Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 13

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader picked up, but got put down…

It was last summer, a friend and I had picked up two girls at the bar. She was a petite cute Korean girl who seemed a bit shy, something that didn’t last for long after some drinks. We took them to a karaoke bar, and ordered some more drinks. Mine started to show a bolder interest in me, touching and feeling me all over. I knew that it would be a surprise for her seeing me, and as long as I was somewhat sober I didn’t let her come too close to my ‘little’ friend.

But after some drinks, even I got bolder, and I let her open my jeans gently. I was still, at this moment, somewhat shy of my ‘little’ friend (I’m three-inches hard), so when she was opening up, I was quick to cover myself and make her focus on something else. It didn’t last for long, and when she told me she wanted to do something for me, I let go of all my worries.

She pulled down my jeans a bit, and quickly my underwear followed. I will never forget the expression on her face, when she stared at my dick, she looked at me with a surprising look, asking me if everything was fine. The embarrassing feeling that came over me at that point made my dick shrink even more, everything seemed to disappear into my body, and I was left with my shame. And what made things worse was her friend, laughing, tried to take a photo of my shame. I never heard from those girls again after that.


One reader likes how his wife humiliates him…

Last weekend, me and my wife were out with four friends (two couples). I know that the fiancée of my best friend had a small crush on me for some months, and my wife does too (and she doesn’t know I liked that girl, but she knows that I have a high opinion of her, generally and non-sexually speaking). In our company, nobody knows each other’s dick sizes. We’ve all been pretty shy about that kind of stuff. So during the lunch, jokingly we started to talk about dick sizes (without talking about ourselves). My wife started to talk about the penises she saw at the nudist beach, doing comparisons with the objects on the table.

She was totally different from all the other times, she was talking freely, and all of us were laughing seeing her grab glasses, bottles and showing sizes that she saw on the nude beach. Then, she said the killer words, “And then I saw this guy with a very small penis. It was funny because it was thick but very short. When he came out from the water, only the head was visible, like a low belly button, and he was married too! How can this is possible?”

All our other friends started to laugh, making lurid and nasty comments. I suddenly realised the man she described was me! And she continued describing the shrinking, the small balls, the other women’s derogatory glances at it, and small dick signs done behind my back. Then she asked the other girls what they thought, and she got this answer from my best friend’s fiancée (whom I fancied), “I can’t imagine how a man could walk around on a nudist beach with a little willy, like that one you described. Aren’t they ashamed? What are they trying to show, if they have nothing down there? Keep it covered and go away, do something else! And his wife? What can she feel, when they’re in bed fucking? Maybe they’re swingers or something like that. Maybe he was showing his tiny pee-pee to encourage other man with normal or big size cocks to approach his woman?”

My wife looked at me with a smile. Not an evil SPH smile, a ‘you’re welcome’ smile! I was so turned on! My wife has been able to ‘show and tell’ about my small dick to my friends, make them laugh at it, and obtain comments from the girl I fancy, making her ‘SPH’ me without knowing that she was even doing it! Could I have been more happy? But she didn’t stop there.

After some drinks, the talk returned back to nudist beaches, and the fiancée of my best friend asked us to go to holidays together next summer. “We could also go on a nudist beach together for some small-bird watching,” she said. (Here in Italy, ‘bird’ (uccello) is one of the many slang words for dick)

“That’s a good idea,” said my wife, then she looked at me and smiled.

Oh sweet panic, how do I get out of this one?


This reader also has a wife with a big mouth…

A few weeks ago, four of my wife’s friends were over and as the evening progressed, they were getting a bit drunk. I was there as our car had broken down that day so I had nowhere to go, and my wife asked me to help out a bit in the background.

As they poured out another bottle of wine, I heard the conversation turn to penis size generally and then of their men. I froze in horror as they each told about their husbands or boyfriends. The reason is that I’m small, just under four-inches erect and just under two-inches limp, and I didn’t want to hear my wife telling them this fact. Now, my wife has never complained about my size but I know I am small and sometimes when we are having sex, if I get really horny I start saying to her that I bet she’d like something bigger really, and that I’m not enough. Normally she just shrugs it off, but recently she actually said, “Yes, you’re right.” Her dirty talk made me cum pretty quickly!

I went upstairs to the bathroom for a minute, because I didn’t want to hear the conversation. As I reached the door, I heard my wife say something and then laughter from her friends. So I went into the bathroom and shut the door for a few minutes. As I came out, Hayley, one of my wife’s friends was standing there with a smirk on her face. She is very loud and self-confident with a body to match, and likes to wear skimpy tops and short skirts, with her big boobs straining through for all to see. It sounds good, but she’s a bit trashy for me.

