Her Little Cheat Code

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By twiddershins

Tonight Will thought he was finally getting lucky, but his girlfriend had her own plan. They had dated for three months and he’d spent every night so far back in his own bed jerking off his little penis to the thought of her curvaceous tits and ass, yearning to feel her dick-sucking lips on his (let’s be honest) genuinely disappointing barely four and three-quarter inch erection. Will was a skinny, cute, shy boy, almost as short as Christina, and she loved using her sexy body to tease him. Little did Willy know, his first handjob from Christina was just the start of her plan to change his life and make him hers!

She’d invited him to her place plenty of times. Like most twenty year olds, they played video games together all the time on her couch. She thought he was so cute when he couldn’t beat a level and he’d have to hand the controller over and get her to do it. Sometimes she even made him beg for her masterful playing skills.

Tonight was different, though. Tonight their relationship made it to the final level: Christina’s bed. She had a special cheat code up her sleeve that would guarantee Will would stay around and she’d still get all the big dick from real men she wanted.

At first the couple just laid together, nervously touching each other. All the lights were still on. Will didn’t know Christina had taken five men in here since she officially started dating him. He would have to get used to it.

Christina caressed her boyfriend’s stiff, miniature bulge through his shorts, but still played coy. He had to want it, not just “it” sex, but his new place in her life. And to get that…

“I wanna see you get naked, first,” Chrissy told her shy boyfriend.

So he did. Will laid on his back and his virgin hard-on poked into the air, quivering in adorable excitement. Christina’s eyes went wide at just how little it looked, but instead of saying anything that came to her mind at first, she covered her mouth. Will could still see she was smiling widely behind her hand, but he just thought his girlfriend was really horny.

Chrissy dove forward, straddled on top of her cute boyfriend, and whispered into his ear. “Why don’t you give me a minute to get something… special… for us.”

“O-okay,” Will stuttered. He felt hot all over. His mind felt like it was slipping away. He would have done anything she asked!

So she ducked into the bathroom. On the way, she turned off the bedroom light. Will reached out a hand shaky with anticipation to turn on a lamp on her nightstand. His girlfriend came back into the bedroom a minute later, totally naked, giggly, and eager, hiding something behind her back. Her blond curls and big, round tits bounced as she hopped excitedly. She quickly put whatever she was hiding onto her nightstand, then flopped onto the bed and pressed her thighs against Will’s hard dick. Their naked bodies touched. Will felt how really little he was, but tried to ignore it.

Will wanted to ask if it would it feel so small every time they had sex, but he asked what was on the nightstand, instead, squirming to try to see what Christina put on the nightstand.

Suddenly, his girlfriend’s expression became serious: not the answer he’d expected. She pulled him into her. Her boyfriend winced at his petiteness against her hot, nude, curvaceous body. Wrapped in each other’s arms with the heat of their nudity against each other, she looked him in the eye and said, “It gets bigger, right?”

“N-n… no,” Will whined. He wanted to ask if his size was okay, but it came out, “Will you still touch it?”

Christina giggled. “Awww… sure, honey.”

She wrapped her fingers around Willy’s willy, then her hand. The throbbing head of his teeny pecker peeked out past her fist. She tried to stroke it hard, just going at it, but then her hand slipped off it… once, twice. To compensate, she just started squeezing his dick, gripping and ungripping until she reassured herself it really was completely erect. Then she made itty bitty half-inch strokes with her clenched fist, testing how much space she had.

Up. Up. Down. Down.

Will had already flipped onto his back and had his eyes closed, neck arching back against a pillow in ecstasy at his girlfriend’s touch. Christina sighed and broke the news to him.

“Other guys are all waaaaaay bigger than this.”

One might think a man would get mad and explode at either parts of the news she’d just dropped, but Will just laid there with his eyes open, staring at her, shocked, but turned on and still wanting, needing. His naked shoulders trembled.

“We’re gonna have to step up your game…” Christina purred.

“H-h-how do you mean?” It was getting hard for Will to make any words at all. He squirmed in his girlfriend’s grip, but there was no escape. “What do you mean, other guys?”

“You weren’t fucking me for three months, what was I supposed to do?” She frowned. “Maybe with this we can make you big?”

“With wha-”

Will’s hot blonde girlfriend reached back to the nightstand and there was a clicking, squishing noise. Her hand returned to his cock, covering it in slippery, cold lotion.

William hummed to himself in contentment. Christina took that as her cue to go faster.

“Ooh, you like that, huh?” she asked. Her grip tightened around him as he grew slipperier and harder to keep in her hand. “Poor, little guy… you’ve never had a big dick before. Awww, he doesn’t know what it’s wike…”

There was no way her boyfriend could resist. His face flushed with blood and his whole body started quivering in orgasmic need. He could barely talk, had his head back and eyes closed in shameful ecstasy so that he didn’t even see her bringing out the ruler.

“Four and a half inches… aww, you wish you could get up to 5 inches, don’tcha little guy? You can do it!”

“I… I can get… I… thought…”

“Don’t worry,” Chrissy said with a pout. “We’ll get your li’l guy all big…” She twisted her hands on his dick, left-right, left-right.

Will could already feel his cream churning up intolerably inside him. He gritted his teeth. There was no way he could resist her.

She sped up. “Aww, he doesn’t wanna BE A TEENY WEENY, does he?”

