Our Readers SPH Experiences 28

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader had trouble with mistaken identity…

When I was sixteen I was very skinny and hadn’t started puberty yet. I wore my hair about shoulder length. My mom took me to the beach with and boys from next door. Not sure why but she had bought me some speedos. Up until that point, I was pretty blind to my lack of development. So I go into the ocean wearing only my speedos and play around for a bit. I come back out and I’m standing there talking to my neighbour who was eleven at the time. This pretty lifeguard walked up and said, “Sweetie, I’m gonna have to ask you to put on a top.”

I was confused, but I walked over to my bag and got my T-shirt out. Before I put it o,n I went back to where she and my neighbour were standing, and said, “It’s not fair! Why doesn’t he have to wear a shirt?”

She said, “Boys don’t have to.”

To which my neighbour replied, “But he’s a boy!”

She looked him, then back at me, then I watched her gaze drop to my crotch which was completely flat. Her eyes widened, and she kind of smirked. I could tell she was holding back a giggle. She said, while still looking at my crotch, “I’m so sorry.”

Then she turned quickly and walked back to her tower. That apparently gave my neighbour confidence cause he took off his board shorts and had on speedos under them. He had a normal size bulge. He said, “Let’s go back in the water.”

We had to pass by her knowing she had mistaken me for a girl, and she saw that my younger friend had a much bigger bulge. I saw her later with three more life guards talking to them, and they all were laughing. I know it had to be about me.


This reader got caught red-handed…

This is a real story over the 4th July me and a few friends rented a house on a lake with 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. Their were seven of us staying there, 2 couples, me, a male friend John, and a female friend Amy. Well it rained Friday before the fourth, so we had to stay inside that night and so we wound up drinking. After seeing the couples hook up, my buddy John was talking to his g/f online, so I decided to Rubinstein out in the down stairs bathroom. Cause I thought everybody was busy I didn’t bother to lock the door. My friend Amy is 24, 5’3″, 120lbs, brown hair with blonde highlights, with cute small but nice breasts.

Amy walked in without knocking, I was mid jerk-off to an Ashley Sinclair SPH JOI video playing on my phone.

I’m a silver member. I’m one inch soft, and three and a quarter inches hard.

Amy couldn’t stop laughing at me, and said my dick looked like and AA battery blowing a tiny bubble. She kept laughing as I stroked harder. She grabbed my phone looking at me, looking at the video, and burst out laughing again. Within seconds I ejaculated the most amount of cum I ever had. I couldn’t control it, and my body twitched pathetically as I came. Amy kept laughing.

Afterwards, she said, “Wow! For a small fire cracker, it does carry a good pop!”

She handed me my phone and walked out. The whole weekend she made little dick jokes to me that only me and her would understand. It turned me on so much.


One reader recounts some bullying by the pool…

This story is true. I am 19 years old as I write this. It all happened a year ago, last summer. I was swimming with my two best friends Jimmy and Matt in a neighbours above ground pool. We were all the same age, and were friends through high school. Jimmy is a big buff jock, six feet four, muscular, and tanned. While Matt is a nerdy guy, scrawny, five feet five, pale white skin. I’m in the middle I suppose, six feet, fit without being a muscle jock.

Jimmy always messes with Matt. He would dunk his head under the water and throw him around the pool. Not gonna lie, I usually participated. Matt enjoyed the attention. One day we were all in the pool in our swim trunks messing around. Matt was a lot scrawnier than us and Jimmy would always make sure he knew. Nicknames and taunts. He was throwing them at him, and Jimmy had said boastfully, “I could do anything to you, and you couldn’t stop me”.

Matt said, “If you tried to hold me down for ten seconds under the water, I bet you couldn’t”.

He always tries to be tough.

So Jimmy grabbed him at the stomach and pulled him under the water. Then they came back up and while Matt was struggling for air Jimmy whispered to me, “Take off his bathers while I hold him.”

Then Jimmy held him down and I ripped them off his legs. He didn’t know what was happening and they slipped right off his ankles. I remember wondering what he’d do when he came back up for air.

Jimmy lifted Matt bare naked into the air and held him there. At first Matt was shocked and didn’t move while Jimmy laughed. Matt looked down at his dick. It was extremely little. A little nub. He started struggling. Quickly Jimmy threw him back in the water, and looked at me holding up two fingers close together and laughing.

Matt came to the surface and said, “Dude give me my shorts”.

Jimmy was kind of an asshole, at this point I wouldn’t have said this. Jimmy said, “You gotta do something for them, bitch”.

Matt asked, “What?”

Jimmy thought for a moment. Jimmy answered, “Lick my balls.”

I chimed in, “Yeah, lick ’em!”

Matt looked scared, and said, “Just give me my shorts, dude”

Jimmy laughed. “No!”

Matt caved.

We hid behind the above ground pool and Jimmy brought his big balls out through the bottom of his bathing suit so you couldn’t see it and then told Matt to lay on his back. Jimmy slapped his balls right on his face and then just sat there. I could hear the sound of licking and sucking. Jimmy kept saying, “You gotta suck ’em, bitch, not lick ’em!”

Matt’s little dick was wide open. I remember he was trying to cover it with his legs and gave up. I had never seen Matt’s dick before and it looked like a little boys pee-pee, not a real dick.

Up until this point, it was the most erotic thing I’ve ever done. To watch Matt lick balls for a good thirty minutes to get his trunks back. I was rock hard the entire time, and I could tell Jimmy was too. After the half an hour was up Matt got his shorts and we went into the basement. We usually chilled down here and played video games. This time, Matt said something that changed it dramatically.

