Denise Humiliates Me: Part 1

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By Tcs1956

I found pictures of my wife Denise, with other men. LOTS of other men! I had no idea she was fucking around.

When I confronted her about her infidelity, she laughed at me and said “Honestly, did you think that I was going to be satisfied with YOUR puny little dick? I can’t even call it a cock!”

Denise never did call it a cock, she always referred to it as a “little dick”. When she talked about her many ex-lovers, she talked about their “cocks”.

Facing the reality of my size, or lack thereof, I sheepishly begged her not to leave me.

Denise was my fourth wife and I did NOT want to lose her. She was such a total hot and sexy woman. I knew that she had been promiscuous before I met her. Hell, she practically raped me on our first date, so I should have known that she would eventually fuck around on me. She was dating a married man when I met her.

I should have known also that my size would be a problem when on that first date she reached into my pants and said “Are you serious? With that deep voice of yours, I figured you’d be 20 inches long!”

Then she laughed but she continued aggressively disrobing me and jumping right into the steamy sex.

So now I was squirming and begging Denise not to leave me. I acted like such a wimp. I promised to do anything it took to make her happy, if she just wouldn’t leave me.

Denise left the room and then came back about 30 minutes later with a piece of paper and a pen.

She said “Read this and sign it and I don’t want to hear any argument. Just do as your told.”

Denise made me sign a contract stating that she could have any lovers she wanted, male or female, any time she dictated and in exchange, she agreed to tell me every detail about every one of them.

The contract went on to say that if she decided, I might be allowed to participate from time to time, but I was not allowed to climax no matter what.

The kicker of this deal was this; I was NEVER allowed to have ANY sexual relations with any women. I was to be totally subservient to her and I was never allowed to have any sex without her permission…or orders. I was not even allowed to masturbate or cum without her clear permission.

I signed it without hesitation. I felt like such a loser and my little dicklette was as hard as a rock!

Denise laughed out loud at how hard my dick was just from the thought of her totally controlling my sex life.

She said “Oh MY! I’ve never seen him this hard before! Let’s measure him right now.”

She got the tape measure and said “I bet he’s nearly four inches long right now!”

She measured it twice and couldn’t stop laughing. She made me measure it too…from the bottom. The longest measurement either one of us could come up with was just barely three inches.

The next day Denise signed us up as members in a swingers club, The Pleasure Palace in Tampa. It was a really sexy place! We ended up going there a lot. She was “A-Dick-ted” as Denise would say.

I was ordered to escort her to the club and then sit and watch as she danced and teased tons of other men. I had to keep her and her dates in drinks and do whatever else she told me to do.

Denise and quite a few men flirted and drank for about an hour and a half that first night. She was rubbing their cocks under the table and on the dance floor, OMG her ass was magic as she rubbed it over their stiff cocks! Denise had chosen to wear a leopard print sheer dress with no bra and no panties. Watching her body shake under the sheer fabric had me crazy with lust. I was SO proud to know that the sexy slut on that dance floor was MY wife!

There were so many guys dancing with her and feeling her up, reaching under her dress right there on the dance floor. I was SO proud of my sexy wife! Everybody wanted a piece of MY wife! I was the luckiest man in the house!

Did I mention that Denise is beautiful too? Five foot two and eyes of blue. Blonde hair. 36C tits. A thick but hot 34 inch waste. Her big firm ass was about a 40 I guess. Big ass, but high and tight, not an ounce of fat on this thick MILF. She was 44 years old at the time. I was 10 years older. Most of the guys rubbing all over her in the club were no older than 30. Several of the guys she fucked in the coming years were a LOT younger than that too! (A LOT younger). Denise is the perfect Cougar!

When she was ready, we went to the nude sections of the club. There were several theme rooms and a big section with lots of furniture where about 50 naked people were sprawled about doing every conceivable sex act.

I was ordered to stay naked so that Denise and all of her friends could point and laugh at my tiny dick whenever it amused her to do so.

The men with the really big dicks got a kick out of fucking my wife right in front of me.

She really enjoyed looking me in the eye while she was sucking them that first night. I don’t know how many she tasted. She kept pulling my face closer and closer to hers until all I could smell was the pungent aroma of hot cocks on her breath. She loved kissing me after she had sucked other men and I must admit, it was a giant turn-on for me too!

She then rudely pushed me aside and began fucking first one man and then another. I have no idea how many but there were several. They seemed to hopping on and off of her like rabbits. I had never seen her so happy. I was never more in love with her either.

She looked me in the eyes and said “Don’t you go anywhere. I want you to see how good a real man makes me feel. I want you to see this look on my face because you can never put it there. It takes a MAN to make a woman feel like this.”

Pretty soon…like the second time we went there, she was ordering me to suck cocks for her and she was taking pictures of me doing it.

She put the pics of me on a CD and mailed one to each of her sisters and her niece AND HER MOTHER!

She told them all that she had found these gay photos of me on my cell phone and That I am a closet gay…”probably because he can’t possibly satisfy a woman anyway.”

They all got online and laughed and laughed with each other while looking at my tiny dick photos.

She told all the girls to feel free to show them to their friends or put them online or whatever they wanted. She wanted me humiliated as much as possible.

They all told her that they felt so sorry for her and they encouraged her to go out and find some “real” men!

They laughed at how I looked so natural with a “REAL” man’s cock in my mouth.

They said that I must be really good at sucking cock since I was obviously NO good for fucking!

Actually that is pretty much factual. I have gotten VERY good at cocksucking over the years and at pleasing men. But even Denise said that my oral talents on her pussy were WAY superior to any woman or man who had ever eaten her pussy. But she wouldn’t dare tell her family that. LOL.

As crazy as it sounds though, I get SO freaking excited when I get totally humiliated like that.

I can’t explain it, but I love to be dominated by a beautiful sexy, powerful woman. I can’t seem to tell them “No”. The woman’s pleasure is all that matters to me…no matter what they want.

Denise and I are no longer married, but we still talk and meet up once in a while. She still takes great pleasure in humiliating me when she gets the opportunity. And I still love her dearly.

I can never thank Denise enough for making me the man I am today. Take that any way you want…

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  • sissy-glenda Walker

    VERY Hott!! i would LOVE to be Her sissy-hubby…tee hee…(i cannot wait to read the other chapters}!!


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