Kavita’s Offer

By deadenddraws.

In her quiet household, Kavita Khatri was washing the dishes. It was late afternoon, and she kept busy with what was to come. She was doing her best to keep her mind occupied, but her thoughts couldn’t help but keep wandering to her promise. She was feeling a mix of things, both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. Her breathing got heavy, and her heart pumped as her thoughts wandered further and further, her distractions no longer suppressing her restless mind. She eyed the clock. He should be home any minute now. She put her hand on her chest to feel her heart, almost beating out of her chest. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for what she had promised her son the night prior.


Arush was having problems at school, and Kavita could tell. His mood was consistently grumpy or outright rude. She thought it was just his hormones, how growing boys acted when settling into their new bodies. However, Kavita could tell it was more than just the fluctuating emotions of a growth spurt. Arush was having real issues. One night, she knocked at his bedroom door to find him crying into his pillow. It was Kavita’s time to be a good mom.

“Arush? Do you need to talk?”

As Arush and Kavita spoke, she slowly remembered how it was to be a teenager, with all the confusion that came with it. Eighteen was an adult, sure. Yet Arush was still growing and maturing and needed his mother’s guidance. To Kavita, Arush would always be her baby boy.

They talked all night, sharing more than they had in years with each other. Before then, Kavita had felt as if Arush wouldn’t need his mother much longer. As they spoke, those worries went away. She realized he would *always* need his mother, in one way or another. Tonight she was his therapist, taking in all his worries. He told her of his problems, the bullies at school, and the teasing he was getting from his friends. He was embarrassed to expound the details at first, but Kavita squeezed it out of him. With a hug and some kisses on the forehead, Kavita felt the warmth of her son for the first time in ages. He laughed, embarrassed but comforted by her touch. With a blush on his face, he decided to share his woes with his mother.

“My friends, they have all, um…” He was having trouble deciding what words to say. How were you supposed to admit to your mom you were getting picked on because you were a virgin? “They make fun of me because I’m not like them.” He said, keeping it vague. “What? What does that mean exactly?” She pondered. “They’ve all done things that I haven’t…” He replied. “Arush, you don’t have to do bad things to fit in with them. It’s better to be safe than sorry!”

Kavita’s nagging mother couldn’t help but come out. She would never push her son to do anything delinquent, no matter how much he didn’t fit in. “You don’t need to be hanging around people who will judge you for doing such things. They’re not your real friends,” she said.

“W-what?” He said, confused. He realized they were not on the same page.

“It’s not anything bad,” he said sheepishly. “They make fun of me because I’m a virgin.”

His confession came with a deep blush on his face. Kavita’s face changed from concerned to surprised. Kavita, being his mother, hardly gave any thought to his sexual endeavors. Though the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. He had never bought any girls over or talked about them at home.

“They don’t like me all that much. I think it’s because I’m short.”

She thought about it for a moment, and it hit her. He was just below average. Kavita was a shorter woman, but even she was taller than him. Maybe teenage girls would be shallow like that and wouldn’t think much of him because of his stature. Kavita, however, saw Arush for the handsome young man he was. She could see past his insecurities and see a handsome man developing. He would make more than an adequate sexual partner, she thought. As she stared at her handsome son, a thought flashed. Arush pounding away at some cute young girl. She blushed at the thought, quickly vanishing it from her mind.

“A-Arush,” she stammered. “You’re more than enough for a girl! You can’t focus on your shortcomings. You have to focus on the positive.”

He got quiet, ready for another admission. “C-can I tell you something else that happened?”

She nodded, noticing his reserved demeanor.

“My friends made fun of me for something down there,” he said, his eyes glancing to his mother, unsure to continue.

“What is it?” She was starting to get concerned. He was beginning to get nervous just thinking about showing her. “Arush, you need to tell me now,” she commanded.

“M-mom, I have a small—” He stopped himself. She got the point.

“Oh, Oh, Arush.” She blushed. “I’m sure you are fine.”

She was not prepared for that.

“Never mind,” he said, turning away.

“No, we can talk about it.”

Kavita wasn’t going to give up on her son because of his male-oriented issues.

“Just forget about it,” he said, turning to his side on his bed. “It’s late, and I want to go to sleep.”

Kavita couldn’t just leave him like that. He was more insecure than ever. Her heart raced as a thought came into her mind. “How about… Tomorrow after school, you show me.”

She couldn’t believe she had uttered those words.

Arush flipped around almost instantly, looking at his mom almost concernedly. “Mom?”

