Tiny John 2

By JessieOye.

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Near the end of my ‘relationship’ with Meagan, I thought I was on top of the world. Summer was here. The school was relatively close to being over. I had a girlfriend who seemed to be really into sex, even though we weren’t really given many chances to act on it. And best of all, she knew how to push my buttons just the right way. But as happy as I was, I got completely blindsided by her. The irony of it is that I’m now in an open relationship, but at the time, I felt her cheating betrayed on me.

It all happened at a party at one of our friend’s place. It meant to be a blowout for us seniors. But, unfortunately, some of us were old enough to buy booze (18 where I lived), so it was the perfect storm for teens our age to make lots of mistakes.

When we got there, Meagan was eagerly pulling me along. She seemed excited to be at her first party. We walked into the house, the door half open and music blaring in the basement. It was one of those houses where the stairs to the basement are in the entranceway. I remember thinking for a second it’d be the easiest robbery job. If someone wanted to grab a free tv or anything upstairs, absolutely everyone was downstairs, and upstairs was pitch black with no supervision.

We walked downstairs together and had a few people check us out to see whoever joined the party before going back to whatever they were doing. Then, finally, the host, TJ (everyone called him TJ, but his name was Terry Johnson or something), came and greeted us half drunk. He told us to grab a beer and hang out before stumbling away.

I looked around at what was going on. Some guys were playing some Xbox, a couple of others were gaming on computers, a large group of guys and a few girls seemed to be hanging around in a separate room sitting on a bed cheering at what I later found out was some porn pay-per-view.

“Ooh, beer!” Meagan seemed to find the stash right away. She pulled away from me and went to grab some. I just awkwardly walked around for a few seconds, finally coming up to the couch where the small group of guys played some shooter game. I saw some girl passed out already, slumped on the couch.

“Hey, how’s it going, guys.”

“Yo, John. You want a – YO! FUCK YOU, JESSIE!” Some guy started, but I guess he got killed by someone. The other guy was laughing hysterically.

“Here.” Meagan came up behind me and gave me a beer.

“Thanks, babe.” She just smiled and cuddled for a second. She watched the guys playing Xbox for a second, but we were both bored pretty quickly.

“Hey Jessie, where are all the girls?” Meagan asked one of them.

“Oh yeah, uh, try TJ’s bedroom.” He pointed to some room with a closed door.

She half chuckled at me. “Well, TJ must be one lucky dude.” She joked in a half-whisper to me before heading off over there. I took the cue that it’s probably the girl’s ‘spot’ and headed off to explore what the guys were cheering at earlier in the other room. I walked past the guys on computers and checked what was so interesting. Some girl saw me pop my head in and looked back at the tv. It was some hardcore porn.

“Heyy, John. Come in, come in.” One guy said when he noticed me. “Got some pay-per-view for all.”

“Jesus Christ.” I kind of blurted out in surprise.

“It’s fine. It’s not gay, bro. That’s why Mel is here.” The girl rolled her eyes at him.

“And Jen,” Another said, pointing out the other girl reading a book in the corner, completely uninterested in the show. I shrugged and sat on the bed, too, drinking my beer. I felt really out of place at that moment, but whatever, just drink the awkwardness away, right?

After a while, I was kind of half paying attention to the tv, and I felt pretty weirded out watching porn with a bunch of people. I kept thinking to myself, ‘what’s the point of watching porn with other people? Nobody is about to start jacking off right here, right?’ But I didn’t care too much. Some more beer, I guess. I checked if Meagan was around outside the room, but nothing.

I waited for a scene change and finally took the opportunity to leave the room. I went back out to the living room where people were gaming and sat beside the passed-out girl. I gave the whole “Sup guys” as I sat down.

“You want a turn? We can swap out losers.” One guy offered.

“Nah, I’m good,” I said, but I was drowned out by passing insults between them. I looked over at the girl for a second. She didn’t seem to be breathing. “Is Vero dead?” I said jokingly before hearing her snore loudly all of a sudden.

“Nope,” One guy said, chuckling. I heard the room full of girls burst out laughing randomly. Drunk my thought for a half-second. They were laughing at my joke but quickly realized otherwise. I figured I might as well check what they’re up to. I pulled myself off the couch and headed to the room. I knocked on the door. A girl opened it suddenly.

