Tiny Tam’s SPH – Swim Team Version (Gay SPH)

By charmer949.

My name is Tam. And my penis is humiliatingly small. Perhaps my tiny tool somehow followed their expectations since my parents were expecting a girl (they were planning to name me Tamara).

I am a collegiate swimmer with an athletic body, a hot girlfriend…and a very small penis. I’ve been relentlessly teased and humiliated about my inferior dick’s size. I can’t even use the word small around the team; I must say tiny.

My nickname among the boys is Tiny or Tiny Tam.

Have you heard of the toilet roll test?

You put your dick inside the tube, and at least the head is supposed to stick out of the other end. The cardboard tube is like four inches.

When I was still trying to claim my dick was just a bit small, the boys didn’t have it. They could see my minuscule bump in my speedo. The fellas challenged me to the toilet roll test to finally set me straight. Everyone on the swim team dropped drawers. One by one, each and every soft dick poked through the toilet paper tube, with even the shortest ones coming out the other side.

A couple of guys were so huge their girth prevented them from even sliding their cock in, but their length was so impressive, it wasn’t necessary.

I failed miserably. Brad had to use the flashlight on his phone to attempt to see anything in the dark tunnel.

Then the situation got worse.

“Go beat it in the bathroom to get it hard,” Clarence told me.

I was mortified and didn’t know how to respond, so I followed his orders.

When I returned to the room for round two of the test, the tip of my hard tiny penis was nowhere near visible.

Even fully erect, I lived up to my Tiny Tam moniker. As it turns out, I’m not even three inches on my best day.

It’s even tinier the first thing in the morning when waking up or after a swim in a cold pool. My little dick is smaller than my thumb in both length and girth.

It’s hard to hide how tiny your penis is when you wear Speedos in front of a crowd. For a while now, I’ve felt like everyone in the audience knew why I was called Tiny. If they weren’t sure, I owned a micro dick. The whispers confirmed it.

It’s even harder to avoid the humiliation of being smaller than just about every other male on the planet.

And I’m smaller than plenty of women, too. Every trans woman I’ve seen online has had a bigger dick than me. Really embarrassing.

I can see why it’s called small penis humiliation. It’s for a good reason.

Does it make sense for a person with a small penis not to be teased, humiliated, and regularly reminded of how useless their sex organ is?

Because a micropenis is pretty useless.

I’ve learned–and had it driven home–that humiliation and a tiny penis are inseparable topics. They are completely intertwined. There is no escape hatch from embarrassment and small penis humiliation–sph, the internet calls it; even for an athletic dude with a hot girlfriend.

Until my freshman year in college, I attempted to keep the debate alive. That I wasn’t that small. Then I was clearly taught how futile and actually downright silly it was to discuss, argue even, how intercourse with a little penis can be just as satisfying as a fuck with a huge cock.

I got a serious lesson from the swim team boys. It started with a hard and thorough butt spanking. Team captain Brad was sick of hearing me attempt to justify the worth of my tiny dick. He said others were tired of it, too. We were in the locker room after practice when I got caught with my pants down. Man, did the boys get a good laugh when they saw my shriveled little shaved penis.

My pubic hair was always so sparse and fine that I started shaving it off. I was hoping my small dick…oops, sorry…I hoped my tiny penis would look at least a little bigger sans pubic hair. Plus, the fine hairs made me look pubescent.

Brad ordered me over his knee and said he wouldn’t stop spanking me until I admitted my penis was tiny. I needed to ask everyone on the team to call me tiny and that I could only refer to my penis as tiny.

This was one of my many small penis humiliation experiences.

I’d seen Brad spank other team members for poor performance. He was captain. So, after turning three shades of red, I draped myself over his lap.

As was his custom with spankings, naked butt cheeks were required.

All the guys were suppressing giggles. My tiny penis tried to hide its head–in embarrassment–in my nut sack, making me almost look uncircumcised–I’m not. I just wanted to finish it, so I began blurting out everything that was expected of me.

“My name is Tam, and I have a small penis!”

Whack, whack.


Whack, Whack.


Whack, Whack.

Dang, this hurt way more than I thought it would. Brad is really strong and has large hands.

What happened next surprised both Brad and me. Thank goodness no one else noticed. My tiny penis got an erection. I don’t know why, as I certainly wasn’t enjoying this. All I could figure was that Brad’s firm shaved swimmer legs snuggly trapped my little penis, and with each butt smack, it forced my pelvis down. It was almost like I was humping his smooth legs. Well, I was. Of course, not on purpose.

“Oh…Please…Stop…” I pleaded, “I’ll…Say…Anything!”

Whack, Whack.

The boys all hooted for Brad to continue. Everyone–but me–was having a good time. I saw one of our gay team members rubbing his large cock through his speedos. I do have a nice butt but geez.

