The Cuckold Part 4

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by sissyboycamille

The Cuckold Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Part 4…

I don’t know what had gotten into me the night before. I couldn’t look my wife in the eye the next morning and it was a relief when she finally went out to go shopping. I stayed at home and thought about what had happened. I had actually sucked another man’s cock, what made it worse was I had swallowed his come and done all this in front of my wife.

Charles had left soon after this and I remember escaping into the bathroom for a shower, trying to make myself feel cleaner. I had realised when I was drying myself off that I still hadn’t come. When I had returned to the bedroom I found my wife fast asleep, a strange smug smile across her face. I had woken up in the morning with a raging hard on but my wife was already up and about, even so I don’t think I would have had the courage to ask her for sex or any other kind of sexual release.

I didn’t feel like much of a man at all. But why should I feel like that? Just because you suck one cock, that doesn’t make you gay. I had drunk too much and allowed myself to be coerced into doing something I wouldn’t normally even consider. I imagine everyone has done things like this at one time or another and I would just have to rack it up to experience.

My wife barely mentioned that evening in the following weeks. She had become very busy at work so I suppose she needed to concentrate on that for a while. Her dress sense became more business-like, she was wearing trouser suits all the time now, in fact she hardly ever wore a dress or skirt at home either. Never the less, she had found time in her busy schedule to buy me another blonde wig, a pair of high heels and a couple of lingerie items, one a silky chemise, the other a kind of lacy teddy, both in white.

I had gotten completely used to dressing up for her and she insisted on teaching me how to apply make up properly. I felt this last thing was totally over the top but I reluctantly carried out her wishes, all so I could get to come at the end of ten minutes butt fucking with the strapon. These sessions would normally happen when she got in from work still dressed in her suit. She said it helped her relax after a hard day at work.

Doubts about our lifestyle kept nagging at me no matter how hard I tried to justify them. A few weeks later we were getting dressed in the bedroom together after one of our sessions when I asked my wife as casually as I could. “You don’t think this makes me a bit gay do you, what we did?”

“What do you mean dear? We do this all the time. You’re okay with it aren’t you?”

“No, I don’t mean this.” I said, although it might have been a good time to bring it up, “I meant what we got up to with Charles.”

“That was just a bit of fun dear. You seemed to enjoy it at the time.”

“I suppose so.” I hesitated, “I’ve been worried that you might think I enjoyed it more than you thought and might think less of me.”

“Oh darling, that’s not possible.” She said, walking over and sitting on the bed next to me, “I just want you to get as much out of it as I do. It would be incredibly selfish of me to have all the fun.”

“Well, I really don’t mind. I don’t have to get involved in every little thing, do I? I mean, you know, it was very exciting and everything but if you didn’t want me to do it again I’d totally understand.”

“Darling, I won’t hear of it. I wouldn’t dream of leaving you out of anything. You’re my husband and I want us to share every new adventure together.”

“Yes, that’s nice of you but if you wanted to, you know, branch off on your own for a bit.”

“Nonsense, you’ve just got the jitters, that’s all.” She said putting her arm around me. “I tell you what. How about we arrange another meeting with Charles, just to put your mind at rest? This time you’ll know what to expect and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy it a bit more. Once we’ve done it a few times it won’t seem as odd.” She kissed me on the cheek, jumped up and headed for the door. “I’ll ring him right now. He’ll be so pleased, he said how much he liked you.”

I sat there in a daze. The conversation couldn’t have gone less like I wanted if I’d tried.

The day Charles was due came around far too quickly and there I was sitting in the living room trying to watch television but unable to concentrate on a single thing. I was curious to see what my wife would be wearing, I hadn’t seen her in anything very feminine in a while. I went upstairs to the bedroom. She was standing in front of the mirror putting her earrings in.

She had on a very low cut peach coloured dress which I had never seen before. It reached almost down to her butt crack. The thin fabric was tight against her skin making her bottom look full and ripe. I went up behind her and put my hands on her hips. “Hello darling.” She said, still looking in the mirror.

“You should wear a dress more often, you look beautiful.”

“Thank you dear.” She said turning to look at me. She was wearing very high heels and with me in only my socks she seemed to tower over me. “Are you dressing like that?”

I hadn’t given any thought to what I should wear, I didn’t think it mattered. I looked down at myself and answered, “Well, I was going to put some shoes on. Do you think I should wear a tie?”

“Well, the thing is dear. Charles was really into everything that happened last time but, well, when we were sucking his cock I don’t think he was expecting you to do it too.”

“Me neither.” I muttered through my teeth.

“Not that he wasn’t okay with it, because he was. It’s just that I think it made him feel a bit faggy.”


“Well Charles is very open minded but he’s not gay.” she added.

“Me neither. We don’t have to do it if he doesn’t want to.”

“Oh no, he liked it. It’s just that he’s used to getting blowjobs from women.”

“Sure, sure, I can understand that.” I said carefully, I couldn’t see where this was going.

“And he suggested that maybe if you dressed up in some of the clothes I bought you it might make him feel a little more comfortable.”

“You told him about that?” I couldn’t believe she would actually tell anybody else. “Why did you do that. What else have you told him?”

“Nothing dear, I don’t know why you’re making such a fuss about it. You do it for me and you look really good too, especially when you wear a wig.”

“No, I’m not doing it. I can’t believe it went so far last time.” I protested.

“But you look so sexy. It actually really suits you.”

“What? No. No way.”

