True Stories: Meet Jeffrey Hewitt

Jeffrey Hewitt

Jeffrey Hewitt

Jeffrey Hewitt, a self-confessed small dick sissy, is a familiar face in the small dick community. His pictures can be seen everywhere online as this unabashed exhibitionist displays his wares for all to see. Men like Jeffrey really do fly the flag for small dick men around the globe, even though he may not think so himself. You don’t have to be into the sissy lifestyle to admire Jeffrey’s courage to be himself. That is his greatest attribute, his commitment to being true to himself.


He has found freedom by expressing his innate femininity, with the support of a loving wife who dishes him up plenty of domination and SPH to satisfy his needs. This may not be your lifestyle of choice, but we admire his willingness to embrace his sexuality, his body, and his individuality. We can all learn a lot from men like Jeffrey, that it takes courage to be free, and the rewards of that courage is a life well lived.

Meet Jeffrey Hewitt:

Ethnicity: Male Caucasian.

Age: 41.

Location: Nampa, ID, USA

Penis flaccid size: Innie to 1.5 inches. There are times if I am very hot or working hard it may be as long as it is when hard, but as soon as I cool off it shrinks back up.

Penis Erect Size: 3.5 inches; 3.75 to 4 inches on a VERY rare day.

Girth: 3.5 to 4 inches or so. Again, on a VERY good day maybe 4.5 inches or a little more.

Testicles: Proportionally larger than my penis.

Cut/uncut: Cut.

Shaved or hairy: Shaved.

Do you identify yourself as Heterosexual, bisexual, asexual, transgendered, a sissy, or Gay?

Sissy/bisexual; mostly sissy I think.

When did you realize your penis was smaller than others?

A game of Truth-or-Dare with mine and my older sisters’ friends.

When did your penis stop growing do you think?

11 or 12.

When you were a teenager or an adolescent, did you avoid intimate situations because you were worried about your penis size?

Yes and no. I was always one to keep to myself and didn’t have many intimate encounters.

Were you teased/bullied in school because of your penis size? If so, how?

No, like I said, I pretty much kept to myself. Hell, I failed physical education because I didn’t go to it because of the showering, and I aced home economics. I guess that lends to me now being more of a sissy than anything else.

Did your parents show any concern for your penis size? If yes, what did they say or do about it?


Did you have any medical treatment as a boy or adolescence due to concern for your penis size?


Did family members tease you about your penis size as boy/teen?

Yes. My older sister and her friends called me “babydick” and “Jefferina” after the aforementioned game of Truth-or-Dare. My sister also walked in on me using a vibrating toothbrush while masturbating not too long after that.

Do you think the sex education you received as a teen prepared you for sex with a small penis?

Sex Ed was pretty generic back then, so no, I don’t think it had any effect, good or bad.

Does your penis work normally?


Can you have penetrative sex?

Yes. My wife has what one would consider to be a “Ghetto Booty” (no offence to anyone in any way!) in that her butt protrudes quite a bit from her frame when looking at her from the side. If we work it right and get in the right positions I can penetrate her. Although, I ejaculate very quickly, so I usually use other methods to please her.

What was your first sexual experience like?

Extremely awkward. I was in junior high and had no clue what I was doing or what I was even looking at. It lasted about 10 minutes before she freaked out, and said, “I think my Mom is home.”

I tried performing oral on her and clearly failed.

When did you lose your virginity?

Twenty-two. As I said before, I ejaculate very quickly; “Blink” you missed it! I will say this though, I did perform oral on her after (I read how to do it), and I must admit, I really enjoyed the experience in both her reactions and the taste of my cum leaking from her!

Did you tell your first sexual partner about your penis size before the act?


Do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable being nude in front of other men?

As a youth, yes, very uncomfortable. Now, I can’t really say. I am not in any situations where I am in front of other naked men.

What is the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had in being nude or changing in front of other guys?

The first day of junior high physical education.

Has your sexual orientation been influenced by having a small penis?

I think so. I’ve always known that I can’t really please women so I think it has lent to my current tendencies. To be honest, I prefer to have my butt played with and/or fucked versus “normal” sex. On that note, I can rarely cum without anal stimulation.

Are you in a relationship now? How’s it going? Are they cool with it?

Yes, she is. She was a virgin when we met so in the rare occasion that I can please her with my small dick she loves it. Otherwise, I am have become very good with other methods of pleasing her. Besides, she likes to have me dressed up like a little girl and likes to dominate me. It works out well, or, at least it has for 16 years.

