Our Readers SPH Experiences 44

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader had a bad experience at the doctors…

Over the years I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments that my penis is probably the worst kept secret. I’m a silver member of The Small Dick Club and soft I’m between 0.5 to 1 inch. Here are a few medical SPH experiences that happened to me:

1). The first time as an adult I had to have a full medical for work purposes I had to go see a doctor. everything was going fine he checked height, weight, blood pressure, lung test etc. then out of the blue he said OK I need you to drop your pants!! my face went red. I asked why and is it necessary? He replied yes the company wants full tests so he’s got to do everything. so reluctantly I dropped my trousers thinking that’s all it’s gonna be.

“Can you take down your underwear as well please.”

I just froze and started to slowly remove them he knelt down and just pulled them down to speed things up. my heart was racing, face was red. he grabbed my testes and said to cough which I did few times. I looked down and he was face to face with my half inches and he had a weird smirk on his face. the rest of the appointment he just had a smile on his face. I guess I made his day.


2). I had to go see a consultant about a hernia. when I got called in the doctor I saw was female and she sat me down and talked about the symptoms I was having and asking general medical questions. then her assistant came in who looked around eighteen and was really hot. the consultant then said OK we need to have a look so if you can undo your trousers and lift up your top.which I did hesitantly they had a feel around everywhere then she said I’m just gonna pull your underwear down to feel around your groin and just pulled them down leaving me exposed to two women I tried to cover with my hands but the assistant moved my hand and said I got keep hands to the side.

They were being very professional. the assistant was trying not to look too much just glances here and there.the check seemed to go on forever with me in different positions standing, lying down then on sides after that they said I can get dressed and pulled the curtain to give me privacy! They saw everything I didn’t see the point of the curtain being drawn now but was happy to get it.

Then I sat down with her and she talked me thru the next steps and said there will be next appointment to see the specialist. As I left I thought that was embarrassing but they were professional and didn’t even take notice. That was until I closed the door on the way out and started walking down the corridor when I heard them burst out laughing!


3). I hadn’t heard from the hospital in months for a follow-up appointment so I chased it up. The consultant who I had seen before had left the hospital and all her patients were passed onto other people and I had got lost in the system so had to start over again and see another doctor for a hernia. This time I knew the drill, so got mentally ready for it and went to the appointment. This time it was with a male Doctor so it seemed less scary.

So when I got called into the room the horror hit me .in the room was the male doctor plus two nurses and two female medical students! He explained the students were there to learn etc and I can ask them to leave but somehow the way he said it it was hard to ask them to leave. So again, I dropped my trousers and underpants the nurses were sorting out files and other things so weren’t looking at me (I think). So it was just the doctor and the two med students. He did the same check up as the last doctor, so it was familiar. He told me to lie down, so I laid down and he continued to feel around a hernia.

Then the door knocked and a nurse walked straight in and went over to the other nurses leaving the door open and started talking to them. Outside was the main corridor and a family walked past (two women in their forties, a girl 19ish, a girl 12ish, and a boy around 8) they all looked as they walked past cos the nurse who walked in was speaking loud. Another couple walked past and looked I heard them laugh. Next was two women who looked as well to see why the couple was laughing.

They walked past, then walked back past the door for a second look and then went past again. By this time, one of the nurses had noticed the door open and quickly went over and closed it. After the check up, I had to wait in the waiting room for some paperwork. In the waiting room was the family that seen my half inch cock. There was a lot off sniggering and whispering I just sat there pretending I’m texting someone (red in the face).


This reader embarrassed his wife…

Women have always teased me about my tiny penis. But when my wife told her girlfriends and they were all laughing, I went upstairs and pulled down my pants and showed them how small it is. It embarrassed my wife more than it did me.


One reader gets his confidence shot down by loose talk…

So I’m 19, and like many of you I’m not as well endowed and it used to eat away at me a lot. I found out really early on in my life that a small dick is a centerpiece for jokes and humiliation. I’m a silver member of the small dick club. Now I’m not ugly or fat I workout and my body is in pretty good shape. As of the last year and a half, I’ve gotten over having a small dick. Like it doesn’t bother me anymore and I thought I really did finally move on, and could get over the fear of moving forward wth a girl because I assumed the worst case. So I’ve started talking to girls and the one girl I thought I could start taking a step forward with was talking with one of my other friends about sex. So long story short they get on the subject of small dicks and absolutely just demolish my self-esteem with what they had to say. I joked with them about it too.

Which just really made me feel like a lesser person when I have to make fun of myself basically just to fit in. this kind of reestablished everything for my fear of being made fun of for having a small dick. Now I’m not concerned about penis size still after that. But all it did was reassure my fear that most girls WILL want a bigger penis and there’s just nothing I can do about it. I know I’m still young and I have a lot of time on my hands but I just don’t even have the motivation to talk to girls even as friends knowing I’ll never have the confidence and self-esteem needed to move on. I’m not even really anti-social it’s just me basically avoiding something That I don’t want to get hurt by. Because if it happened then I don’t think I’d ever move on from that. I’m also never going to apologize for having a small dick. I don’t give a fuck if they don’t like it but if I ever do move on with a girl and I get a negative response I’m just walking away.

