The Vampire’s Thrall

By DwarfyJoe.

She was the perfect woman. Tall, gorgeous, assertive, and powerful. Micah noticed her as soon as he entered the club that night. Her long black dress split at the thigh to reveal a long, pale leg, muscled as it was supple and hinting at the round ass under the silky dress. She was dancing at the center of the club, within a sea of people from where Micah stood. But still, he noticed her, dancing in commanding, smooth movements as if she was the center of the world. As he wove between people and stood on toes to get a better look at her, her silver eyes caught a glimpse of his. When their eyes met, she was the only person in the room in the world. Everything else was dark, and he only saw her sharp chin and large eyes, the pale red hair held in a long braid, the undulating curves of her breast and hips. At that moment, their eyes met; he belonged to her.

By the time they were back at her place, Micah could hardly remember leaving the club. Her house was massive, almost a mansion, at the top of a winding hill of many large houses. Micah realized as they went in that this didn’t look like the city anymore. He wasn’t sure how long they drove to get there. But he didn’t care as they walked into the wide, marbled foyer with a large fountain in the middle, several statues of bare-breasted women and little cherubs spitting water. He barely saw the fountain as Vivian was already dropping her silky black dress to the ground. It reveals a long, pale back that tapered down to a perfectly round ass and tall, powerful legs. “Come to the bedroom,” she called without looking back as she ascended the stairs, her perfect ass bouncing, hypnotizing him all the way up.

Then Micah was in a dark, wide room. He couldn’t even see the walls. A light in the ceiling illuminated only a crimson bed and Vivian, standing naked in front of her. She squeezed together her big, round C-cup breast, the pointed pink nipples staring right back at him. Micah was immediately rock hard. With a nod of her head, Vivian instructs him to undress. He did and stood before her, not a bad specimen himself. Micah was slim but very toned, though he got the sense Vivian could easily overpower him if she wanted. His erection was harder and larger than it had ever been, a bit longer and thicker than average, pulsing and veiny. Vivian could tell from the moment he looked her in the eyes that he had a large cock. “Perfect,” she said, licking her ruby red lips.

Vivian beckoned him closer with the pulling of her finger. For the first time, they embraced, and she locked him in a passionate kiss that seemed to pull the breath from his lungs. He barely had time to catch it before she was kissing down his chest, sinking to her knees. Micah felt her long fingers tracing down his cock as it jumped and pulsed in reaction. She dragged her sharp nails gently along the underside that tickled in the most exquisite way. No sooner had she pressed her lips to his throbbing head than she was working all the way down the shaft. With one try, Vivian took the entire large cock unto her mouth and down her throat. Micah had never felt so much pleasure in his life.

That’s when her fangs flashed out and into Micah’s throbbing cock. Because of Vivian’s hypnotism, he felt nothing but pleasure, pure ecstasy. Meanwhile, Vivian fed. All of the blood surging into his erection went straight down her throat. She sucked and sucked and sucked. The blood of carnal pleasure always tasted the sweetest to her. And it had the added benefit of not killing her prey, just leaving them with side effects. As she sucked Micah dry, he began cumming, and she sucked his seed down with the blood as well.

When she was satiated, her teeth retracted, and she gave his cock one last lick. When she pulled away, a quivering little erection popped out of her mouth and quickly began to shrink and shrivel up. Micah was confused when he saw the little appendage bouncing. But he had just had the best orgasm of his life and felt himself grow faint.

When Micah came to, he was lying flat on his back on the crimson bed. His head was still groggy, and his body felt weak. As he tried to flex and stretch his muscled arms, he found he could barely move them at all, the same with his spread-eagled legs. It felt like weights were tied around them, and he was suspended in the mud. Micah barely managed to lift his head up to look at his body, naked and laid splayed out over the large bed. His legs and arms were free, but unable to move and smaller and paler than he remembered. But what really caught his focus was his crotch. All he could see was his thick tuft of dark, unkempt pubic hair. Where was his manhood, his pride, and joy, his large, powerful cock? He couldn’t feel anything between his legs at all. Looking more intently, he saw just the hint of pale, shriveled skin somewhere beneath all of the hair.

“Aren’t you the lucky one?” Vivian’s sultry, resounding voice called from the darkness of the room. Micah tried to call back to her, to yell and scream for help. But all that came out was a weak, high-pitched yelp that caught in his throat. “Don’t try and speak or move just yet. Your body is very weak. Frankly, your lucky to be alive. The fact that you are still here, in my bed, and not lying naked in a ditch should have you feeling like the luckiest man in the world Your Goddess has smiled upon.”

With that last sentence, Vivian stepped into the light, which bore down on Micah as he lies on the bed, mercilessly exposing every inch of his body. Vivan was still naked as well with large breasts, long legs, and a thin patch of red pubic hair that excited Micah, but also terrified him. She was even paler now and seemed taller as well. The terrifying aspect, though, was her bright red eyes and fangs a full two inches long pressed over her ruby red lips.

“What… What happened?” Micah finally managed in a whimpering voice.

“Oh, silly little man. I happened. Your Goddess came into your life and graced you with her pleasure. It is rare for mortal men to receive such a privilege from me. But I was very hungry, and you satisfied.” Her eyes glowed as she spoke, and she surveyed Micah’s body with those glowing red eyes. “Sadly, I don’t think you’ll be able to satisfy anyone ever again. But don’t worry. Since you did satisfy for tonight, I shall reward you with a lifetime of servitude under your Goddess. It is a rare privilege. Most men I just discard once I take all of the useful bits. But you’re cute. You remind me of this charming little poet I knew a few centuries ago. So I’ll keep you as my pet. You will get to do my bidding and continue to satisfy your Goddess.”

Micah’s head was swimming. He wanted to feel rage and fear. He wanted to gain the power back in his arms and legs and crotch, to run out of this house and never look back. But the bed felt so comfortable, his body so relaxed whenever she spoke. As Vivian told him he would serve and satisfy her, he felt nothing but relief.

“I.. get to… satisfy you?” Micah said, straining his neck to keep his eyes fixed on her perfect, naked body. He had never felt so attracted to anyone, love, and lust swirling together in his confused, helpless mind. But the shriveled skin under his pubic hair did not stir.

“Oh honey,” she said in a ringing laugh, bringing her hand to her mouth in seemingly the first involuntary movement she had made all night, “not like that. No, I’m afraid you’re quite useless in that department from now on. You see, I left you alive to do my bidding. Your arms and legs will work like normal again soon. But I had to feed on somewhere. No, that little thing will never be close to enough to satisfy me, or anyone, ever again. And you probably won’t be able to get another erection for quite a while. Not that you’ll need one. We’ll keep that shriveled little skin flap locked up tight until I have need of a laugh.”

Micah looked down again and saw now what was left of his penis. Somehow his pubic hair was already getting lighter, thinner, shorter. Before long, he would be completely smooth. What used to be a hefty, swinging flaccid cock was now a shriveled little shaft that swallowed up the bean-sized head completely. It was well under an inch. He could barely see his balls but knew they now hung, pea-sized in a wrinkled little sack. His heart began to race as he thought about never having sex again, never orgasming again. Then he remembered the sheer ecstasy of the moment he came with his whole cock in Vivian’s mouth and decided it was worth it.

“So… I get to stay with you?”

“Oh, yes, my little pet.” She said, now crawling on the bed, over him. Her breasts hung right over his chest, but she didn’t touch any part of his body. Her arms and legs were so long. She was floating over him. “You will get to stay with me forever,” she whispered in his ear.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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