“I mean it.” The slight quiver in her voice was getting more confident. I can do this for my son, she thought. I want to help him any way I can, his esteem with his body included. “I am a woman. I’ll have a proper opinion on these things,” she said with feigned confidence.

“Oh, I guess you are right.”

She *was* a woman. Arush looked his mother in the eyes, and for the first time, he saw her as more than just his mother. She was beautiful, with deep brown skin that made her blue eyes pop. She had strong, feminine cheekbones that gave her face volume, and wavy black hair draped down her back in a braid. He felt butterflies.

“Tomorrow, then.”


Arush unlocked the door and came in, quietly closing the door behind him. There had been nothing but his mother on his mind all day. He was met with the sight of her washing the dishes. He was only now noticing her body. She was curvy, thick. There were girls in his school that were curvy too, but not like her. She had a real woman’s body. Even under her loosely fitted saree dress, he could see her thick ass underneath it. It was like everything had changed. He was beginning to lust after her.

“M-mom, I’m here,” Arush said, closing the door behind him.

She must not have noticed him coming in because she was startled. “Arush!” she said, her hand on her chest. “You were so quiet.” She caught her breath. “I was lost in thought.”

“Sorry, mom.”

“It’s okay. How was school?”

“Good,” he replied.

“Good, Arush.”

They both stood there silently, wondering what the other was thinking.

“You know—” She started.

“Mom, I keep thinking about last night,” he interrupted.

He took the words straight from her thoughts. It was on her mind all day how she’d get to see her son’s manhood, the first penis in a long time. She knew it wasn’t supposed to be sexual, but something kept making her feel so *naughty*. She knew it wasn’t something mothers did for their sons, but how she wanted to see him so bad. She tried to let her son know he wasn’t just her boy but a man. She didn’t say a word as she touched his shoulder. Something like electricity when all around his body from where she touched.

“Arush, would you like me to see it?”

He nodded.

To her surprise, Arush started to unbuckle his jeans right there. She assumed they’d walk up to her bedroom, but he was already halfway done. “No need to act so hasty, Arush,” she said calmly, smiling.

Though, she was going crazy. She needed a moment before this would happen.

“Sorry, mom.”

“Hush, baby,” she said, two fingers over his lips. She took a breath, ready for more, then let go of his lips. “Go ahead, baby, show your mother.”

Arush began to take off his pants, fumbling with the button. Kavita giggled just a bit. Was he that nervous for his mother? She found it endearing and, in a way, sexy. Finally, the button came off, and his pants dropped, leaving him in his underwear. Kavita knelt her face in front of his crotch.

“M-mom?” he gasped.

“So that I can get a better look. Do you want me to do this part?” she asked him.

Arush nodded, feeling blood start to rush to his cock. He couldn’t help it, his mother so near his dick. His heart thudded as she put her hands around his waistband and started to tug. She pulled it down slowly, wanting to take a moment in. Arush trembled as his mother’s warm hands slid down his legs with his briefs, exposing his bare crotch to her. Kavita inspected him. He was, in fact, small. His flaccid penis didn’t hang like other young men’s cocks. It stuck out like a little button. His tiny brown cock was uncut, the skin over his tip bunched together with a little bit of his bright pink head peeking from the foreskin. His balls, taut and hairless, hung below, small to make a matching set.

Arush stood silent for a moment, his mother just staring at his exposed dick. He started to get nervous. He wasn’t sure what was going through her mind.

“Mom? What do you think?”

Kavita’s hands groped his thighs as she continued to stare. For a moment, she was disappointed with how small he was. She’d never seen a penis so tiny, even when flaccid. It was as if someone stuck an acorn at the base of his crotch. If any man were to try and bed her and show her *this* dick, she would have laughed in his face.

Then she remembered it was her son’s dick, and with a second look, it was beautiful. She loved how he looked. His foreskin and bright pink head made her heart flutter, knowing it was her beautiful baby boy’s dick.

“Arush. You have nothing to be ashamed of,” she said, smiling, still eyeing his tiny dick. “You’re a growing boy. That much is true. But I wouldn’t worry about your penis,” she comforted him.

A part of her was curious. Maybe he was a ‘show-er?’ If he got an erection, perhaps that’d help his size. She knew some boys started small and grew once their erection fully grew. She wasn’t sure if they would begin to this small, though.

“Arush,” She began. “I would like to see you while erect. That way, I can see how big you are, in full.”

“Mom?” he responded.

He wasn’t expecting this to go this far, but now she wants to see him hard? His heart was pounding. The excitement of it was already making the blood rush to his dick.