Do you blame your penis size for the demise of any of your previous relationships?

Yes and no. Many times she made comments to her friends that I was “hung” when I was around (giggling ensued), but mostly I think it is because I stopped buying her things. She was a mean person overall. That, and she cheated on me. Had she told me beforehand I would most likely have been ok with it, but I believe that if you need to go behind someone’s back to get satisfied you should have the decency of ending it with the person. Again, when the money stopped, she bailed. Bitch.

When did you last have sex?

Two months ago.

Is there any sexual activity for which you think having a small penis works in your favour?

Anal sex. My wife loves anal sex but she can’t take too much “cock”, so mine is perfect. Although, like I said above, with her booty it is sometimes difficult.

Do you focus on your physical appearance much? Is dress, grooming important to you?

Extremely important. If you don’t like what you look like, how can you like yourself? Your image is a representation of you and who you are. Just my opinion…

Do public restrooms/toilets/bathrooms cause you anxiety? If so, Why?

Only in “trough” urinals. I look like my pants are peeing and not my penis.

Do you have problems urinating, like pissing on yourself, clothes, floor, having to sit etc.?

Yes. I have to pay close attention while peeing when standing. My small dick points straight out from my body so if I don’t actively pay attention to keep it pointed down I will pee all over everything. I try to sit when I pee if I can; WAY easier!

What’s it like when you visit the doctor/ER? Are check-ups uncomfortable?

No. I’m pretty sure I am not the most messed up thing they have seen, regardless of penis size, or anything else for that matter.

How frequently do you masturbate? Is masturbation your primary form of sexual activity?

Every day. Yes, it is my primary form of sexual activity.

What kind of pornography do you like?

All kinds. Amateur is the best. I love seeing people do what they love to do and are not afraid to do, and show, to everyone! If I had to pick an absolute fav though, I guess it would be fisting, pegging, and cuckolding.

Are you into any of the known small penis related fetishes (SPH, Cuckolding, dressing in women’s clothing, BDSM, CFNM, Diapers, babying, male chastity, submissive male, female domination, public exhibitionism, webcam exhibitionism, castration, pegging, sissy men, etc.)

SPH, dressing in women’s clothing, CFNM, male chastity, submissive male, female domination, public exhibitionism, webcam exhibitionism, castration, pegging, sissy men, humiliation, exposure, fisting sissy men, machine sex, prostate milking, eating your own cum, bukkake, etc…….

How do these sexual fetishes play a part in your life?

A lot. Every day with my masturbation and with my wife dominating me.

Has the use of abnormally large penis’ men in modern porn contributed negatively to your feelings about your own penis size at any time in your life?

No! I love seeing the large cocks! I want to be fucked by one myself!

Do you think about your penis size every day?

Yes. I am proud to have one! I like that it is a little nub that pokes straight out, my balls are tight, and I am shaved smooth!!!! I look at it EVERY DAY!

Do you warn potential new sexual partners first, or do you do a “reveal”?
I am married to my lovely wife, there are no potential new partners. Although, I am working on her to try a threesome with another male, still working (on it).

How many sexual partners have you had?


Do you use condoms? If so, do you have problems with fitting condoms?

No, but most I have tried are like throwing a hot dog down a hallway…. :o)

Do you think that having a small penis has prevented you from pleasuring sexual partners?


Is making a partner orgasm through sexual penetration more important to you than using any other technique?

I can rarely bring her to orgasm through penetration, so it is definitely more important to me to use other methods. What is the point if both aren’t satisfied? No brainer.

If you find that you cannot give a partner an orgasm through sexual penetration alone, does this re-enforce your self-beliefs about your penis or masculinity?

Yes and no. I know I can’t provide an orgasm via penetration in MOST circumstances, so yes, it does re-enforce the fact it is because my penis is small. No, because I know it small, so there are no expectations in my mind with regards to performance. As far as masculinity goes, I portray that in other means, in my eyes, and my penis size has nothing to do with it. Although, being a predominant sissy, it is a DAMN LARGE FUZZY GRAY LINE!

Has Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) played a role in your sex life?

Yes. I LOVE it when I am acknowledged as having a small penis! Not sure why, but I really LOVE it!

Has SPH helped you to accept your penis-size, or just make you feel bad?

