The Weed Guy Fucked My Girlfriend


My girlfriend Sarah and I went on a trip to San Diego a few weeks ago for a vacation and it wound up getting way out of control. Sarah is a sexy 5’1″ white girl with a big butt and nice perky tits, and she’s pretty sexually adventurous. This weekend she was especially horny – on our way down she told me that she was really curious about getting a big dildo and having me use it on her. I told her it was a great idea, that it would be fun to explore her body and that she should try to experience everything. I was ready for a wild weekend.

The second we got into the hotel we fucked like rabbits, but all of a sudden while I was pounding her doggystyle she started yelling out “fuck me with that little babydick”. I was shocked but turned on at the same time, and I started fucking her harder, my balls slapping against her clit. She kept saying “go deeper little bitch” but I was already in as far as I could go. Her pussy was so wet I could barely feel the sides, and I figured she was just super horny so I kept pounding her and didn’t think too much of it. Finally I pulled out and came all over her tits and she just flashed this big grin at me as she went to the bathroom to clean up. Afterwards she made me go down on her while she watched porn.

The next day we were hanging out in the hotel room and wanted to smoke some weed. My friend gave me the number of his weed guy so I called him and asked him to come drop an eighth off for us. He was super friendly on the phone and said he’d be over in 20 minutes. While we waited for him, my girl and I decided to fool around a little bit. She gives amazing head and can deepthroat my dick with no gag reflex at all, and just when I was getting close to busting a nut we heard a knock at the door.

Scrambling to get dressed, she put on a robe while I put on my jeans and t-shirt. I opened the door and a big rasta looking guy in khaki shorts and a t-shirt wearing a backpack was standing there waiting. He was probably 6’6 and had long thick dreads that went past his shoulders. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my girlfriend craning her neck to look from the hotel bed.

“You Dave?”

“Ya man,” he said in a thick Jamaican accent.

“Cool come in. Chris told me you had the best stuff.”

As he walked into the room, he noticed my girlfriend and they made eye contact. She shyly looked away, biting her lower lip. He smiled and put his backpack on the bed, pulling out a few different strains for us to take a look at.

“I got the OG Kush, Lemon Tree, I got Blue Dream, you just let me know what you want and we can light up a sample,” he said with his Jamaican drawl.

I shook my head. “Oh uh, I’m not sure if we’re allowed to smoke in here actually. We might get kicked out.”

“Stop being such a pussy, they won’t care,” my girlfriend chimed in. “Can we smoke some of the Lemon Tree?”

“I have a joint all ready girl,” Dave said, pulling a fat baseball bat shaped joint out of his backpack. “Try this.”

He put the joint between her lips and lit it up. They made eye contact again and honestly, I got a little jealous. Was she into him or something? I was positive I could see lust in her eyes but I wasn’t sure how to defuse the situation so as she blew a big cloud of smoke towards him, never breaking eye contact, I just took the joint and took a hit, coughing as I did.

“Yeah boy. That’s the good stuff,” Dave said. “Take another hit, your girl is outsmoking you man.” I took another pull and coughed again. My eyes were watering and I immediately knew I was way too high for this situation. Dave and my girlfriend were talking, laughing about something but I was lost in my head. Dave took a huge puff from the joint and passed it back to my girl, who happily accepted.

“You know what’s funny,” she said between puffs, “Right before you came in I was giving Ben a blowjob, and when you knocked he opened the door before I had my robe all the way on. You almost saw me naked!”

Dave was startled at first, then smiled. “Is that right girl? Ben man, why’d you do that? You wanted me to see her naked man?”

Sarah passed me the joint as if getting higher was really what I needed right now. “Yeah Ben, why’d you do that? Did you know there would be a big handsome black guy out there?”

I took a quick hit nervously and tried to pass it to Dave, but he stopped me. “Ben man, you can’t smoke with me and take those baby hits. Take a real man hit, you feel?” I looked at Sarah, who just smiled and shrugged. Trapped, I put the joint to my lips and inhaled, feeling the smoke go all the way into my lungs. I coughed hard, tears streaming down my face.

“What was the question?” I asked, still coughing and wiping my eyes. I never smoked like this at home.

“Did you want him to see me naked Ben? Why’d you open the door so fast?” Sarah said with a grin.

“Yeah.. I mean no! Of course I didn’t want him to see you naked. Why would I want that, you’re my girlfriend!” I stammered.

Sarah looked at Dave. “Well I don’t know, you seemed pretty excited when I told you I wanted a big dildo. Maybe you wanted me to try the real thing,” she said, before turning her gaze back to me. “You said you want my little pussy to experience everything, right? Didn’t you say that?”

Dave shifted a little bit on the bed, and for the first time I noticed a huge bulge in his khaki shorts from his crotch almost to the bottom edge. It had to be a banana in his pocket or something because there was no way his dick was that big. It would be almost twice as big as mine if it was. Do Jamaicans eat bananas? I’m not even sure. I should google that when he leaves.

