Becoming the Man of the House (Gay SPH)

By musclesports.

This story is told from the point of view of four characters: Americans Aaron (23) and Eric (28), Swedish Thomas (38), and Colombian Leo (23). Each section indicates the narrator.


My name is Aaron. I am a swimmer, and I work part-time as the receptionist of a big gym in Dallas, where I also train. I am 23 years old, 6 feet tall, dark blonde-haired, and nicely built. Swimming gave me a broad back and large shoulders almost every day, which lessened my twinkish aspect. I always liked confident men who inspired me to achieve better results.

Two years ago, I met Eric, a tall white stud who lived in Dallas. An ex-college quarterback, Eric was good-looking and self-assured. His six-foot-four-inches body was muscular, much bulkier than I was. What captivated me immediately was his smile. Moreover, since I don’t intend to fool anyone, his chest was also an attention grabber. Big, massive, hard pecs. At 28, he was five years older than me, and I looked up to him as the older bro.

Being strong and competitive, during his college years, Eric stopped playing football as he was excelling in wrestling competitions. He even made it to the big leagues. Living in Dallas, his former dream was to be trained by the best in the business, Thomas Matiasson, a 38-years-old professional coach from Sweden who owned the gym where I worked.

I had only seen men like Mr. Thomas in the comics I read, like Superman, or in the videogames, I played, like Street Fighter. I thought Thomas looked precisely like a Viking superhero: tall, ridiculously muscular, full-bearded, had a hairy chest and an almost shaved haircut. His upper body was heavily tattooed to complete his ultimate muscle daddy looks.

But there was a problem: Thomas was the first man I had sex with. And Eric was very jealous of him. Like a brat, Eric treated him like shit, Thomas refused to train him, and they created a rivalry.

I was 20 years old when I met Thomas and, for a while, I became entranced. In my mind, he was the most muscular man in the world. Together, we looked like David and Goliath. He only stopped me and asked me to call him Daddy. He told me that he had turned many top men into bottoms and convinced three allegedly straight men to suck his cock thanks to his rough appearance and dominant behavior.

His cock had a decent size. It was the only part of his body that was not massive. Don’t get me wrong. It was big, just not huge like the rest of him. I didn’t care. He knew how to fuck, and if he had a massive one, it probably would have hurt.

He was a man with a “no strings attached” rule, but even so, when he dumped me, I was heartbroken for a while. I was already working for him, and I thought I would be fired and lose everything. Now I know it was an unnecessary drama. Mr. Thomas and I became good friends.

Two weeks after the break-up, I met Eric through a website for men who were into sports. Eric was “the promise” of wrestling. He was a power top, so we had an instant match. Sexually, he was very aggressive, playing it rough and being verbal. In the beginning, he was not in a full dominant mode, but as time went by, he incorporated gestures and name-callings that I found exaggerated. Nonetheless, I played along. He was hot and a good fucker.

Alongside it, I discovered Eric had an OnlyFans account named Top Wrestler. He described himself as an alpha top, a Master, a findom, making easy cash from losers worldwide who paid him for bragging about his big muscles and self-compliments. Although he never posted nude videos or photos and always wore a mask, his account became relatively successful and lucrative. He was extremely cocky. He liked to humiliate his followers, show off his muscles, sell used underwear, and tell stories about how he fucked the best asses.

However, there is something about Eric only I knew. If you look at his OnlyFans profile, he claims he has a big cock. He boasts on the Internet about being over 8 inches. In-person, he says all the time to me he has 7.5 inches x 5.5 inches, bragging he is long and thick, hanging 4.5 with nice balls. He was proud of his bulge, proud he was bigger than his friends. His actual size, however, is not that big. He is 6.2 x 4.8, which is above average.

The truth is that I always enjoyed hunks, and I never cared about size. But Eric was obsessed with it. He always liked men who were willing to worship him. He always looked for younger and smaller men than he was to feel himself like a Master figure. I hated this about him. Our cocks had similar lengths, and he insisted he was much bigger. He was not.

I found out he even had managed to have regular fuck buddies, cheating on me. When I confronted him about it, he replied saying it was his alpha nature. “I was born to seed,” he said.

