True Story: My Wife’s Sister!

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By Anon.

Here’s a story about one of several real life small penis humiliation experiences I’ve had where I hadn’t actually encouraged it first:

Before I was married I lived with my now wife Sara, and her sister Kristin came up from out of town and surprised us with a visit. When she arrived totally unexpectedly I was in the shower, high as fuck after just having smoked a blunt of some OG kush, and it being June I took a cold shower so my already unusually small cock was even smaller than usual.

Just like a tiny little button.

After I got out of the shower I had thought that only Sara and I were home and since it was hot Texas weather I didn’t dry off, except my hair of course. So I was in super-shrinkage mode when I walked out into the living room naked with a towel wrapped around my head like a turban. For about thirty seconds (not sure exactly how long they were observing me) I didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary, and then I heard laughing.

When I realised it wasn’t just Sara I was hearing I looked around and seen Kristin laughing and pointing at my ridiculously small genitals. When I came to this realisation I clumsily but hurriedly whipped the towel off my head and wrapped it around my waist.

“Umm sorry, I didn’t know we had visitors!” I said blushing all over.

Kristin grinned at me mischievously and said, “Oh, it’s no big deal! Besides I didn’t see much. Not much at ALL!” while holding her thumb and index finger about a half inch apart giving me the small dick sign.

Both of them burst out laughing and I felt my face go extremely red. Kristin looked at Sara and said, “Sarah! You told me he wasn’t well hung, but I had no idea it was THAT small! You’re a better woman than me for putting up with that pindick!”

I laughed awkwardly with them trying to show what a good sense of humour I had, and show my cock size didn’t bother me. But I blushed so much it ruined the whole effect.

Kristin then said, “No Offence Jack, I’m just a bit of a size queen! I only fuck guys who can give me at least 6 inches of meat. The bigger the better for me. That fucking nub you have would have no hope of getting anywhere near me!”

“It’s OK, I understand. Guess I am lucky that Sara isn’t so shallow and loves me for more than just my cock size.” I laughed but felt anger at Kristin for being such a bitch. “Umm if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go put on some clothes on now!”

So I left them feeling very embarrassed by the whole experience.


The rest of the night was filled with drinking but both women never brought up my cock again so I started to actually have a good time. But after we had gotten quite shit-faced Kristin suddenly told me that she’d never seen such a tiny little cock and mentioned it reminded her of a piece of Dots candy.

“I was taking a cold shower when you pulled up! There was shrinkage involved!” I protested, “…besides I’m a grow-er, not a show-er.”

“I sure as hell hope it gets bigger than that for my sisters sake!” Kristin replied with a smirk and then added, “How big does it get anyway?”

“Well…” I began but she cut me off.

“On second thoughts you’re sure to lie if you tell me as you’re a man after all. Men always lie about the size of their cocks! So if it’s OK with Sara I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself,” She winked at Sara who smiled wickedly in return.

“What do you mean?” I slurred drunkenly.

“Flop it out here, get it hard, and let me see it. But you have to let me measure it though!” and with that she pulled a small tape measure out of her purse making my eyes bulge in shock.

“Sara, you’re OK with this? You want her measuring up your soon to be husband?” I looked at my fiancée in horror.

“I’ve seen it hard before sweety so it doesn’t bother me. Besides it’s not like you are big enough to make Kristin horny for you!” she said sweetly but her words stung me.

“I don’t know it seems fucked up to me!” I wanted out of there all of a sudden but the two girls were compelling me to do it so I stood and dropped my shorts. I was so red faced, nervous and drunk that I had a difficult time getting my cock fully hard. This just made Kristin and Sara giggle, snort and laugh all the more.

When I finally got fully hard Kristin held the extended tape measure to it and announced that I was, “Only about three and a half inches!”

This prompted both of them to break into a fit of laughter.

When I objected that it was closer to 3-3/4, they found that statement so unbelievably hilarious that they laughed even harder, till tears were rolling down Kristin’s eyes.

Every once in a while she will still call me Dot. It’s still really embarrassing, unpleasantly so at times, but looking back I find the memory turns me on more and more, I even jerk off thinking about it sometimes.

by anon

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