Size Queen Humiliates Liar

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By Slamdance (edited)

A few years ago I managed a popular bar and restaurant called Sully’s. I had taken the job hoping that as a manager I would get to bed the hot young waitresses and barmaids who worked there. Instead, I was completely humiliated when I was caught lying about my cock size. My downfall was named Krista, the hottest girl I have ever seen.

I had hired Krista a week after I took the job. She looked like a cross between Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel. From the start she was a real bitch. She had come to the interview wearing a Catholic school girl skirt and a white button shirt tied up to show her perfect flat stomach. Oh, and her perfect grapefruit-sized pert breasts were not held back, or up, buy a bra. She was both petite and curvy. I could barely concentrate on my questions. She saw through my lustful stares, and I had more than once caught her smirking. From the moment I saw her I knew I would do anything to fuck her.

Over the next few weeks I played it cool, even antagonistic towards her. I watched as every single male who worked at Sully’s and too many customer’s to count took a run at her. More than once I had seen shoot down guys with derisive looks, laughs and cutting comments. I knew she was single so her behaviour puzzled me.

Her only friend was Ramon, one of gay line-chefs on staff. One day we started talking about Krista. I asked Ramon why she shot down every guy who came her way. “Rick, no one has what it takes,” he said and giggled.

“What, they’re not man enough for her? In what way?” I asked.

He giggled again. “She has certain impossible requirements, if you know what I mean.”

I did, and in that instant I decided to start down the road to disaster. I looked at him with as much confidence as I could pull off. “Interesting,” I said with a look of smug satisfaction, pretending not to notice when I saw Ramon taking a peak at my package.

I think he bought it. I’m a fairly big guy, so it’s plausible that I’m packing. He’s never going to get a look at my thin 4.5″ cock anyway.

The next day I went to a sex shop. I quickly found a couple of dildo/penis extenders which would work. I got an average sized one that I would use when I’m ‘soft’ to make my package look bigger, and a 9″ monster for the right moment. Over the next few weeks I wore the smaller dildo. It seemed some of the waitresses noticed too or it could’ve been my imagination. I should mention that we only hired waitresses who would look good in the skimpy shorts and thin revealing blouses that made up their uniforms. For my part I took on the attitude of an arrogant big-dick stud. I stopped flirting for the most part, noticing an attitude of mixed curiosity and annoyance from the girls.

Krista also seemed to show a slight interest in me. She continued to be a bitch to customers and staff, though if there was a male customer at her table she usually managed to get a big tip. Her simple but effective strategy involved smiling while leaning over or even leaning on the customer. Once she got her tip, all flirtation stopped. It was comical to see the faces of the customers drop when they realised their 50% tips were not even going to get the time of day from Krista.

One of the more disturbing aspects of Krista’s interaction with customers was the way she seemed disgusted by black patrons. She never crossed a line, but her antipathy was clear.

I continued to talk to Ramon trying to figure out how I could use him to get to Krista. One night at an after-work pool party I got the chance. Both Ramon and I had gotten pretty drunk and stayed late. At one point, I had noticed Ramon half-asleep on the deck chairs near some bushes. I noisily trampled through the shrubs, purposely trying to wake Ramon up. It worked. I took a loud piss a few feet from where Ramon was sitting, positioning myself so he would see the moonlit silhouette of the huge dildo and think it was my hard dick. After a few seconds I looked over to find Ramon staring incredulously. He had taken the man-meat bait

“Oh sorry man, I thought you were asleep. Couldn’t make it to the shitter,” I slurred. “Piss hard-on” I added sheepishly in response to Ramon’s overt staring.

Ramon gave me a goofy grin. He was not upset at all. “My pleasure, Rick.”

It seemed my gay little birdie had chirped because the next day Krista came to me and initiated a conversation. A first. “So, I hear we’re having a staff party after the rodeo convention leaves town?” She asked, smiling and playing with her hair.

Every year we would have a party after the rodeo convention. Because the cowboys loved to come to the bar and stare at our scantily clad girls, the rodeo convention was highly profitable for both the restaurant and waitresses, usually our best week. We would celebrate the week with a party.