Of course, I was upset about this. At the time, I simply did not know what to do. The last straw was when I noticed he had uploaded two pics of my ass, exposing me in his porn accounts, claiming he had destroyed me with his “immense dick.” At first, I had thought about just leaving him, finding someone else, etc. However, he was so obsessed with being this Alpha persona that I decided he needed a reality check.

I called Mr. Thomas and told him I needed his help. Thomas was very competitive, and he had created a rivalry with Eric in almost every aspect of their lives. I discovered they sometimes competed for the same bottoms in Dallas. And Dallas is full of bottoms.

The Swedish Daddy became worried and invited me to have a talk with him in his house. We both left work earlier than we used to. On the way to his home, I thought my plan would be successful. Thomas was bigger than Eric everywhere. He indeed looked intimidating. I wanted Eric to see he was not this alpha apex he thought he was, that my ex was bigger than him. But my plan was about to become much better than I could have imagined.

This is because on that same night, in Thomas’ house, I met his nephew Leo, a man my age who had been living with him just for the last five days. Probably thinking that his step-uncle would only arrive at night, as always, 23-years-old Leonardo, completely naked, started to prepare a snack in the kitchen. He didn’t hear the front door opening. The three of us were taken by surprise. And that was when my big cock addiction began.

Never in my life could I have imagined a cock could be that big, especially if soft. Pretty impressive long, uncut, thick, heavily veined, with big loose, low-hanging egg-sized balls. Staring at it with amazement, I didn’t understand what exactly had happened, or even if that thing was real… But Mr. Thomas… he became frozen. He was genuinely stunned, silent, and motionless as if in a catatonic state.

Leonardo tried to justify himself to his uncle with his cheekbones blushing: “I took two women to your room because it’s a suite bedroom. I thought you wouldn’t come back until 10 PM, so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. I apologize.”

Thomas must have been still very impressed by the size of that rod in front of him. He couldn’t find words and babbled unintelligible things. Leonardo seemed to be in a monologue: “I can go to my room. Just give me time to talk to the girls.”

“It… It is not necessary… I will sleep in your room,” the Muscle Daddy finally said.

Leo felt thankful: “Thanks, Thomas, you are the best. And sorry once more.”

The Swedish Viking probably had forgotten about me. I was the one who introduced myself. “I am Aaron, by the way. Thomas’ friend.”

He came walking towards me, a third leg dangling. He was olive-skinned, smooth, and had a bodybuilder frame, almost as muscular as his step-uncle. In truth, I could only stare at that huge soft cock, but I noticed he reached out to shake my hand.

“I am Leo, Thomas’ nephew. I am from Colombia. Nice to meet you.”

I probably should have kept quiet, but I didn’t. I was very impressed. I blurted out a remark: “It is so fucking big!!!”. I already had a hard-on.

My reaction amused Leo. “Ha ha, thanks, bro. It gets even bigger,” he bragged. I was transfixed. It was much bigger than Eric’s, and it was not even hard. Holy fuck!

I was on cloud nine. But the Colombian stud returned to the bedroom with the lunch he had prepared. With an absurdly sized cock swinging from side to side, I noticed Thomas gulping. When the younger man was going to the main bedroom, Thomas’s eyes followed him. He looked terrific from the back too. It was a smooth, firm ass, just as Thomas and Eric liked it.

Visibly uncomfortable, the night was over for Mr. Thomas. But I had already decided that I wouldn’t have that conversation with him anymore. His nephew Leonardo had become my focus. He obliterated Eric. He obliterated Thomas.

And how big was his cock? “It gets even bigger,” he said. Did he say that? I could not think about anything else. It was the perfect thing I had ever seen in my life. That was the cock I needed to see compared to Eric’s.



I don’t care if it will sound like I am bragging, but when I became 18 years old, I already knew I had all the attributes of an Alpha man. Women and men always gave me lovely compliments. Handsome, squared jaw, piercing green eyes, cocky grin, manly face, and big feet were just some of my attributes.

I was born in Medellin, Colombia. My mother, also from Colombia, married a wealthy Swedish man who wanted to raise me as a son. But he died when I was very young, so I never met him properly, just by pictures. There was, of course, the vast amount of money he left. As a result, I spent my childhood in a mansion in the El Poblado neighborhood, with a fantastic view of the city’s mountains. It didn’t hurt that it also had a giant pool in the backyard.