“Hey, John.” One girl (Jennifer) said, stretching my name out weirdly.

“Err, is this girl’s only?” I said before realizing there’s a couple of guys in here. They seemed to be playing some card game, and we’re all in a circle on the carpet floor.

“No, you’re fine,” another girl said.

“Come in,” Meagan said to me, patting beside her. Everyone seemed to be weirdly quiet as I sat down, most of them looking at me.

“So, what are you guys up to?” I asked.

“Oh, we were thinking of starting some strip poker. Want to join us?” Jennifer asked. I looked at Meagan for approval, and she looked away innocently.

Not really getting my answer from Meagan, I just shrugged. “I mean, if she’s okay with it, sure.”

“See? As long as you’re okay with things, he’s okay with it too.” Then, TJ’s sister Cassie said what I guess was a joke that flew over my head since a few girls started laughing. Then, Meagan’s face started to turn red when I looked at her. I was perplexed.

“I don’t mind. I’m not gonna be playing, though.” Meagan said, both to me and the girls.

“Me, neither.” Trevor, one of the two guys, said.

“That’s fine,” Jennifer said before I could change my mind. I guess I was in, five pretty hot girls and two of us guys. This seemed like a win to me. “So we’ll just play regular poker. If you want a quick rundown of how it works, you get dealt a hand of 5 cards, and we each get a turn to change any number of cards once. Whoever has the best hand wins. If you’re not sure what’s a good hand, you can just ask me.”

Meagan winked at me and came up close to me.

“Nobody can leave halfway through the game.” But, Jennifer finally added, I was starting to get excited. I was pretty good at poker, I thought, so I guess five naked girls can get any teenager excited.

“I set kem her sret,” Meagan whispered to me. Obviously, not hearing her right. I looked at her confused, and she came in for another whisper, trying to be clearer. “I told them your secret.”

I mouthed a ‘what?’ still confused at what she’s talking about.

A bit annoyed, she came up for another whisper. “I told them about your small penis.” A bit tipsy, it took me a bit of a second to put all the pieces together.

“Whoever wins the hand gets to decide who has to strip,” Jennifer added again.

‘Meagan outed me to the girls?’ I thought to myself. It took me a few seconds to realize I was about to play strip poker with them, and my dumbass agreed to play five girls versus two guys. Holy shit, they’re gonna vote to strip me every hand they win. The realization came in hard, and I felt so cornered all of a sudden. Jennifer had started handing out cards to all of Meagan, and we kissed the side of my head as she pulled herself up to step out of the circle. “Err, I didn’t think you guys were serious.” I lied. “I don’t really wanna play.”

“Boo,” Cassie said immediately.

“Too late, John. You’re already in, and you got your hand. Plus, are you really just gonna let Andrew be the only man to play with us girls?” Jennifer said.

“Guess you gotta play, babe.” Meagan teased. I hated her in that second, haha.

I just smiled and shook my head at her. And mouthed ‘fuck you.’ She blew a kiss at me. I guess I had to play.

“I’ll go first then,” Tina said, the girl sitting to my left. And then the game started.

A few hands got played, the first hand Andrew won and picked TJ’s sister to strip. She stripped her shirt, and we all got a nice view of her pink bra. It wasn’t until after she stripped that Jennifer mentioned to her she didn’t need to start with the shirt, she could have picked socks or something.

Cassie seemed a bit embarrassed at her stupidity for a second but blamed it on the booze. On the note of booze, Trevor and Meagan offered to get more for the group and left out the door.

Tina won the next hand and picked Andrew. For a minute, I thought maybe they wouldn’t be ambushing me after all. But I quickly proved wrong when Jennifer won the next two hands and picked me back to back. Off both socks.

Brittany, the girl, sitting on my right, won the next hand, and she picked Andrew.

He shrugged and stripped his shirt, and the girls started catcalling when he did. It continued like this for a bit until both of us guys were down to our underwear, and only Cassie had anything but socks off at this point.

I was feeling a bit nervous and surprisingly excited about what was coming next.

“Tina with a pair of nines,” Jennifer announced after looking at all our hands.

