Unexpected Beach Reunion 2


Nikki explained to me how once or twice a month she would get what she called a ‘special’ booking from a lady looking to do a private shoot. She explained that she had only ever taken bookings from ladies and used a website few straight men would use and by word-of-mouth. She got very excited as she told me how she once did 4 shoots in one weekend, three at their homes and once in her mini studio at her place. She told me how she tried to skew things to a point where the naked man was the centre of the images and that she would focus on their penis, buttocks and naked bodies. Her favourite being CFNM shoots with the women dressed in sexy outfits with their men naked, though shooting men whilst their other halves watched from the sidelines was also hot. I had to get her to explain to me what CFNM meant as I had no clue what it stood for.

“Clothed Females, Naked Males!” Nikki blurted out to me. I realized that Donna had mentioned this before but had used full description rather than an acronym. I asked her if she made it up but she said it was all over the internet and becoming quite the trend in porn sites and the like. I promised her to Google it some time but said it sounded like it wouldn’t be my kind of porn because seeing naked ladies was more my thing. She scorned me and said it was far more involving and that the situations and balance of power often made it even hotter than I might think, particularly if the guys get a blow-job out of it, as it seemed, they often did with this type of porn. Nikki then suggested I come back to her place and she could show me some examples, if not today then soon.

Although Nikki describing to me her favorite pastime of photographing naked men, which she continued to explain in great detail, my erection had now subsided to a point where I could relax about it. Donna appeared to be taking a nap, and the beach was still very busy, and a nap seemed like a good idea. I asked Nikki to wake me in 45 minutes and had a little snooze.

I was woken by a huge slap to my backside! I think I yelped as I was startled into a blurred haze but the bright light was too much for my dreary eyes to focus on anything. “That’s your 45 minutes Tony!” Donna was saying to me from above me. I think her foot was on my back and it felt cooler for some reason, my brain was saying bodies are hot so her foot should be but I think the sun had heated me more than enough to make her little toes feel cooler. It took a minute or two but I was soon able to turn around, my body a little still from how I had been laid out. I must have been having ‘happy’ dreams though as my penis was at about 75% erection and it sprung up as I turned and moved to a sitting position.

“Quick swim to cool off then we are going home. Tony, you can come too if you like.” She went over the couple we’d spoken to before and they said they would watch our stuff so I grabbed my beach shoes and waddled down to the water, moving quickly hoping my semi would go unnoticed. Once in the cool water, which actually took my breath away having been baking for over an hour, I relaxed and swam about with the girls. The tide had come in so there was an area you could stand and the water was around my chest, the waves very shallow and I was able to stand and move with the water gently. We ended up chatting with some other people. First, two guys came down looking to chat up the girls. It was quite funny as one of them seemed to think that having a Range Rover was all they needed to know to jump into bed with him, but they politely moved away and back over to me. It was actually quite funny watching his saddened swagger falter following his knock-back, but felt no sympathy with somebody whose opening gambit is to say that you are ‘in property’ and drive a Range Rover. As that was playing out a couple came over to ME and started to chat, wanting to know our situation and if I was local, hadn’t seen me here before, etc. They were both mid-forties and clearly, beach people with deep tans who I assumed were very much into the naked way of life. They were telling us about a recent holiday in a place called Cap d’Agde in France, also known as the ‘Naked City.’ Again not a place I knew of but my horizons had broadened a lot today.

The couple were really friendly and said it was a shame the ‘girls’ were not going nude like I was, that they are missing out etc. I gave them a short narrative explaining our story and both said how nice it must be to catch up with old friends you’d not seen in ages. I had to admit it was although not being as keen a nudist as them the whole dynamic of them being (semi) clothed and me naked was still a tough thing to take in; but that I was getting there, despite them teasing me. It was suggested I ignore the teasing and enjoy the nudity. It was said loud enough that the approaching Donna and Nikki both heard it and I could tell they were now the odd ones out (they both ignored the comment though).

The girls introduced themselves to the couple as we bobbed about in chest-high water, though Donna I think was having to swim a bit being as short as she is. The couple was giving the girls their belief that they were losing out by keeping their swimsuits on and the freedom they missing out on. They made up all kinds of excuses about creeps on the beach, being seen by work colleagues, and other bullshit. They then went back to telling me about the naked city and what the place was like and how much I should go there soon. We were getting on nicely but the girls reminded me it was past six and time to go for dinner. I hadn’t realized quite what the time was but a quick look at where the sun was in the sky confirmed what they were saying. It seemed it had been decided for me that I would be going with them and not being left behind.

I waded out of the water together with the couple and the girls and was horrified as my lower body came out of the cold water to see there was not a lot going on down there. My balls had retreated to the warmer climate of my abdomen and I had only a shriveled inch pointing out. The woman looked at me and laughed saying I shouldn’t worry about my shrinkage as it happens to all but a few men. If I hadn’t been worried, her comments weren’t making me feel any better about it. The five of us had a hundred pairs of eyes looking at us as we plodded up the pebbled area to our towels, splitting and saying goodbyes halfway up. I was walking with my hands trying to hide my cold-induced state as much as possible but it was likely pointless and eventually make a conscious decision to say ‘FUCK IT!’