When I was 18 years old, testosterone kept doing wonders in my body. I can’t deny it: nature was very, very gentle. I had been hit by puberty like a truck, constantly outgrowing every piece of clothing. Doing push-ups and abdominal exercises every day helped my transformation into a total jock. No one could believe that I, once a tall, skinny boy, had become a shredded twink.

But probably the thing people noticed most about me was the size of my cock. Yeah, it had become fucking huge. It was what I liked most about all these body transformations. It certainly attracted looks of envy but also of deep respect. Few men can understand this feeling of being bigger than everyone else in a room. Spoiler alert: it is good.

When I moved to Bogota to study Business at university, I had become a locker room legend, and when the fame spread, a pussy row formed. I had celebrated when my cock surpassed the 7.5 inches mark, then the 8.0, then the 8.5. When my dick reached 9.0 inches, with an extreme thickness, I already knew I had a porn star cock. What surprised me the most was that my monster kept growing and thickening, and I wondered if it would stop. Not that it would bother me. It had reached the remarkable size of 10.1 inches. I was already a star in my university and circle of friends.

But my path to becoming an Alpha Dom was to enter a new chapter. I became especially interested in bodybuilding after meeting Santiago Suárez, a 25-year-old Afro-Caribbean man who competed in the Men’s Physique category. We became best friends, and he realized that I had a lot of potential for competition. Black, shredded, and handsome, Santi was famous for having a BBC.

For two years, we trained together nonstop. We created a special bond, like a bromance, always trying to outdo ourselves. Our reputation for being well-hung also aroused curiosity in both of us. It wasn’t a few times I caught a few glances from Santi at the bulge in my shorts, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wonder which one of us was bigger.

Then it happened. For my 20th birthday, Santiago bought me a gift: it was a blackboard so that I could register all the muscle gains: arms, thighs, chest. With the help of a tape measure, we wrote down all my current measures and aspirations. Santi was happy with the results, thinking I could become the poster boy of his work, like his protégée.

I did not see me like that, so I challenged him. I thought I was already in his league, and I wanted to see his results. I beat him on chest size, and he hit me on thigh size. As for the arms, we were even. I don’t know if he had this planned already, but he gave a corky smile as he proposed: “Let’s settle this once and for all. How about we check out our cocks’ size?”

I agreed. He pulled down his shorts and underwear and showed me his heavy, black cock with a huge head. It was huge, and I gave it a nod of approval. Confident, Santi rested his hands on his hips, sure he wouldn’t lose this contest. His BBC was almost epic, after all.

However, he was about to meet a more massive cock, to his horror. Mine. I approached him and lowered my boxers very slowly so he could be intimidated by every inch I was revealing. It worked. When he realized he would be defeated, there was still meat to be shown. Finally, when all the length of my cock was already out of my underwear, we didn’t even need a tape measure to find out: visually, mine was bigger and thicker.

“Look at us. I’d hate to be you right now,” I bragged. His reaction couldn’t be stranger: he kissed me. We were both big masculine men, making the kiss a mixture of violence and complicity. I felt like we were two mountains of muscle colliding. My body reacted differently if my mind was trying to push him away: my cock had never been so hard. He insisted on measuring it. He held my cock precisely as if he wanted the exact measurements. Calculating the length of my pole, Santiago made me realize I was facing a new record: “10.3 inches!” he rejoiced.

“Fuck, I got 0.2 inches bigger.” I became so euphoric that a need to dominate Santi arose. I pulled him by the neck, called him a slut, and cock-slapped him in many positions. He seemed in shock seeing me like that but complied. By then, his ebony ass was the only male ass I had fucked, leaving him obsessed with the feeling of having his hole widened. He even stopped eating pussy to serve me.

Santi devoted his time to make me get better at muscularity, taper, and symmetry. With my coach’s help, I became a roid alpha bull, a hyper-masculine beast. Fuck, and I even had a monster cock! But I wanted more. And that’s when I discovered, through some old papers, that the man who had adopted me had a brother: Thomas, a Swedish bodybuilder man living in Dallas, in the US.

