True Story: Why I Hated High School

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By Anon.

I hated high school. It was the worse years of my life. All because I have a small penis. I was accomplished in every way, but my major short fall was due to my small penis. I was constantly being teased, especially in the gym.

At first I was failing gym, which was ridiculous. To me it was stupid, I mean any idiot can pass a ball around, or kick it, or shoot it-maybe not good, but you don’t have to be good to pass gym.

I didn’t flunk gym because I am not a good athlete. In fact, I was a pretty good basketball player. And I loved baseball. In volleyball, I was excellent and I was just starting to like soccer. I even did well in gymnastics. I was so good, I tried out for the baseball team.

My problems wasn’t with sports. No, my problems began in the shower. You see, it was expected to take a shower after a good workout. Particularly if you were on a sports team together. The purpose, of course is to establish a bond between the guys.

I will never forget when I tried out for the baseball team. I performed so great, I hit two home runs. But in the shower, I struck out badly. As was my custom, I showered in my white undies. I must admit I looked like a moron, flopping around in wet oversized BBDs. I even changed clothes while covering up with a towel. I did this because I was ashamed-because I have a small penis.

I refused to be like the other guys and prance around nude, showing my stuff. Anyway, I didn’t have any stuff to show around. I hated those big dick braggarts practically begging you to look at their huge package. I kept my small penis a secret, or so I thought.

But you see, the fact that I showered in my underwear was a dead give-a-way. Why else would anyone go to such efforts? Obviously I wasn’t fooling anyone. The teasing was relentless. I figured as longs as they didn’t actually see my small penis, I could deny it. “I do not have a small penis,” I would say.

Anyway, I made the baseball team. The first game of the season I hit a double against the fence, driving in two runs. We won the game because of my efforts. I felt great, until I hit the shower. I should have been a hero, but no! That idiot Richie sneaked up behind me and pulled down my white undies, exposing my baby dick for all to see. Needless to say, it was shriveled and even more shrunken than usual. The laughter was deafening. Yes, I have a small penis and I knew it. But now, it seemed like the whole world knew it. I ran out the shower crying like a little girl. It was pathetic.

As a result, the name calling worsened. As I walked down the hall the next day, I was referred to as: Wee Wee Herman (yes, my real name is Herman), and pencil dick. I was so embarrassed I had no choice to do what I did. Within a week, I transferred to another school. Of course I gave up sports for good. I know I should accept that I have a small penis.

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  • Ms. Sarah j. Babcock

    I have had similar experiences, and is what I live for.


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