I was shocked at what happened next. I came. I freakin’ spurted goo all over Brad’s legs. Damn it.

Brad actually spanked me even harder when I came. I think it was his non-verbally stating that this wasn’t okay. It was disrespectful.

Again, no one else noticed. At least, that’s what I thought. I could tell Brad was bothered that I came. Still, he didn’t intend to further humiliate me by telling anyone. He tried to nonchalantly remove any proof of my violation by grabbing a nearby swimming towel (towels were always on benches everywhere).

Locker room spankings were forbidden discussions, so I couldn’t tell my hot girlfriend. Still, my small penis humiliation wasn’t over…yet.

Brad told me after practice privately that he was sorry he didn’t stop spanking me when I admitted my shortcomings. And that he’d keep the secret of me being gay until I said otherwise.

“Uh, I’m not gay,” I meekly responded.

“Oh, okay. I’m not, either. But you got turned on by my body and came on my leg. You DO know that there has to be a consequence for that, right?”

I was afraid to speak.

Clarence was in the doorway and spoke for me.

“The consequence is to prove it. Every dude I’ve ever seen with a puny penis turns out to be some kind of a sissy who gets off from humiliating gay submission? Are you like that, Tam?'”

Fuck, how long has Clarence been standing there?

“Clarence, I like girls; I’m not gay.”

“Right,” he said mockingly. “You came on Brad’s leg. That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Sorry, Tam. But if you’re not gay, your consequence for your violation is to prove it by sucking my cock and staying soft.”

Oh, shit. Oh, sh…IT! All I could think was, “What if I am?”

“Then you suck Clarence’s cock; he likes that sorta thing.”

“Brad, I swear. I’m not gay. Ask my hot girlfriend.”

“If I asked her how much you liked strapon anal sex? What would she say?”

I blushed profusely, wondering how in the fuck would Brad even know to ask that?

We were in a bit of a standoff. The three of us just stood there with emotions rising. It felt like a freshman hazing–like I’d read about–was about to happen, and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

“So, are you ready to resolve your violation? You came on my leg. That’s really NOT okay. Though I take responsibility for misgauging how turned on you’d get. I didn’t know you were gay. So, who are you getting on your knees for? Is it gonna be Clarence? Or is it gonna be me?”

“Do you mean right now?” I asked meekly.

My legs started to tremble; I think it was nerves. I couldn’t speak, so I just knelt in front of Brad to prove I wasn’t gay.

They both started laughing. I didn’t understand. Did I miss a joke?

After what seemed like a minute of silence–though it was probably only 15 seconds–Brad spoke.

“I told you I’m not gay. You get to suck off Clarence. You just choose by getting on your knees. Now get your speedos off. We’ve got to see if you stay soft…like you claim you will.

While I slipped out of my swimsuit–the only article of clothing left on my near-naked frame–Clarence came over and stood with his sizable speedo bulge an inch from my nose.

“I don’t know what to do,” I whined.

“Start by pulling down my trunks.”

This was really humiliating. Pull down a dude’s trunks while on my knees, looking right at his crotch. Even worse was that his cock started to get hard, and he actually bitch slapped my face. At the same time, it sprung free from the tight polyester and lycra spandex confinement.

Now I hadn’t mentioned that Clarence is black because, up to now, it was irrelevant. But to describe what I was about to put my lips around requires adding this information.

Clarence’s coal, black cock was veiny and huge. The cock head was a lighter shade. I could imagine the pleasure a guy with a tool like that could provide to a woman who wanted to be properly penetrated. I’ve attempted and failed intercourse with my tiny penis a few times; I’m mostly unable to get in, and when I did, I slipped right back out. A vagina can be so firm inside.

“I don’t know how to do this,” I said in my last attempt to get out of this.

“Just work it the same way you suck your hot girlfriend’s dildo before she fucks your ass.”

I don’t know if it was recalling how good she felt inside me or the image of me getting ready for her with my mouth, but when Clarence said that, it made my tiny penis twinge. A little bead of semen rose through my tiny shaft and appeared at the tip of my little dickhead.

I desperately hoped I wasn’t getting turned on. And how would Clarence know to say that about my hot girlfriend?

“Quite stalling. Put your mouth on it. I’m sure you can figure it out. I haven’t cum in weeks. So, it won’t take long.”

“And if I stay soft, it proves I’m not gay, and we all move on and forget about this, right?” I asked before engulfing as much of Clarence’s impressive cock in my mouth as much as I possibly could.

(I shouldn’t have brought this up. I don’t know why I did. It just magnified my small penis humiliation.)

“Yup. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay. Nobody cares. We’re just doing this for you. But I suppose if you get a little woody, then you’ll learn that maybe you DO like cock. Certainly, your ass does.”