“Is it true then?” she asked me, suppressing her laughter.

“Is what true?” I replied.

She waggled her little finger at me and said, “That you’re… erm… A little small down there?”

“That’s none of your business,” I replied like a hurt child.

Her smirk made me blush. “Sarah says you are,” she responded, and with that she added, “Let’s see shall we?” Suddenly, she pulled my jeans forward and thrust her hand down my pants and grabbed my limp dick and balls. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed wide-eyed. “It’s like a little boys dick!”

I replied in a hurt voice, “It’s not that small, and Sarah doesn’t mind…”

Haley wasn’t listening, though, running back down the stairs, she shouted, “Hey girls, you’ll never guess what?”

I turned and went to the bedroom and shut the door, locking it. Sitting on the bed I began to have an anxiety attack about what happened. I have never felt so embarrassed in all my life.


One reader discovers that sometimes it’s better not to ask…

When I was nineteen I was with this girl (Lisa) and pretty head over heels in love with her in that teen way. The relationship ended abruptly, though, and I was pretty devastated at the time. Lisa wouldn’t see me, return my calls, and I was left so confused as to why she dumped me. She didn’t even tell me in person, got her best-friend Mary to do it. A few weeks later, I met with a mutual friend (Kate) and agreed to drive her some place (I don’t remember where) and we started talking about the failed relationship on the trip. I asked her if Lisa had told her anything about why she dumped me. She told me there were a couple of reasons. Against my better judgement I asked what they were.

“First,” she said, “It was because you’re hairy.”


“Yeah… You know… Down there.”

She pointed to my groin, and I nodded. “Okay. That can’t be it surely. What else did she say?”

She started looking nervous, and said, “I shouldn’t tell you, Lisa told me in confidence.”

I insisted, saying, “I need to know, so I can move on. Lisa won’t speak to me and I don’t know why.”

She took a deep breath, and after some hesitation, said, “Lisa said the main reason she dumped you is that you have a really small penis. She said it isn’t like ‘smaller than average’ small, it’s like… ‘micropenis’ small. The tiniest dick she’s ever seen, even smaller than Luke’s.”

I felt so humiliated as Luke was fourteen at the time, and we drove the rest of the trip in a tense silence.


This reader reports yet another dating mishap…

I had been dating this girl, Catherine, for a few weeks but we had not slept together yet. There was a house party at the big shared house I lived in so I invited her. She had met most of my house mates before but had never been to my house. i was hoping that eventually during or after the party wound down i could entice Catherine to my room. As it turned out the party carried on into the wee hours and was showing very few signs of subsiding. Catherine was apparently still going strong but due to my excessive alcohol intake I was a bit worse for wear. I decided if I waited any longer i would be in no condition to fuck Catherine even if she did follow me to my up to my room. I found her happily socializing in the living room and whispered in her ear that I was going to my room and asked if she wanted to join me.

She told me to go ahead and she would come up after she went to the toilet. I stumbled up the stairs and the last thing I remember was starting to take my clothes off before suddenly awaking clad only in a t-shirt with sunlight pouring into my room. Catherine was not with me nor did I have a clue if she even came to my room at all. I was desperate for a piss and still only in my t-shirt I went down the hallway to the upstairs bathroom. I could hear the sound of the shower so knocked on the door shouting to whoever was in there that I needed to take a piss. A familiar voice shouted back. It was obviously Jeff the guy who had a bedroom adjacent to mine.

It was a mixed household, males, females, friends and acquaintances and i got on fairly well with most people there except for Jeff. He was a friend of a friend but we never really liked each other and barely tolerated each other in the household. it was not an acute animosity as we mostly just avoided each other . As far as socializing went we only did so whilst amongst mutual friends. Catherine would have met him a few times outside the house with or without me around but similar to me only amongst mutual friends.

Anyway I am dying for a piss and although there is another toilet downstairs I am desperate and only half-dressed. Jeff had previously shouted at me to use the other bathroom but since the door to this one was unlocked I burst in. Jeff at first ignored my intrusion and continued with his shower. I relieved myself then made the error of turning on the hot water tap to wash my hands. This immediately caused Jeff`s hot shower to suddenly run cold and he was not amused. He leapt out of the shower behind me just as I had opened the door to leave. He was angrily cursing me as he grabbed me from behind. We ended up in an awkward wrestling match that ended relatively quickly with me on my back on the bathroom floor and a naked Jeff perched on top of me with his knees pinning my arms to the floor.

