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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


SDC Member, bambiegirl, tells us…

I’m not allowed to have an orgasm without permission. And I’ve not received authorization in 1267 days. My birthday is in ten days, so I’m hoping She will jerk off my little 2.7-inch dick, with a girth of 2.9 inches. I am allowed to edge and must stop before coming.

I was doing just that for over an hour. It was now 8 am, and Jen, the cleaning lady, arrives at 10 am today. So, I have to get up, take a shower, make the bed, and clean off the counters so she can clean. Actually, I have to clean up for the cleaning lady.

I jumped into the shower, and every time my hands were covered with soap, shampoo, or shaving cream, I would stroke myself to the edge. Once hard, it would take 20 to 30 seconds to reach the edge, and then I let it calm down for a minute and repeat. I lost count of how many times I did go to the edge. When I was finished showering, I stroked to the edge one last time. I opened the shower doors, which were covered with steam. There, leaning against the door frame, was Jen, holding her phone. That took me over the edge, and I shot my load out the door onto the floor.

JEN: Ewww you little pig, and I do mean little.

Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t expect you for another two hours.

JEN: So, you played with yourself, waiting for me?

Me: Uh, uh! No, not really

JEN: you weren’t waiting for me?

Me: Yes, I was waiting for you.

JEN: what were you thinking about as you played with that little thing? It is so small; does it get hard?

Me: Ummm, yes, Ma’am, it is hard right now. (she laughs) And I was thinking of you walking in on me, and I think that’s why I came when I saw you. I’m so sorry. Please don’t tell my wife, please. (my little dick still throbbing)

JEN: First of all, get out there and clean up your mess. I’m not going to wash the floor with your slime on it.

I reached for my towel to wipe up the floor.

JEN: No, no, no, little one. Use your tongue. Get down like the pig you are, and using your snout, lick up your slime.

I got on my hands and knees and licked up the floor. All the while, SHE was videoing me with her camera.

JEN: Good little pig, now follow me to the living room.

I crawled behind her as we went to the living room. She sat on my wife’s Queen Anne’s chair. She had me stand in front of her, and she examined my dick and balls. By now, I went flaccid, and the head barely could be seen. She coaxed it out.

JEN: This is the smallest of all the small dicks I ever saw.

While holding my dick, she looked up at me and said, “There are toddlers with bigger dicks than this. Does your wife play with it?”

Me: No, Ma’am. She ignores it. She is only interested in my tongue, entertaining her.

JEN: Have your ever-received blow jobs on this little thing?

Me: Yes, Ma’am.

JEN: How many?

Me: In my lifetime, I have received five blow jobs, Ma’am.

JEN: (Laughs) How many from females?

Me: Three Ma’am

JEN: So, the other two were from men. How many blowjobs did you give out?

Me: In my lifetime??? Oh my! Thousands and thousands and thousands, I guess. I started when I was nine, and I’m still giving blowjobs.

JEN: so, you are a genuine cocksucker, that’s good. Kneel here (she points to the floor between her legs.

I kneel down, and she unzips her jeans, reaches in her waistband, lifts her ass, and pushes down her jeans and panties, right down to the top of her crotch. I am guessing that she wants me to eat her pussy. She tells me to pull her jeans down to her feet and pull them off. I do it, taking off her shoes first. When I’m done, she takes my hand and guides it into her panty waistband. I think she wants me to finger her pussy.

As I reach in, I’m startled to feel not a pussy but a cock, tucked down between her thighs. It is soft. I pull it out. My goodness, it is over six inches long. With my eyes wide open, I look up at her. She has a big smile on her face and says, “SURPRISE!! Now suck it.

Me; Yes, Ma’am. I put it next to my lips and kiss it, lick it, and start to suck it. I feel it is getting hard and even growing longer. As I suck on it, I hear the sound of a clicking camera. With her cock in my mouth, I look up, and she is taking pictures of me sucking her cock. My face in full view with a cock in my mouth. I keep sucking. My throat is full of cock, and I’m still holding on to more inches outside my lips.

JEN: Now, pig, this is a real cock. Do you like my cock pig?

Me: Nod my head, yes, I mumble, “Yes, Ma’am.”

After what seemed like forever, my mouth hurting and having trouble breathing,

JEN: I’m getting close, pig. Don’t lose a drop.

Me: I mumble, “Yes, Ma’am.

