This Is Our Life

Max Swan (Horrorotica).

Redhead Kay Boyle glances in the mirror as she brushes out her long, wavy hair. She’s hoping to see an answering look from Alex, her husband. The man is engrossed in his laptop checking the latest stock reports. Kay knows better than to interrupt Alex when he’s deliberating over his investments. He always takes this little interval before bedtime to work on his stocks and bonds. She doesn’t dare complain. Alex has made a significant profit in the stock market in the last year. They’ve been able to buy this expensive condominium outright from the dividends on his perceptive investments.

Alex smiles suddenly. He appears carefree and excited, the face Kay loves. He has probably seen one of his stocks rise as it puts him in the mood to celebrate.

“Telcom is looking good,” Alex said. “It’s a damn good thing I held on. Raj wanted me to sell last week, and I’m glad I didn’t.”

Kay smiles and shrugs. “You know I don’t understand a thing about the stock market, Alex,” she said, picking up the brush again. “Still, making all that money despite the GFC makes you a genius in my opinion. Everyone seems to have lost money, but not you.”

Alex grins, it makes him feel powerful and manly knowing Kay appreciates his prowess.

Kay lifts her arms high over her head. Now she has Alex’s attention, she intends to make the most of it. The attractive woman brings the hairbrush down in a sweeping, graceful gesture making her titties almost pop right out of her sheer nightgown. She knows Alex loves to watch her brush her hair, he said it’s one of a woman’s most graceful poses.

Alex watches the rise and fall of his wife’s titties. He feels a growing, warm sensation in his crotch and his cock throbs impatiently. Kay will be finished with her hair in just a minute, and then he can watch her slip out of her nightgown and join him in bed. Alex is ready for a little celebration tonight. He always feels like fucking when he’d make some money from an investment.

Kay deliberately takes a few extra minutes to finish brushing her hair. She knows the longer she waits, the more aroused Alex will be when she comes to bed. This suits her fine. She’s thinking about sex often, it’s the only part of their marriage that sucks. When she’s home alone, Kay plays with her hot pussy often to keep the urges under control. Alex is the type of man who doesn’t think it’s a wife’s place to initiate sex. When Kay and Alex started dating, she was a virgin and clueless about sex. That’s the way Alex wanted it because he knew Kay would have no one to compare him too.

This was important for Alex because his dick is small. What he didn’t know is after their first time together, a most unsatisfying sexual encounter for her, she looked up dick size online and found his three and half-inch erect dick is considered a micropenis by medical definition. Kay never said anything about it, she never has. The woman loved her husband and put up with it. Her vibrator gave her the orgasms she needs most, but something nags at Kay, the feeling a plastic cock just isn’t as satisfying as the real thing.

Kay feels a quiver of excitement in her moist pussy as she thinks about all the orgasms her vibrator has brought her. Especially since she watches guys, jerking-off their massive cocks online. Kay imagines they’re fucking her with their big, fat dicks and it sends her into spasms of pleasure.

Alex is no prize as a lover. He never wants to experiment with other positions to compensate for his small manhood, and he refuses to give her oral. Kay glances in the mirror again. She really has Alex’s attention now, and his cock is sticking straight up under the sheets. It’s time for her to come to bed. If she waits much longer, Alex will think she doesn’t want to fuck, and that will be a terrible mistake as far as Kay’s hot, throbbing pussy is concerned.

Kay stands and stretches, raising her slim arms above her head, so her lush titties jiggle provocatively. Then she switches off the light on the dresser. Kay knows exactly what to do to make Alex excited. She learned early Alex doesn’t want the light on when they’re fucking. She’s suggested it before, and Alex acted shocked and hurt. Kay knows it’s his embarrassment about his small dick making him like this. He acts like she doesn’t know about it, the man’s denial about his dick is something she marvels at often.

Kay slips off the shoulder straps of her gown. She pushes the gown down to her waist, facing Alex. Then she wiggles her hips until the wispy garment slithers to the floor.

Alex clears his throat. “Are you tired, sweets?” he asks in a small voice.

Kay shakes her head. “No. I’m not sleepy at all. Are you?”

Alex smiles in the darkness. That’s what he’s been waiting to hear. That’s their signal for a romp in bed.

“I’m not tired either,” he said promptly. “Maybe we’ll have to think of something to relax us so we can sleep.”

Kay slips in between the sheets. Sometimes the little games they played strike her as kind of funny. It’s strange Alex can’t ask her for sex openly, it just isn’t his way of doing things, and the man always did things his way, even sex.

Kay rolls over, so she’s lying on her back, her titties thrusting out at the sheet. She can feel her nipples brush against the smooth material and the warmth in her pussy grows. Kay has to wait for Alex to make the first move though. It won’t do for her to reach out and touch him first.