After some flirtier chit-chat she put her arm on my bicep, asking if I’m going to stay for the whole party. I shrugged. “If I find anything, or anyone, that keeps my attention I could be persuaded to stay,” I said walking away.


The booze flowed at the after-party after a successful week in the restaurant due to the rodeo convention. I noticed Krista pounding down the shots. She came over to me smiling drunkenly. Amazingly, I was able to play it indifferent. She noticed. “Rick, why are you such an asshole?”

I smirked and looked down slightly. “Because I can be.”

I avoided Krista for the next half hour, until I sprang the next part of my plan. As I mentioned before Krista, did not have that many friends among the other waitresses. She’s a bitch and they were jealous of her looks too. One of her main rivals was Summer, a sweet little blonde with a perfect ass, sexy lips, and a wide-eyed innocent ‘fuck me’ look. It didn’t take much convincing to get Summer to help me in what I described as a prank on Krista.

According to our plan, Summer came up to me during the party, when Krista is in earshot, and following a script I had gone over with her, began a fictional scene. Summer did not really understand what she was saying, but was willing to play along if it meant humiliating Krista.

“Hey, Rick, I’m really sorry about last night. I would really like to try again,” Summer pleaded.

I looked at her with annoyance. “Summer, last night was both a waste of my time and incredibly frustrating. You’re young, I just don’t have time for someone who’s so clueless about basic shit – who doesn’t know what she likes or what her body can handle.”

That was where the skit was supposed to end, but a sudden look of understanding came over Summer’s face.

“We just need to go slow next time.”

I took her improv cue. “Slow is not what I like.” I sneered. “Get some wimpy little motherfucker if you want slowly.”

Summer looked crestfallen. She came up to me and whispered. “You’ve got me intrigued, for real, find me after you finish messing with Krista.”

“You should be so lucky,” I whispered back.

Summer quickly turned and left in a fit of anger. It took no more than a few seconds after the scene with Summer for Krista to come to me. Krista asked, “What was that all about? Why are you talking to that slut, Summer?”

Krista blatantly stared at the outline of the dildo in my jeans. I ignored her. She persisted. Finally, I replied, “I don’t think you really want to know about my sex life, and I really don’t want to have you run to corporate with some claim of sexual harassment.”

Krista leered. “I won’t complain,” she said, as she boldly brushed her hand on the dildo.

I looked at her with annoyance. “I’m so sick of you little teases who talk big, but run when reality stares them in the face.”

“I won’t run,” she said, as she ground her perfect body against mine. My little cock was rock hard inside the dildo sleeve. “Let’s go to your office.”

I sighed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this again, but what the fuck, we can talk about it.”


In my office my heart was racing. I couldn’t believe how well my ridiculous plan is going. “So you want to know what happened with Summer and me?” I asked Krista.

Krista smiled and nodded. “Uh, yeah.”

“It’s simple, we tried to hook up last night and when it came to the moment of truth she couldn’t take me.”

Krista laughed. “My problem’s the exact opposite, they fit so easily that I’m not sure anything’s there. I’m what the internet calls a ‘size queen’.”

I guffawed. “That’s exactly what Summer told me before I spent forty-five frustrating minutes trying to cram my cock in her scared tight little pussy.”

Krista’s breathing quickened. “There’s a way I can prove it to you… Let me help you out of your jeans.”

I laughed, and since I had no idea what I was going to do once I got out of my jeans I decided to stall. Also, I was loving the feeling of this incredibly beautiful woman begging me to fuck her. “You need to convince me, before I subject myself for a repeat of last night’s frustration. How did you become size queen?”

Krista flushed bright red. You really don’t wanna know,” she said looking away.

“But I do, otherwise we can call the whole thing off right now.”

She sighed. “Well, OK… But this stays between me and you.”

I nodded. “I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

She braced herself, taking a swig of her drink. “It happened in college. I had dated quite a few guys before this incident and the sex was okay, even though I never came while a guy was inside me. Mostly when they ate me out. But one night everything changed.”

“Cool,” I said, feeling my boner ache.

“I went to a party at some jock’s apartment and got rotten drunk. There was this huge football player named Cole at the party who kept hitting on me. I found him disgusting, but at the same time I also felt curious cos I’d heard things about black guys… Err… You know… Having big cocks.”

