Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 60

By Our Readers


Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is caught naked by his female roommates…

This story takes place whilst I was in my first year of university living in shared accommodation. One night I was very tired so decided to go to bed early whilst the rest of my flatmates were going out drinking so when I woke up a few hours later I knew they were still out so expected no one to be in the apartment. I always sleep naked so I walked out of my bedroom into the kitchen still naked I didn’t know that two of my flatmates had come back earlier than the rest and they were pretty drunk. Both of them were girls and both of them were really hot so I’m stood there in shock butt ass naked and they just burst into laughter because my penis really is tiny like maybe an inch long flaccid.

I can’t move I’m too shocked to even cover myself. I’m just standing there giving them a full view they pull themselves together enough to come over to me to get a closer look. One of the girls compares her pinkie finger next to it and her finger is much bigger naturally this just makes them laugh more. They start touching it and I can feel myself starting to get hard but it doesn’t get much bigger fully erect it’s probably about two and a half inches at a push. When they realize that’s as big as it gets they can’t take it anymore and their laughter is uncontrollable.

One of the girls hold my hands behind my back and the other starts walking me to the door. They take me outside and parade me around the courtyard for everyone to see. Unfortunately for me, there were quite a lot of people around so everyone got a good eyeful. I have never been as embarrassed in my life as I was that night but deep down I kind of enjoyed it too. It gave me a rush of adrenaline and I’ve always enjoyed humiliation since then


Another reader got caught with his pants down too…

My mother has this lesbian friend, she has a great sense of humor and loves crude sex jokes. One time, when she was staying with us, I couldn’t resist the temptation and decided to jerk off while sniffing her panties. Sure enough, I got so caught up I didn’t hear my surroundings well enough and when I came to, I heard real close footsteps. With impressive adrenaline-charged speed, I stood up and returned the panties to the hamper exactly where they were but it was too late to pull my pants up – still, guess it’s better to be caught fapping around the house than sniffing panties. In the next instant, there she was staring at me. Her initial reaction was to gasp and say “sorry” while I also started saying sorry and blushing, but when she glanced down at my crotch her expression turned into a smirk, then into a giggle.

“Oh, I guess that’s why I never see you with a girl, huh?” she said, and her giggle turned into laughter. “Well, if all you have to offer them is that little dick you should be careful or I might steal your girls myself,” she said, now cackling loudly with laughter. I was about as embarrassed as I was turned on. “I thought at first to reprimand you for jerking off around the house when you have visitors but this is just too funny, I won’t tell your mother. It will be our little secret – a VERY little one” she said while laughing some more.

At later times she would occasionally take a playful jab at me or tell small dick jokes with a knowing glance when we were together, sometimes I would stimulate it myself to get off. One time I was telling her and my mother about how a boy at school was fat-shaming a female friend, and my mother said “yeah, that boy is probably feeling insecure about his own body and shames others to hide it.” Her friend looked at me with a big grin and said “oh yeah, he definitely has a small dick, and needs a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers to handle it” all while looking straight at me and making a small penis gesture with her thumb and forefinger. My mother chuckled and agreed with her. Another time we were in the mall and looking at a joke t-shirt store, I found one that said “my dick is bigger than his” with an arrow pointing sideways. I showed it to her and she instantly picked up on it and said “oh yeah, we should take a picture together with me in that shirt standing right next to you!” I smiled and said, “yeah, we both know your soft is bigger than my hard” which caused her to giggle and agree with a wink and wiggle of her little finger.


While this reader thinks confession is good for the soul…

I have a really hot co-worker, she’s maybe 5’5 and all the customers are always fawning over her. We flirt a bit throughout the day and I’ve been thinking of asking her out. I was changing the garbage bag and she said, “We only have the big black ones left, which is always better anyway.” And let out a cute little giggle. She went on to say, “It’s just the motion of the ocean and whatnot, actually, that’s a lie. No girl wants a little one, luckily, I’ve never had one. I don’t know if I could tell the guy he was too small.”