Kay smiles as she feels Alex’s hands reach for her titties. He always starts this way, a touch or two of her nipples, a fast grope under the covers for the mound of her pussy and then some short action.

Alex is true to form. His fingers pluck at her nipples a bit. Then his hand goes to her pussy and lightly strokes her cunt as if it’s a dog or something. Then he rolls over on his hands and knees and holds his body poised over hers.

Now Kay’s permitted to move. She groans a little and kisses Alex’s chest lightly. The redhead wiggles her hips a little and moans again, waiting for him to start the usual procedure.

“I bet I know what you want,” Alex said in a husky voice. “You want something nice and hard, don’t you, sweets?”

“Mmmmmm,” Kay moans, wiggling harder. “I sure do. Have you got something for me, sugar?”

Alex chuckles. He gets a kick out of talking to Kay like this. It makes him feel like he’s going to fuck a virgin for the first time. It makes his little dick swell hard and stiff as he holds it t over her fluffy pussy.

“Give me your hand, and I’ll show you a surprise,” Alex said hotly. That’s the only time Kay’s permitted to touch him. He has to guide her hand to his dick.

Kay reaches obediently. Her fingers close around the shorts shaft of Alex’s cock.

“Oooo,” she moans, pretending to be surprised. “It sure is nice and hard. Is all that for me, sugar?”

“You bet it is,” Alex said hotly. “And I know just where I’ll put it. Spread your legs, sweets. I know you’ve gets a nice place for it.”

Kay does as he asks knowing she’ll never feel Alex’s hard dicklette in her pussy, her vibrator is eight-inches, and her cunt has stretched after ten years of using such large toys. I can’t even remember the last time I felt him, she thought as Alex fumbles above her gasping and moaning as if he’s the greatest lover in the world.

“That’s a good girl,” Alex said when Kay’s legs open widely. “Now shut your eyes and let me give you a really nice treat.”

Kay closes her eyes and is thankful she doesn’t have to see his cum-face, it’s hideous.

There’s a long, tense moment of expectation. Then Kay feels the dicklette poking at her pussy lips. The head of Alex’s cock is banging against her cunt, seeking entrance. Kay wants to guide it in, get it over, but she doesn’t dare do that. Alex has told her a lady doesn’t do things like that. A woman lies there passive until her husband is done, he had said.

For a moment, Kay feels like screaming. She wants a cock in her pussy so badly, yet this is not a cock, it’s a dicklette, and she knows another unsatisfying sexual encounter is about to happen. Alex won’t even let her rub her clit while he tries to have sex with her. He just wants her to lie there, almost like a corpse. Kay sighs in exasperation.

Alex heard his wife sigh. He thought it’s a sigh of passion and he takes extra long centering his dick at her cunt.

Kay forces herself to lie quiet and submissive. If she acts too bold, it’ll turn Alex off, and being a good wife, she wants him to have his moment of release.

Eventually, Alex gets the head of his cock in the right place. He lunges forward forcefully, sliding easily into Kay’s cunt.

“Aaahhhhhh,” Kay fake moans.

She knows Alex likes her to cry out with delight when he first enters her pussy, it makes him feel big.

“How do you like my little surprise?” Alex asks softly.

Little is about right, Kay thought. I guess I can kinda feel it there like I have a tampon in there. “Ooh, it’s a wonderful surprise,” she said, trying to smile demurely. “I really like it, Alex, it’s so big.”

Alex begins shoving his hard dicklette in and out of Kay’s cunt, and it slips out a lot. Suddenly, a mere twenty-seconds after he started fucking her, his dick spits and hoses hot cum into Kay’s cunt.

“Whew,” he sighs, rolling over and getting out of bed to use the bathroom. “That was really nice, eh, sweets?”

Kay smiles and nods, she doesn’t trust herself to speak yet. She waits until Alex has closed the door to the bathroom and then laughs uncontrollably. And the Oscar for the best fake orgasm goes to Kay Boyle,” she announces in her mind in a pretend tone. Kay laughs for a moment. How I ever got to be like this I don’t know, she wonders suddenly. This isn’t the marriage I thought I’d have when I was a girl. I love Alex, but this— She sighs. Oh well, he’s a good man, I suppose. No marriage is perfect.

Kay tiptoes to the other bathroom and shuts the door. With any luck, Alex will be sleeping by the time she gets back to bed. The redhead pulls out her vibrator hidden under some towels in a cupboard and starts fucking her cunt with it. Now I can cum, she thought.


This is an excerpt from “This Is Our Life” a 19,000 word SPH story by Horrorotica. Purchase it today for a great read.


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