At about the same time I noticed two things, one was Jeff`s very large flaccid penis dangling before my face, and the other was a stunned, shocked and somewhat bemused looking Catherine standing in the hallway looking in on us. I instantly realised that other than my apparent defeat in battle (which felt humiliating enough without her as a witness) she would also have a very clear view of my penis for the first time. I couldn’t cover up or flee and I felt extremely exposed as my tiny flaccid pee-pee lay open to her perusal. Even worse was it was also in direct comparison to the huge cock hanging mockingly before me between Jeff’s thighs. I mentally felt my already pathetic little penis shrivelling up under Catherine’s astonished gaze. Not an ideal way for a potential sex conquest to see my cock for the first time.

It was probably less than a minute since I realised Catherine was present but it seemed closer to an eternity before Jeff finally stood, and like some victorious and chivalrous knight, hauled me on to my feet as well. Catherine stood mutely in the hallway, a big smirk on her face as I scuttled past her to seek refuge in my room. A few weeks later Jeff started dating Catherine, and eventually they became a couple. I never dated Catherine again after the bathroom incident.


One reader shares an experience we should all learn from…

Some years ago, when I was single and not having much luck. One day, I got a text out of the blue. I didn’t know who it was, but the area code suggested it was local. The text claimed her name was Tiffany and that she went to the college I was attending. She had seen me there, and thought I was cute. So we started texting, and getting to know each other. Soon we planned a casual date, but when the time came something with her always came up. So I became impatient with her. One day she apologized, saying she’d make it up to me.

And she then sent me a picture of herself. Blonde hair, big boobs and a nice body. So she started talking about girls I’d been with, and from there things got more intense. She texted: How big is your dick?

I thought she’s a little assertive, but at the time I was desperate. Feeling embarrassed, I lied, and texted back: Seven inches. I felt that was big, yet still average.

She starts saying how turned on she was, and it was then I received another picture. It was a picture of her topless, exposing some nice perky yet big boobs. She texted: Now send me one of your big dick!

It was then I started thinking with my penis. I snapped a photo of my erect dick and sent it. Within. Few minutes she texted back: ROFLMAO! That’s barely even 4″. Pathetic!!!!!

I was shocked, and I didn’t even reply. (I should add I am actually four & three-quarter inches hard, not barely four) I felt humiliated. The next day, to make matters worse, I got another text the next day, it was Tiffany again. The text was an image of her with the bikini around her ankles, exposing this biggest dick I’ve seen, except for maybe porn movies. Under the picture read: I’m more man than you, loser!

I couldn’t believe it, Tiffany was a shemale. I’ve definitely learned my lesson about responding to strangers on the phone. Still to this day, I feel embarrassed about how stupid I was sending that picture. If you read this, don’t make my mistake.


One reader shares his first SPH experience…

So this is a true story that happened to me three years ago. I was nineteen and I had this friend who was sixteen. I always knew he had a big cock, so did he. He would always walk around naked, especially after showering. He would even go nude in front of other friends.

So this day we were alone, just me and him in front of his house as his parents were away. We saw this hot girl walking down the street alone, and my friend called her over and to our surprise she came to us, and we started talking. She was eighteen, and wanted to go to this concert that night. She told she was heading to the venue to see if there were any scalpers around selling tickets.

We started talking dirty to her and asked her to come inside the house with us. My friend told her we had a ticket to the show she wanted to go to, and he’d give it to her if she came inside. She refused for like three minutes, and then she came inside with us. As soon as we got inside the house, my friend told her he had changed his mind and it wouldn’t be fair if we gave her that ticket for nothing. So he went straight to the point and told her if she gave us a hand job, we would give her the ticket. Again she refused it for five minutes, like no we never talked about it, but then she accepted it.

I was kinda shy at that time, so my friend was doing all the talking. But I was already hard, and when she agreed to give both of us a hand job, we started taking our clothes off. Obviously she noticed the difference between our cocks immediately, and she was like, “Oh shit! The kid here has a bigger dick than you, and he’s still soft!”

She started inspecting my friends cock and she was amazed. She kept saying, “Damn, its huge. How can a kid have such a big cock? Doesn’t that embarrass you?”

I answered, “No, why should it?”

She said, “Well, look at his dick. It’s bigger and thicker than your cock, even when it’s soft.”

I asked, “Does it embarrass you?”

“No… It’s just funny,” she said.

Then she started stroking his cock, and said, “I want to see how long it is… Find me a measuring tape.”

She measured me hard, which was 11 cm (4.25 inches), and measured him soft which was 15 cm (5.75 inches). Then she kept stroking us till my friend got hard, and then she measured him again. It was 22 cm (8.75 inches). And she kept talking about the difference between our cocks. “Oh damn, I thought you would have a big cock, not this kid. Look, I can’t fit my hand around it… So fucking big!”

I blew my load first, and then watched her work my friends cock. He took a long time to cum, but blew the biggest load I’ve ever seen. When he told her he didn’t have a ticket really, she rolled her eyes and walked out of the house calling us both ‘cunts’ as she left.