It turned out my step-uncle Thomas owed my parents a moral debt. His brother’s testament was responsible for paying for his Physical Education college and donating a large amount of money to him to open a gym. Time and distance, however, caused the family to lose contact.

At 23 years old, I had graduated from university and was in full mode to dedicate myself fully to fitness life. I decided to call my step-uncle to get some guidance as I planned to spend six months in the US. He seemed to hate the idea but couldn’t say no.

Contrary to our expectations, we got along very well. In my mind, my step-uncle was the most muscular man I’ve ever met. I grew up without a father figure, so I was in search of approval and attention. Living with my step-uncle would provide it all. Besides, it was also a hyper-masculine environment. Thomas was a weightlifter, very much into fighting sports and competition. As a gym owner and personal trainer, his work provided him with a full-time contract with training. He decided to help me to achieve my goals.

Although we were not blood-related and I had never met him before, Thomas treated me with maximum respect. He lived in a two-bedroom apartment and gave one of the rooms to me so I would have privacy.

There was one problem, though. His ass was so firm and muscular that I became distracted. It was big, shaped like a bubble butt, perfectly fitting all his gym shorts. During the first three days, I did not suspect my uncle’s interest in men, but while using Thomas’ computer to do some research, I saw that it had a folder named “best butts.” I opened it out of curiosity, wanting to know my uncle’s taste in women, but found only images of male asses. It was almost a perfect curation of men’s asses, but the truth is, my muscular uncle’s hard, hot ass was better than all of them.

I got so crazy about his ass that I put off my return to the gym for five days, just fucking some American pussy I met through Tinder to see if it distracted me. That was when Thomas and a friend of his caught me naked, and I realized, for the first time, that he might like big cocks.

The next day, over breakfast, I decided to address the issue. “Did it bother you that I brought pussies here?”

“Not at all. It seems you are enjoying life.”

“Hey, Thomas, Sofia, one of the girls here yesterday, saw your picture in your bedroom and told me you are the hottest daddy. I could introduce you to some of the girls I knew or their mothers if you prefer women over 40. Sofia’s mother is hot as fuck. I can talk about you; I think she would be interested.”

“Hahaha. You don’t have to worry about me. I get by on this subject,” he answered.

“Really, Uncle? I’ve lived here for almost one week, and I never saw you bring anyone home. Come on. You don’t have to be ashamed of me!”

“I am not. It’s… more complex than that.”

“Do you prefer men, Thomas? You can open up to me. My generation doesn’t give a fuck about it.”

“Why are you asking?”

I already knew, but I wanted to take things lightly: “I want you to feel comfortable. To trust me. I know you are 15 years older than me, and I’ve been calling you uncle just for fun, but the truth is I see you becoming one of my best friends. We have common interests.”

Tomas took a deep breath. “Ok. Yes. That’s my thing. I fuck other men.”

“That’s cool, dude. Now that I know, I can talk to some friends. Sandra’s brother, that nurse who came here on Wednesday, told me her cousin is gay and that before seeing mine, his cock was the biggest she had ever seen.”

“Oh, don’t go that way. I don’t care about cocks. I only like butts. Men’s butts.”

“You player! You are just like me, then.”

“What do you mean?” he was shocked. “Do you…?”

“Haha, sorry about the confusion. I am not gay. What I mean is, you are the one who penetrates, right?

“100% right.”

“Like me, but I fuck women. Pussy, ass, mouth. Any hole is a goal, dude. But I fucked my former coach in the ass. Many times. I guess it makes me bi, then.”

Thomas gulped. He could not have imagined it. However, he wanted to make things clear. He hated the possibility of anyone thinking he might be at the bottom. “In my world, I am known as a power top. I don’t even touch a dick, only mine.”

“Cool, dude! So, you never had a cock inside your ass?”


“And how do you know you would not like it?”

“Ask yourself the same question.”

“Yeah, you got the point.” My curiosity had been picked up. “Can I ask you something intimate? If it bothers you, you don’t need to answer, of course.”

“Try me.”

“If you just like to penetrate, why don’t you also try it with women? It doesn’t make sense to me. If you are into ass, they also have an ass. And, dude, it’s so fucking good!”

