The Weekend

By Countcuck.

I excitedly skipped up to your door, looking forward to a weekend together. We hadn’t seen each other in two weeks as my job had me traveling across the country. It was a hard two weeks not seeing your sweet smile or feeling the warmth of your breasts in an embrace. We had agreed to this weekend together, no distractions, no work, nothing, just the two of us for two full days. We also agreed to no touching of our naughty bits until this weekend. It was a hard two weeks! I felt the butterflies in my stomach and a stirring in my loins as I pressed the doorbell and waited for you to answer.

You suddenly appeared wearing nothing but a pair of lacy black panties. Your beautiful breasts point out in excitement towards me, your soft skin gleaming in the afternoon light. My 6 ft frame wanted to do back flips, but instead, my heart fluttered and beat loudly inside my chest.

“Hello, my sweet boy,” you exclaimed, “I missed you. Do you like my surprise?”

My mouth was dry, and words would not come out of my mouth. I stammered slightly, and I managed to nod my head shyly. You invited me into your house and enveloped me in a warm hug. Your breasts melted into my chest, and my body turned to butter. You leaned back and kissed me passionately with your soft cherry-flavored lips. I returned your kiss passionately, and my hands wandered around to the cheeks of your round bottom.

You playfully slapped my hands and pulled away from our embrace. You grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the bedroom, and pushed me back on the bed.

You noticed the small bulge in my pants, and with a quiet giggle, you softly whispered, “Someone is pretty excited to see me! Let’s have a look at how much you want me.”

I cried out, “I’m so excited to be with you, my Goddess. I can hardly wait!”

You tore off my clothes and pulled down my boxers to reveal my swollen member. “Oh, how I’ve missed this tiny thing.” You playfully declared as you softly touched my dick.

Your touch felt good, and I was close to cumming over your hand. I didn’t want to cum too soon, but my dick betrayed me. I’m so close to the edge of cumming when you suddenly stop stroking my dick. My tiny dick was trying to find your body to push myself over the edge. A little bubble of pre-cum escaped the head, but nothing more. I was delirious with desire and reached out to you, but you had moved away. You were so annoyed with me for being so selfish, and you tore a strip into me for trying to ruin our special weekend by coming prematurely. I hung my head in shame and tried to comfort you.

“I’m so sorry, my Goddess. I will do anything to make it up to you this weekend,” I said.

You looked me in the eyes, and with a sly little smile, you queried, “Anything?”

“Anything you desire, my love,” I whispered back.

“Do you trust me?” you replied.

“Yes,” I nervously uttered.

“Wait here,” she demanded.

I waited for several minutes with thoughts wildly running through my head. I felt terrible about almost prematurely ejaculating, and I wanted my Goddess to be happy. We were in love, and I would do anything to make it up to you. I trusted you completely. Eventually, I heard your feet coming back to the bedroom. You were utterly naked, carrying a blindfold and some soft rope in your hands. You asked me to lie on the bed and raise my hands over my head. You placed the blindfold over my eyes, darkening the world around me.

You quickly tied my hands together and tethered them to the headboard. You repeated the same with my feet. While tieing my feet, I could feel the wetness between your legs and treasured the feeling against my leg.

“Now, you will learn how to properly serve me this weekend because that tiny excuse for a cock between your legs does nothing for me. You will learn how to think about my pleasure over your own”, you pronounced.

You then crawled across my chest and lowered your sex onto my face. You asked me to lick around the lips gently. I started to get into a good rhythm, and I could hear the cries of passion escaping her mouth. You suddenly raised yourself so that I couldn’t reach your lips with my mouth. You scolded me again for not paying attention to your body. I missed the cue to move up to your excited clit, and now you were frustrated.

You reached back and grabbed my dick with your fingers. Gently you pulled my dick forward and swiftly smacked my balls with your other hand. I cried out in shock and apologized over and over again.

My dick was at full mast in your hand, and precum escaped the head onto your fingers. You dropped my tiny dick with disgust and shoved your fingers into my mouth to be cleaned. I licked them clean for you.

