Curious guy asks little dick jay some personal questions

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By Little Dick Wanker Jay


A fellow contributor to a masturbation website posted a few questions to me about coping with my tiny (silver member) dick. Here is the transcript

Little Dick Wanker Jay

[Curious guy] Hi tiny, Tell me, how often do you play with your little dick, how often do you make it cum ?

[Little Dick Jay] I masturbate between 2-4 times a day.

[Curious guy] Sounds like masturbating your pathetic little dick is the only way it can cum?

[Little Dick Jay] Yes you are right – masturbation is the only thing I can do with my tiny dick. It’s too small to fuck cunt or ass.

[Curious guy] Have you ever played with another tiny dick , and I mean tiny i.e. under 3 inches like yours? Was he a pathetic wanker like you too?

[Little Dick Jay] Honestly, I only service big cocks and muscle-men. Some muscle-men have smaller cocks due to steroid use but they are all much bigger and thicker than my little clit dick. That said sometimes, I jerk off with other little dic kwankers like me on-line or at porn clubs, but we’re always gooning on big cock guys while we masturbate our tiny dicks. We never really play with each other’s tiny dicks as there’s nothing there to play with!

[Curious guy] Did your wife control your masturbation, did they call you or your tiny dick pathetic names?

[Little Dick Jay] My first wife Patti called my dick Herman (after Pee Wee Herman). She completely controlled my masturbation habit because I couldn’t fuck her and never consummated our marriage – my dick was too small to penetrate her virgin cunt. She allowed me to jerk off whenever she dressed/undressed – sometimes she did a striptease for me – and in bed but only after I masturbated her first with a dildo or my fingers. Then still in bed she would stick her ass out on all fours and allow me to jerk off my tiny dick into a wad of tissues gooning on her nice heart-shaped ass. Masturbation was the only sex I had with Patti.

[Curious guy] Did your ex-wives tell you how they enjoyed other men fucking them , did you ever watch or did you just masturbate when she told you about the cocks she was enjoying ?

[Little Dick Jay] When Patti divorced me she told me she had found a man who could satisfy her sexually. When she told me that I remember telling her how humiliated and horny that me me feel and if I could jerk off for her. She got really angry at me and told me that I was perverted. Throughout our marriage I knew she was fucking other men in our bedroom but I never caught her fucking. My 2nd and 3rd wives, Debbie and Inez cuckolded me and let me watch and jerk off when they were fucking their bulls. Debbie loved to humiliate me good-naturedly, but Inez was a real Bitch and got off on degrading and abusing me with her boyfriends.

[Curious guy] Did your mom ever comment on your tiny dick or talk to the doctor about it , or did she talk to her friends about your tiny dick?

[Little Dick Jay] YES when I was about 9 yo I remember being taken to the paediatrician because my mother was concerned about how tiny my dick was. Upon examination the doctor as well commented on how my pee hole was almost microscopic. I believe he said something like, “Let’s see how he matures when he reaches puberty.”

Obviously puberty passed me by ! Much later on as a young teenager I recall a friend of my mother’s comparing me and her son at the beach – we were both wearing speedos. She excitedly told my mother how big her son’s genitals were and how mine were barely visible. She laughingly asked my mother, “Have his balls dropped yet?”

[Curious guy] Did it embarrass you as a boy , in group showers etc., or even now do you get other men look or even laugh at you tiny dick?

[Little Dick Jay] At first I was mildly annoyed at being de-pantsed in so often in the locker room by my classmates. Not really embarrassed just annoyed that I couldn’t get dressed in peace. Now, I absolutely love the embarrassment and humiliation of being a tiny dick ‘freak’. I love to show my dick at porn shops and glory holes and strut around in locker rooms. Men enjoy humiliating and laughing and making snide comments about my tiny dick while I service their big cocks. My SPH fetish dominates my sexuality. I love it when women tell me their toddlers’ dicks are bigger than mine They tell me how I could never bring them to orgasm and then they make me jerk off for them so they can see how little my erection is.

In short, since my first marriage with Patti when I discovered I couldn’t consummate our marriage because of my tiny dick, I’ve gradually developed a small penis humiliation fetish. Now, as I said, it totally dominates my sexuality and gives great intensity to my chronic masturbation.

The End.

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  • Tanja

    Ilove tiny dicks

  • vici

    wowo very very nice … i to have been dominated by SPH….. and now i also enjoy the limp dic humiliation as an added bonus…. I wouldn’t have it any other way

  • Vici, fortunately I have no problem getting and staying hard for hours. Big cock, muscles and SPH keep me jerking and jerking and jerking…

    • vici

      Nice thank you for the understanding of us limp dick cuckolds

  • You know, staying married at all cost, for subs like us is the most important thing. She’ll give you a black eye, if we fuck up, but without her…..

  • Anonymous

    Really Tanja nice hear, no so many woman like small ones.


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