I looked up to see Dave & Sarah staring at me. “Oh uh, yeah I guess I did say that. You said you wanted a big dildo, I thought that was hot. You said you needed to be stretched out on this vacation, ummm…” I lost my train of thought and trailed off. Was she messing with me or was she serious? I couldn’t tell. She made awkward jokes about hot guys and big dicks sometimes at parties and it always made me a little jealous but I just had to remind myself, you’re the one she’s coming home to.

She rubbed my back. “It’s ok babe, I was just joking. You’re always so goofy when you’re high!” she said, laughing. “Dave probably wouldn’t even want to see me naked, huh Dave?”

“Oh no girl, I wouldn’t even dream of seeing what’s under that robe,” Dave said with a sarcastic smile.

“Ah Dave, you’re such a sweety,” she said, patting his leg – but wait, she patted it right where the bulge was! Did my girlfriend just feel up the weed guy? “Dave is just a biiiig sweetheart.”

“Ummm, okay babe, I think it’s time we paid Dave. Don’t we have that thing we have to get to?” I said.

Suddenly, she leaned over and kissed me. We made out for a few seconds, Dave watching us and lightly rubbing his bulge. “I’m so horny for you baby,” she whispered in my ear, “Why don’t we put on a little show for Dave? I’ll finish what I started before he came over…What do you say? It’s our kinky vacation, right?”

My dick was at full attention and my mind was so cloudy I wasn’t sure how to respond. I mean, I did have a serious case of blue balls… but in front of Dave? He’s so much bigger & taller than me, I felt a little insecure just being around him.

Sarah interrupted my thoughts by rubbing my crotch. “Dave, do you mind if I finish giving Ben a blowjob? You can stay and finish your joint if you want, I wouldn’t want to put you out.”

Dave’s eyes widened in surprise, but slowly a big grin spread over his face. “Do ya thing girl. Show me what you can do with that white boy dick.”

Sarah got on the floor on her knees in between my legs. She pulled my pants down and my 5 inch erection popped out like a spring. She licked the tip, looking up at Dave as she did. Then she took my whole cock down her throat like it was nothing and held it there. It felt sooooooo good, I really was lucky my girl was such a freak.

“Damn girl! You suck that little white boy dick like a champ,” Dave exclaimed, hitting the joint and blowing out a huge cloud of smoke while rubbing on his bulge, “You got me all hot and bothered girl, you mind if I take mine out while I watch?”

She let my dick out of her mouth with a pop. “Go ahead, we’re all friends here,” she said mischievously. “Ben doesn’t mind at all.”

I was about to protest and say why yes, I actually do mind having a big black man take his dick out in front of my girlfriend but she took my dick all the way down her throat again and I forgot all about it. She kept bobbing up and down as Dave unbuttoned his shorts, staring at his bulge the entire time. He stood up to pull down his pants, and out popped a huge veiny piece of meat. It was definitely more than twice my size and way thicker, probably as thick as a beer bottle. Sarah paused for a second in amazement, just staring at it, and then Dave started stroking it slowly, staring intently at her the whole time.

“Go on girl, suck ya man’s dick. I’ll let you know if I need any help.” Sarah blinked and started sucking my dick furiously, with lots of spit. She took the whole thing down her throat one, two, three times in a row, and I could feel my nut coming. I put my hand on her head, pushing her face down into my crotch, but she slapped it away and came up for air.

“Don’t cum yet baby, I want to give Dave a show!” she moaned, her robe slipping and showing one of her perky nipples. Dave grunted approvingly and continued stroking his massive rod.

“I’m so close though, I want to cum so bad,” I replied, stroking my own cock, which looked tiny in comparison.

“NO! If you’re going to cum, I’ll come back to you in a minute when you’ve calmed down. Dave, do you mind if I suck you while Ben recovers?”

“Uh, wait, hold on–” “Yeah girl, come over here and show me how you work your magic on a big dick. You ever had one of these before?”

Sarah bit her lip again as she moved between Dave’s legs. “Not yet but I’ve been wanting to try one…”

“Okay well go slow girl, don’t hurt yourself. Here,” he said, rubbing his tip on Sarah’s lips, “Just lick the tip to start and get it nice and wet.”

I was shocked. Why was Sarah doing this to me? Did she really think I had a babydick? I wanted to interrupt but I couldn’t find the words, I was so horny all I could to do was stroke my little cock and watch in amazement as Sarah swirled her tongue around his huge tip. She licked it a few times, then, with a glint in her eye, she tried to take the whole thing down her throat. She made it about halfway before gagging. That only seemed to motivate her though and she started bobbing up and down, going lower and lower on his giant cock until she had about 8 inches down her throat, and there was still 3-4 inches more to go.

“Baby, get behind me and fuck me. I want to feel your little babydick in me. Just don’t cum in me yet ok, I want to make sure Dave gets a good show.”

I obediently got behind her and pulled her robe up onto her ass, and as I slipped in I realized her pussy was soaking wet! I could barely feel anything at all, and apparently neither could she. “Put it in me baby! I want you to fuck me!”