You moved up towards my face again and slowly rubbed your lips and clit until you had powerful orgasm inches from my face. You slowly retreated into my body for a cuddle, and I could hear the soft sounds of your sleep.

The morning arrived, and I felt your soft lips surrounding my tiny dick. It felt so lovely and warm as you easily took my dick deep into your mouth. I begged you to slow down and stop. I did not want to suffer the same fate as last night. You gave me a few more licks and then stopped. I begged you to untie me, but you wanted something else first.

Suddenly I felt something icy attach to my groin. My dick and balls shriveled up as I howled with the unexpected frostbite. Then I felt something cold and metallic attached to my bits and a tight squeeze. You then reached up and removed the blindfold and the morning light attacked my eyes. I looked down to see my tiny dick encased in a metallic chastity cage. I felt scared, and you gave me a reassuring hug.

You untied my hands and legs and allowed me to stretch out. You led me to the shower and told me to get ready to go out for the day. I couldn’t believe what was happening as the hot shower fell across my body. I reached down with my hands to feel the cage. I tried to pull the cage off, but the ring around my balls prevented me from escaping. Resigned to my fate, I turned the shower off and toweled my body dry.

You were waiting for me in the bathroom and handed me my clothes for the day. We were heading off to the beach, so you gave me a black speedo to wear. My face flushed red with embarrassment as I pulled the swimsuit up. You could see the outline of the cage when I looked in the mirror. You were dressed up in a red bikini, your cleavage proudly on display, your flowing blond hair framing your breasts. “Let’s go!” you yelled.

We arrived at the beach on a sweltering summer day. The beach was crowded, and we walked around to find a spot. I had my towel wrapped around my waist, hoping you wouldn’t make me take it off. Suddenly you spotted Erica, a girlfriend from college, lying on the beach with her boyfriend, Steve. She had gorgeous black hair sporting a one-piece black swimming suit with a killer body. Her boyfriend was built too and was wearing the same speedo as me. This guy, however, was packing some serious heat. I felt very embarrassed and a little bit jealous.

I looked over at you to see your reaction and your mouth was agape with desire. I also noticed that dangling between your breasts was the key to my cage. I wanted to find a different spot quickly, but your friend Erica insisted we stay. Erica teased me about wearing a towel, and you reached out and pulled it off. I caught Erica quickly glancing at my package, and she whispered something into your ear. You both giggled a little bit. I could feel the redness in my face and the stirring in my groin. The cage was pulling hard against my balls as my erection increased. I just wanted to go home.

The beach day was long as both Erica and you tried your hardest to tease me. There was a lot of bending over and getting me to rub your bodies with sunscreen. You asked me to rub your back and legs with sunscreen one time. You unfastened your bikini top and rolled over to ensure I could get your chest covered with the sunscreen. My cage nestled into your bikini bottoms while my hands glided over your belly, your tattoos, and finally across your breasts. As my hands met your perfect nipples, a gasp escaped your lips. Steve looked up from his seat and got a real good look at your breasts. He looked away with a grin crossing over his lips.

As we got up to leave for the day, Erica pleaded that we go to the club with them that night. You quickly agreed. You wanted to have a night of dancing, to which I could not say no to you. You jumped into my arms and thanked me profusely.

We met up with Erica and Steve at the club. It was packed, but Steve could get us a table near the dance floor. Erica had a short black dress that seemed to be painted on her body. Her hair was down and outlined her ample cleavage. You were dressed up as well in a short red dress. Your breasts were well highlighted in the dress, and I thanked my lucky stars that my dick was trapped in the cage. We all sat together and drank a few cocktails. I felt something rubbing my groin, and I looked down to see Erica’s feet stroking my cage and showing me a mischievous smile. Erica announced that you needed to dance with Steve and that we would stay behind and save the table. You grinned and excitedly jumped up into Steve’s waiting arms. I felt jealousy as you walked off to the dance floor.

Erica moved and sat beside me at the table. Erica whispered in my ear that she knew what the key was for. Her hand grabbed mine and put it between her legs. Erica was not wearing underwear and was soaking wet. I danced my fingers around her pussy lips as she arched her back. She firmly grabbed hold of my chastity cage and laughed out loud. She whispered that Steve wanted to have sex with you in my ear. My dick lurched out with that news. I looked out on the dance floor; you and Steve were dancing closely, and his hands were all over your ass. I leaked some precum as I saw the enjoyment and longing look on your face.

