True Stories: Confessions of a Fem Dom!

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By Anon.

I Enjoy Outing My Boyfriend’s Small Penis To Women Where He Will Genuinely Be Humiliated.

I guess my fetish is pretty weird. I get off on my boyfriend’s being stripped nude, and in front of women that he’d never want to see him that way. My main interest in his humiliation is that he is not at all “hung”, but is in fact pretty small. Flaccid or erect, it’s obvious, and his being over six feet doesn’t help matters for him.

The worst part about it (or the best), is that although he does have a humiliation fetish, and this wouldn’t work if he didn’t, I’ve pushed the envelope to such limits that it has excited him about 30% of the times, and genuinely humiliated him all the rest of the time.

I read a few stories on the net, and realised that the way to REALLY humiliate a guy in such role play is to bring in a woman completely disconnected to the scenario and completely unaware of what I am planning to do. Her “real” reaction is always the most humiliating for him, to see what women really think of a tiny cock and not just putting it on. That is the best case scenario. And I have done that now 4 time.

The first time I simply tied his wrists behind him after he showered and marched him out naked in front of a friend of mine who only comes to town once a year. He was deeply embarrassed while she laughed and pointed at his penis and my pussy got soaked on the spot! We had GREAT sex that night.

The most exciting thing I did to him which caused him the most harm was to get him drunk to the point of nearly passing out (at the end of a party), take him to a bedroom and invite a girl he professionally hates to come in and watch as I stripped him naked, got him hard, and measured his cock for her.

The reaction she gave was outstanding. She laughed so hard she was in tears. She asked me how I could be with a man who has such a baby dick and I told her that it turned me on to see him so humiliated by it. To make him feel like he isn’t even a man!

She said, “Well looking at that dicklet he has, he isn’t a real man! I always thought he was a bit of a whiny bitch at work. I guess I now know why!”

She’s never told anyone about it as far as I know but the times he runs into her at work she laughs at him and makes the SPH symbol with her index finger and thumb. He said anyone but her would have given him some excitement, but it was and still is the worst thing that I could have done to him.

But to me it is REALLY exciting! To have your worst enemy know you’re hung like a little boy has got to be horrid. At the same time what a turn on for her and what a private laugh she’s having at his expense.

I have managed to get her email address at their work place and I have decided to send her a picture of his cock she can use to blackmail and humiliate him with. He has begged me not too but little does he know I have already done it.

I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

Of Course I have done this sort of thing to him at my work… all my co-workers have seen pictures of his tiny erection and have heard first-hand accounts of how inadequate he is in bed. Some of them have encouraged me to dump him but I just couldn’t. I especially love it when he visits me at work. My co-workers all have knowing smiles on their faces and I’m sure they “check out” his lack of a package when he is not looking.

Last week when we were both at the gym I noticed that my man who was doing shoulder presses had got a raging little boner for some reason. He didn’t seem think too much about it or realise he even had one but the little tent he made in his shorts was sticking straight out of his lap and it was only about three inches.

That was until I saw a lady a couple of machines down staring at his crotch in the mirror. She had a big smile on her face and was laughing to herself. My husband was so oblivious to what was going on but it made me wet watching this woman so amused by his littler boner. After a while he got up and moved to another exercise machine and to my surprise she moved also to another one where she took up her position so she could stare at my man’s small package.

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