I blushed a lot and told her that some guys are into being told they are small. She said she’s never met anyone like that, to which I replied that I’m one. I’m so hot now. My coworker knows I have a little dick, that I like to be made fun of for it, and we both know that I could never please her.


Another reader lived the horror of high school bullying…

This is a story of my high school senior year. I was always a big guy. It was only when I became a senior when I really got chiseled. I was on the varsity football team and we practice every day. I refused to shower with the guys mainly because I believed I had a tiny penis. The thing was when I would work out any sort of blood flow to my penis would go onto other places on my body to support my muscles. This would lead to my penis looking toddler size with a little less than an inch soft. Only the head would appear outside with balls fully retracted too. I was always red-faced when I would hear things about me in the cafeteria behind my back like people complimenting my physique and said I could be hung as a horse when that wasn’t the case. Just imagine. The big hot jock… You look at him be like damn he’s hot… then lower his pants to find his little dingaling looking like a button.

One day a player complained about athlete’s foot. This lead to the coaching staff requiring everybody to shower. My heart sank as the football gang would soon find out my secret. I kept thinking of scenarios where this wouldn’t lead to my ultimate humiliation. Just going through practice thinking of how not to shower… there was no answer. I can feel my dick retracting as the veins in my arms started pulsing with the physical activity. It was 9:00… practice was over. We sprinted to the locker room where people quickly undress to be the first one done. I quickly lowered my pants and my shirt and nothing but my underwear. That was the farthest I went. I can see the coaches spectating to see if everyone is showering. His eyes looked at me and he pointed to the shower and waiting for me to nude up. I took a deep breath and grabbed my waistband… BAM… I lowered them.

It was truly an eyesore. Nothing but my tiny head and two little blueberries. I ran toward the open shower room. Took the shower in the corner and hoped no one came up to me. I quickly scrubbed and scrubbed. Then I heard snickering. It was the fellow quarterback as I looked back. I was speechless. He looked at my cock and busted out laughing. This lead to everyone’s attention. To move their eyes on me. I quickly covered up with my hands which weren’t hard. But I soon was grabbed by the other linemen. Hands were put behind me and my boy clit was there to see. My baby penis was exposed. The big jock was now known as the man that was a baby below the waist. I was a laughing stock.


Another reader shares his SPH lifestyle…

About 2 years ago, my girlfriend suddenly left me. Later, I found out that she had been cheating on me with many men! It seems all of them had large cocks! When my girlfriend and I first met, she knew I didn’t have a big dick. However, she said that size didn’t really matter to her unless the dick was like 3 inches. One night. after she had sucked me and stroked me until I was rock hard, she asked me if I ever measured my dick.

I lied and told her no. She reached into her purse and brought out a tape measure. She said she always measured the cocks of the men she was with. I was surprised! She took my hard dick in hand and stretched it along the length. It came out to 4.5 inches. I was pleasantly surprised because I am normally right at 4 inches. She, on the other hand, said, “I know I can make it bigger”.

The next few times, she worked on my dick extra diligently and they measured me. She was so proud that she got me to 5 inches. Well, sex was going great but she always complained about something that I was doing right. It began to destroy my confidence. Soon, I was only getting an occasional handjob and my dick was back to 4 inches. She measured it one day and laughed. Later that week she came home with a pink lace thong and told me to put it on because I had a tiny sissy dick. She made me wear other panties when she saw that I was hard-wearing the pink thong. She told her girlfriends about my little dick and panties. Then one day, she was gone. She’d email me telling me how she got DP’d by two huge cocks or gangbanged by men with cocks a lot bigger than mine.