She pushes her pelvis into my face, and I start to feel hot fluid hit my throat. She gives out a groan, and I am swallowing lots of cum. I thought it would never stop cumming, just kept swallowing mouthful after mouthful. She did finally stop.

JEN: That felt good. How do you feel, a beta male sucking my cock?

Me: I really enjoyed it, and I’m very horny now.

JEN: Well, you already came without permission, right?

Me: Yes, Ma’am. But I’d love to receive a good blowjob.

JEN: Fuck you, beta man. I don’t suck small pussy clits. But I tell you what. I am going to charge you for sucking my dick. You WILL add 40 dollars to my pay and don’t complain, or your pics go on social media.

Me: That means you want 200 dollars for today.

JEN: Yes, I do. And every week from now on. Plus, you will be helping me clean today. So, get my dust rags and start dusting. Once you are done dusting, you will start mopping the floors. I’ll work in the kitchen. Get moving. Oh, and do it naked.

Me: Yes, Ma’am. (I get the rags and dust the bedrooms and living room. Once I am done with that, I get the BONO and start to do the floors. She yells at me that I’m to sweep first. So, I do that. Then wash the floors.)

JEN: Okay, get in the bathroom and wash down the shower stall. I’ll get the sink and floor. You clean the toilet.

Me: Yes, Ma’am. (I’m in the shower stall, washing down and scrubbing the soap scum. I hate doing this, and that’s why we hired a cleaning person.) As I finished up:

JEN: Order Lunch. I have what I want on the paper in the kitchen. Have them deliver it. And they only take cash, so be prepared.

I checked my wallet, and I only had enough for her lunch, so I did not get myself anything. When the doorbell rang, I reached for my pants BUT

JEN: Answer the door naked. They won’t see anything between your legs. In fact, tuck your little thing in so they think you have a pussy.

I open the door, and the delivery person is a female, and she is our regular delivery person. She looks me up and down, tells me the total. I add 20% to her total and hand her the cash. She is smirking. I apologize that I’m naked.

Delivery Girl: That’s okay, I didn’t see anything, Literally. Nothing was showing, and it made my day. Enjoy your lunch!

I set the table for Jen, and she had me kneel by her side as she ate. When she was done eating, she left the trash and crumbs on the table for me to clean up. She went to pack up her cleaning products and was getting ready to leave. She checked her phone to see the payment was made, and it was 200 dollars.

JEN: Good little sissy. I found these items as I was cleaning today.

She held up a pair of my panties and a dildo and a butt plug.

JEN: Are these yours?

Me: Yes, Ma’am.

JEN: This butt plug is over 6 inches girth. Bend over and show me your asshole.

I bent over, and I spread my asscheeks. She was probing me with the dildo.

JEN: You are very loose. You use this big butt plug a lot?

Me: Yes Ma’am

JEN: put it in right now.

So, I take it and start to push it in. The plug went all the way in.

JEN: Good sissy. Leave it in for a while. Yeah, leave it in while you give me another blowjob.

She lays on my bed and has me undress her. Then I start licking and kissing and sucking her cock again. I am so horny as I feel the plug inside my hole and her cock down my throat. I was rock hard. I looked at the clock. It was 11:30 am. When I finished sucking her cum down my throat, it was 1205 pm. I got a warm cloth and towel to wash her cock and balls. The phone rang.

Wife: Hey, Heard Jen got there early. Did you enjoy your new tasks?

Me: My new tasks?

Wife: Yes, sweetie. Didn’t you have new tasks today?

Me: I’m sweating, don’t know what she knows. So, I stammer and ask her to be clearer.

Wife: Oh, come on. Be honest. What did you do today you haven’t done for a while?

Me: Hesitantly, I’m thinking how does she know, So, I say that I masturbated and shot my load

Wife: Without permission?

Me: Yes, Ma’am, sorry, Ma’am.

Wife: that’s okay. You will be punished when I get home. What else did you do without permission?

Me: I gave two blowjobs to Jen. I didn’t know. She is a tranny.

Wife: More punishment for that. Did you like swallowing her cum?

Me: Yes Ma’am

Wife: Good because you will be doing that every time she visits. She likes you as a cocksucker. And very nice pictures. I think we will post them on some websites.

And she hangs up the phone. I go back to the bedroom and remake the bed. Then I go to the living room and talk to Jen.

Me: That was my wife. You sent her the pictures and told her what happened today?