And Will came even slightly before she said “teeny-weeny,” shooting up high and nearly splattering his girlfriend’s face. This genuinely shocked Christina! She gasped and laughed as her boyfriend’s cum started to pool on his cute, wiggling, naked body.

“You’ll get it bigger next time, right?” Already she was pumping more lotion into her hand. One squirt. Two squirts. Three. Four. She covered her hands, drenched them with it.

“I-I’m sorry.” Will exhaled. His hands found his forehead and his eyes closed. “It’s usually bigger. I guess I’m just… nervous. You look-” Again he thought of how tiny he’d felt against her body. His groin muscles shivered. “My god, you’re so fucking hah- hey!”

Already Chrissy had started jerking him off again. She was using just her thumb and forefinger to pull on his flaccid, slippery, two-inch (ish!) penis.

“I wish I hadn’t put so much lotion on my hands when I just need it on my fingers,” Chrissy lamented. Then she laughed. “But it looks like you’re gonna need it ALL!” And she laughed some more.


Will sat up. His hot, blond girlfriend jacking him off with a smile captivated him completely, but his eyes strayed just once and caught the label on the bottle of lotion: “PENIS ENLARGEMENT CREAM.”

Christina kept laughing, even (especially!) when Will started groping at her tits and ass like a horny teenager and he got hard again between her fingers. She started using a third finger, going faster and faster.

Chrissy couldn’t stop laughing, this was hilarious to her! She threw her head back and laughed wholeheartedly until her sides ached. The walls were thin and the neighbors almost definitely heard, but Chrissy’s little man reassured himself that all they would know was that something over here was really funny.

“I’m… glad we’re doing this,” Will whispered.

“Oh, we’re doing SOMETHING about your wee wittle Willy, Willy!” Christina shouted, neighbors or none. She was really getting into it. She started beating her boyfriend off with her whole hand, hiding his tiny, hard dickie inside her clenched fist, pumping him furiously.

“I… I…”

“You what?”

“I love you!” her boyfriend blurted.

Chrissy slowed down her pace, clenched her grip. “Say it again.”

“I love you.” Will blushed. “I’m glad we’re doing this. Grow my dick, make it big… I… am more than my decimal…”

Christina wondered where that last utterance came from. She figured it was probably some sort of mantra they teach at inspirational seminars for small dick men. Ooh, the poor boy! Chrissy consulted her ruler again. “Honey… what decimal? You can’t even make it up to four…”


Before Willy could protest, Christina flipped the ruler around so her boyfriend could see in undeniable numbers how adorable his puny peener looked. His pinky pecker throbbed cutely under her tongue, “Ooo! Trying to be so big, straining to make it up to four inches, but coming up just a teensy bit short… Truly a teeny-weeny bit short!”

Christina ran her tongue over the head, but before her boyfriend could warn her, he dug the back of his head into his pillow and blew his load again.

“He has a surprisingly big load for such a fun-sized wee wee!” Chrissy thought. Ever-talented, she caught it all in her mouth, spat it back onto his balls, and kept on fondling her adorably pathetic boyfriend until his dick was coated wet with his own semen and the pretty-smelling lotion for girlie, little dicks that need to be “bigger.”

Will started trying to go soft again, but Chrissy wouldn’t let him. She reached for the bottle again, urgently, sloppily pumping a puddle of it into her hands. One pump, two, three, four, five, six… “We’re gonna need as much as we can get, huh, baby?” As an afterthought she whispered sweetly, adding, “BabyDICK.”

“W- it’s… it was my second time,” Will reasoned aloud. “I… must be getting tired. I can’t… I can’t get it as big…”

But she dumped the puddle of lotion all over his stubby, little nub. She made a peace sign with her fingers and gripped his pecker between them. She pumped them up and down his entire lack of length without moving her wrist. Still, she wouldn’t give up. “We’ll get it even bigger. You can do it!”

Chrissy’s boyfriend just laid there panting, blushing, and writhing in pleasure under her horny, sensual ministrations.

“Mmm…” Christina hummed at her lil cutie of a boyfriend in her most audibly sultry tone. “Somebody likes his lotion, I think!”

He was almost completely hard again. Will peeked up from his pillow… but he didn’t look at his gorgeous, sexy girlfriend. His eyes fixed one last time on the lotion bottle, glistening wet. The sticker saying “ENLARGEMENT” had peeled off and slid onto the night stand in a soapy stream. He read the true label: “PENIS SHRINKING CREAM.”

Most would imagine a man might be angry, might even try to hurt someone. Not so. Will had just had orgasm after orgasm. He could hardly lift a finger. Instead, his shock and disbelief built all up in him and he just looked timid and vulnerable like he might cry.

“It’s… it’s not true,” he said. “This isn’t real. Is this really real…?”

“For real.” Christina said, pressing her ruler to his itty bitty erection. Then she went “Oh!” and covered her mouth in shock. “Shit!” She put on her serious face, looked her little boyfriend in the eye, challenging him to protest with any other number. “Three inches.”

He looked shocked, in terrified awe, for just a second. As it sank in, all he said was, “I love you.”

Christina crawled up her boyfriend’s soft, hairless chest and rested her brow on his. “I love you, too, sweetie. You’re my little guy. Babydick.” She kissed her boyfriend; he returned her kiss and moaned approvingly like a sissy. “But you know I need a bigger man to be happy. You want me to be happy, don’t you? Little Willy?”

He kissed her again. The deal was as good as done. From then on, Christina would have sex with whoever she wanted, and her cute, Little Willy would follow her every command.

The End.

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