I nodded. “Some of them have huge ones,” I agreed.

“I’ve never been into black guys in my life. I was raised a Southern Baptist and let’s just say we didn’t like blacks very much back home,” she said, and sneered.

She’s a god damn racist, I thought. That explains why she is meaner to our black patrons. “But that night it was different?” I asked.

“Because I was rotten drunk, it seemed like fun to cock tease him. I danced with him rubbing my barely covered ass against him. I leaned way over giving him a view down my blouse and exposed my braless tits. After a few dances, I noticed a huge bulge in his pants. I decided I had to see what if that thing was as big as it looked. So when he asked me back to his room, I surprised him by agreeing. My plan was to run once I got his pants around his ankles.”

“Cunning,” I said jokingly

She nodded. “We got back to his room and we made out for a while. Cole ran his big hands over my ass and tits, squeezing them nicely. I noticed the straining in his pants had increased. ‘Why don’t you free the python,’ I said to him and giggled like a ten year old girl.”

“I bet he couldn’t wait,” I said, shifting to give my own boner some room.

“He had his pants down in a flash. That huge cock sprung out at me, surprisingly hard. I just couldn’t believe the size of his cock,” she panted. “It was as thick and about as long as my forearm. My plan to leave wavered as my pussy began to tingle. I grabbed his huge cock and gave it a few squeezes and strokes.”

“I bet he wanted more than that,” I said.

She smiled. “He said, ‘It likes kisses too’. I felt compelled to put that monster in my little mouth. I told myself I was drunk and I could use that as an excuse. I licked and sucked him for a while until I felt as if I was gonna be sick. ‘What’s wrong, baby girl’ he asked me.”

“What did you say?” I asked.

“Suddenly, I drunkenly blurted out, ‘I’ve never fucked a nigger before’. He pushed me back, shouting, ‘What the fuck did you just say, bitch’. Don’t call me a bitch, I told him. I don’t find coal black, smelly, afro-haired niggers attractive.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I’m surprised that guy didn’t beat the shit out of her for being such a racist asshole. “What did he do?”

“He looked angry, of course. He grabbed me by the hair and yanked my face back down to his big hard cock. He said, ‘You know you want this big black cock in your tight white pussy. Admit it’. NO, I screamed. Get that nasty nigger dick away from me. But he just laughed, and said, ‘You know your small dick white boyfriends can’t satisfy you. So you’re not leaving here without getting fucked, bitch’.”

“Holy fuck,” I said with wide eyes.

“I know, right,” she said, thinking I felt pity for her. “I looked at him with pure hate, but I knew he was right. I was turned on. I said to him, ‘Okay, you can fuck me, but you better be good or I’ll say it was rape’.”

Omigod, she’s a total fucking monster. Maybe this plan of mine isn’t such a good idea after all, I thought as her story unravelled.

However, Krista continued unabashed. “Without a word…” she said, “He shoved his big cock against my lips and began rubbing it all over my face. Some of his precum got inside my nose, so I couldn’t avoid smelling him. My stomach roiled. ‘Lick it, bitch, you gonna want it to be wet for what comes next’, he ordered me. I licked and sucked on his cock for ages, all the other guys I knew would cum within four or five minutes of me sucking their dick. Not this guy, all the time he called me his bitch, slut, and whore. I found myself getting wetter and wetter until my panties were so soaked my juices began trickling down my thighs.”

“Oh god,” I panted.

“Then, he lifted me with one of his huge arms and threw me face up on the bed, ripping my skirt and blouse off in one motion, sending the buttons flying. ‘You asshole, you’re going to pay for that’, I screamed at him. ‘I’ll pay for your panties too’, he said as he ripped them in half. He looked down at my naked body, laughing. ‘You’re one Grade-A perfect piece of white cunt, this is gonna be fun’, he said.”

Jesus this is so hot, I thought, wishing like hell I could jerk-off.

“I felt both fear and excitement,” she continued, “as his huge cock head throbbed at the entrance to my pussy. ‘Go slow’, I pleaded. He laughed and said, ‘We’re way past that, bitch’. With a grunt, he shoved half of his massive cock into my pussy. I yelped as I felt the walls of my pussy, stretching, feeling as if they would tear. I looked up at him as he grunted with pleasure.”