“Everyone has their own thing. I like the idea of dominating another man. It’s in my nature. I’m a Dom in bed, which is short for the dominator. For me, there’s nothing hotter than another man willing to submit himself to me. Like it’s a battle that I won. I think women’s bodies are too fragile.” He paused. “I don’t know if we can rationalize these things. Maybe it’s just my fetish.”

I listened to it carefully. My uncle had put in words exactly what I was feeling about him. Thomas represented my ideal of masculinity, and I wanted to dominate him. I wanted to compete with him. “Is your cock huge like mine, Thomas?”

He did not take the bait. Or pretended not to. “As I told you when I look at another man’s body, cocks are irrelevant. I can’t even remember seeing you naked,” he said. “So don’t worry about it.” I thought he was lying.

But I was curious about my uncle’s input. I needed to confirm his reaction. The way he stared at me was not something I was making up.

Before Tomas showed any reaction, I stood up and pulled my immense cock out of my grey sweatpants. My huge slab of soft meat dropped, hitting the table. As it was heavy, it caused an inevitable thud, which caused Tomas to spit out some of his coffee. “I knew it,” I thought while resting my hands on my hips.

Though countless women and my coach had already told me how huge my cock was, I was seeking validation from my step-uncle. But he was immobilized again, unable to say a word. Amazing how my dick could make him like that. It was an essential step toward what I wanted. I snapped him out of his entrancement: “Is your cock bigger than mine, uncle?”

“I don’t know, Leonardo, maybe it’s a draw,” Thomas said, deflecting the issue. He seemed lost, desperately trying to look away. For two reasons, he failed: my cock was too big to be out of his visual field, and, as if Tomas was magnetized, his eyes always went back to the anaconda in front of him. To make things even worse, Tomas had a hard-on. He seemed dying for that conversation to end.

However, I was excited about the banter and about the feeling of leaving that massive rough man overpowered: “If you want, one day I’ll show you it hard. Women get crazy! I would like your opinion,” I said, putting my cock back in my pants. I knew I had taken my hairy-chested jock uncle out of his comfort zone.

I was proud of myself. Shyly, with one of my hands scratching my hair, I took a deep breath to build up the courage for my final observation: “Hey, Thomas, now I… I wish every other part of my body were bigger. Bigger arms, bigger chest, broader shoulders… I don’t want just to go to the gym and maintain what I already have. I want to be even more muscular than you are. Shredded and vascular. Will you help me?”



All I thought about was Leo’s monster cock on the way back home. I had not seen it challenging, yet it was the most enormous cock I’ve ever seen. It seemed unreal. I imagined how big it would get when it was hard. Eric needed to see it because he would have his ego crushed. Eric was about to face the true embodiment of an alpha male. And he wasn’t even remotely prepared for this contest.

People paid to see Eric’s body and to hear how confident he was. He was “Alpha Top Wrestler,” one of the most followed Dom accounts on the Internet. They called him Master. Sometimes Daddy. He had a legion of virtual subs.

But, as I said before, Eric was a fraud. He photoshopped pics to enhance his bulge and get easy cash from desperate losers. But Leo… Leo was a real man. I understood it all. He exuded confidence and big dick energy. He was at least ten times the man Eric would ever be.

I closed my eyes and thought about them naked, in a cock size contest. Next to him, Eric’s cock felt so tiny and cute, lacking in thickness. I needed to see this scene live. I jerked off thinking about Eric’s journey into the truth.

The following day, I woke up to a text from my boss, Thomas, requesting that I get to the gym earlier than usual to expedite his nephew’s enrollment. Things seemed to fall into place perfectly.

Therefore, I was the one who filled out his admission request. His name was Leonardo Garay, 23 years old, the same height as Eric. When I gave him the form to sign, I noticed he adjusted his package inside his grey sweatpants. The fabric was revealing a huge volume. His bulge was so insanely big that I couldn’t stop staring at it, and I went numb. He took me out of my trance by putting the form against my face. “Hey, bro, here it is.”

I took him on a tour of each area of ​​the gym. A man of his stature and strength with a visible dick line cannot go unnoticed, so I noticed everyone was trying to get information about him. He was a showstopper.

