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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


A female reader vents her disdain for small dicks…

I met a Turkish guy on an online dating site who was quite a bit older than I was. I was 23-24 at the time and he was 36-38. He was a relatively nice guy, super smart scientist, tall, and pretty good-looking overall. I had only been with one other guy before ever who was maybe 7 inches hard. I had recently broken up with a 7-inch guy, and was seeking a little revenge sex, I suppose.

Anyway, I go back to Turkish guy’s place and we fooled around a little, although I wasn’t really into it and the guy could tell so he backed off. Honestly I was still curious to see if this guy had a big cock, maybe even bigger than my asshole ex. So I reach for his zipper with happy anticipation, and then disappointment. He had a small 4 incher. I tried not to look too disappointed, although I’m sure he could tell by my stunned silence. Anyway, I tell him I’ll call him in a few weeks, after I start my new job.

In a few weeks he texts me and asks me how my new job is going, and if I wanted to get dinner. I agree to dinner, with the intention of breaking it off but get cold feet and cancel at the last second.

Two months later, I haven’t been in contact with him whatsoever, and he texts me, asking me another time to come over for dinner. I could tell he was a little desperate to prove himself to me (sexually).

Well I tell him I’m busy and he attempts a few more times after that to contact me, and eventually I end up blocking him because I was just too grossed out by the idea of being near him at all. I still feel a little badly about it to this day, but I guess if you know you have a small dick don’t try to hook up with random girls.


This reader thought he’d met a nice girl until…

I had this one girlfriend and we already have sex a couple of times, so I think everything be OK and she’s been very nice to me. One day she comes to visit and starts saying I’m very nice, but she not can understand why I have such a small dick. Then she says the reason why she wants to break up with me is my small dick and she can’t feel anything when have sex. I just say, ‘OK, I know,’ and then she left. My dick is 4 inches hard, sure I know it’s small.


This reader is freaking out about doing the dirty with his new girlfriend…

I go to a college in the US (I’m 19) and recently have fallen in love. I have a girlfriend and we’ve been dating for 3 months now. She hasn’t seen my penis yet, and I’ve never been so scared and sad. I can tell she wants to have sex really bad, and I don’t know what to do. I know what you guys are going to think, ‘if she loves you in won’t matter’. But that’s not the issue, she makes funny jokes about small penises sometimes. Even though she’s really sweet and means no harm, the pain it causes me is unbelievable. The fact that I will never be able to satisfy her kills me. I’m about 4.5 long and 4.3 inches thick lol.

edit: Another reason why this is so hard is because this girl is smoking hot and has so many guys wanting her. She sees me as this big ego, but cute guy she really likes. Imagine what she’ll think when she sees my small penis.


This reader is stuck in the prison of fear…

I’m 28 and have been basically too self conscious to even date because of my small dick (Silver Member). I’m sure I’m not alone here, I don’t believe I could ever make a girl feel fulfilled. Suggestions like: ‘get good at oral’ just seem humiliating. Like I’m basically going to have to function as some kind of lesbian, where there’s no dick involved. I also think I have some kind of erectile dysfunction since my dick is never used anyway. It doesn’t even get hard anymore for some reason, and I see no point to even get it looked at.


This Reader learned that most of our anecdotes are true after all…

So there was this huge party at my school where people come from a bunch of different schools to party. I was pretty drunk when I met a girl who asked the group if anyone wanted to take a selfie with her, I was the only one who said yes. She told me to follow her a short distance from the big crowd to tell me that she had been challenged to take 20 “dick selfies”, that is, selfies with dicks.

She was a pretty good-looking girl from what I can remember. But I got anxious about her taking a picture of my penis since not only am I a solid bronze member, and lets just say the alcohol didn’t help..

So I asked her a few questions and she assured me that nobody was gonna see it more than her and her girlfriend that challenged her and proceeded to show me some other pictures that she had taken. Those cocks were pretty massive.

Pretty stupidly I agreed and pulled down my pants, and pulled up my shirt for her to kneel and take the selfie. (It was dark outside so she had to use a flash)

I pulled up my pants as fast as I could, and watched her check that the picture came out OK. When she saw the picture (and my penis since it was so dark) she laughed, but tried to hold it in and said something like, “Wow!”