Seeing her glass was empty, I grabbed some Tequila from my desk and tipped some in her glass. She seemed relieved by that and smiled at me before taking a deep drink. “You don’t have to go on if it’s too difficult for you,” I said, thinking I pushed this too far.

“It’s OK… It’s good to talk about it. I’ve never told anyone before.”

I nodded and filled her glass again.

“As his huge cock forced its way inside me, I remember him shouting, ‘Tight, tight, little bitch’. He waited for about thirty seconds, and when I relaxed, he shoved the rest of his horse dick into me. I screamed. My eyes welled up with tears, but I couldn’t deny the rush of excitement. He began thrusting, ignoring my cries, slamming it into me.

“I felt ill again as I watched this big nigger slam his horse cock into my body. But, to my shame, I also felt excitement building inside me. My pussy loosened and he increased his speed. I felt as if I was about to cum. Cole, with his big black dick and thick rubbery lips had been fucking me for almost an hour by this point.

“I became light headed as he continued to pound my pussy. Suddenly, my first vaginal orgasm ripped through my body. My pussy spasmed over and over as this brute rammed his cock into me. I felt he was about to cum too. Suddenly, he bent my legs behind my head, allowing him to plunge even deeper. He slammed into me for another ten minutes, pulled his cock out and spewed a nasty stream of slimy nigger cum all over my face and hair.

“Fuck me,” I whispered as the image in my mind almost made me cum.

Krista nodded, thinking I agreed with the nastiness of it. She said, “I couldn’t walk or sit without pain for a week, but the following week I was back for more. I fucked him for over a year, but never wanted to be seen with him. It ended when he got tired of playing my game.”

“So you didn’t try to find another black guy after that?”

She guffawed and took another drink. “No way. I went back to the guys I normally dated before Cole, but it was useless. I could barely keep from laughing at them as they pulled out their little wieners to make pathetic attempts at satisfying me. After a while, I stopped dating altogether. I tried dating sites for big cocks, but they were full of pathetic liars and guys only a little bigger than average.”

“That sucks,” I said, filling her and my glass with more Tequila.

Krista looked at me and smiled. “Wow, if felt good to finally tell that to someone. So, Rick, do you now believe I’m a size queen?”

I nodded. I did believe her, which worried me about what came next. This might get awkward, I thought. “You might be a size queen, but I’m still not sure if you’re worth my time,” I said arrogantly.

Her mouth and eyes widened for a moment, and then flushed red with anger.

I kept the phony machismo up for as long as I could. “Take off your clothes and let me see if your shit meets my standards.”

Her eyes blazed with anger, but in an instant Krista got out of her clothes standing naked in front of my desk, and revealing the most perfect body I had ever had the pleasure to see in real life. No wonder she’s a bitch and a racist, with that body who needed to be nice, I thought as my eyes took her in. I walked to her and we began to make out sloppily. I squeezed her shapely smooth ass and sucked on her perky tits. I stuck two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. She reached to my zipper and I panicked.

“Hold on, I gotta take a piss first.” She seemed confused. “I’ll be right back.”

I’m going to have to think of something quickly.

As I ran out of my office, I grabbed the bag containing the nine-inch dildo sleeve. This dildo is made up of two parts. The base is a hollowed out sleeve into which the under-endowed slips his cock and the head is a solid rubber dildo. Once I got to the bathroom, I gathered myself, went into a stall, took off the smaller dildo, pulled the sleeve of the dildo over my little cock and put my pants on. The bulge in my jeans was huge. I was worried and excited about someone seeing me walking to my office, since the party was still going strong. I had been right to worry. As I exited the bathroom, I was immediately confronted by cute little Summer.

“Hey, Rick where did you go to, I was looking’ for you everywhere,” Summer slurred drunkenly as she put her small hands on my chest to stop me. “Are you back in your office with that slut, Krista?”

Summer lets her fingers slide down my chest seductively. My cock was pounding with excitement. “Why were you looking for me, Summer?”

“Cause I wanted to do this,” she said, and she pulled me toward her to give me a deep tongue kiss. I felt her hand slide further down my body to my cock. “Oh my god, Rick, oh my god, you’re huge!”