I accepted it A LONG TIME AGO!

When you see yourself naked in a mirror, how does it make you feel about yourself? Is this predominantly because of your penis size, or something else?

I like what I see. I love my shaved smoothed skin, round tight balls, and tiny dick. I should stop drinking though as I look pregnant at times! Na, just kidding, I like the chubby belly!

Do you feel angry/happy/sad/OK/bitter about how your life has turned out?

Well, interesting question. Lots of ups and downs over the years. I grew up with my Dad beating on my Mom, to becoming a high school drop-out, to a two-time felon, to having an Associate’s degree, to becoming an Engineer. Everyone (almost) always wishes they had done this or that through their lives, myself included, but I am generally happy with the results. Hell, I make good money, have a comfortable life, and a wonderful wife that loves me and my tiny dick! She gets whatever she wants, because I love her and have become submissive, and I get what I want with her dominating me and me being her “Bitch”!

Do you think your penis size is the cause of this?

From the beginning, no. My life now, 100% yes.

If you had an average or above-average penis size, would your life have been different?

I don’t think so. I can only reference my experiences, speculating is difficult for me to do. I am who I am.

Do you think you suffer or have suffered depression because of your penis size?

No. I love having a small penis. I actually wish I was castrated too. Having balls is a pain. I don’t like them.

Why do you publish pictures of your penis? What do you get out of it?

Because I like people to see me for who and/or what I am. I like people either laughing at my small penis or maybe it makes them feel better if they think they have a small one and then they see mine. I don’t really know to be certain. I do know that I hate wearing clothes and I wish I could live my life without them, all the time, but I can’t, so this is the closest thing I have. I don’t know, a lot of reasons I guess.

What’s the best advice you can give any man whose dealing with issues about his penis size?

Don’t have issues with it. There are things you can control in life, there are things you can’t. Given that, unless you want surgical augmentation, embrace it. I have been happily married for years even though I am tiny. Find a balance. Your penis size isn’t what defines you.

What do you think of how western culture makes fun of small penises in general?

I really don’t have an opinion on any culture.

Why do you think body-shaming of men seems to be OK, when the same issue for women is condemned?

“Body shaming of men seems to be ok” needs to be defined in regards to the body part. In my travels, and what I have experienced on the net, the men that are “body-shamed” are embracing it, where as you don’t see women, in general, “embracing it”. Some do, but I think that men that are a part of “body-shaming” are actively inviting it; my self-included.

Do you really believe that ‘Size Matters’? Explain.

I truly believe it is dependent on who the “size” is effected upon. It depends on the partner. If looking at size clearly as size, I believe smaller size is better. I couldn’t even imagine having a larger penis and having to deal with it on a day-to-day basis. For shit’s sake, my little pecker is annoying enough in my pants when it is hot or I try to cross my legs; I can’t imagine having a larger one. NO THANKS!

Do you see yourself as someone, whom in his own way, is promoting body-acceptance for small penis men?

Not necessarily. I accept my body. If by me showing my body to the public empowers someone else to be acceptant of theirs, then that is good (hopefully). Otherwise, I have no motivation other than my own. We are all made of the same things; some big, some small, white skin, black skin, purple skin, big dick, little dick, hairy, shaved, whatever, I choose to let my own freak flag fly!

You can see more of Jeffrey on his tumblr blog – Click Here!

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  • admin

    Thanks to Jeffrey for taking the time to answer our questions, and be so willing to participate.

  • I’ve seem his pix on tumblr and just assumed he was a nut job. After reading his confessions above I realize he’s a sensible guy. Wow, I’m way more fucked up by my tiny dick than he is. cheers LittleDickWanker Jay

    • anobedientslave

      Woww, i feel more brave show my dick with my face also now after seen these pictures. I ready post also here small dick club, before have some on tumblr already. I have 4 inch dick hard.

  • DocFev

    Much respect to Jeffrey for his honesty in doing an interview with SDC, something I hope SDC can do in the future with members and famous small cock ‘owners’. Going through life with a small cock is not an easy thing for men, especially in this modern age of the internet, cell phones, and social media. Men knowing and hearing that ‘they are no alone’ is a great step in acceptance and growth for all men and their partners. I”m a proud Bronze Member of the SDC.

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    I intrested to become star with my small dick also, but maybe i no have small enough. I have just 4 inch so it no micro dick.

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    Wow, very sexy!


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