She thanked me (still laughing) and walked fast to her group of friends. This was the first time anything like this had ever happened to me. I have always thought these stories where fake, or made up, but stuff like this really happens I guess.


One reader got some SPH from his doctor…

When I was younger I went to the doctor, and I’m not sure why but he had to see my dick (Bronze Member) for some reason. So I took of my pants and upon seeing my junk, he frowned, looked up at me, back to me junk, and frowned again. Great way to start a career of phallic disappointment.


This doctor pressed his magic button…

I went in for a prostate exam and when the doctor was performing it, I ejaculated from my tiny soft penis. She said it’s common, but I was totally embarrassed, especially because a lot came out.


Out of the mouth of babes…

I was at a bouncy house with my best friend at the time, and we were going through a bouncy maze thing and you had to squeeze through this one thing and when I did it made my pants come down. Like underwear and everything, in front of a little girl and her mom. I pulled up my pants fast and apologised. A little later, I heard the little girl ask her mom while pointing at me, “Isn’t that the girl whose pants fell down?”


My friend started laughing at me, and said loudly, “Dude, your junk must be small if that kid thinks you’re a girl!”

Sadly it is, I’m a silver member and soft I’m only like an inch and a half.


Bedside manner is not this Doctors strong suit…

Female doctor: “Oh I forgot to ask one thing before I let you go, are you sexually active?”

21-year-old silver member me: “No.”

Female doctor: “I figured.”

I left feeling worse than when I went.


One reader really did feel the burn…

My penis turned red and splotchy, and when I got it checked out I was referred to the local STD clinic by my doctor to get treatment. I accused my girlfriend of cheating on me, and we wound up breaking up after a huge fight.

The doctor at the STD Clinic and his female assistant (not hot) took a look at my pathetic two-inch soft nub, and said “Yeah, that’s a sunburn.”

Talk about embarrassing.


For this reader a Family Reunion turns into a dick-saster….

Me and my wife went to a huge family reunion and at the last-minute we got kicked out our lodgings by my mother in favour of an old great-aunt who was ninety-five and decided to come two days before it started. We looked everywhere in the town, but with an another event on, we couldn’t find any place. Lastly, out of desperation I begged one hotelier to give me something. So he tells me the only place he could think of that might still have a room is this place out-of-town called “Hampton Park Estate.”

So we went there and found this gorgeous Georgian mansion, set on beautifully manicured grounds. My wife was awestruck, and wondered why this place wouldn’t fill up first out of all the dirty motels and hotels in town. Long story short, it ends up this place is a nudist resort and we have to be nude when we’re there. I was ready to flee, but my wife kidded me it would be alright. I figure from tomorrow we’ll be spending all day and much of the night at our reunion, so nobody will see us. All I had to go is get through tonight.

That night we go down for dinner, both of us stark naked with our towel in one hand. We mingle with other guests and everything seems pleasant when all of a sudden my wife’s sister and her loud-mouth husband walk in. My wife runs to greet her sister, both exclaiming they had the same problem with accommodation. Then my brother in-law slaps me on the back, and says loudly, “Didn’t think you’d have the courage to come to a place like this with your tiny-todger.”

Everyone in the room, about twelve people in all, turned and looked at my ever shrivelling dick. My wife seeing my embarrassment, says, “What it lacks in size, it makes up for in stamina.”

Everyone burst out laughing, and I must have glowed like a red stop light. The next day my asshole brother in-law told everyone at the reunion. So much for a good weekend.


Small dicks and pools just don’t mix…

I was at a pool party and of course the suit was clinging to me. Well my crush in high school was there and I did a dive, coming up to the side of the pool where she was standing. I smiled looking cool and tried getting out of the pool straight up. As I did, I didn’t time to pull the suit off of me so she saw my perfect little nub and two round little balls. She quickly looked down to size me up and upon seeing it she gasped a little. Nothing major really. I just quickly pulled my suit off me and started a quick conversation which she excuses herself from.

