The Study

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For years now I have been friends with this woman who runs a book store down the street. I would go in to visit, trade in books and hang out. Anne is about 5′ 2″ or so in her 40-50’s I would guess with greying long hair, a very simple hippie look. She has a nice body, thin and in shape and always seems to wear something displaying her large tits, but not in a ridiculous way. She is very fair skin as her hair still retains most of the blonde in it and you can see veins skimming the surface of her exposed tit flesh. I always grab a few lingering glances over the years at these beauties. Our friendship has developed over long chats of what is going on in the world, movies, and sports and of course books.

A few weeks ago I visited her returning a book by Ann Rice about Sleeping beauty, well a very erotic, porn version. She had read the book as well, and we soon were discussing it and sex in general. She said in her younger years she had always wanted to do some of the things mentioned in the book. Primarily a book based on S & M and slavery, I was quite surprised.

She then mentioned that her daughter was working on a thesis for college involving sex, men’s anatomy, and some type of study group thing. She didn’t really talk more about it and as more customers filtered in I soon left quite aroused and thinking how much I wanted to fuck Anne as I drove home.

A few weeks later I returned to the book store to exchange the books I had read. As the store was nearly empty we sat and chatted some more, and oddly she asked me if there were any women in my life and basically how my sex life was going. After all these years it seemed odd that she brought this up to me, but I told her nothing much going on.

She said the same for her for quite some time.

At that point the bells tied to the front door jingled as a customer walked in. It turned out to be her daughter after a hug and kiss hello she then turned and introduced me to her. Again after all these years, my first time meeting her daughter. She really did not look much like Anne, taller and heavier with darker hair, but she did have Anne’s breasts. Like mother like daughter there.

We chatted a bit then I drifted off to look for books while they talked. Occasionally I would eaves drop a bit on their conversation and from what I could tell they were talking about her project for class. She was describing a man’s cock and the amazing size and girth that she had measured for her study as both women giggled and carried on about it. She either forgot I was there or simply was not shy discussing these things in public.

I came around the corner as Anne was saying how she was just telling me about her study. I looked puzzled at Anne, then to Jody, her daughter who was smiling like they had an inside secret.

She then told me that her study was basically a video presentation where she tapes interviews with men asking questions about sex. She said she had a scripted questionnaire she would ask and then ad lib it from there depending on how open the guy got on camera with her.

Promising that at no time will my face ever be recorded, that it was completely anonymous; she asked if I would be willing to be interviewed.

I said I didn’t see why not as it seemed pretty simple to me. But then she hit me with a twist telling me that she would also be taking photos of me, again no face visible, but some would be naked.

“Wow, that is crazy!”, I thought to myself. I think I led Anne to believe I was some wild and crazy guy when it came to sex as I had mentioned in our previous conversations about these stories I had tried writing in erotica. I didn’t get into much detail other than to tell her they were inspired by the Anne Rice books a bit and another friend.

As I felt I was on the smaller side when it came to penis size due to things that had happened earlier in my life I already felt pangs of anxiety, especially as this seemed to be some sort of evaluation, but also immediately turned on thinking of being naked in front of these two women. An exhibitionist I most definitely am. What could a few photos hurt; my face won’t be in them.

Feeling almost backed into a corner, I agreed I would still do it and was told to come back in a few hours when the store closed, that her Mom sometimes helped out and that we would go to where the cameras were set up later.

I went home nervously thinking what had I got myself into. As five o’clock approached I took a long hot shower and then I popped a good ole blue pill before I headed out. Feeling a bit self conscious about being naked I thought the pill might keep me from shrivelling up and in a slight aroused state for those nude pics.

Upon arriving, the women were waiting for me, the store had been closed. I followed them in caravan as Anne had her car and her daughter in hers. Just a few miles away we arrived at a small house. I parked in front while they drove and parked on a side driveway in front of the garage.

I got out, the adrenaline rushing through my body, and followed them into the house. Asking if I wanted a beer, Anne went to the fridge to get us all beers as Jody motioned for me to follow her down the hall. The entire house had this overwhelming smell of incense and there were candles everywhere. We entered a bedroom that clearly had been sort of made into a photo studio. With two large lights extended up above pointing down, a camera on a tripod pointing towards a bed, cords and other items dishevelled on the floor.