When they were making fun of small dicks they also talked about what would happen if they encountered a small sized man, one said she’d leave and the other literally made it sound like the guy needs to apologize. It’s absolutely unreal and I really do feel as if I’m stuck as a virgin forever and I’ve pretty much been bottling my emotional issues down and ignoring them because in reality there’s nothing I can really do. I’m truly convinced it doesn’t matter how nice you are, how great in shape you are as long as you have a small penis, it doesn’t seem like anyone will succeed.

It somewhat feels like acceptance that I’ll just be a virgin forever, and another part feels just confusing. I guess the best way I can describe it is empty. It just feels like I’ll be missing a part of life that’s really enjoyable. Maybe it’s one of those you really want something you can’t have. Or maybe it’s me holding back natural urges and this is the cost. Anyone else feels like this? Where you just kind of accept it. You’re not sad about it, you don’t spend much time thinking about it anymore but if it’s a topic of discussions among friends you really feel the emptiness just taking a hold of your chest and making you feel inadequate.

I just really don’t know what to think at this point. I want to say that working out really has kept me stable. Improving my body has really taken a lot of bad emotions from me. I think that’s what really got me over it and why it will continue to keep me stable. But I just don’t know anymore. I’m honestly ready to give up. This isn’t even the first time I’ve heard girls make fun of small size penis’s. As much as people want to say it’s not as bad as we think. It absolutely is.


This reader got cuckolded by a man with a smaller dick…

I’m an average-sized guy and hooked up with a friends friend, I’m usually into hefty girls, but she’s in mid 20’s but smaller and skinnier than some teens. Sexually she was into exploring oral play, bj’s, hj’s etc, but doggy style or missionary was painful for her little body, and I must say her tightness was a terrible tease for me, got me seeing red and wanting to bust her apart. We tried buffers, and other things to stop me from bottoming out in her, but despite this, we were very randy and pushing limits everywhere else.

I suggested she sleep with a dear friend of mine, married, but kinky and she loved it. They’d sneak into my house to enjoy a secret get together but became so dependent on it that they agreed to let me be part of it too. Degrading and humiliating, but I started loving the cuckolding. They used me, publicly shaming me, and it got bad enough that any friends who saw us, would cringe or ask me why I enjoyed their company so much. I was inches to becoming a slave. But that’s not what she wanted. she loved him. pretty soon he left his wife for her, and the worst thing was he was a Silver Member of the Small Dick Club. I lost a great girl to a guy with a small dick.


One Reader discovers hookers can be pretty mean…

A few years back I was having a pretty crazy Saturday night during the summer. There were lots of people at the house party but I didn’t seem to be interested in them, instead, I was into seeing how much nose candy I could do. Eventually, I had the bright idea to leave the party and go back to my apartment and call over a prostitute to have some fun with. I placed the call and she arrived to meet me in my very messy apartment. I was doing so much candy that I was very sweaty and speaking very quickly.

She was very standoffish and I tried to make small talk with her, but she wasn’t really feeling me. After awhile she suggested I take off my clothes so we could get down to business. When I took off my shorts and boxers she looked at my silver member package and said, “What am I supposed to do with that?”

I gotta admit that hurt to hear, but I played it off and just replied, “It gets bigger.”

Then she said, “God, I hope so. That’s fucking small.”


Another reader experiences a George Costanza moment…

One time I got stoned and went skinny dipping at a party. I came out of the pool and a woman I know very well says, “Wow! You have an innie,” while pointing at my shriveled dicklette. I pulled and tugged on it insisting it was just the cold water, and she said, “I don’t care if it quadruples in size, you still have a small dick”


This reader discovers loving his neighbor is hard with a small dick…

Soon after moving into a new apartment, I quickly befriended my next door neighbor, a really attractive brunette I’ll call Natalie. We started hanging out a lot; she had just recently broken up with a boyfriend and based on our conversations I could tell she had been with plenty of men over the years. She was intimidating, and I made no moves on her. Nope. One night, she put them on me. We ended up in her bed. She had some condoms on her end table, and we went at it. What she liked to do (and I will guess this was something accomplished with previous lovers) was close her legs with me on top. In this position, from what I have read, there is more clitoral stimulation.

Well, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, and I simply don’t have the length to maintain good penetration in that position. I knew it but kept going anyway. What I didn’t realize. because of the condom, was that I had fallen out and was merely having sex with her inner thighs. It wasn’t until I finished that I realized it, and she gave me a smirk.

“Was that good for you?” she asks, big smirk on her face.

We never had sex again.

Some weeks later, we were talking and she brought up the topic of an old lover who, she said, was her ‘Viking’: a guy who was large.

“I’m telling you this because you should know that I’ve been with big guys,” she said. “I’m sure it’s bothering you, and I wanna be honest with you.”