Brad, who’d been quiet this whole time, added, “Most small-dicked men have a submissive side and a sissy fetish. And they subconsciously want to be humiliated into serving men. Especially men with large cocks. It’s called penis-envy.”

I tried to imagine what I would want if I got a blow job. I lightly worked my tongue on the underside of Clarence’s huge black cock while I gently stroked the shaft.

“Put your hands behind your back. Mouth only,” Clarence ordered.

His cock was warm in my mouth. Even though I never imagined I’d be sucking a cock in college–let alone my freshman year–here I was. I didn’t expect any connection or enjoyment from giving my first blow job. Yet, my little penis began to send lubricant drops to the surface in two-minute intervals. And against my better judgment, tiny Tam had a tiny hard-on.

Clarence began to take advantage of me. He saw my little woody and wanted to exploit my sexual excitement. He proceeded to pull his large, rock-hard cock out of my mouth and bitch slap my face with it. Then he turned around, grabbed my head firmly in both his hands, and centered it so my mouth was directly in contact with his butt hole.

Its musky smell was no different than many of the women’s anuses I’ve rimmed. I like to lick butt holes, so I guess it wasn’t unexpected that he turned me on.

I unconsciously started to stroke my little hard shaft. I always do that when I lick a woman’s butt hole. My brain didn’t know the difference. A butt hole doesn’t have a gender. Fuck. I was turned on. Downright horny. And Brad & Clarence were enjoying my submission.

“Look at Tam. He is stroking his tiny penis while he sucks your ass,” Brad announced.

Clarence looked down at me on my knees between his legs.

“We shouldn’t allow this; put your hands behind your back.” Clarence countered and knocked my hand away from stroking my little shaft.

“You need sissy stimulation?” Clarence asked rhetorically as he reached down to manipulate each nipple with a thumb and an index finger.

A regretful muffled moan slipped out of my mouth from behind my butt-cheek, smothered face. I couldn’t help it. It felt good. My nipples are erogenous zones.

I reached around and grabbed Clarence’s massive tool in my hand and started stroking it while I firmed up my tongue and tried to penetrate his anus.

“Whoa, whoa!” Clarence pulled away. “Easy, boy.”

“Sorry, Sorry!”

“It’s okay. Open your mouth real wide.”

I did.

“Now tell me you WANT to suck my cock.”

I paused.

“Say it. Say you want it. Cuz you know you do.”

“I want to suck you off. Please cum in my mouth,” I said.

Now why did I have to go and add the ‘cum in my mouth’ part? I was so embarrassed I couldn’t look at Clarence when I said it and ended up looking at Brad.

“Are you asking me?” Brad shot right back, staring me down.

“Oops,” I said. “Clarence, I want to suck off Clarence.”

I thought I didn’t want to suck off anybody, but I wanted to get this over with that I’d have sucked just about anything.

It was go-time. Clarence placed each of his large, strong hands behind each of my ears and rocked my head firmly on and off his massive, ebony cock. My mouth was his pussy. He gently yet firmly fucked my face. He was using my mouth for his pleasure.

Brad was purposely teasing me about being a sissy with a tiny penis who compensates for my shortcomings by sucking dick and taking hard fake cock up my ass.

My tiny penis was so turned on I thought I might have an orgasm.

The pressure from the hard floor on my perineum created a build-up of pressure in my puny shaft. I’d produced a sizable wet pool of semen from leakage that had my tiny stiff shaft gliding and sliding around on the floor.

Even though Clarence was fully fucking my mouth, I still added to his pleasure by moving my tongue around on the underside of his impressive cock. I mean, fuck, I needed him to cum before I did. I didn’t want to cum (again) in front of them. That would be mortifying. Being so visibly turned on was bad enough; this experience would be hard to deny. Like, what am I gonna say to my hot girlfriend?

And then it happened. He happened. Cum happened. Lots of it. Clarence said he hadn’t cum in weeks. I guess that contributed to his sperm production. I couldn’t ‘see’ the volume but could measure it in swallows. I’ve never cum like that. Spurt after spurt blasted the back of my mouth. They were like snot loogies, and they just kept coming and coming. I timed each swallow with each spurt. It was like chugging a beer, only I was chugging small chunks of sperm.

If there was anything redeeming for me in all of this, I didn’t cum. Thank gawd.

I did race home to rub one out. I just had to release the tension. It only took several two-finger strokes (my thumb and index finger cover my shaft). I came so fast, standing in my bathroom, that I stuck out my left hand to catch the mess. When I was done, I looked down at my load and brought it to my nose. My sperm smelled just like Clarence’s. I don’t know why, but I bit into the pool for a little taste.

It seemed like I was humiliating my small penis when I suddenly tipped my head back and let my cum drip into my mouth. Oh well, I thought, no one has to know I just ate my cum. Even my hot girlfriend. But I sure was confused. And horny.

I wonder what swim practice will be like tomorrow?


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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