I felt the ice coldness of the beer on my neck and jumped as Anne had snuck up on me and startled me with it.

Laughing I crossed the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

I sat there watching as Jody adjusted things, turned on the bright lights, positioned me where she wanted me and turned on a monitor and there I could see myself on the screen..

Anne had left the room during this and as she returned I caught the pungent aroma of Pot as she was smoking a joint. She passed it to me, as I took a hit, Jody said that, “the smoke will make you less inhibited and a better interview.”

“I don’t know about that.” I thought but what the hell and passed it to Jody. Two hits later I was already feeling it a bit and was hoping this wasn’t creeper or I was gonna be really stoned.

Anne sat in a chair off to the side and Jody sat behind the camera. She flipped through some papers and found her questionnaire.

She began by asking my age, weight, height, ethnicity among other things like in an application. I was really feeling the effects of the pot and was feeling really self conscious about the camera on me. But it wasn’t on my face so it wasn’t so bad.

She asked questions about sex, favourite positions, how many partners, how often, etc Then she took a new aim and asked me things such as had I ever had a gay experience, have I thought about men, do I like my anus touched or being penetrated, and as she went along the questions got more and more graphic. I answered them all a bit shyly. I looked over at Anne who seemed transfixed on me as I answered the questions. I made the mistake of looking at her chest and could see her nipples clearly outlined in her top as she leaned forward.

She then started to ask me questions about masturbation, how often, do I have any rituals I like to do, what I use for lubricant, do I watch porn and what do I like, toys and various other questions.

The interview seemed to be drawing to a conclusion and then she put the papers down that she had been reading from.

She then told me that she needed me to get naked and that she was going to continue to video tape me and that she wanted to measure my penis in its soft state and then also measure my balls.

This was a bit of a shocker as this was not mentioned before and I already was feeling pretty leery about my size as it was. Feeling very self-conscious I hesitated as I felt fat and out of shape.

I stripped off my shorts and shirt and stood naked, my penis felt like hiding in fear of exposure despite the blue pill and I felt very naked as two pairs of eyes viewed me. I didn’t even look over at Anne though I could feel her eyes on me. I felt as if I was being examined and very odd with Anne being there in the room. I just stood there hands on hips as I did not know what to do with them. My anxiety of my small penis returned as I stood there wanting to reach down and cover myself.

Jody came out from behind the camera with a yellow measuring tape and unfurled it a bit. She walked up to me and gently took my cock between her fingers and lifted it up off my balls and wrapped the tape around it. I shivered at her touch as she released my penis and then wrote something down and then placed the tape under my cock from the balls out. One and half inches she said to Anne as she jotted down this number. She then took each ball in her hand as she kept my penis in her other hand lifting it up. She wrapped each ball in the measuring tape and then wrote down the results.

The blue pill, the marijuana and her hand holding my penis all started working at the same time and I immediately started growing a hard on right between her fingers.

I could feel the blood rushing to engorge my penis as it filled her hand. I tried to think of anything that would take my mind off getting excited.

She gently massaged my penis slightly or at least I think she did before she released it and I continued to grow until I embarrassingly was rock hard and my cock was pointing upwards at an angle in front of me.

Now I was at the height of my embarrassment as my penis was fully erect and thoughts of past humiliations swam in my head as I waited for that laughter I had heard before in the past. Laughter I learned to actually crave. I wanted to reach down and stroke it so badly, or hide it, but kept my hands to my side thinking that would truly be embarrassing and uncalled for. I glanced over at Anne who was actually licking her lips at that very moment.

“Perfect!”, Jody said, “You are right on cue,” she joked. “Now to get your erect measurement.”

She once again gently grasped my cock in her fingers and wrapped the tape around my cock, she wrote down another number, put the tape under it and then out to the tip, my sensitive tip jerked a bit as she touched it, “Four inches,” she told Anne who smiled and said ….”Ahhhhh it is so cute”.

Great just what I wanted to hear.