“Please make the effort dear, do this for me, I really want this to work.” Her tone changed and there was a sharp edge to it. “There’s always been a little problem with our sex life and I’ve tried my best to do what I can with it. Everybody has their short comings and it’s nothing to be ashamed of but I think this is a better arrangement.” She stared at me, tight lipped. “Don’t you?” She snapped.

I was stunned. This was the first time my wife had made any kind of reference to my penis size. Despite her tactful use of words it was a clear enough message. She was sick of my small cock and needed something bigger, and if I didn’t fall in line I would be out on my ear. I just nodded. She patted me on the bottom “Good boy.” She said, “I’ll leave you to it.” and went downstairs.

By the time the doorbell rang I had been staring at myself in the mirror for some time. I had put on a black baby doll style short nighty and black heels to match. After applying my makeup and wig I looked in the mirror. Despite my sense of shame I was fully erect. What on earth was wrong with me? I decided to wear one of my wife’s dresses and tuck my cock into some panties to make it less visible.

I looked at myself in the mirror, although I still only looked like a man in drag I had to admit I didn’t look bad. I was slim and my features weren’t obviously masculine, I don’t have a particularly large jaw or nose. My wife and Charles had been talking for a while in the living room, I had heard her laughing. She called up the stairs, “Are you ready darling?”

“Coming.” I said and started to make my way down. I could hear the two of them walking to the bottom of the stairs, my wife saying to Charles.

“Billy’s got a special surprise for you.” I made my way down the stairs carefully so as not to trip up in the heels. I glanced at them both as I made my way down. My wife had a smile on her face which if I didn’t know better looked almost like a smirk. Charles was looking me up and down, his eyebrows almost disappearing off the top of his head. Eventually I was standing in front of them, not really knowing what to say. Charles spoke first.

“Billy, you look great. I really wasn’t expecting anything like this.” He glanced at my wife and back to me. “It’s fine though,” he laughed, “But I think I’m going to have a hard time keeping up with you, you really are out there on the edge.” He slapped me on the shoulder.

“Shall we have another drink?” my wife said and I followed them into the lounge.

The session had started much as I had expected, my wife and I on our knees in the bedroom sucking Charles’ cock. When she felt she could wait no longer she had simply got up and lay on the bed. Charles had immediately mounted her and I was left to my own devices, now it was my turn to sit in the chair and watch. For a long time they fucked in the same position, Charles on top with his muscular arms out straight in front of him beside her head.

She was very aroused and moaned from time to time but after several minutes she still hadn’t come. They changed position and Charles took her from behind. I could hear how wet her pussy was, maybe it was too wet and there wasn’t enough friction to make her come. I took some pleasure in realising that Charles’ cock couldn’t get her off either, her vagina was just too big and too much for any man.

Sweat was beginning to drip down Charles’ face and the damp skin on his body glistened. She motioned for him to stop and laid there for a while, breathing heavily. Eventually sitting up, she moved to the edge of the bed and placed her feet wide apart on the floor. “Honey.” she called to me. I got out of the chair and made my way over to her. “Will you lick my pussy for a while? I’m exhausted.” She leant back on her elbows. I obediently got down on my knees and did my duty.

As I was running my tongue up and down the length of her pussy, she spoke to Charles. “Doesn’t Billy look sexy?” Charles made an appreciative noise somewhere from behind me. “He’s got a lovely bottom. That dress really shows it off. Go on give it a squeeze. You don’t mind do you Billy?”

Before I could answer Charles had pulled up my dress and started fondling my butt cheeks. I realised how exposed my bottom was in this position and how vulnerable I felt. “Rub some massage oil into his cheeks, he’ll like that. Won’t you Billy?”

I felt the oil being dripped over my cheeks and Charles began rubbing it in all over and down the crack of my arse paying particular attention to my butt hole. He began massaging the oil gently into my tight ball sack and worked his way round to my cock, to my embarrassment it became rock hard as soon as it started getting some attention.

Just when I was beginning to enjoy myself he began to work a finger from his other hand into my asshole. I buried my face in between my wife’s thighs, trying to hide my face, I felt like it had gone as red as a beetroot.

I could hear my wife moaning to herself above me. Charles was using two fingers in my hole now and still stroking my cock between his finger and thumb. I could feel my wife starting to shake a little as I worked on her clit with my tongue. I concentrated on her pussy as I felt Charles take his fingers off my cock and asshole.

I felt a hand on each of my cheeks pulling them apart slightly then something touched my butthole. As it pressed its way in I realised Charles was trying to put his cock inside me. I panicked and looked up at my wife, she looked down at me, “Don’t stop.” she said, forcing my head back down. I obediently went back to her pussy and concentrated on my job as Charles slowly worked his cock further and further into my ass. He must have used some lube or maybe just the massage oil because it was easing in without much pain, I suppose I was used to it.

I kept telling myself it was no different to my wife’s strapon but I still couldn’t get it out of my head that I was letting another man use me like a woman and he was doing it in front of my wife. The more he pounded my ass the more I worked on my wife’s clit, trying to block out what was happening to me. She was grabbing my head now and grinding her pussy on my face. Charles made a few hard thrusts deep into my ass and said.

“I’m going to come.” My wife’s body was jerking violently, as she cried out Charles pulled his cock out of my ass and I felt his come land all over my back and neck. My own cock had spasmed at that point and I felt myself come on the floor without even touching it. We had all come at the same time.

I collapsed on the floor, exhausted, lying in my own come. Staring up at my wife her vagina seemed gigantic as she loomed above me. My asshole was sore and I could feel Charles’ come running down my back. After five years of marriage I had finally made my wife come and I felt like a real man.

The End

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