I didn’t think she had told anyone until everyone at school started calling me ‘Mr.T.’ I was quite confused as I’m white. I asked my then girlfriend what it meant and she giggled, leaned in and whispered, “Why baby, it stands for ‘Mr.Tiny’ because of your tiny penis, of course. But don’t worry about it, I still love you”

I still have thoughts about this incident to this day.


This reader solved his wife’s problem with his dick the best way…

My ex-wife used to remind me that I was the smallest guy she’d been with on a regular basis. She generally used this tactic when I pointed out that it was unfair that I gave her oral, but she never returned the favour. Her point was that because I could not give her a vaginal orgasm, I was ‘duty bound’ to perform an alternative method.

It’s one of many reasons that she’s now my ex-wife. However, although I’ve never had a drunken hook up/one night stand, I’ve never had any other negative experience and in my experience, most women are ok with my size (Bronze Member).


Thoughts of his Ex still cause this reader pain…

I’m apprehensive because I don’t want to come off the wrong way. But I’ll share.

It was my first serious girlfriend. I was for all intents and purposes a virgin, or at least I had never had my penis in a vagina. The first time we had sex it was horrible. And for the next 7 months it didn’t really get better. Our “peak” was like once a week, but it dropped off quick. And this was despite my trying (I put in a lot of time with my face between her legs). And while I was completely inexperienced she had multiple partners before me, for whatever that’s worth.

It more or less came to a head when we “agreed” to take a break to see other people. I was young and stupid, and still held a hope that we could get back together at some point. First love and whatnot. We “tried” to stay friends so we stayed in touch, we’d been together for a year and it’s not like we hated each other or anything.

But at one point she told me she slept with this other guy that I knew she had a crush on for some time before that. I could’ve handled that, after all that was what we agreed to. But then she described it when she slept with him to me, including telling me how it felt good with him. Unlike with me. She made a point to put the contrast in there, but not those words exactly. For clarity, yes, she told me why and yes it had to do with my dick size.

Anyway, the experience still hurts a lot when I think about it.


Out of the mouths of babes, Part Duex…

I’m a dad of a beautiful 3-year-old girl. Any dad of a daughter will tell you that bathroom stuff is part of the deal. If mom is not around, or tending to one of the others, I have to take my little girl into the men’s room. So this happened at a quiet little mom & pop restaurant. It was just the two of us in there. I wipe off and cover the seat so she can do her little tinkle, but then I realize I really have to go. No big deal. I just place her in the corner of the stall, and say, “Don’t move.”

I start to pee.

I hear the door to the restroom open, meaning we are now no longer the only two occupants. I hear two guys walk in. As one of the sets of footsteps draw near, my little girl starts to back away from the door and ends up right next to me. She looks down at what’s going on (with an “open door” policy on the bathroom at home, and her two brothers… It’s nothing she hasn’t seen before) and loudly exclaims, “Daddy, look at your tiny penis!”

What… the… Fuck!

I hear the other guys in the bathroom kind of snort and then let loose in laughter.

First of all, WOW, she’s never said that before or since. Second, WHAT IS HER FRAME OF REFERENCE?

I didn’t know what I could possibly say to make it any better. I kind of wanted to yell out, “Um… She’s just kidding, it’s normal size!”

However, I figured that any remark trying to clarify my size would just come off as creepy. I just stayed in the stall until the other two guys left. I couldn’t face them. I’m sure they were out there in the restaurant watching to see me come out so they could tell their wives about the guy who has a tiny wiener by three-year old standards!

Also, for those concerned about the “open door policy” I guess I should clarify that it’s not so much a policy as a fact of life with 3 kids and 2 parents in a smallish house. Everybody has seen everybody else’s junk, it’s no big deal. It’s not sexual.


This reader gets off on SPH…

I love to play with my small cock and have women make fun of it. I am 4 inches hard. I do not know what the attraction is about being humiliated and outed about having a small cock. It is exciting knowing someone knows how small I am. My wife has told a few of her friends about it. It is better than being anon and wondering what women think of it.


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