“Are you feeling comfortable with this?” Jody asked me as she moved back behind the camera.

“I guess,” I told her.

“Well now comes the next part.”

“There’s more?” I asked

“Well like I told you this is a sex study in male anatomy.”

“Yeah?” I said, “so?”

“Well, the next part is for us to document your ejaculation.”

Stunned I looked from Anne to Jody and back.

“So you want me to jerk off….. On that….. Camera… and..”

“Well your face won’t ever be seen, or filmed.”

“”Yeah but….” I said.

I had self consciously been holding my dick now, in a sense hiding it, but it was still rock hard.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Sit down with your back against those pillows at first then do whatever you normally do when you masturbate to get yourself off. But when you are about to cum, make sure you tell us as we want to measure the distance your penis shoots.”

“Ok, but can I go to the bathroom really quick?” I didn’t really have to go but I needed some time to compose myself or something. Jody led the way down the hall and my cock led my way sticking straight out and up in front of me. She abruptly stopped and I poked her in the small of her back with my prick not expecting her to stop.

She pointed to her right and said “bathroom” and as she turned around thinking it funny I stepped forward so the space disappeared between us and as she faced me with my cock now poking her in the belly. She didn’t seem amused by me and she backed up and then walked around me and I headed into the bathroom. I splashed water on my face, stroked my cock a bit, gave myself a pep talk and then walked out and back to the bedroom/studio.

Man was I feeling horny! “Fuck it!” I thought to myself and turned my ass to the camera and climbed on the bed.

I sat with my back to the pillows and looked over the monitor to see that my face was in fact not in the picture. It seemed so odd seeing my cock hard sticking straight up against my belly knowing that was what these women were seeing. I sat there, my cock throbbing looking first at the monitor then into each of their faces for an idea of what they wanted me to do. Sitting there with my penis exposed hard like that while both women stared at me was really making me uncomfortable.

Anne flipped a bottle of lubricant to me and I unclipped the top and poured some on the head of my cock and some on my balls….I then lathered my hands in it and started to slowly stroke my cock. I slid my hand from the base of my balls up the shaft slowly squeezing the head each time and then down. I grabbed my balls with my left hand and massaged them as I stroked with my right. I would slide my hand off my cock and then with just my muscles waved my cock at them in the air. As I did this I did not look up or make eye contact with them, still feeling mightily unsure.

“Is this what you normally do?” Jody asked.

I was still feeling a bit shy and nodded. My cock throbbed a bit sticking straight up and I kept my hands at my sides,

“Go on honey, don’t worry about us,” Anne said, “Your penis is beautiful, just enjoy yourself.”

“Yes, just pretend we are not here.” Jody talked over Anne.

I grabbed my oiled up cock and started slowly sliding my hand up and down it paying attention to the head and the rim around it and then back down. I closed my eyes trying to get into it, feeling very stoned, I was thinking too much. I stopped again and looked at them both.

“Is this ok?” I asked.

“Oh yes!” Anne exclaimed, “You are doing great! Just relax and enjoy yourself.”

“Just try to concentrate and block us out,” Jody said.

“My God! Your penis is so hard! Look at it sticking straight up like that!” Anne continued.

Jody seeming frustrated with me said, “We need this to be as natural as possible so please no more stopping.”

I started stroking my cock again still staring at them both.

“I wanna see you cum, honey, please cum for me. Stroke that hard penis for me!” Anne encouraged.

Jody looked over at her Mom as she said, “Yes! Jerk it and make that little cock cum for us.”

Little? Why this is just what my neighbour used to call it when she made me do things for her. That was all I needed, I closed my eyes again and started really stroking myself, rubbing my nipples with the other hand and bucking my hips up with each stroke. I’ll show them little I thought to myself as I felt my cock grow even harder in my hand. I was getting so turned on I was getting to the point that I was no longer aware of them watching me so much as I was into getting myself off.

I climbed on to my knees and started to fuck my hand like I was fucking it doggy style. I looked right into Anne’s eyes as I did this. A few strokes later I reached for the lube again. Pouring more on my cock and on my hands. I licked my left fingers a bit getting my middle finger wet. I arched my ass a bit up off the bed and reached down below my balls and started to finger my ass hole.