My fingers danced all over Erica’s pussy lips, and I moved my thumb up to her magic spot. She bit into my shoulder as an orgasm washed over her body. I slowly removed my hands as you and Steve returned to the table. Your face had a fantastic glow, and we quickly agreed to go home. I held your hand as we walked to the taxi stand. As the taxi arrived, Steve and Erica jumped in with us, and I was forced to go to the front seat with the driver. Erica announced that we would be going to her house. As the taxi pulled away, I noticed Steve leaning into you and started making out with you. Erica’s hands were pulling down Steve’s fly to pull out his impressive member. The taxi driver adjusted his mirror to get a better look and gave me one of those wink-wink looks.

I didn’t want to look, my stomach was in knots, but my desire was too strong. Erica was slowly licking Steve’s cock, and it was starting to rise to full mast. You were still making out with him, but I noticed his hand reach up into your dress. You stopped kissing and adjusted your body to pull off your black lacy underwear. You reached upfront and told me to hold onto them for you. Erica was now taking Steve’s cock as far into your mouth. Steve was feverish, rubbing your sex, and you were moaning hard. My cage ached with desire, and I had a feeling of inadequacy. I couldn’t speak. I was stuck watching your beautiful face so lost with lust.

Suddenly you couldn’t take it anymore, and you crawled across Steve and straddled him. His throbbing member slowly entered your pussy. You threw yourself down hard onto his cock building up a quick rhythm. You cried out in ecstasy as your second orgasm washed across your body. You continued your pace until Steve could not take anymore. Steve grunted and filled your pussy with a flood of come deep into your womb as you cried out with another orgasm.

You settled back into your seat and asked for your underwear back. You slid the underwear back on and snuggled up with Steve. Erica was full of lust but just cuddled up with Steve as well. The taxi arrived at Erica’s house, and the cab dropped them off. You said your goodbyes to Steve and Erica, and we proceeded to your house. You didn’t want me to sit in the back with you, but you stared lovingly into my eyes.

We finally arrived back home and settled into bed. You thanked me for the beautiful night, but you needed me to do one more thing. You wanted to see if I learned how to read her body. You laid me on the bed and moved your pussy lips towards my face. I gently kissed and licked the lips. I hesitated briefly, thinking of Steve’s come mixed into your sweetness, but I wanted to please you. I dived in and licked up the salty/sweet mixture with my desire to please you. Your body started to tremble, and I reached up to your love button and rubbed it gently. This pushed you over the edge, and you orgasmed, pushing out a large deposit of Steve’s come into my mouth. I swallowed everything down.

After coming down from your orgasm, cuddled into my arm, you fell asleep exhausted from the day.

I woke up to an erection that was still trapped in my cage. You woke gently, thanked me again, and headed off for the shower. I wondered if you would ever release me from my chastity cage.

You didn’t say much to me for most of the day. We cuddled on the sofa and watched a few movies. I couldn’t keep you out of my thoughts, and I thought I would explode. Wondering if you wanted to talk about anything that happened last night. You never mentioned it or showed much more affection than just a cuddle.

Finally, as we headed off to bed, you told me to lay down on the bed and put on the blindfold. I could feel your hair brush against my thighs and the sound of a key entering the lock. My heart was thumping, and my dick was throbbing.

“I’m looking forward to making love with you tonight.” You said sweetly.

You slowly pulled off my cage, and my erection was finally able to expand. You spoke softly to me about something, the warm air from your mouth making contact with my dick. My dick started to come so quickly, leaking out the tip. There was no pleasure, only frustration, and fear.

I could see the look of disappointment and hurt in your eyes. “I’m so sorry, my love,” I stammered. You were already across the room, tears in your eyes. “I just wanted to make love to you, and you ruined it,” you cried.

I heard my voice, “I’ll do anything to make this right!”

“Anything?” you replied with a smile on your face.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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