Once at our spot I lay out on my towel and let the sun’s warm rays dry me off, the cooling light breeze acting to stimulate my skin as it did so and making me smile to myself, then I laughed at myself for the sub-conscious smile!

“What?” I looked up to see Donna looking at me puzzled. “What has amused you so much?” I just looked at her, still smiling, and then looked away again in such a way as to say to her it was my business, not hers. I assumed this was going to piss her off to no end and she spent the next five minutes sporadically asking me what was making me grin like that.

By the time I had dried off I was beginning to feel that fatigue you get from a lot of time under the sun without enough water and not enough ‘practice’. I told the girls I was going to call it a day and go back to my hotel for a shower and then grab some food. I also told them how my hotel was fully booked for the rest of the week and I was going to walk around to find one that could do the rest. This had us get into a conversation about me wasting money on hotels when I could stay with them. They had an extra bedroom because Nikki used it as a studio but there was a futon I could use, they said it would be fun to be ‘roomies’ for the weekend. I liked hotels and said I was happy to stay in hotels and could also afford it. I said I had tonight and tomorrow sorted and worst case I would come crying to them for a room if all else failed.

I added the girl’s numbers and address into my phone and checked where it was on Google Maps only to find that it was just a 3-minute walk from my hotel. Donna told me that because she worked a 4 day week she’d be in work Friday but that Nikki would be about all day, making some snide comment about ‘working’ from home as she used two fingers of each hand to twitch inverted commas. Nikki just said that Donna was jealous and they laughed. I was nearly dry now and so started to pack away my stuff and took out the clothes I was going to put back on. Before you get dressed let’s get a few pics, Tony! I said I wasn’t too sure about that, stating we likely had similar Facebook friends and social media was a killer for this kind of thing. She reassured me that Nikki had a proper camera so no phone needed and it would never be shared as that would be mean. Nikki pulled out a compact but expensive-looking Nikon and Donna ran over to the Oriental girl who had spoken to us before and she arrived a few seconds later with Donna and the big guy. They introduced themselves as they arrived.

“We are Mimi and Carl by the way,” she exclaimed

I was bullied into this in my mind but felt confident now. I gave myself a few subtle tugs and rearranged my balls a bit, so I was at least semi-respectable between the legs. Nikki handed over the camera, and several pics were taken, some with just Donna (and I), some just Nikki (and I) but about 15 of us all together. I noticed Nikki flick out her pinkie finger for the last pic but said nothing as it may have been my imagination! Then we ended up doing a similar batch of pictures as we had just done, only this time Nikki kept rearranging people so that all the girls got their pics taken with Carl and me, finishing with a few pics taken on Mimi’s phone camera then a few more, taken by me, of Mimi and Carl together. It looked like Nikki, and Mimi exchanged phone numbers as I finally packed up my stuff and got myself dressed.

The girls spent a while going over the pictures on Mimi’s phone, their fingers swiping left and right as they perused their shots, occasionally seeming to pinch at their screens to zoom in on something. Carl pointed at them and whispered to me that was with a bunch of perverts and imagine if the roles were reversed, “We’d be seen as scum-bags!” I said I had to agree with him. He told me he hoped I didn’t mind but Mimi would be showing her friends the photos no doubt, but that they stayed on her phone and didn’t get posted on the internet. He told me he was from Manchester so I doubted anybody I knew would ever see them. I asked if this was normal for Mimi to make you go naked when she wasn’t. He told me all her friends had seen him naked and she regularly got him to pose for ‘art’ classes or be her naked butler. He said it always, “Ended well!” A big deep husky laugh coming from him as he wandered off.

Soon the girls said their goodbyes to Mimi and Carl and, following my lead, also started to pack up their bits and pieces, pulling summer dresses over their swimsuits and putting on their shoes. As they packed up I was chatting with Nikki, trying to get assurances about the photos she took not ending up ‘in the wrong hands.’ Nikki then out of the blue suggested I model for her. She said it would be fun and something I might treasure in later life. She said she has done many photoshoots of naked guys, only stating that usually the guys are bigger in the trouser department but a naked guy is a naked guy after all! I skirted around the offer and gave a kind of non-committal grunt. I was then ready to go back to my hotel and stood waiting as they finally also got packed up.

As we walked from our spot I could tell a lot of people were looking our way with big smiles. I think I was making many of the guys quite jealous having these two hot babes leaving with me, although my mind had me think they would assume I was their gay friend (lol). Once onto the promenade walked together slowly towards our destination, my hotel and they’re flat. We chatted about old times as we walked and I was filled in on other friends I’d not seen in years who had remained local and whom the girls still saw from time to time. One couple, Dave and Becca, who were sweethearts at College are now a married couple and they apparently saw them once a month or so, he has been a friend I’d lost touch with, so Nikki had suggested they see if they wanted to meet me. As we arrived at my hotel I invited them in for a drink at the bar. Nikki said she had errands to run but Donna accepted so we said goodbye to her and went into the hotel lobby.

to be continued…


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