Whoops (Gay SPH)

By CuckyJimmy.

Oh shit. Yes (my two fingers working the head of my little dick hard and fast). I felt the churning in my balls, the feeling you get just before blowing your pent-up load.

The tingling was fantastic as I breathed hard, raised myself on my toes, arched my back, pointed my little dick forward, and came with some serious ferocity. My head was tilted back, eyes closed as I felt jet after jet of cum spurting bountifully from my clit-like dick. It was all over the lawn in front of me, with some back into my very sparse pubic hair. I was quivering and trembling in the middle of my backyard, maybe 50 feet from my basement door, totally naked, not even shoes. I love feeling vulnerable. I kept pumping until I was totally satisfied, fully drained. Then, as I started to regain my composure after that explosive orgasm, I got a little extra thrill knowing it was possible to have been seen, although highly unlikely. I looked down to see cum, a bit as a white thread on my hand with a tiny flicker of light.

You see, it was quite dark, and only the back and side of one house was close by; still, a bit of light snuck through. The backs of other homes are quite distant, I believe, too distant without the help of infrared binoculars to be seen. I justified my mildly risky behavior by saying to myself that even a cuckold wannabe wants sex. It is just a bit of a cheap thrill to make it better by myself.

I enjoy the excitement of possibly exposing my little dick and my dependency on masturbation for my release. I occasionally find a safe place outdoors, separate myself from my clothes and imagine being cuckolded, whispering and repeating that I am a cuckold with a tiny dick that no woman wants while I stroke to completion. Relieved, I returned indoors.

My wife was already sleeping, and I peeked in. Yep, still sleeping, and everything totally dark. Ah, I am finally content. This is only one of the things I might do when porn doesn’t help. I, of course, always contemplate going to bed and waking my wife, but our last love session was pretty much a disaster. Albeit my lack of endowment clearly restricts how many positions work for us, I normally work my little head between the folds of her vulva until I feel it pop in deep enough to begin to move. She tells me she barely feels it, and I should tell her when I am in. I am always careful not to move too hard or fast as I slip out too easily. This fact only reinforces why I feel my wife should cuckold me and accelerates my orgasm much too fast to satisfy her properly. The last time I tried, I failed to insert myself and knew she had to have been disappointed. She is so kind not to really complain, but her body motions revealed more.

My wife knows about my desires, and I have made it clear I would understand if she cuckolded me. She has become so comfortable that she will flirt with her male colleagues right in front of me or dance with one all night, but that is pretty much her limit. She has gone out in cute short dresses, like pleated blue denim flirt skirt, sans bra, and panties, looking very hot in contrasting thigh highs and heels. She will dress this way to feed my cuckold desires and flirt with strangers.

I love when a guy sits next to her at the bar, with me on the other side, and he asks her to dance or holds a private conversation. She has been asked to return without me several times. Watching her on the dance floor, I need to be careful as a full kiss on the lips with others noticing could push me over the edge. I have even imagined myself cumming while watching, but that is yet to happen. It would only take a few words, I’m sure. Anyway, I have even been speechless when the bartender or another patron gives me a heads up about what is happening to my lady on the dance floor! I smile and say she loves to dance, and I like seeing her happy.

I believe the main reason for my insecurity boils down to the simple fact I am less than four inches hard and only a button when soft. Why would I share that? I really can’t answer but doing so excites me. I like being told I have a little dick. I like being told I’d be better as a sissy faggot. Therefore, I carefully seek out legitimate places or circumstances to expose my little secret, whether not hiding fully in the locker room or explaining to one of her colleagues. I don’t mind if she has a little fun. I love answering why I am home, and she is out, even if it is totally innocent. That is what led to my whoops.

An online dom recently said a sissy with a little clit should shave. Being so submissive, I did. I now have just a little patch above my penis and am shaven from below my balls to my belly button.

I did this knowing my wife will probably call me a faggot as she did once before and knowing I will be working out at the rec and hitting the locker room again this fall. I took a picture of my dicklette on a device and sent it to my anonymous email account to download onto my hard drive. I opened my account and waited, but nothing. It was taking too long, so I checked my sent folder only to discover I had inadvertently sent it to my neighbor, along with a few words of my SPH & cuckold desires, as well as my envy of big cocks. I just stared at the computer, and my mind went into a fog, as there was nothing I could do. I finally got what I wanted. I ousted myself to someone who knows me. Will I be able to handle it? What will he say? Will he tell his wife, my wife, or other men in the neighborhood?

The day finally came when my neighbor and his wife stopped by. Nothing unusual with his wife and my wife getting together to go for a walk, but he rarely stops by. I thought to myself how vivid the photo was as my submissive words reverberated in my head that made my secret desires clear. They entered the house, and we greeted each other as in any other normal situation, but my heart was in my throat. I was definitely trembling on the inside, and I felt a stir in my pants. Why does this excite me? He seemed completely composed, so maybe, somehow, I lucked out. Our wives left for the early morning walk as planned, and I immediately offered him some coffee, and we chatted about some routine things like the weather and sports, but I knew he did not join his wife that morning to make conversation. No, he had an agenda. He looked straight at me, smirked a bit, and said not to worry.

He can keep a secret. Wow. I was so relieved but frozen in place at the same time.

Then, he corrected himself and said, “Little secret,” with obvious emphasis.

My heart was beating faster, and I was looking at the floor. He gently told me it is ok, and he fully understood.

He added, “Unzip and show me since that’s what you like to do.”

I told him it was just fun and games online and nervously added the women could return early. He replied, “Do it.”

As I unzipped and pulled myself out, he said, “Shit, I agree, Little Jimmy, you are tiny, a real microdick.”

With that, he unzipped and pulled himself out. He was longer and thicker, bigger soft than I am hard. He then started complaining how his wife does not give him head often enough, and since I envy big cocks…he stopped…smirked, and said, “Pull your pants down, all the way down, Jimmy, and get on your knees to take a look at a man’s cock.”

On my knees, I looked up, and he told me to feel how heavy it is. His cock was heavy with two massive hairy balls hanging down. He could see in my eyes how I envied him. I had no control as my little hairless clit began standing.

Then he said, “Jimmy, you wrote big cocks deserve to be satisfied and respected. Show me! Suck it.”

I took it in my mouth, as I knew I had no choice. He complimented me several times that I was an avid cocksucker because it felt so good. Then, he told me he is going to get used to this real fast. He grew so big I had to push my fingertips into my palm to suppress the gag reflex, enabling him to push all the way into my throat.

“Jimmy, you really love sucking cock, don’t you?”

I barely nodded, but he was right. After that, it became quiet except for my slurping and guttural sounds escaping my throat and his moaning.

My chin was wet, and my eyes were watering from deep throating him. His hand clamped onto the back of my head, and I could hear his balls slapping my chin. His eyes closed, and his hips began to move erratically. I felt him swell, pull back, throb and release a substantial amount of cum. He was so noisy and coming so hard, and I was petrified the women would walk in any moment and see me with my neighbor’s cock and cum in my mouth. I kept as much in my mouth as I could and swallowed. When he barely finished, we heard them coming up the sidewalk. We had time to respond but had to be fast. He stepped back into the kitchen to zip up. I knew my chin, and my face had to have been shiny, and there was cum on my shirt, so I ran to the bathroom. When I returned, I felt my skin be hot and flushed.

After they left, my wife said to me, “If he plans to spend time with you while we walk, you really need to pay attention when you get dressed. Your shirt has a stain on it.”

The End.


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