“Do you want to start to work out now?” I finally asked him. According to him, Thomas was going to be his trainer so that he would wait for him.

“You are lucky; Mr. Thomas is the best personal trainer in Dallas,” I told him. “He charges a lot of money, and almost no one can get an hour anymore.”

He invited me to have coffee while his uncle didn’t arrive. As I had arrived earlier than usual, I had some time to spare. Leo asked me a lot of questions about life in Dallas. He spoke English with a charming accent, and he seemed a nice man. When the subject turned to nightlife, I told him I didn’t know much about straight places. “I’m bi,” he said. “I fuck men too.”

Reminding myself of the night before, I gulped. So, he was a prey to Thomas, I assumed. Yet another ass to be used and discarded by the famous Muscle Daddy. A pity. “Are you and Thomas…?” I asked, but he interrupted me.

“We’re both exclusively a top, so I don’t think anything will happen,” he answered me.

I felt delighted to learn that he was a top. I don’t know where that feeling came from. My plans seemed to be back on track.

“You’ve got a huge dick. It will be a hit around here,” I teased him.

“Is it bigger than Thomas’?” he asked me. I had a cold sweat. I had never cheated on Eric before, but it was the perfect opportunity. And I wanted it. I needed this after so much Eric had put me through.

“I’d have to see it again,” I told him.

“I don’t mind showing it again to you,” he confidently told me.

“We can go to my car. I parked there,” I pointed. We left the money on the table and went to my car. I already had a hard-on. He got into the driver’s seat, and I got into the passenger seat. His bush was already bursting out. Although I had seen it the night before, I could not believe that much meat was coming off those pants. When he finally got it all out, I understood the fascination some guys have with big dicks.

I had never seen a cock that combined those insane levels of length and girth. It was everything Eric wished he had. It was a huge, thick, beautiful cock. It was shaped to be a perfect, superior rod, accompanied by giant balls. Maybe that was his mission, with nature choosing him to break boundaries and be the alpha among alphas.

Amazed, I could have stared at that work of art forever if Leo hadn’t interrupted my trance. “Do you want to smell it?” he asked. He didn’t tell me to touch him. It was an invitation to another sensory experience, an uncommon one. I approached that huge piece of meat and took a deep breath. He smelled of male, of musk, of testosterone. I was all clean and tidy, and he was all sweaty. It was intoxicating. I’d never been this close to a big dick.

He took my left hand and guided it to the base of his monster cock. It was like he was a man of a superior species. I felt dominated and at his mercy. I stroked that huge cock along its length and felt completely ecstatic as I realized it was hardening. It felt like I was awakening a beast. It was getting much bigger and more intimidating than I had anticipated. Instinctively, I brought my hands to my mouth, visibly impressed.

It was an extraordinary, beautiful cock that met all the hardness, thickness, and length requirements. Everything about that dick screamed BIG. Big balls, big heads, and even the hands that held them were huge. Leo was my age, but he looked like a roid alpha bull, a hyper-masculine beast. Fuck, and he even had a monster cock!

It was the first time I had seen one that big. Eric and Thomas had an attitude, but they didn’t have the proper equipment to be at the top of the game. Leo’s cock, on the other hand, was absurdly big to the point of being menacing. Leo was like the boss of the last stage, the food chain predator, the ultimate alpha man. I felt joyful and afraid to behold something so big and masculine in front of me. I had no idea how fascinating a dick that size could be.

He displayed his big cock with a dirty grin as if he was used to the power his sheer thickness brought to anyone who saw it. For me, the effect was nothing different. I needed to feel it, to wet it with my saliva.

“Do you like big cocks?” he asked. Until that point in my life, I wouldn’t have been able to answer that question genuinely. But, yes, I was amazed at what I was seeing, so I just nodded. “Open your mouth,” he said.

Perhaps in an amateurish, clumsy, inexperienced way, I stuck my tongue out, facing that huge cock head. Unlike Eric and I, he had an uncut, intact cock, which gave him a more robust look.