I was so humiliated! I have since worn panties every day. Most were ones that I stole from young, hot, female friends. In the past two years, my panty-covered dick has become even smaller. Flaccid, it retracts so far into my body it could pass for a clit. Hard, it is barely four inches. One day I was feeling very sick so I scheduled an appointment to see a doctor. I was also experiencing pain in my testicles. I decided to wear a tight, neon green, lace thong. The tight panty helped with the pain in my testicles. I went to my appointment and learned I was getting a new doctor. While sitting in the exam room I kept wondering who my doctor would be. After the nurse had done my bp and pulse, she said the doctor would be right in, and then she left the room. While sitting there, I heard the unmistakable sound of the heels from a woman’s high-heeled shoe tapping its way down the outside hall.

Suddenly, there was a light knock on the exam room door, and in walked a beautiful brunette woman. She was about 35 years old with green eyes and smooth, tan skin. She flashed me a smile and said she was my doctor. She had on a short dress that showed off big tits. When she came in, she sat on a stool directly in front of me. As she sat down she crossed her legs and I saw that she had no panties on. Her pussy was neatly shaved. She began going over my file. After a few minutes, she asked about the pain in my testicles. After I explained about it she suddenly said she’d like to see my testicles. I was momentarily caught off guard and could only stammer out a: “uh, okay”.

She sat there looking at me so I stood up and remembered that I was wearing a lace panty. I also realized my cock had shrunk down to about an inch. As I removed my shorts I took the panty off at the same time trying to hide it inside of my shorts. But then I had also reached in to push down on the skin of my tiny dick so that the head would come out. My doctor sat there looking at all this motion and just reached out and lifted my t-shirt which was covering my tiny dick. I was looking right at her beautiful face when she saw my shriveled, pathetic penis. Her face registered shock and then she suppressed a smile as she began pushing around my penis towards my testicles. I was looking down into her dress at those huge tits and my dick began to twitch.

My doctor noticed that it was getting hard and she smiled and said, “OK… that’s enough… You can pull up your, um…. shorts now.”

She was looking at my lace panty and smiled. She stood up and wouldn’t look me in the eye but said she would refer me to a urologist. God, I was so humiliated and turned on!


This reader discovers his girl is more ass than class…

Today I had sex with a woman and her ass was really big. My penis is about 4 inches at its biggest and hardest. She kept getting mad at me because I wasn’t really fucking her, but instead just poking her pussy. My dick was long enough to get to the pussy, but not actually get inside her. Eventually, she rubbed her ass on my dick until I came a small amount. I didn’t even know that a woman’s ass could be so big that I couldn’t reach the vagina.


While this reader has an ass for a brother…

In our relationship, I’ve always been the much older and domineering older brother. I am four years older than my little brother and I’ve always tried to make him learn his place. I’ve always attempted to be better at anything that he does so as to prove my dominance over him (i.e. we’d arm wrestle amongst other things). I had thought that I established this hierarchy quite well for most of my life, but then came puberty… While I expected that my brother should emerge quite the same way I did through puberty, this did not happen at all, to say the least. In fact, my brother became much bigger than I was. He grew a very mature physique and whenever we compared bicep size, his was always much bigger and had much more chest hair. Whenever we arm-wrestled, his huge bulge of a bicep would outpower and outmaneuver my tiny flaccid one in a snap.

Even when we used to go out to family occasions, everyone we’d meet would ask if he was the older brother. Ever since then, I realized that the tables were forever about to turn in his favor. He was gaining the upper hand in our power struggle and I knew it… Despite this premonition, I did quite well later on. I met a beautiful girl named Sarah and she was literally the most voluptuous girl that I had seen – reflecting on her, I was very lucky to have gotten to have known her. The only problem would be when Sarah and I would attempt to fidget around and play with each other. She’d take off my pants and see my little penis and compare it to a 14-year-old… She asked me if it gets any bigger and I tried getting as hard as I could – but to no avail, she still made fun of me as she could grip the entire thing in her hand. Sometimes, she’d even pet it because of how small and apparently cute it was.

When we tried having sex once, I’d constantly slipped out of her and I’d have much trouble putting it back into where she could feel some of it. I couldn’t even do doggy for fear of not being able to reach… Dejectedly, she asked me, “Does everyone in your family have problems with puberty?”