“Let me see it,” she said with a gentle smile. “Do you want me to touch it? To help it?”

Even just the offer had Arush growing. His dick had never been touched before, not by anyone but himself. He’d dream every night of a moment like this. He imagined girls from school, even teachers stroking his dick. He never imagined this. Now he stared down at his kneeling mother, taking his cock in her hand. His erection started rising immediately.

With Kavita’s hand gently stroking the tiny shaft, Arush’s flaccid little dick rose, blood pushing the cockhead to appear from his foreskin. Quickly, he was at the height of his erection, about three-and-a-half inches in full. Kavita was almost surprised at how small cocks could be. She didn’t want to say anything to hurt her son’s feelings, especially with how excited she was to be doing this. The small bout of disappointment was overshadowed by how much she loved being this arousing to her son. Had she wished his friends weren’t right, and she’d see a thick, long cock up for her? Of course, she’d even settle for an average one. Arush wasn’t either. He was tiny. Right now, though, small was just perfect.

“Momma,” Arush said quietly, Kavita stroking his little brown dicklette.

“Yes, my lovely boy?”

He wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t think they’d get this far. He didn’t even think she was being serious. All he knew now was that he wanted this to keep going.

“This feels good,” he told his mother.

“Good, Arush.”

She continued to stroke him. It just took three fingers to jerk him properly. Her thumb, index, and middle stroked his shaft, pushing up his foreskin to push up and cover his head, then gently pulled it right back. She continued this way, watching his face as she did lose in pleasure.

Kavita was surprised she could pleasure him so well. The last cock she’d pleasured was ages ago, Arush’s father. He was a different beast. He was at least ten inches long and thick. She remembered using both her hands to stroke him, using lots of spit he’d gotten from fucking her throat. She wasn’t a stranger to taking big, thick cocks. How she remembered that feeling, his head hitting the back of her throat. During sex, it’d sometimes hurt her, pounding against her cervix so roughly she’d have trouble walking the following day. Nothing had ever filled her up like his thick penis. Yet, he was long gone now, wanting nothing to do with her family, and she preferred it that way. She had a new dick to play with now. One could never touch the back of her throat, stretch her out, or pound against her cervix. She was almost relieved. Despite leaving a lot to be desired visually, she was excited about this new experience.

Kavita kept stroking, hearing Arush’s soft moans, her fingers pushing back and forth, back and forth. Her touch was gentle, not gripping too tight on his little shaft. His foreskin made it so easy.

“M-mom I—” he started, his moans interrupting his words.

“Oh baby, your dick,” she spoke softly, stroking him faster and faster. “You’re so precious, Arush.”

His short shaft quivered, pulsating, his brown head pushing past the foreskin. She slowed herself down. She wasn’t supposed to make him cum, not yet anyway.

“Settle, my boy,” Kavita spoke as she slowed down.

Pre-cum leaked from his tip as she slowly moved her fingers back and forth.

“Is this how it feels hard, Arush? Or does it get bigger?”

She hoped it would, but she knew a full erection when she saw one.

“It’s, ahh, it’s hard, mama,” he said, his face flushed. His hips were slowly rocking in her fingers. “I’m feeling so, so—”

“Do you want to finish, baby?”

All he could do was nod his head eagerly.

Kavita decided it’s best if he didn’t make a mess while feeling his tiny pulsing thing ready to explode in her hand. So she did something, almost without thinking, opening her mouth to catch her boy’s load.

The beautiful sight of his mother’s tongue, her open mouth ready to accept his cum. He burst, Kavita still stroking him, covering her tongue and the side of her lips. Rope after rope of hot cum shot from his slit opening. He shuddered. The power of the orgasm and his mother’s face covered in his semen sent a jolt through his body.

Kavita swallowed what cum lay on her tongue and used her tongue to clean up the rest, which had missed her open mouth. The cum shot wasn’t huge but more than enough for her to get a good taste of her boy. How excited she was to be getting sexual again, tasting fresh cum, pleasuring a new dick.

This wasn’t the route she expected to take, but she reveled in it. Pleasuring her baby boy with a baby dick and pleasuring herself. Still high off of Arush’s orgasm, she licked the tip of his cock, making sure to clean off any bit of cum left on his head. She sighed, taking in her job well done. She then focused on Arush’s face. His eyes were rolled to the back of his head, and his mouth was wide open, moaning, still lost in the ecstasy of his mother’s touch.

“Mom,” he moaned.

“Arush, I think you are enough for any girl,” Kavita said with a wide smile on her flushed face. “And perfect your mother.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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