JEN: Yes, my little sissy cocksucker. Your wife told me that you were underendowed, but I couldn’t believe that you would have such a small cock. I asked her if I can see it, so we planned this day. It turned out to be very exciting for me. I’m totally shocked by how small you are. Now I know why she keeps you as her cuckold. Does she have real men to satisfy her?

Me: Yes, Ma’am. Mostly her ex-husband. He comes over several times a week, and they enjoy each other. They have me locked out of the bedroom, and he sleeps over. I get the sofa to sleep on.

JEN: So, when is the next time you will be sucking his cock?

Me: I look at her with shock, “How do you know that?”

JEN: Same way, I know you have no dick. Your wife told a group of us at one of the girls to get together.

Me: Wait, what girls?

JEN: Oh, you know, some of her old Alma mater classmates, I believe two of your sisters, her sisters, nieces, your mother-in-law, and two women that work with you.

Me: (I went pale.) Seriously!!! Oh no, what am I going to do?

JEN: Don’t worry about it. I’m sure they won’t treat you differently- NOT. Your expression is too funny. Just think how these ladies will think of you now, knowing you suck cock and don’t fuck anymore. And imagine when they tell their husbands how they will react, knowing you are a cocksucker. Wonder if they will treat you the same? What do you think?

Me: I look at her, and all this is swirling in my head. Tears start coming down my cheeks. I look at her and say, “I don’t want them to know I suck cock. They don’t like gay men.”

JEN: Well, maybe you really should not be arrogant and cocky to women and men. Now that they know, I guess you really will change how you act towards others. I don’t believe they will feel sorry for you either. It will be more humiliation toward you, instead of you humiliating others. People you work with, your family, those in your church, and at the local restaurant, they will all know that you’re are a sissy dickless cocksucker and cuckold. What if they tell your dad? Do you think he’ll think of you the same? Do you think he’ll be proud of you anymore?

Well, we might as well have the neighbors see you naked, Carry my stuff out to my van. I was nervous. Someone would see me, so I kept myself covered as I went out to the car.


SDC Member, bambiegirl, shares another story…

I came home early from school. It was a hot June day. When I got home, the house was empty. I went into my parents’ room to turn on the window air conditioner. I stripped down and sat on the edge of the bed. I let the air blow on my body. I was totally naked. I laid back, and the air blew up my crotch and over my body. I started to play with myself and was enjoying the feeling. I was rock hard for a gold member, just over 2 inches. Suddenly I heard a giggle. I turned around and standing in the doorway was one of my sisters. I jumped up and tried to cover myself. She said, ‘don’t even try. Let me see that thing. Oh, my goodness, it is so small. You are 18, and you have a very tiny pathetic dick if you can call it a dick. I’ve babysat toddlers with bigger cocks than you have. Aren’t you embarrassed?” I was embarrassed, but getting humiliated was turning me on.

She said, “Let me see you jerk off.”

I took my dick between my thumb and middle finger and started stroking. She was laughing. She picked up her phone and called someone. “Hey Tina, come on over right now, I need to show you something very tiny.”

I heard Tina say, “I’ll be right there.” She lives next door.

“Really, Jo, you had to call Tina. I’m going to get dressed,” I said.

“Oh no, you are not. There’s the doorbell, go open it.”

I walked to the front door, still erect, and opened the door. Tina walked in, looked me up and down, and laughed out loud. “Is that the tiny thing she wanted me to see?”

I nodded, and she went to Jo’s bedroom. They were talking and laughing. Jo yelled, “Come in here with that poor excuse of a dick.”

I walked in. By now, I was totally flaccid. They clicked away, taking pictures. Jo said, “Show Tina how you jerk off.”

So, I stood there, already getting erect, and took my thumb and middle finger and stroked my dick. Within a minute, I informed them that I was close to cumming. Jo told me to stop. Then she had me turn around so they could see my ass. My sister asked me if my hole is still a virgin? I didn’t know what to say. “So, from your silence, I guess the answer is no, and you had sex in your hole. Right?” I nodded. “Well, then, take this and put it in.”

She handed me a vibrator. I inserted it while they watched. I was about to cum right in front of them. She told me to catch it all in my hand, and I did. Then she had me lick my hand clean. The next day at school, the girls in my class were smirking at me. They would wiggle their pinky or make a small sign with their thumb and index finger, or using their thumb and middle finger, imitating me jerking off.