I reached under her skirt, grabbed her little ass and stuck my finger deep into her very wet young pussy. We made out for a few more seconds. “I gotta go back to my office, Summer.”

“You asshole, that bitch Krista is in there? You used me.” I just looked down at her with a shit-eating grin and walked away.

When I got back to my office Krista was sitting in her bra and panties, on my couch. She was fuming. “Where the fuck were you?”

I had regained my composure and asserted myself. “Don’t worry about it, do you want to get fucked? Take off your panties and get on all fours. I’m going to tear into that little pussy.” I rubbed the full length of the dildo through my pants.

Krista’s look of lust told me she was back in. “Don’t you want me to suck it first?”

“No, you can suck it when it’s ready to cum.”

I dimmed the lights and grabbed a magnum XL condom. Krista smiled seductively and got on all fours with her ass facing me. I took off my jeans, hoping that she wouldn’t be able to see in the dim light and/or she would see what she wanted to believe.

“Oh yeah, baby, give me that huge fuck rod,” Krista moaned as she wiggled and opened up her perfect ass.

She grabbed at the dildo. “No!” I said.

Instead, she began fingering herself.

I moved the huge head of the dildo to her wet cunt. I felt a sexual power I had never felt before as I forced my cock into her pussy. She grunted as I got the head in. Remembering her earlier big dick story, I waited for a few seconds (until she relaxed a little.) Then I shoved the dildo in as far as it would go.

“Aiiieeeeee,” she squealed when it was about halfway in. “Oh yes, baby, put it in a little more.” I rammed the rest of the dildo in. She grunted and started pulling at her hair. “Argggh, do me, you bastard, fuck the shit out of me.”

I had to hold onto the dildo so my dick wouldn’t come out of the sleeve as I pulled back. I repeated this slow, awkward thrusting a few times and Krista started to notice. “Why are you going so slowly? Why are you holding your dick? Fuck me like a man, you idiot.”

I removed my hand and was relieved that the sleeve of the dildo was suctioned onto my dick. A few tentative thrusts showed the suction was holding. I increased my speed, enjoying the feeling of power as my groin slammed into her ass. “Yes, yes, oooohhhh.”

She seemed to be building toward an orgasm. Then it happened, as I withdrew for another thrust my little cock broke free from the dildo sleeve, which remained stuck inside Krista. I fell back on my ass. My little dick exposed.

“What the fuck?” Krista said, looking back at me, uncomprehending. “What the hell just happened?” She reached back to pull the dildo from her pussy. “This cannot be happening… This isn’t happening. I trusted you… You asshole.”

She let loose a string of obscenities.

I started talking fast. I was just fulfilling her desire, helping her out with a fantasy. I thought she knew about the dildo, she was enjoying it and about to cum, etc. She was not pacified by my pathetic excuses.

My balls were aching, so I tried to persuade her to let me fuck her with my little dick. This was the only thing that made her mood lighten. She began to laugh. “That isn’t going to happen… EVER!”

“At least blow me.” I asked like a little boy.

She laughed again. “No thanks, I don’t smoke.”

I was starting to get desperate, I had to cum with her. “I’m still your boss. With your attitude toward the customers I’ll always have good cause to fire you. Blow me, or get a new job.”

Krista’s face turned bright red, and her eyes narrowed under a heavy frown. “You unrepentant asshole. After all this… this… this absurdity… You want head?” She paused for a minute looking at my pathetic pencil thin, small dick, then sighed. “What the fuck, it’s so small I’ll barely notice it. I’ve gotta clean up first, I’ll be back in a few.”

I sat there stroking my dick, not really expecting her to come back. About ten minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it to see a smiling Krista. As I opened the door, she pushed her body against me. She shut the door and her hand twisted the lock.

“You’re not mad anymore?” I asked, dumbfounded.

Krista smiled sweetly. “A little bit, but I look forward and that makes things better. For someone like me the future is bright. That you went to all this trouble to fuck me is kind of a fucked-up compliment, and funny as hell. I’m pretty sure that in the near future, I’ll probably laugh about this.”

I sat down on the couch feeling relieved.

“One condition, though,” she said.