I played with my tongue on the glans, on the foreskin, making circular motions. I held the shaft with both hands to get more stability, the only possible way to keep it properly. There was a lot of meat to be explored. I admired him from the base to the glans, kissing him and wetting him with my tongue while still looking into his eyes, grateful for this opportunity.

I wish my mouth were bigger to wrap all the thickness, but I couldn’t give up the challenge. I opened it as wide as possible. Sure, it would be brutal. I couldn’t hurt him with my teeth, and I knew it would be painful to keep my mouth open like that for a long time.

“Relax, or the pain will be unbearable,” he said as he gently slapped my jaw. The huge cock head touched my lips, entering the oral cavity, and I loved it. My jaw ached, my mouth was as wide as possible, and my eyes were watering. Sometimes I needed him to take his dick out of my mouth, pour drool, and get some air.

Using my throat like an object, Leo pushed his cock as far as I could handle it. Trying to suppress the gag reflex, I wanted to give him total access to my throat because he deserved it. But I was too inexperienced: Eric’s dick was something insignificant, like a little worm next to Leo’s anaconda. I tried to deepthroat the obscene length in front of me for minutes, failing every time.

After a few minutes, in a feeling of ecstasy and fascination, I caught air and begged him: “Please fuck me.” I looked around for some condoms Eric had bought in the glove compartment.

“Those regular-sized condoms don’t work for me. I need an XXL,” he told me with a disappointed face. Sure. Obvious. There was nothing average about this man. I moaned.

I begged for Leo to cum, before going back to slurping all his cock. Then, he moved his right hand to my ass, to my tight, smooth hole. When I felt his thick middle finger against the entrance to my hole, I desperately came. Noticing it, Leo decided to speed up the thrusts, drenching my mouth with his thick, white cum. Like a waterfall, his big dick didn’t stop gushing. Feeling like a champion, he was very proud of the huge amount of cum being released.

Ecstatic, I had my mouth full of cum, lying in his crotch as I watched that monster cock softening. He patted my head, “Relax. You did well for your first experience with a big dick. Next time I’ll put it in your ass.”

I smiled. There would be the next time then. My revenge was starting to take shape. I decided to ask him very directly: “Would you fuck me in front of my boyfriend, Eric?”

“Sure. But send me a picture of him first, focusing on his ass. I want to check if we are just going to cuckold him or if there will be two asses in line waiting for me.”

“Eric is a top,” I thought. It would take repetitive humiliations about his so-called alpha status and cock size to get him there. But if anyone could do it, this man was Leo.

We saw Thomas, Leo’s step-uncle, arriving at his gym in a hiatmotorbike. “It’s time for me to go; I have to arrange my training routine with Thomas,” Leo told me.

As I watched him get out of the car, I decided to warn him, “Leo, beware of your uncle. He’s known as a domineering guy, and he’s very strong. I think you’ll end up becoming rivals. Don’t tease him too much. I’ve heard some stories…”

He turned to me, propping his forearm against the car door. I could only pay attention to the volume his thick cock was making in his pants. He then asked me: “Thomas told me his dick is the same size as mine. Can you confirm?”

I laughed. “You’re MUCH bigger, Leo. But Thomas never bottoms.”

He then winked at me and left.

Driving back to my house, I thought about Eric. Some months ago, he had decided to follow a strict routine to get even bigger. Nutrition, gym, medicine, aerobics, creams, pumping, and personal trainer were all on his radar to become bigger and more muscular. This increased his popularity. His porn account had more and more followers each day. In addition to that, to make his cock look bigger, he started to use underwear with a pouch, creating a shape that misled those who saw the volume in his pants.

And then I thought about Leo. As strong and as handsome as Eric, the same height, just as dedicated to sports. They had the same muscular body structure; they both were chiseled studs whose muscles were made to be worshipped. In the cock size department, however, there was no similarity.

Because of this, I needed to see Eric’s reaction to being directly compared to a man with a dick so much bigger than his own. My boyfriend was about to face the true embodiment of an alpha male. And I felt that, even if he didn’t know it yet, being so obsessed with cock size, Eric also would enjoy that dose of humiliation. I was ready for the tall white stud’s downfall.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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  • Neal Barrie

    I didn’t see a single word in this story about small dicks. They started with not-at-all small, and just kept getting bigger.


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