“Haha, so it comes down to me, huh?” Tina said, looking at both of us trying to pick which.

I was beyond nervous-looking away, trying to feign uninterested.

“You know,” Jennifer said, trying to get my attention. “Meagan told us about your shortcomings.”

“Oh, yeah?” I tried to pretend not to know what she was talking about.

“Yeah,” Cassie said. “Your widdle pee-pee.” She continued in a baby voice. Then, all the girls started cracking up. I shook my head at them while smiling, trying to play along.

“I pick John.” Tina finally said.

My heart sank. This was the moment. I slowly stood up, and the girls all started clapping in unison as if trying to build tension. They were slowly speeding up their clapping in anticipation. I put my fingers in my waistband and took a deep breath. I looked around one final time at everyone’s eyes. They were straight on my crotch, waiting for the reveal. I closed my eyes and pulled my underwear down for all to see.

They all immediately burst out laughing, checking out my one-inch flaccid penis. Even Andrew was chuckling a little to himself.

“Holy shit!” Cassie finally blurted out. I tried to sit back down to quickly gain some sense of modesty, but that was quickly stopped.

“No, no, no,” Jennifer said. “You got to give us a good view of it.” I stood back up and sling-shot my underwear at her playfully. “It’s soo…”

“Tiny?” Cassie cracked up again, now the only one of the girls pissing herself laughing.

“Yea…” Jennifer agreed. She seemed almost amazed at it now.

“How big is it?” Tina asked.

“Big! Ha!” Cassie interjected. She was having way too much fun with this.

“About a little over an inch right now,” I said.

“It gets bigger, right? Like when it gets hard.” Brittany asked.

“Nope!” Cassie said, still laughing.

“Jesus! Calm down, Cass,” Jennifer said.

“What?” Cassie stopped now, almost offended. “Look at him. He’s the size of an acorn. Who cares?” She seemed to be pouting to herself now.

“Err, yeah, a bit,” I responded to Brit.

“Man, poor Meagan,” Jennifer said, chuckling a bit to herself. Cassie rolled her eyes, annoyed.

“Can I sit down now?” I finally asked. The other four girls looked at each other and shrugged.

“Show us your better side first.” Kelsey (The last girl in the circle) said, smiling. It took me a second to realize what she wanted me to do, but I turned around, showed her my butt, and then sat down.

“Yea, definitely your better side.” Jennifer agreed. I was honestly surprised. I was half expecting them to ridicule me for hours.

“Well, shall we move on?” The girls all seemed to now be looking at Andrew in anticipation. It felt like some hungry pack of wolves circling their next prey.

Andrew looked around the room, knowing full well that there was no chance he’d see any tits tonight. He’d need to win every hand, and he was now the only guy playing.

“Fuck it.” He said, and in one swift move, he pulled himself to his feet and stripped his underwear before anyone had the chance to say anything. Instead, all the girls were cheering and laughing at the surprise move.

“Now, that’s more like it,” Brittany said. Andrew had a bit of a bigger dick, and I’d guess about three to four inches flaccid. Assuming he was flaccid anyway. Cassie wasn’t commenting this time, but she definitely didn’t want to miss the show.

“A bit bigger than you, huh?” Jennifer said, teasing me. She looked up to Andrew, who, I’m assuming, had a bit of an ego boost after seeing me. “How do you compare?” She asked him

“Six inches pretty much. Sometimes half an inch more or less, depending on the temperature.” All the girls started laughing. Of course, there’s no way he was at that right now, but I wasn’t going to be the one to call him out on it.

“Good thing the taken one is the small one,” Kelsey said.

“Who says he’s not taken?” Jennifer playfully grabbed onto Andrews’ leg. I’m sure in that moment, if I wasn’t around, he probably actually could have had one of two of them actually offering themselves to him, especially after seeing how bad they might hit their luck if they get a guy like me.

“I wouldn’t say John is taken either.” Cassie finally dropped. She seemed almost spiteful when she said it.

Jennifer darted her a look as if to shut up.

It clicked at that moment. Meagan hadn’t come back yet. What the fuck was going on? I quickly grabbed my shirt and went to grab my pants, but Cassie kept them from me. I looked around for my underwear, and I couldn’t find them anywhere either. I started panicking and just said ‘fuck it’ mentally and headed for the door. I opened it slightly, staying on this side, and called out to Meagan. I opened it a bit more tried to look if she was around.