She wasn’t trying to be mean; I think she was trying to set me straight and perhaps, implicitly, suggest that we would not be sleeping together anymore.


One reader needed some help to get his woman off…

The other night we were super drunk and she was riding me. She gets really horny when she’s drunk and her pussy gets soaked. This means like zero traction on my Lil guy. She was getting really frustrated that she couldn’t feel me in her. I wasn’t enough AT ALL. She got off me and grabbed her dildo and handed it to me without saying a word. She was so wet the thick 7 inches slid right in. My small cock (Bronze Member) never had a chance. I gave her that dildo harder than she’s ever been fucked by me before until she erupted screaming in pleasure. She swears she was paralyzed after. She told me after it’s the hardest she ever came before. I went to the bathroom to finish myself like a good little boy.


One sailor found a port with stormy waters…

This happened in 2008 when I was serving in the Navy. I was stationed in Yokosuka Japan and I had just turned 20, the legal drinking age there. In Japan, and especially right near the Navy base they had several massage parlors. The girls would stand outside and try to convince passersby to get a massage.

I was pretty inebriated and I passed one of the massage girls, and she said, “Hey! Big boy. Massage with me ok?”

I agreed and I followed her into the parlor. I got naked and laid face down on the table and then she came in and started the massage. She would talk a lot and comment on how big my muscles were, and how big my shoulders were, she kept saying “Big boy! Big boy!”

Then after awhile, she told me to turn over. When I did she walked around to my feet and saw my package and said, “Oooh, not so big boy.”

I remember laying there on the table, my face red with embarrassment.


This reader discovers big man/puny cock is trumped by puny man/big cock…

I’ve always been a big guy. By the time I was a freshman in high school I was 6’8” tall. At that time, I found out it was easy for me to put on lots of muscle. I proceeded to work out and by the time I graduated I weighed 280 pounds of solid muscle. My size made me the star football player in high school and had recruiters all over me for college. From my earliest memories, I knew I was gay. I was always attracted to men. The girls were all over me and I had fake girlfriends all through high school. This gave me to cover for everyone. There was one thing that terrified me and still does to this day. Even though I’m always the biggest guy in the room, I probably had the smallest cock of anyone. Being as big as I am, it made my cock look even smaller.

The more muscle I packed on the more pathetic it looked. I’m a silver member of the small dick club. My balls are smaller than most also. All through high school, I avoided the locker room and showers all the time. I had a million excuses for not walking into those communal showers. Had I done that I knew that everyone would know my secret? My dick is the only small thing on my body. I have huge hands and when I jerk off I can do it with one finger and a thumb. It is pathetic to see. Everyone would assume that I’m in proportion since I wear size sixteen shoes. I found a site online where I could buy underwear and jocks that are padded.

This would at least show a little bit of a bulge in my shorts and sweats. Even though I was gay, I never had sex with a guy. My sex life was limited to porn and jerking off my pathetic little cock. During the summer after high school, I continued to work out and by the time I left for college I weighed in at 300 pounds. I was solid and ready for the workouts. Since I was in football, we started early. I was settled into the dorm for about two weeks before my roommate showed up. It was great having the room to myself and I dreaded sharing with someone.

Even though the showers were at the end of the hall, they were private. My roommate showed up with the rest of the students. I was just returning from practice and he was just getting settled. He gave me the up and down look that everyone does. They are always blown away by my size. He was all of 5’6 and probably weighed about 120 pounds. He was good looking for such a small guy. We shook hands and my hand dwarfed his. He said his name was Sean. I laid down on my bed and watched him as he unpacked. As he moved around, I realized that he had some meat swinging between his legs. It looked like he was wearing briefs that could hardly contain his size. At some point in time, he sat back on his bed and spread his legs. He was used to showing off his big dick.

At that exact moment, he said, “Boy, you like what you see?” His directness turned me on. Then he looked at me and said, “Come over here and feel it.”

I couldn’t control myself. I was in a trance. I walked over to him and touched the tight fabric around his crotch. At that moment, he reached over and tried to grab my package. He poked and grabbed and got a hand full of fabric. He was quick. He reached in my shorts and was looking inside my shorts. Finally, he went under my padded jock and found my puny cock. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do. No one had ever felt my small cock except for me. It all happened so quick. My big hand was still touching his big package which was growing even larger.

Suddenly he broke out into laughter and said, “Fuck. Another big man with a puny cock. You are pathetic. I bet you want my big cock, don’t you?”

I was still stunned and just nodded. I knew from the porn movies what I liked. I loved the guys with big cocks. I liked short guys like him with big cocks. He moved quickly and pulled down my shorts and pulled my jock down. All the time he was snickering. Something funny happened. While he was snickering, my little cock got hard as a rock. It was so small that it didn’t take long to happen. In a few moments, I shot my little load. I couldn’t help myself. It all happened so quickly. I was embarrassed as hell.

He looked at me and said, “Now you will service me. In fact, you will service me whenever and where ever I want. I own your ass and your whole body. You will do what I want. If you don’t, I will let everyone know your little secret.”

I agreed.


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