I could never get a date from anyone after that. Every girl I knew or met already knew I had a micropenis.


This reader shares a pee…

With restrictions easing up, I went over to my friend Kevin’s house for a “party” a few weeks ago. It was just a few of us sitting around the bonfire, bullshitting, and drinking. Kevin lives on a farm, and the firepit is a pretty good distance from the house. If you just need to piss, you just wander off towards the treeline or behind a piece of farm equipment and do your business. The sun was setting, and I excused myself to wander off to take a piss as I was on my 4th or 5th beer of the afternoon. I walked over towards the treeline and disappeared behind one of his tractors. I fiddled around with my phone a bit, undid my pants, and started to pee. After about 20 seconds or so of peeing, I can hear a second stream to my right, and I look over to see my friend, Mia, squatting next to me, her skirt hiked up, peeing as well.

I’m a bit startled, but I don’t turn away as I’m a bit stunned she’s there. One thing you need to understand about Mia is that while she can keep a secret, she has almost no filter for what comes out of her mouth in the heat of a moment. She looks right up at me and says, “I hope you’re a grower.” I told her that I am (I’m 1.5 inches flaccid and a Bronze Member hard). We both laughed and finished up what we were doing. She stood up next to me and said, “Don’t worry, little buddy. Your secret’s safe with me.” as we walked back to the party. I was pretty red, but I’m not sure if it was all from the alcohol.


Another reader is caught skinny dipping…

So my wife and I went for a weekend by the see to get some rest. I swear to God; it was the hottest day of summer. We didn’t even bother to go out during the day time. In the evening, we went to the bar, but it was still hot AF.

We had some drinks and had a great time. Before we even noticed it’s was after 3 am so we decided to take a long walk along the sea instead of taking an Uber to the hotel. There was a beach bar on the center outskirts, so we had a long island ice tea to fight the heat. The way back was quite a walk. We’ve reached a nice unpopulated area and came across the construction site of the new hotel. It was almost finished and gated. I told my wife that we should just jump the fence instead of going back to the main road. This place was deserted anyway. We were pretty wasted.

I remember that it took us like 10 min to get to the other side of the fence. It was really dark, but we continued to walk to get out of there. In a pitch-black of the night, we found a brand new swimming pool surprisingly with the water in it. My wife said that we should just jump in it. I thought that it’s a good idea back then. The building was empty, quite far away. But then I realized that we are totally drunk and have no swimming suit. She just told me not to be a pussy. We’ll jump in naked and put the clothes back on when we are done. It was so hot I couldn’t resist. Anyway, she was already undressing.

We had some fun in the water, and it was wild until it got really bad. We ware screaming laughing, but a loud voice and a flashlight lights stopped our fun. There were two security guards standing right at the edge of the pools, telling us with quite an unfriendly tone to get out the water. I was trying to be polite and respectful and apologetic. I said, “We are really sorry for trespassing, and we’ll be on our way as soon as they pass me my clothes.”

One of them said something like, “Yeah, I’ll run and bring you a towel as well. I’m not touching your pants. Get out right now, or we are calling the cops.”

We tried to protest, but there was no point. They weren’t taking any more excuses. We knew we had to get out.

I said, “Listen, guys, my wife is naked. I’ll pass her clothes.”

I had to man up and handle it. As soon as I got out, they pointed their light at me started laughing. They also made comments about cold water. It took me 3 minutes to find her clothes, but I couldn’t find mine. I decided to take care of my wife first. As I helped her and pulled her up for the pool, I realized that she’s completely drunk she could barely stand. I had to help her to put her clothes back on. All that time, they were pointing the flashlights at her. Even though she had her dress on, it was all wet so they could see through it anyway. Surprisingly because of the alcohol, she wasn’t embarrassed at all.

She was a little confused and shy, but I could tell it was more like a joke or funny station to her. I had to find my clothes and leave as soon as possible. I didn’t find this whole thing amusing at all. But the security guards were really amused. They had so much fun. I finally got dressed and helped my wife to leave. One of them yelled, “Maybe you should leave her with us. She might like to get it on with some real men for a change.”

When we were getting close to the fence, he yelled for the distance: “Wait, I’ll open the gate for you.”

They opened the gate, slowly looking at her wet dress. I don’t know, I should have been stressed, but on the other side, it kind of turned me on. I called an Uber, and we got back to the hotel. The next day morning, my wife didn’t remember what happened, at least not entirely.

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