While continuing to stroke my hard cock slowly up and down repeating it over the head a few times then back down. Once again I got on my knees and slid my middle finger in my ass. I fucked my ass with the finger while I fucked my hand. I could feel my orgasm growing and building. I stopped stroking and grabbed my balls with my right hand and squeezed and fondled them while I continued to slide my middle finger in and out of my ass. I stopped and tried to maneuver a second finger inside me, then resumed playing with my ass.

I was sweating and knew I was very close. All I had to do was grab my cock and go for it. I laid back down removing the fingers from my ass and took my right hand and started slowly stoking myself some more while I fondled my balls with my left.

“How am I doing?” I asked the women.

“Amazing!” Jody replied.

“You’re so sexy” I heard Anne whisper as I looked over and could see her hand was inside her shorts playing with herself.

“Wait, wait.” Jody said. “Hold on I want to measure you now and see if you got bigger.”

As she approached the bed and me I turned to face her sticking my cock out.. It was rock hard and glistening from the oils. This time she grabbed my penis as it pulsed and throbbed in her hand. No longer as gentle, she measured my cock circumference and then the balls and then holding it in her hand she started to measure the length. As she held my cock I started moving my hips trying to fuck her hand she slapped my hip and told me to be still, something I actually love being spanked I smiled, I continued to move my hips. She looked my right in the eye and I said, “Okay, okay,” and I stood still while she measured me.

Glancing over at Anne I could see extremely erect nipples poking the fabric and she continued to look at me dreamy eyed as her hand worked her pussy inside her shorts. At least that was what I thought I was seeing and that was all I needed. I climbed on the bed back on my knees. I started moving my hips in earnest fucking away at my hand. Stroking it faster and faster.

“Do you want to see me cum?” I asked. “Anne! Anne!” I cried out. I turned to angle myself towards her.

“Yes cum for me, baby, do it, now!” She demanded.

I started really fucking my right hand as my left hand moved over my body, rubbing my belly, my legs and then back to my ass, sliding a finger in my ass again. As soon as I penetrated myself I felt my body let go.

“I am gonna cum!” I announced and kept bucking into my hand.

The orgasm was here, I felt myself go numb as my balls released my cum. I exploded trying to shoot my cum all the way over to Anne in her chair. The first shot flew off the edge of the bed and I continued to spasm as a trail of cum went from the edge of the bed a few feet forming a trail to my still oozing cock. My right hand covered in sticky cum My cock remained hard as I leaned back trying to catch my breath. Fully exhausted from my effort I felt nearly paralysed.

“Don’t move.” Jody said as she again with yellow tape started to measure the distance.

“Wow! You came a lot!” she said.

She looked over at Anne and announced that it was over four feet in distance. Feeling a bit proud of that I wrapped my hand around my shrinking cock as Anne threw me a towel to clean up with.

As my cock shrunk to a soft state Jody asked me to stand up again. She then took the towel away and again held my penis in her fingers as she measured me again.

“Ideally I would like to do a follow up interview with you in a week. I also would like to measure the amount of ejaculate.”

“You mean do this again?” I laughed, all my inhibitions were gone at this point and I would be happy to do this again. I loved to be watched.

“Yes, sort of, actually we wont need to record it just need the total amount.”

At this point I wanted to get laid by these women and started to stroke her hair which her immediate response was to roll her eyes in disgust, squeeze my cock roughly, drop it, stand up with a big sigh, and then walk back to the camera shutting it off and declaring the interview was over. As she picked up the towel and wiped her hands she hastily thanked me for participating and said she wanted to get her figures entered and get the video edited a bit and left the room.

I excused myself with Anne and walked out to the bathroom; I pissed and then washed the oils off my hands and penis. I stood in the mirror looking at myself realising how high I was. I walked naked around the house looking for Jody but did not see her anywhere. I then returned to the bedroom and I sat on the edge of the bed, naked and looked over at Anne. She remained sitting in her chair and said, “That I was quite the little trooper” going along with all this and thanked me again for her daughter.

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