to sweat. I felt a lump in the back of my throat. I had thought about her breasts for so long. Had them flaunted around in front of me every weekday for years. I always dreamed of what they must look like bare. Was I really going to get to see them? I stood and looked at her. She didn’t say a word. She walked over to me, her eyes scanning me up and down. She was wearing a button-up shirt, the same thing we wear every day to the office. But I could see the outline of nipples poking through the fabric.

She crouched down, now at eye level with my dick. I couldn’t breathe. She took a finger and ran in along the bottom of my dick. I clenched hard, barely stopping myself from blowing my load all over her. She giggled, clearly noticing the issues I was having.

“Perfect,” she said.

She stood back up and stared into my eyes as she started unbuttoning her shirt. Was this real? She was just going to take it off. I was sure she would at least make me do something horribly humiliating. What was the catch here? My heart was beating like I had just run a marathon as she undid the last button. The two sides of the shirt separated slightly, and I could see the middle part of both her breasts. My dick was in pain from being this hard, and I was barely holding on.

She put one hand on each side of the shirt and started to pull them apart slowly. Revealing more and more of her breasts. I saw the edges of her areolas just barely come into view, and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I tried to stop it, but I wasn’t strong enough. Wave after wave hit me, the hardest orgasm I’ve felt in my life as I shot ropes onto her belly and the bottom of her breasts.

“He cum’s quick too! Girl…” Nikki said as they all burst out laughing.

Kate turned away as she had a laughing fit and nearly fell to the ground. I turned to my wife, who was looking at me with a loving smile, but I could tell she was barely holding back her laughter.

“I fucking knew it,” Ashley exclaimed. She was celebrating, like she had just won a prize.

“You are SO pathetic. You couldn’t even hold it together long enough to see my boobs,” Ashley chided. She started to laugh as she buttoned up her shirt. “And now you never will, you babydick loser.”

Where there was arousal was now filled only with more embarrassment.

“Well, I know we had more fun planned for tonight,” my wife said. “But considering… I suppose we should just call it early.”

Kate and Nikki put their clothes back on, said goodbye to my wife, and walked past me smiling. After the door opened, they said something to each other that I couldn’t make out, and then they both burst out laughing as the door shut.

Ashley then made her exit. As she passed me, she got really close and whispered in my ear, “See you on Monday, babydick,” and with that, she was gone, too.

My wife came up to me and hugged me. She smiled and stared up into my eyes with the most loving look that only she could give me.

“Happy birthday,” she said as she pulled me into a deep kiss.


The End.


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