Reluctantly, I had to mention my little brother. He had no problems at all I told her. Then, something clicked. I had always wondered why Sarah would continually stare at my brother whenever he came into the house. I thought it had been because he looked very similar to me, but I was beginning to think that this was not at all the case. She looked him up and down. His superior and chiseled physique would lock her in a trance occasionally. I also noticed she looked farther south as well. She occasionally looked at his bulge and immediately looked down to my nonexistent. As these events concomitantly clicked in my head, my penis stood up with sheer envy and rage.

“Awww,” she said, “Is someone a little jealous?”

I tried to hide my envy but I knew I had been thwarted and thoroughly emasculated enough. I left early that day. Later though, I decided to come back and apologize. There was no reason to leave Sarah for my selfish and rather puny reasons. However, to my surprise and demise, there she was, having the absolute time of her life when I walked in later that day. She had decided to revenge cuckold me with my own little brother. She was screaming and drowning in pleasure to depths which I knew I could not reach. She was moaning, “Your dick is so much bigger and better than your brother’s!” as he fucked her powerfully and without remorse.

Little did they know, they were fucking so passionately that they couldn’t see nor hear me as I walked in. I immediately took to my knees so I could hide and maybe get a better angle of my emasculation. I looked underneath the couch and I could see my brother’s powerful calves and legs caressing Sarah’s soft and delicate ones. His feet were big and calloused and his soles were right in my face. I felt like he knew I was there. I looked up and I could see his huge cock which made me wince as I looked down at my own puny one. He was stretching Sarah’s pussy to extents I could never dream of doing with my own. He wanted to show and display his utter dominance over his older brother now that he was thoroughly cuckolding him. I knew that Sarah would never have sex with me the same after having much better with my little brother. I knew that I should learn my place at the bottom of the dominance of my little brother, at his feet I lay.


This reader met his wife’s ex at the gym and was shocked…

I just experienced the ultimate SPH of my life. It was just a regular day at the gym, as I was getting out of the shower, toweling off. I hear someone calling my name, and this dude comes walking over buck naked, huge cock swinging between legs and towel on his shoulder.

It was my wife’s ex-bf. I heard rumors about him, and she confirmed it one night during a session of SPH. She called it massive and thick. Well, she definitely wasn’t exaggerating.

The dude was a former collegiate lacrosse player, he was ripped with a six-pack. He stood there shaking my hands while making small talk with his 6-7 inch thick cock jiggling. His limp cock easily dwarfed mine hard one. I looked down at my cock, not on my best day after a hard session at the gym – it shriveled to only a couple of inches. I saw him look down at my little cock with a smug look and grin, and said hey, say hi to the wife for me. I’m over 6 feet tall and well over 200#, I’m actually much taller than the dude. But I’ve never felt smaller or more humiliated.

Later, I told my wife I ran into him in the locker room.

She was like “Did you see it?”

“Hey yeah, it was just hanging there a few inches away.

“Haha. Did he see your little guy?”

“For sure.”

“His cock was massive, wasn’t it?

“Fuck yeah it was huge. How did you ever take it?”

“Lube. My love. Lots of lube. At least we don’t have that problem right. Haha.”


*Conditions Apply.

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One comment

  • Randy West

    Many years ago my friend, Sharon, invited me over for coffee. Sharon knew I had a small dick and liked to tease me.
    When I arrived at her house we went into the kitchen. Sitting at the kitchen table was one of Sharon’s sisters and a girlfriend of Sharon. We sat down and ate some cake and coffee.
    About 15 minutes went by when Sharon said she had a joke for me. She stated, “What does a man with a small dick use for a condom? The answer is a thimble!” All the ladies started laughing. Then Sharon took a thimble out of her pocket and handed it to me saying, “Here is your condom!” The ladies were now laughing even louder and then just as I got my fingers close to the thimble Sharon said, “I hope it’s not too big!!” The ladies roared with laughter as I sat there blushing while holding the thimble.


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