“We haven’t finished our game yet, John,” Jennifer said as she pushed her body on the door closing it in front of me. “Sit down, little man.”

“What’s going on?” Tina asked, a bit confused. I heard another ask too, but I was panicking. So I just yanked the door open, pushing Jennifer off in the same motion, and leaped out into the living room with only a shirt on.

“Dude, what the fuck?” I heard TJ call out when he saw me.

“Meagan?” I called out, ignoring him.

“I think she’s upstairs, man. Put some pants on. That shit’s not cool.” He told me.

I ran up those stairs as fast as I could. I looked outside first, just a couple of smokers, went up into the now lit upstairs area, and looked around. Nobody was around, but I heard some noise in one of the rooms. It sounded exactly like my worst fears. I could hear her moaning like id never heard before. I barged into the closed room door, later found out I actually broke the door hinges when I did. And there they were. Trevor was balls deep into my girlfriend.

“Uhh…” That was all he said before I smoked him in the face with my fist. He went down on the floor in an instant. I saw red at that moment, and I’m surprised I actually stopped myself after one punch. But somehow, my attention went back to Meagan.

“Hey… babe…” She said sleepily. She was just lying on her back, just looking at me. Smiling blankly.

I later found out she was high on something and didn’t remember most of that night, but at that moment… I just saw she had cum dripping out of her, and I completely lost it. My pure and innocent girlfriend. The love of my life, at that moment anyway. So completely defiled by this degenerate.

I looked back down at him lying on the floor. Saw him shaking out of fear. I made one of the most important decisions in my life at that moment.

He wasn’t worth it.

I covered Meagan with a blanket and walked out of the room. Walked back downstairs. People were asking what the commotion was about, but I just ignored them.

I went back into the room where my pants were, now lying on the ground. I put them on, and I asked Mel to check upstairs. She was the only girl I saw while I walked out that wasn’t from the room. And just like that, I left. I didn’t even wait for her response or hear what anyone was saying. I was completely numb to them.

I walked down the street, never looking back. Nobody ran after me. I just walked aimlessly. I walked until I saw a payphone. Then I called the police and told them about the party.

That a man had raped my girlfriend at that party.

I hung up. Collapsing on myself.

It was too much.

I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.


The next few weeks were some of the hardest times of my life. So much seemed to happen all at once. Trevor actually did get arrested on rape charges, first of all. He decided not to press charges for me punching him. I haven’t heard of anything else that happened in the aftermath aside from that.

Meagan did fill me in on some of the details that I was confused about. Before I came into the party room, the girls were talking past lovers’ sizes, and conversation came to me. They were asking how big I was, and Meagan wouldn’t tell them.

Jennifer then pulled Trevor’s dick out and asked how I compared.

She blurted out I was half that hard, and that’s when they burst out laughing.

Jennifer was then telling them they should hook up, and that’s when I walked in.

Later, when they went to grab drinks, Meagan told me she had offered to give him a blowjob. She apparently thought It’d be something of a turn-on to bring up later on with me. Which today would be true, but in my young mind, I just felt betrayed. She said she didn’t know how she got slipped the drugs, but sometime between the blowjob and when I walked in, it must have kicked in because she didn’t even remember the blowjob.

At the time, when she told me, we just hugged for what seemed to be half an hour. I really loved her. All the awesome things we did together in our short time together were going through my mind. But stupid me, at that moment, just couldn’t accept how things turned out even if it wasn’t entirely her fault. I just couldn’t bring myself to forgive her. So we broke things off and haven’t talked since.

The last week of school was pretty depressing for me, but a couple of the girls at the game (Kelsey and Tina) came up to me and apologized for what happened. Tina apologized for laughing too, but that’s when I told her I actually kind of liked that part.

She gave me a questionable smile when I told her, but she kinda just said, “Haha, alright.” And that was that. She walked past me in the halls a couple of times after that and gave me a little smile with her pinkie in the air. It was pretty cute and fun moments, but school ended and that whole chapter of my life with it.

The End.


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