“You have to fulfil a different fantasy of mine while I blow you.”

“Ok, I’m up for anything.”

She gave me a sweet look as she kissed me and put her arms around me. Suddenly, I felt handcuffs being snapped on my wrists, behind my back.

“What the fuck! Let me go,” I yelled.

However, I stopped when she got on her knees in front of me. She pinched my dick between her thumb and index finger and began to stroke me.

“Oh come on, put your whole hand around it,” I complained.

She smirked. “Don’t want to, don’t need to. Take it or leave it.”

I consoled myself with the thought I’m going to spray as much hot cum as possible all over her pretty smirking mouth and face.

She continued to half heartedly stroke my dick with her two fingers.

“Come on, Krista, that’s not going to make me cum.”

Suddenly, she started loudly talking to me in baby talk and stroking faster.

“Is this better for the widdle fella. Eeka, weeka, wee, wee.”

Then, amazingly she started blowing me, easily taking my whole dick in her mouth. I began to relax. I closed my eyes because the sight of her sexy lips around my cock about to make me cum. I noticed the music coming from the bar had been turned up and I heard a woman’s voice singing a derisive chorus. But I was concentrating on trying not to cum quickly and blocked it out.

“Suck my big cock, you bitch!” I grunted.

Krista laughed with my dick in her mouth, and said, “Can you understand what I’m saying?”


“Then your dick is not big at all, in fact, it’s teeny-weenie tiny.”

She laughed hard, my dick still in her mouth. It was then I heard suppressed giggles from the middle of the room. Opening my eyes, I looked up in terror. Standing in my office were Summer and four other waitresses. Then I heard the song on the bar’s sound system: Don’t want no short dick man, don’t want no short dick man. Summer, Krista and the other waitresses started singing along, laughing and pointing at me with tears of laughter in their eyes.

One of the waitresses, a brunette named Julie, said, “That’s got to be the smallest dick I’ve seen in my whole life. Get the fuck out of here.”

The girls all loudly sang the song with pinkie fingers extended to further my humiliation.

That line – Don’t want no short dick man – made Krista and Summer collapse into each other’s arms with rollicking laughter. To make matters worse, I suddenly came all over my own face and the girl’s laughter became even more raucous. After what seemed like forever, the girls left, flashing me the little-dick sign as they did. Krista and Summer walked out hand in hand, looking at each other lustfully.


After that night, Summer and Krista started dating. For me, the next few months were difficult. The waitresses whispered and giggled as I approached, or behind my back. Laughing loud enough to make me hear and turn to look, with that feeling they were talking about me. They were, messing with my head. More than once responded to my directions with the little dick sign or the extended pinkie sign. One girl would make a point of pretending to blow a baby carrot, then viciously bite it in two. After close up, and the patrons were gone, Don’t want no short dick man would start on the bars PA most nights I was on duty.

After a while I thought maybe my best course of action is to quit. Sadly, I wasn’t in a position where I could quit as I had loans and shit to pay. I had to endure it, but after a time I began to enjoy it. I had crossed the line for sure, but so had the girls so in some ways we couldn’t tell on each other. So I upped the ante and began to flash my dick at them whenever they made rude remarks about it. It would make them laugh, and sometimes they played with it while they teased me about being hung like a little boy.

Krista and Summer eventually quit to go on a backpacking adventure together in Europe. I never heard from either again.

I got a few nice hand jobs, which turned into blow jobs, until eventually one drunken night they wanted me to fuck them so they could see if they felt it. Once they made me dress in in the skimpy waitress outfit and serve them, and they began bringing in panties for me because to them I wasn’t a real man. One of the waitresses, named Annette, felt sorry for me and began teaching me how to eat pussy. She said it might help me. Naturally, I used hers to practice on and none of the others knew about it.

All in all, what started out as a dumb idea evolved into a very exciting time in my life. A year after this all began, the bar sold and the new owner was a hands-on kind of guy. He seemed to be around a lot, especially eyeing off the girl candy. So things changed and the girls backed off with the flirting and the teasing. I went for a job as the night manager at a big hotel and got it, so I moved on. Yet, I still attend my weekly pussy eating class at Annette’s house, so it ain’t all that bad.

The End.


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