“I am in you honey… You’re so wet though. You can’t feel it?”

“Ugh, no! Fucking babydick. Dave, why don’t you & Ben switch places?”

I was so ashamed but so turned on at the same time. “Alright,” said Dave, “Come round here Ben. I’ll show you how to fill up the pussy.”

Mesmerized, I sat on the bed with my hand on my cock as Sarah took her robe off and Dave positioned himself behind her, big dick swinging. “Now be careful girl, this thing ain’t no toy.” Sarah was obviously excited as she started to back up onto him. “OH MY GOD. I don’t think it’s going to fit!”

“Don’t worry girl, it’ll fit,” Dave said smugly as he pressed another inch into my girlfriend, “You’re just not used to a big one, that’s all.”

“Ughhhhhhhhhhh it’s stretching me out! My pussy feels so full right now!” Suddenly, Sarah remembered I was there in front of her, stroking patiently. “You like that your girlfriend is a little slut huh? Your little dick is so hard right now. You love that I’m getting fucked by a big black dick huh? Uuuuuughhhhhh it feels so good!” Her hot breath on my balls as Dave started to pound her almost made me cum right away but I knew I had to hold on or she would be mad at me.

Dave started to push more and more of his cock in her as she moaned, trying to take it all. I could see that he had a good 5 or 6 inches in and he still had my whole dick length & more left to go. All of a sudden Sarah screamed. “Holy fuck I think I’m cummmiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiingggg!” She panted hard, grunting and moaning into my rock hard pecker as I jerked off in front of her, hornier than I’ve ever been before. I had never seen her cum in our whole relationship – she had faked it a few times when we first started dating but she later admitted that they weren’t real, and seeing the real thing right before my eyes was amazing.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock! Holy fuck! Fuckkkkk I’m cumming agaiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn!” By now Dave had gotten about 3/4 of his cock inside of her and was pushing it in and out, in and out.

“Better than that babydick, huh girl?” Dave grunted as he fucked my girlfriend in front of me. “You like that big black dick in you don’t you girl? You’re never going back!”

“Ohhhhh yeahh, I’m never going back… I’m never going back! I’m never going back! Fucking babydick! Uhnnnnnggggg I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Uuhhnnnnnnnng!”

I had never seen anything like this, not even in porn. She was like an animal, completely lost in the lust, unable to control her own body. Dave looked at me and winked, then he shoved his whole cock into her tight pussy. “Oh SHIT! Oh SHIT! Uuuuughhhhhhhhhhh!” Dave suddenly pulled his cock all the way out, and clear liquid shot out of Sarah’s pussy. Did he just make her squirt?! Holy shit. I thought that was just a myth!

Dave put his cock back in and continued to pound Sarah. I tried to put my dick in her mouth but she ignored me completely, turning her head away and moaning unintelligibly. Finally, Dave pulled out and grunted, “Open your mouth girl.” In a daze, she opened her mouth and thick ropes of cum blasted everywhere – her nose, her forehead, her eyes, her hair, everywhere but her mouth. There were so many sprays I lost count, and it was so thick she looked like a frosted cupcake when he was finished. Some dripped down onto her lips as she sat back, panting, eyes glued shut.

“I think I love you…” she mumbled, before collecting herself. “I mean, I love that weed. I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

Dave smiled as he put his clothes on. “Well girl, your man has my number. He can call me anytime. I hope you hit me soon girl, I haven’t had a pussy tight as that in a long time.”

Everybody had forgotten about me but suddenly I needed to cum. I groaned and stood up, shooting a feeble load onto Sarah’s cum covered face. 1 squirt, and the rest just kind of dripped out. Both Sarah & Dave looked up in shock and laughed when they realized what had happened.

“Thanks for that, babydick,” Sarah sneered. “Go get the money for the weed so Dave can be on his way.”

I pulled out my wallet and walked Dave to the door. “How much do I owe you for the eighth?”

Dave smirked as he buttoned his pants. “Give me $100 boy. And call me, okay? Your girl needs it.”

“Okay, yeah I will.” I stuttered, before realizing what I was saying. “For weed. Just weed. Thanks.”

As the door closed, I looked at Sarah, who hadn’t even bothered to clean up and was laying on the bed spread eagle, face covered in Dave’s massive load. “Is this what you wanted out of this weekend?”

“Yes, babydick. Now get over here, this pussy isn’t gunna eat itself.”

The End.



  • peanutboy1003

    I am not sure if this is someone’s fantasy but I had a similar real life experience. The first time my wife and I got naked with a good friend and she saw his enormous 12″ cock, she forgot all about me. I watched as his huge cock filled her pussy. He was in as deep as her pussy would allow and still had 3 to 4 ” left over. I have never given any woman an orgasm with my tiny little dick and to hear Her moan and scream in ecstacy, was unbelievable. Even though I was only watching, this was the best sex I ever had!!!!!

  • Brad the Volfan

    This is #SoGood


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