Pant Stuffing: The Art of looking BIGGER than you are.

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By small_dik

In a recent article we published about how the use of dildos during sex can really help small dick men and those with Erectile Dysfunction give their partner the kind of sex they crave, and themselves an equally satisfying thrill. However, we got an interesting comment from one reader named loweszoid:

I would like to hear advice about what to do about one’s appearance in workout & street clothes; meaning, what products are available to enhance the look of the package when simply interacting in regular clothes.

What loweszoid is asking about is the age old practice of pants stuffing.

In recent years it has become a practice talked more about for women who can buy special underwear that make their behinds appear bigger, and it’s also a common practice for transgendered females (female to male) to make it look like they have a penis.

What is it?

Pant stuffing is merely putting something down the front of your underpants to make your bulge appear bigger. Traditionally, the most common object used by men is the sock. The ultimate goal is not to make your penis look comically huge, as most people will notice this.

Our resident Gold Member and smallest dick in the world contender, small_dik, has given us a few tips to share. The first thing he recommends is that if you want to pants stuff then wearing boxers is out. You need briefs in order to do it.

The Sock

Small_dik doesn’t recommend you use two socks folded for this, as it tends to look too big and unrealistic. He suggest you use one sock, folded in half, rolled up to look like a tube, taped to maintain that shape, and then pin it to the inside front of your briefs. Why pin it? He says that if you don’t pin it the sock will move around when you move and end up lying at an odd angle.

The other option is that male briefs often have an extra panel of material inside them covering the genital area. Cut the top of this inside layer open and shove your sock between the two layers of material. You may still need to pin it, but you can do this from the inside (make sure you use a safety pin). A good trick if you have to wear pants or shorts made of more revealing material.

“The tubed sock is better because it takes advantage of your natural assets, and the way pants are cut and sown together. So it really looks like you have a normal to large size penis without it seeming unrealistic,” small_dik said.

“Don’t use thick winter socks, use a thin cotton sock instead,” he said. “Experiment with folding and posing in the mirror until you find what works.”

The other reason we thought a sock may be a good option is that every man has them, or can easily obtain them.

“I’ve used them in all circumstances, even swimming, and have had no problems. Just be cautious at airport security with a pin in your underpants though.”

Good point. Still, will it help you pick up, and what happens when they discover the truth.

“I never really used them for that. I just wanted to be seen as ‘normal’, to feel like I wasn’t being judged, and on that score I think it works. But I did find a product to use then that comes from an unlikely source.”

Do Tell…

A company called FTMProsthetics make pants stuffers for females who are in the process of getting a sex change to male. It is made from thermal gel, a life-like material that maintains the same temperature as your body. It stays in place in your briefs or jock strap with no harness, but can also be worn with a harness. Pic Gallery – CLICK HERE!

These products could be very useful for men with really small penises.




What about padded underwear?

“Surprisingly there is very little available in this area,” small_dik said. “I think underwear makers would make a fortune if they made a good product in this area. I have found some products by searching google, but nothing that appeals to me. Most padded male underwear seems to be about making the behind look better, rather than making a package look pronounced.”

Too bad, still if any reader finds something that may benefit our small dick community then we encourage them to post the links in the comments section for everyone.

Pant stuffing has been around forever, even guys with average and bigger sized dicks have been doing it. It’s not the perfect solution as it has some drawbacks, not to mention being discovered with one. That could be embarrassing, but we know some you men like that kind of thing too. However, it may be a solution for some small dick guys just to give them confidence in normal setting, like work and socialising. Knowing that if anyone looks at your groin and sees a normal looking ‘bulge’ did give small_dik more confidence in himself around people he told us.

“Most likely nobody noticed anyway, but the effect was more for me. It made me feel like my biggest insecurity was hidden. That made a big difference to me psychologically,” he said.

The End.


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