One reader claims the school quarter back used him one day…

I was 18 and a senior in high school, and after the first high school football practice of the season, I was in the locker room waiting for everyone to finish dressing and leave, because I didn’t want to shower with the other guys, because I felt ashamed of the size of my little dick. I was a third string cornerback and rarely got to play because I was built like a twig. About 45 minutes later, it seemed like everyone had left so I hopped into the shower. The hot shower water felt so good, that soon I lost track of time and started fantasizing about a girl, Michelle, which I had a crush on.

The day dreaming was soon interrupted by the giggling of what seemed to be two girls, and the unmistaken voice of the star QB. “Don’t worry,” he told the girls, “It’s ok to come in, everyone has left already. Just wait here on these benches while I quickly get changed.”

I froze, as I realized that I left my towel by the lockers. Not only that, I realized that I had a little erection from fantasizing about Michelle. I quickly decided that I’d stay as quiet as possible and hope they would all leave soon. A second later, however, I heard bare footsteps coming around the corner into the shower. There was the star quarterback standing in the entrance of the showers, and the first thing I noticed was his big cock. It looked about 6 inches long, and he was still flaccid. To my horror, I realized that my little dick was standing straight up as I was staring, engrossed, at his huge cock. “Well, well, what do we have here…,” He cooed, “…Been doing some jerking off in the showers? Have you?”

I stammered incoherently in reply. He noticed my tiny erection: “What the fuck, dude, you like looking at my cock? Do you like guys? Are you a queer?”

Again, I stammered incoherently, but I meant to say “no”. He walked over to me and grabbed me by my hair, and to my horror, I realized he was pulling my head down to his magnificent manhood. “If you like my cock so much, why don’t you show me how much you like it?”

“Please…No…” I stammered, as my face was just inches from his cock, which started to harden and slowly grow in size.

He grabbed his cock with his other hand and slapped the end against my cheek. He yelled, “Well, bitch, what are you waiting for, show me what you really want!”

For some reason, through the fear, I felt strangely aroused by the humiliation as my little dick began twitching with excitement. I submissively opened my trembling mouth. He slapped my cheek with his monster cock, once again and then shoved it into my waiting mouth. He growled, “That’s right, bitch, you know you want it!”

Instinctively I began sucking his cock like I had done it many times before. In fact, this was my first sexual experience of any kind. Any knowledge of sucking cock I gained from the hours of porn I had watched each evening while jerking my little dick at home. “You like sucking cock, don’t you, you little bitch?” He yelled as he forcefully pulled me by the hair sliding my mouth around his huge shaft.

He pulled his cock, which had grown to at least 9 inches by now, out of my mouth and whacked me across the face. He yelled at me, “When I ask a question, you reply. Understand, bitch?”

“Yes,” I stammered meekly.

“That is a yes ‘SIR’ for you, bitch,” he said, as he whacked me across my face with his huge cock again.

My little dick was so hard at this point that it was standing almost straight up as he shoved his huge cock back in my mouth. “You fucking little dick bitch, suck my cock good,” he mumbled as he started fucking my face. He pulled out again after about a minute of face fucking, slapped me across the face with his cock again and told me to beg for his cock. I stammered without replying at which point he shoved his balls into my face. “Lick my nut sack, bitch,” he commanded.

I did as I was told, and still my little dick was betraying my real feeling as it stood as erect as it could be. He yelled, “Beg me for you to suck my cock, and don’t make me tell you twice!”

“Please… Let me suck your cock,” I stammered in reply.

“What?” He replied.

“Please let me suck your magnificent cock, sir”, I exclaimed.

“That’s better, bitch.”

The next few minutes he spent face fucking me, having his balls licked and sucked and slapping me in the face with his huge cock, each time making me beg him to further humiliate me. Finally, he exclaimed “Now, beg for my hot cum, you little fucking bitch!”

“Please, sir, please spray your hot cum all over my face. Please use me like a little bitch and shoot it all over me.” I begged.

No sooner had I finished asking for his cum as he emptied his balls right on my face. The first shot hit me right in my left eye, the second string of cum landed in my ear, after which he just drenched my face with his cum. He then proceeded to just slap me with his cock. “What do you say, bitch?”

“Thank you, sir.” I submissively replied.

The whole episode seemed to go by so fast, and I barely realized what I was doing, as I sat there, on my knees in the middle of the showers with a load of cum on my face and in my hair about 5 times the size I had ever managed to produce, when I realized, in horror, two girls standing at the entry of the showers. Michelle and her best friend Anna were standing there, and staring in amazement and disgust at the scene before them.


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