“I bet you have a small dick,” Matt said a little too proudly to Jimmy.

I don’t remember why that came up as a conversation. Jimmy walked over to Matt and put his foot on his head. Jimmy said, “Excuse me?” As he put pressure on Matt’s head with his huge foot.

Matt whined, “I’m sorry, please stop.”

Jimmy looked at me and I knew what he was about to do. Jimmy whipped out his dick and slapped Matt’s face with it. Jimmy then manoeuvred Matt into being held down by his crotch.. Jimmy’s dick lay across Matt’s whole head.

Jimmy said sternly, “Feel that on your face, that’s a real man’s dick.”

Matt moaned like a bitch. Then Jimmy told me to take off Matt’s pants and I did. I was extremely hard and laid my dick on top of Matt’s. Mine was three times bigger and I was so turned on by that. Jimmy stuck his dick in Matt’s mouth and started humping. I jacked off on top of his dick for a while.

Then Jimmy stopped, looked back and said, “Ready to fuck this tiny dick bitch?”

I nodded. Then Jimmy bent Matt over. Matt was a lot smaller than him and Jimmy’s dick was throbbing huge. Especially next to Matt’s butt cheeks.

Jimmy whispered, “Ready to know your place in the world, tiny dick?” Then shoved his dick in Matt’s ass.

Matt whined loudly and Jimmy started pounding. I distinctly remember the couch moving beneath Matt as Jimmy went hard. Matt was holding on to the couch tightly and his mouth was as wide open as his eyes. He was moaning in a high pitched voice when he could muster up the voice. I waited awhile before I walked over and put my dick in his mouth.

The best part of the whole experience was when Jimmy started pounding Matt so hard it pushed the couch into the wall and I moved. Matt was moaning as if he could barely handle it.

I remember he said through hip thrusts, “Jimmm- ayyyy pleee -eeeease!”

Then Jimmy said, “Just take it, little bitch”

Shortly after, he came all over the top of Matt’s head.

Then Matt started to get up but Jimmy held him down, turned to me, and said, “Your turn, dude.”

I was so excited. My dick was sticking way out of my shorts. I walked over to where Matt’s little ass was waiting. I slowly put it in and Matt slowly let out a high pitched moan. Like a whine. Mine is seven inches when hard. I never knew what it felt like to dominate over someone like this, so I decided to make the best of it. I called Matt a tiny dick bitch or faggot at least ten times each before I blew my load and made him eat it. After all that, we flipped Matt over and with two fingers Jimmy jerked off Matt’s tiny three-inch, pencil thin boner. Matt blew in what seemed like twenty seconds.

We never really talked about it, but it’s happened again many times since then. We would just use Matt as our sex slave and he loves it. We would constantly make fun of his pathetic dick. He love’s that too. You small dick guys are so weird.


This reader discovered his crush was a size queen…

I took this very hot girl that I had been flirting with at work out for dinner. She seemed really into me, and for her college graduation I took her to a fancy restaurant and we had a nice long romantic dinner. We went back to my place and started making out. Pretty soon she said, “Make love to me.”

Well I’ve been told I’m on the small side so I hesitated, but she pull my pants down anyways. I am 4.5 inches hard, so soft I’m quite the disappointment. She just looked at my soft nub and said, “Sorry, take me home.”


A reader tells us of his life with Hypospadia…

I was born premature at around 5 months, in 1954.

My very first memories as a young toddler at around 2½ yo to around 4 yo are being in a children’s hospital, for a series of periodic re-constructive “plastic surgery” operations, which were very painful and very confusing to me.

I only remember recovering in the hospital, after several procedures, in my cot with a tent over my bottom abdomen and a really weird numbing feeling around my pee-pee.

I didn’t even know what was happening to me at that time, as no one explained to me why the operations I was undergoing, were necessary, and if they perhaps did try to explain, then I was probably way too young to understand what was happening to me.

I just kind of rationalised it as this is what every kid’s that’s ever born has got to go through.

Through circumstances growing up through puberty, I never really new what masturbation was until I was around 18 years old, perhaps because of the childhood trauma dealt to me early in the first days of my life. Maybe I subconsciously recalled the pain and numbness and all the weird feelings accompanying my operations, so my penis was off limits except to urinate with and wash in the tub or shower.

I’m an adult now, and a straight heterosexual male who’s been married and divorced with only a 3¼” hard dick (Silver Member) with a downward curve.


This reader hates how his dick sticks out…

I just started working out again and going to the gym with one of my co-workers. This is the first time I’ve used communal showers since high school (like 7 years ago), and my dick literally never hangs down. Soft it is about 2.5 x 2 inches (4 x 3.5 inches hard), and even when I have a bit of a chub it still sticks straight out. All the god damn time. I also have giant balls so it doesn’t help that most of the time it just rests on top of my sack. I just wish it had more heft to it, like I see other dudes that look to be around the same length or just a bit longer but they have some fat fucking dicks and they actually hang down, but I am always just a fucking acorn sticking out of my body and I hate it.

All through high school I was made fun of for my small dick and I just don’t want to go through that again. Since I started going to the gym with him a couple weeks ago I’ve noticed several people (women included) started looking at me kinda funny at work but never really saying anything. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I’m drunk right now and felt like venting. I really don’t want to quit my job because of my dick. I think I’m either going to start going to the gym by myself, or stop showering at the gym. I feel like he has already told everyone how small I am, and I just feel so insecure. I don’t want to relive that high school shame all over again, I thought I was past that shit.


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